How to Survive a Wedding (MMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 37,614
2 Ratings (3.5)

[Menage Amour ManLove: Alternative Contemporary Menage a Trois Romance, MMM, HEA]

Justin Yang is home for Josephine's, his best friend, wedding. He's her man of honor, and he has tasks to fulfill. He's busy and frustrated at times, but he doesn't mind. He enjoys helping her out. He's more stressed out by Grayson Coleman and Mario Carvallo.

Grayson is still in love with Justin, the one that got away all those years ago. It's all his fault. He was deep inside the closet back then. He was the one who ended their relationship. Now, he wants Justin back, but his ex-boyfriend has already moved on with someone new.

Mario bumps into Justin at a grocery store of all places. It's an instant attraction on his part, and maybe Justin's, too. Unfortunately, Justin's ex-boyfriend is also trying to win Justin back. Mario isn't going to step aside. He will win Justin's heart and affection.

Will the three men find a way to work things out? Or will they simply crash and burn?

How to Survive a Wedding (MMM)
2 Ratings (3.5)

How to Survive a Wedding (MMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 37,614
2 Ratings (3.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Justin could feel his cheeks heating up, either from arousal or embarrassment, as he tried his best not to fantasize about how hot it would be to watch Grayson and Mario kissing each other. Both Grayson and Mario were gorgeous as fuck, and Justin had no doubt those two men would be the stuff wet dreams were made of if they ended up in bed together. He shut his eyes for a few seconds before focusing all his attention on the paper in front of him as he sat on his bed.

How to…(survive a goddamn fucking wedding while attempting to do your job)

1. Drink plenty of vodka, whiskey, and tequila to numb yourself

2. Hope for the fucking best

1. Set a timeline for your visit—don’t stay longer than absolutely necessary

2. Keep yourself busy (easier said than done)

3. Hang out with people you like (relatives, friends, and dates)

4. Avoid ex-boyfriends (or ex-girlfriends)

5. Prepare all the juicy gossip (to distract the nosy people in your life)

Justin was completely lost now. Number four was no longer valid. Everything was such a mess, and he had no idea what to think. He groaned in irritation. Just as he was about to crumple the piece of paper and discard it, he heard the knocking sound on his bedroom door.

“Come in.”

His mother poked her head in and grinned at him. “Still awake, Justy?”

Justin beamed at his mother. “Yeah.”

His mother approached his bed and sat on the edge. “What’s that?”

Justin picked the paper up and passed it to her. She took one glimpse of the title and chided him for his language.

“Sorry, Mom.”

His mother shook her head and sighed before continuing to read the rest of the writing on the paper. After that, she returned the paper to him and gazed at him quietly for a minute or so.

“Let me guess—”

“Oh, here we go!” Justin interrupted, but his mother glared at him. “Sorry, Mom.”

“Are you back with Grayson?”

Justin’s cheeks felt as if they were inflamed. “I…I don’t know.”


Justin shrugged. “I think so.”

“What about Mario?”

Justin’s face grew even warmer now. “Uh, I’m dating him, too.”

His mother’s eyes widened. “Both of them?”

Justin nodded. “Yeah.”

“Do they know about each other?”


His mother stared at him. “Are you asking me?”

Justin plopped down onto his bed and shut his eyes. “Yes, they know about each other. They’re the ones who agreed to this…this unconventional arrangement.”

Justin opened his eyes when he didn’t hear his mother’s response, and he found her gaping at him.

“I…I don’t know what to say.”

Justin snickered. “You and me both, Mom.”

His mother’s silence stretched on for several seconds before she reached for his hands and held them gently. Then she spoke up again.

“Justy, I have no idea what your generation is like. I was born into a different kind of generation. Things were much more…conservative back then, especially for women. It was so much worse for me and the other Chinese women. I can’t speak for every woman out there. Suffice it to say I didn’t have it easy. There were plenty of constraints on me. Chinese families in the olden days were even stricter than they are these days.”


“I love you, Justy. I’m not going to pretend I understand what your relationship with Mario and Grayson is like. I only have one question for you.”

“What’s that?”

“Are you happy?”

Justin thought about it for a few seconds. “I don’t know, but I’m…I’m content with the way things are at the moment.”

His mother stared into his eyes for a moment. Then she smiled.

“Don’t ever settle. A relationship is for life.”

Justin snorted. “I can always break up with them.”

His flippant response seemed to annoy her. “You’re not the type.”

“What does that even mean?”

His mother scooted closer toward him on the bed. “You’re the romantic type. You believe in happily ever after, a fairy tale ending. It’s neither great nor terrible. It’s just the way you are. You’ve been hurt once.”

Justin was reminded of Grayson, and he glanced away. “Yeah, but that was years ago.”

“You’re sensitive. You’ll carry the hurt for years. That’s also because you love deeply and wholeheartedly, and you always give your everything to the people you love. Just remember not to settle. If either Mario or Grayson isn’t worth it, or both, break things off. Don’t drag the relationship on and on simply because you feel the need to be content with what you have with them.”

Justin was amazed at how astute and observant his mother was. Then again, she had always been like that. He beamed at his mother and nodded.




“One of you has to fuck me now,” Justin pleaded with his boyfriends. “I’m feeling so empty inside. Please. There’s no need for a condom. I’m tested regularly. I’m all good.”

Grayson smiled at Justin. “So am I, baby.”

Mario gulped. “Me, too.”

Justin beamed at both of his lovers. “Fuck me then. Fill me with your cum. Make me yours.”

Grayson grinned at Justin before nodding toward Mario. “You go first, babe. I’d made love to Justin before. You’ll love being buried inside him. He’s fucking tight and warm inside.”

Mario’s eyes appeared to glaze over from arousal. “Yeah?”

Grayson smirked before pulling Mario toward him for another aggressive kiss that lasted for several seconds. “Fuck yes! Besides, I want your sloppy seconds. I’m going to fuck him with your cum. Then I’ll shoot my load deep inside him and mix our cum together.”

Mario groaned. “Holy shit! That sounds so fucking hot!”

Grayson waggled his eyebrows at Mario. “Absolutely. Lube?”

“Top bedside drawer.”

Justin watched with a barely concealed excitement as Grayson grabbed the lube and slicked Mario’s dick for him. His two lovers were also kissing each other with so much passion and tenderness. Then he lifted his legs onto Mario’s sweaty shoulders and observed as Grayson held on to Mario’s dick from behind and guided it toward his hole. The first impact of penetration was a blinding pain, and he did his best to relax even though his whole body was stiffening and his hole was clenching up. He could feel Mario’s dick sliding into him, inch after inch, and loosening his hole. Mario’s dick was really thick, and Justin found it difficult to catch his breath as he tried to accommodate the girth.

“That’s it, stud,” Grayson whispered loudly behind Mario. “Push your huge cock into our baby boy’s ass. Then fuck him and fill him with your cum.”

Mario winced and shuddered. “Shit! Damn it! He’s so fucking tight. Justin, baby, stop choking my dick with your ass. You’re going to make me come before I even get to fuck your sweet ass.”

Justin let out an amused snort. “Are you fucking kidding me? My ass is normal. Have you seen your dick? Any ass will be too tight for it.”

Mario breathed in deeply as the sweat rolled down profusely everywhere on his face, body, and even his arms and legs. Justin couldn’t believe how much sweat Mario could produce. His lover was drenched in it. He had no idea how long it took for Mario’s dick to be fully impaled inside his ass. All he was aware of was Mario kissing him tenderly on the lips to soothe him, and all the while caressing him everywhere. Then Mario raised his body up and began to thrust into him.

The movement was slow and gentle to begin with, but it soon turned into a rough pounding. Justin clung on tightly to Mario’s biceps, but they were too slippery with the sheen of perspiration coating them. He moaned and whimpered as Mario gripped tightly onto his hips and continued to hammer into his ass. He whined in gratitude and arousal when Grayson offered him his dick and balls to suck and lick on. The masculine taste and scent of Grayson’s dick and balls pushed him even closer to the edge. He couldn’t stop it. He didn’t even have to tug on his dick. Mario was amazing, hitting that magical, sweet spot inside his ass without fail every single time.

Seconds later, his whole body convulsed as the orgasm overwhelmed him. He rumbled deep inside his throat and sucked even harder on Grayson’s cock as he was overwhelmed by his climax. Then Mario screamed and clobbered his ass without mercy, and he could feel the spurts of warm cum shooting deep into him. He wrapped his legs around Mario’s waist, unwilling to let go of his virile lover. Mario came like a damn stallion. The cum was plentiful, and Justin could feel it splashing deep within his ass. It seemed to last for a long time, too. Justin winced when Mario pulled his dick out moments later, and his breath was punched out of him almost immediately after when Grayson tugged his dick out of his mouth and shoved it into his ass in one rough stroke.

“Oh, fuck, baby! Your ass is so wet, warm, and tight.”

Mario knelt behind Grayson and embraced him from behind. “Yeah, stud. You’re fucking our baby boy so good. Look at him, man. His eyes are almost rolling to the back of his head. You must be hitting that spot inside him. Come on, stud. Pound him harder. Make him come again.”

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