The Familiar Asylum (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 46,181
3 Ratings (3.3)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Alternative Fantasy Paranormal Romance, MM, HEA]

Trent Snow is an orphan who discovers he's a familiar, a potential mate for a magic user. He's hunted by corrupt magic users for his abundant magical reserve. Unfortunately, a familiar's magic is passive. He needs protection.

Conan Darkmore is an elemental witch with the ability to control the five elements of air, earth, water, fire, and spirit, but he doesn't deserve a familiar mate. He's a descendant of the Darkmore family, one of the most corrupt magical families. His hands are also tainted with the blood of all those corrupt magic users he had killed in the past. Instead, he opens his home to the familiars who are being hunted.

When Conan saves Trent from an attack, he's instantly attracted to the familiar. He can't believe his good fortune when Trent reciprocates his feelings. Then his home is attacked by groups of corrupt magic users.

Can Conan and Trent survive the battle while simultaneously saving each other's souls?

The Familiar Asylum (MM)
3 Ratings (3.3)

The Familiar Asylum (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 46,181
3 Ratings (3.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




None of them could feel the impact of the turbulent weather because Conan had extended the magical shield two days ago to include the mansion after the windows started to rattle so hard it felt as if they were about to break into pieces. However, they could observe it just fine. Besides, Conan’s magic didn’t mute or muffle the sound of the thunderstorm and strong wind. He turned toward Trent when his boyfriend tugged on his arm.

“You’re an elemental witch, aren’t you?”


Trent sighed. “Were you asking me?”

“No. Trent, baby, I’m an elemental witch. You know that. What’s your point?”

“Stop the rain.”

Conan would have been more amused if he wasn’t exasperated at the moment. “Babe, that’s not how it works. The weather is a form of natural magic. Magic users can manipulate the weather, but we’re not allowed to interfere for no valid reason.”

“But this weather is unnatural.”

“We can’t confirm that.”

Trent rolled his eyes. “Is that why you’ve been scouring pages after pages in your library?”

Conan nodded. “I bought or earned most of those books from my fellow magic users by helping or collaborating with them.”

“They paid you with books?”

Conan chuckled. “Magical books are very valuable, babe. Trust me when I tell you a magical book is worth more than all the precious stones and gems in the entire universe.”

“Oh! I thought you got those books from the bookstores for magical folks or something.”

Conan snickered. “Some of them, but we don’t pay with mortal cash. Our transactions are more complicated.”

“What did you use then?”

“Fur from werewolves and other shifters, vampires’ blood, teardrops from the fairies, scales from dragons, and feathers from phoenixes. Among other magical things.”

Trent’s eyes widened. “I’m sorely lacking in my supernatural education.”

“You are, but we have many years together ahead to rectify that. In the meantime, we need to know what’s causing this phenomenon out there.”

Trent bobbed his head up and down in agreement while leading everyone back to the dining room. “We can’t do that on an empty stomach. Let’s eat as fast as possible. Then we’re going to work together inside the library. The five of us can go through all the books in the library much faster. We should have done this right from the start.”

Conan shook his head. “None of us had any idea the weather would turn out to be like this. Better late than never.”

After that, the five of them dove into the meal, and it was done in less than thirty minutes. Then Conan and Trent cuddled on the comfortable couch in the library for the next two hours or so as they read through books after books, searching for clues that might assist them in halting the weather outside. Aenwyn, Leona, and Maura were huddled close on the carpet with several piles of books all around them. Conan was almost finished with yet another book when Aenwyn caught his eyes.

“Conan, what if…I mean, what would become of this alternate dimension if…if you die?”

Conan could feel Trent stiffening in his embrace, so he rushed to soothe his boyfriend by running one hand up and down Trent’s chest before answering Aenwyn’s question. “I’m not sure.”

Leona scrunched up her face, obviously confused. “This alternate dimension is your creation, right?”

“It is.”

Maura stared at Conan. “You hesitated.”

Conan heaved out a sigh. “I’m sure you guys have an inkling of that battle between me and my family.”

Aenwyn nodded. “And the covens of witches who supported them against you.”

“You’re legendary,” Maura added. “You succeeded in killing off plenty of those corrupt witches, including some members of your distant family.”

“I lost.”

Leona shook her head. “You survived. For us familiars, you’re a symbol of hope. So many of my fellow familiars had died, no thanks to those corrupt magic users. They wanted our powers for themselves without regards for our future mates, and for many years, nobody had bothered to stop them. When you annihilated so many of them, they had been terrified, and some of the magic users on the side of the light were encouraged to stand up and fight, as well.”

“They haven’t stopped,” Conan muttered out without concealing his bitterness.

“But they aren’t as brazen as they used to be. Everyone on the side of the light is grateful to you,” Aenwyn said while smiling at Conan. “I know you haven’t gotten involved in many battles in years after you created this alternate dimension, and the last time was when you had to rescue Trent from your father and uncles, but you’ve been sheltering us familiars, and we all owe you a huge debt of gratitude.”

Conan could feel his face heating up in embarrassment. “Fine. Whatever. Can we get back to the topic at hand?”

Leona snickered. “Okay, let us discuss this alternate dimension. When you die someday, will it disappear?”

Conan shrugged. “Maybe. Then again, the magic utilized to form this alternate dimension didn’t come solely from me.”

“It wasn’t?” Aenwyn, Leona, Maura, and Trent shouted out at the same time.




Conan had no idea why he was feeling shy all of a sudden. It wasn’t as if he and Trent were virgins. The two of them had, on many occasions, a lot of vigorous and mind-blowing sex with each other. He was also rather frightened, though. What if Aenwyn had been mistaken? What if he and Trent weren’t meant to be together? He tried not get his hopes up, but a small part of him was desperately wishing he and Trent could truly be bonded without the necessity of a potion, an incantation, or any other magical means and tools. However, all his thoughts were quickly replaced by overwhelming lust the moment Trent shoved him down onto the bed and began kissing him. Their tongues licked and lapped against each other, sparring and battling for dominance, and both of them were unwilling to concede defeat.

The heat in his groin burned hotter as Trent proceeded to rut against him, but it was nothing compared to when his lover pulled his shirt off and gradually shifted lower to suckle on his nipples, one nub at a time, while slipping one hand inside his pants and rubbing his hard, throbbing cock over and over again. He raised his body halfway up when Trent scooted down much lower and removed his pants and trunks. He stared with his mouth wide open as Trent slowly dragged his tongue along the length of his dick for a brief moment before swallowing it whole. He groaned when Trent succeeded in deepthroating his hard cock before increasing the suction almost immediately. He allowed Trent to continue for a bit longer before tugging his lover’s head away from his dick.

“Baby, fuck! That feels amazing. Goddess! You’re going to make me come.”

Trent looked so wrecked, Conan honestly thought that expression on his boyfriend’s face had to be the sexiest in the entire universe. He moaned and threw his head back when Trent moved down lower to lick at his balls. He loved it even more when Trent spread his butt cheeks to the sides and buried his face between the crack before lapping at his ass and hole. He grabbed onto Trent’s hair and pushed his lover’s head deeper into his ass. His butt crack was wet from spit. He could hear Trent slobbering all over his ass, and that turned him on even more. He had no idea how long Trent remained in that position, but he was grateful when his boyfriend offered him his dick to suck on.

He didn’t bother with finesse. He gulped down Trent’s dick all the way to the hilt, sucking on it as if his life depended on the delicious taste of that hard cock inside his mouth. Meanwhile, Trent was on top of him, stroking and sucking on his dick, too. He loved it when Trent swallowed his whole dick and hummed deep in his throat. The vibration sent waves of intense pleasure all over his cock. He could feel his orgasm building up once again, and it was too fast. He attempted to remove his dick from Trent’s mouth, but his lover was relentless. That prompted him to suck on Trent’s dick even harder. Two could play at the same game, and he was gratified when Trent climaxed a few seconds before he did. He pumped out several loads of cum into Trent’s mouth while he enjoyed the taste of his lover’s cum inside his own. It was salty and sweet with a hint of bitterness, and it was the most delicious thing he had ever eaten in his lifetime.

Once he was satisfied Trent had no more cum spurting or dribbling out from the slit of his cockhead, he shifted gear and proceeded to ream his lover’s ass with all the passion and desperation inside him. The aroma and flavor of Trent’s ass never failed to turn him on, and he could feel his arousal slowly building up again. In all honesty, it didn’t take much for him to regain the hardness of his cock. One whiff of Trent’s scent, no matter where it came from, was more than enough to give him an erection. He didn’t stand a chance when Trent abruptly broke away from him and started to rub their dicks together while whimpering and moaning in his ear. He groaned and rumbled deep in his throat when Trent begged and pleaded with him to fuck and fill his ass up with cum.

“Conan, please. My ass feels so empty. I need your cock to fuck me. Only your cock can satisfy me.”

Conan could feel his dick pulsing and twitching as it strained, his erection already returning in full force, while leaking precum over and over again. He tried to reach for the lubricant in the bedside drawer, but Trent grabbed onto his dick and sheathed it inside the wettest, tightest, and warmest ass ever. He gritted his teeth as the friction from the clenching ass around his cock threatened to undo all his self-control and cause him to lose his cum again before he managed to make love to Trent.

“Baby, hold on.”

“No, please. I need your cum inside my ass. Fuck me hard, stud. Please. I’m begging you.”

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