The King of the Jungle (MM)

Feline Allure 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 38,097
1 Ratings (5.0)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
The gate will stay open at all costs. Kevin Thomas, a human, meets the man he's been waiting for, Uri Caldwell, but the man is a shifter. His job is to send the shape-shifter back to his world, but he can't do it. Both connect within minutes. Sparks fly. But there are uncertainties due to their differences.
Uri, a lion-shifter, had long fallen for Kevin. As a private investigator, he knows about the Shifter Hunters organization. Such an organization, which Kevin is part of, has the goal to deport shifters back to their world. But Uri puts a stop to it. However, a jealous friend throws Uri's lover to the other world.
With obstacles, both find a way to open the gate from the shape-shifter world. Doing so comes with a condition. Along the way, a new island is discovered. Even with an army of shifters, will they be able to open the gate? Will humans and shifters cross paths again?
A Siren Erotic Romance
The King of the Jungle (MM)
1 Ratings (5.0)

The King of the Jungle (MM)

Feline Allure 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 38,097
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff




“Something bit my thigh,” Edward tried to speak, slowing down. He flew upward again to get away. “Just great. Now there’s a dragon and a merman after us.” He growled in anger.

Uri frowned. He needed to do something, but he couldn’t fly. If he fell, the merman could kill him. Furthermore, he needed to keep Kevin safe. In the current circumstances, he couldn’t do much. They needed to reach land. “Edward, can you reach that piece of land?” he asked once he noticed a small island from afar.

“I’ll try,” the dragon-shifter replied. “What are you planning to do?”

“If I can get there, I’ll distract them. While I’m doing that, take Kevin to a safe place,” Uri said. He tried his best to sense the shifters after his human. Fortunately, he could sense them perfectly, so they weren’t as strong as they seemed.

Kevin shook his head frantically. “Don’t take such a risk,” he demanded. “I’ll slap you to death if you get hurt because of me!”

Uri laughed briefly. “Don’t worry about me. I’ll bring a treasure just for you.” He smiled when Kevin frowned at him playfully. He needed to put the human at ease. “I’ll be fine, okay?” Uri looked down. They were about to reach the small piece of island. He took Kevin’s arms and wrapped them around the larger horn in the middle of the dragon’s head. “Do not let go.”

“Wait, Uri,” Kevin called, but the shifter jumped off of the dragon.

Uri landed safely on the sand and shifted into his lion form. The merman jumped out of the water and charged at him with sharp teeth. Snarling, Uri dodged the other shifter, and bit his fishtail. The merman fell on the sand and morphed into a human, crying out in pain, his calf wounded. “Why are you after the human?” he questioned the other man. Uri pressed his paw on the shifter’s back and bared his claws. “Answer my question.”

“M–My leader assigned me to abduct the human,” the merman said, panting. “I saw him falling from the sky last night.”

Sighing, Uri shook his head. “You know that humans can’t breathe underwater, right?”

“We have a hidden cave,” the other man said. “If I got the human, my leader would promote me, so I requested this mission.”

He didn’t ask why the merman came by himself. Uri looked up and noticed the black dragon flying toward him. “Fish shouldn’t stay out of water for too long,” he said. Grinning, he turned around. “Don’t ever come after my human.” He bit the merman’s ankle and threw him into the water.

The black dragon shifted into a human while landing on the sand. “I’ve never seen you around. You must be the one who fell from the sky with the human,” the dark-skinned man said, smirking. “I’m one of the strongest of the five islands. If I want that little human, don’t get in my way.”

“Is that so?” Uri scoffed. If he could sense the other shifter, then he wasn’t that strong. What a show-off. “Why don’t you prove it?” He  roared. “Don’t underestimate someone you don’t know.” Uri rampaged in the man’s direction. As he jumped, the shifter morphed and flew away.

“I advise you the same.” The dragon opened its mouth and a ball of fire formed between its sharp teeth.

Uri widened his eyes as it came in his direction. He ran forward and the ball of fire passed over him. He looked over his shoulder. The sand had melted into glass. The dragon was out to kill him in order to get rid of him as an obstacle. Once he looked up, the beast swung its claws at his head. With a swift movement, Uri sank his fangs into the dragon’s paw, and didn’t let go.

The dragon-shifter snarled with a shrieking sound and rested his three paws on the ground. While distracted with the pain, he didn’t see Uri climbing onto his back. “Hey,” he shouted and shook himself, but the lion held on with his claws and fangs. The beast arched its back.

Taking this chance, Uri managed to get to the dragon’s head. He raised his paw above the large, bright-orange eye. “If you try anything more, I will blind you,” he threatened. “It’s my human. If you come after him again, I’ll make sure to blind you, understand? And don’t you ever try to kill me again or you’ll see my merciless side.”

“Fine,” the other shifter said after a few moments. “I don’t want to go that far for a human, anyway.” The dragon lay on the sand and the lion jumped onto the ground. “You almost ripped my paw in half. And my skin is hard to cut through.”

Uri morphed back as he stood. “That was for trying to turn me into barbeque,” he retorted. “Now, leave before I change my mind.” He watched the dragon fly away then spotted Edward returning. “Didn’t I tell you not to worry?” he asked Kevin, grinning when the human looked away shyly. He felt good for showing off his protection skills to Edward and Kevin.

“You did well. Hop on,” Edward said and Uri jumped onto his back. “I didn’t see any more enemies, so we can go now. I need to take care of my pet, too.”

“I’ll make sure no one else comes after us,” Uri said. He went back to Kevin’s side. “Are you all right?” The human nodded once. “I’m glad we’re together again. I was looking for you, you know?” He leaned down and pressed a kiss to Kevin’s lips. He smiled slightly when the other man returned the affection.




Kevin bit his lip. Uri took his hand and enticed him to hold his cock as well. It was big. Why were shifters overall so tall and strong? Not that he complained. The man on top of him was a great example of a perfect man for him, even with his flaws.

The shifter moaned as Kevin stroked his shaft. “You should stop before I make a mess all over you,” he said and put the condom on. He then spread the human’s legs and teased his entrance with the tip of his cock. “Can you take it like this? We don’t have time to get you ready. After all, this isn't a bedroom with things prepared for the occasion. Besides, it would be strange if I carried a tube of lubricant wherever I go.”

“I’m not sure,” Kevin mumbled, his mind too clouded to assimilate what Uri had asked him. All of a sudden, the shifter shoved his shaft halfway in. Kevin widened his eyes and his mouth fell open. “You idiot,” he cried out and punched the other man’s shoulder. “D–Don’t move.”

Uri looked at Kevin in concern. “I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it,” he said quietly. “At least you were relaxed.” He flinched when the human raised a brow. “What a mess. This moment is supposed to be great. Maybe we should leave this for some other time.”

“Don’t ruin the mood,” Kevin muttered. “Let’s start over, but don’t stop. I’m…adjusting.” He sighed. He wanted Uri to love him. They could make it right without having to stop. Moments later, he finally said, “You can move now.” Once the shifter thrust into his entrance slowly, he sucked in a breath.

Uri pulled his shaft halfway out and back in, making Kevin shudder. He knew that shifters stayed with a mate for as long as they could. That thought made Kevin melt under Uri's heated touch. He turned his eyes to the shifter's strong chest, which moved quickly, then noticed the other man's Adam's Apple moving up and down once. It seemed that Kevin had a great effect on Uri. And that made him hide an awkward smile.

On and on, Uri curved his hips back and forth. Silence fell between them, replaced with quick breaths, moans, and slapping sounds reverberating in the room. Uri slid his hands along Kevin’s sides and groped his ass. He then leaned down and kissed him.

Kevin parted his lips and the shifter moved his tongue into his mouth. Their wet muscles caressed each other, until both needed to breathe. Uri snapped his hips forward, shoving his shaft into the human’s entrance, making him groan. Kevin loved the way the shifter’s muscles flexed every time he got closer. He wrapped his arms around the other man’s neck and pulled him down. He did what he could to not end it just yet.

Uri panted, moans escaping his throat. He surrounded his waist with Kevin’s legs. As he thrust his cock deeper, Kevin moaned louder, arching against him. He grew his fangs out as he began to fuck the human’s entrance more vigorously. The bed creaked with his force and Kevin gradually slid closer to the headboard.

Swallowing dryly, Kevin looked up at Uri’s yellows eyes darkened in lust. Only this sight of such an expression from the shifter yanked Kevin closer to the edge. He didn’t want it to end, though. He’d stay in bed with Uri for many more hours if he could. And he knew the shifter would agree with him. With a particularly hard thrust, Kevin almost hit his head against the headboard. He rested his sweaty hands on the wood, his arms shaking. He clenched his jaw as the shifter quickened his pace.

Kevin felt a fluttering in his stomach and an almost electrical feeling when their eyes met. Such an intense gaze from Uri made Kevin's body temperature increase even more. His body shook even in the mess that the shifter made of him, making him rock on the bed pleasantly. They were already touching, but Kevin desired more, so much more that all the air rushed out of his lungs, as if he couldn't and didn't want to breathe. He was a human, but could they become mates? Kevin wanted Uri to make him his mate.

Seemingly blind with desire, Uri curved his back and licked one of Kevin’s pert nipples. It was as if he saw nothing else but the goal to please the human. Moments later, he pulled out and shoved his cock back into the other man’s entrance, making him groan again. Kevin began to jolt every time the shifter thrust inside. It was pleasure heightened to unknown levels.

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