[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romantic Suspense, M/M, light consensual BDSM elements, HEA]
Welcome to the world of Rescue for Hire. Meet the team members that make up a company that form a family of heroes.
The expert tracker for the team, Alex Taylor is going about his life as usual, invisible to all around him. Then he meets gorgeous Leo DeLuca. When the famous chef let’s him know he is seriously interested, Alex can’t believe it. Unfortunately their first meeting is interrupted when Alex is pulled away to a rescue mission.
Seriously hurt during the rescue mission, Alex is surprised to wake up in the hospital with Leo at his bedside. Will Leo stay when he finds out Alex’s injury may end his career and fill his life with restrictions? What happens when their deepening relationship is threated by pictures of cheating and paternity lawsuits? Can a plain man like Alex keep the one man who finally sees him?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Leo's Pet (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
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I loved this story very much but the ending is such a cliffhanger and with the next one almost a month away the wait might just kill me. I can't wait for the next in the series.
Professional Reviews

"I was really looking forward to Alex's story. Alex sees himself as bland, boring, someone people never notice and can't remember five minutes after having met him. That might be okay if you're doing secret government agent stuff, but Alex works with the crew from Rescue for Hire. Alex is their tracker and he can find anyone, anywhere. What he needs though, is for someone to see him and love him for who he is. Tony is a member of their team and, unfortunately, his cousin Leo is a big-time celebrity chef. When Leo needs a place to come to destress, by order of his doctor, Tony agrees to let his cousin come and stay with him. Leo has quite the reputation and it's because he's spent so many years burning the candle at both ends that he's in serious risk of major health problems. There's more to Leo though than what the gossip rags report, and he's eager to show this side to Alex. Alex doesn't just want someone who loves him and sees him. He also needs a dominant lover as Alex has quite the submissive personality. Leo fits the bill to a tee. Except Alex has a tough time believing this gorgeous man, the man of his dreams, would ever be satisfied with plain old Alex. I wanted to smack him several times for not having more confidence in himself, but I understood that his history with men had played a huge part in his thinking. 'Leo's Pet' turned out to be even better than I had hoped. It had some angst (some I didn't even see coming) and a very touching love story. Of course the sex was nothing to sneeze at either. A wonderful addition to the series that has me looking forward to more." -- Christy Duke, Rainbow Book Reviews

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Now that they were gone and he was alone again, Leo noticed the brown-haired man standing next to his table. He must have followed the scary dude over, so that meant he was probably one of his cousin’s teammates.

“Would you like to sit down?” he asked. The guy looked startled for a minute, then nodded and sat down at the table across from him.

“Hello, I’m Leo DeLuca.” Leo reached his hand across the table to shake the smaller man’s hand.

“Alex Taylor.” Alex briefly shook Leo’s hand. From the look on Alex’s face, he must have felt the same zing of awareness that had zipped up Leo’s arm. “I haven’t met all of my cousin’s teammates yet. Who was the scary dude?” Leo asked, trying to put Alex at ease.

Alex frowned. Wouldn’t you know exotic Treb, with his small, lean stature and long black hair, would catch the man’s attention? Even one on one he didn’t stand a chance. It kind of pissed him off. “That’s Treb. But he’s taken. And even if he wasn’t taken he thinks you’re an asshole.”

Leo’s eyebrows rose at his bluntness. Instead of looking angry, a curious expression passed over his face. “Are you angry with me, Alex?” he asked.

Alex put off answering by taking a few swallows of his beer as Leo continued to patiently wait for an answer from him. It wasn’t in Alex’s nature to be nasty. He didn’t even get angry much. But he had wanted the man to see him. Except now that he had Leo’s undivided attention he didn’t know what to do with it.

“Alex, I am waiting for an answer.” Leo’s voice had an edge in it that had Alex’s submissive tendencies standing up and surrendering. “I um, I just didn’t want you to think you had a chance with Treb.” Alex was completely off balance by now. He found he couldn’t even raise his eyes to meet the other man’s. If he wasn’t careful, he would embarrass them both by kneeling at the man’s feet and calling him Sir.

Leo sat back and enjoyed the picture in front of him. With Alex’s head lowered, Leo could only see the top of his shiny brown hair. But he remembered pretty light brown eyes with green flecks and smooth skin, with a few freckles dancing across his nose. He knew most wouldn’t notice all that but to Leo, this man’s looks were everything he was attracted to. He also saw the wide width of Alex’s shoulders under the baggy flannel shirt and he suspected once he removed it there would be at least a six-pack as his prize to explore.

Alex was starting to fidget at the lingering silence. So Leo decided to put him out of his misery. “Alex, I’m not interested in Treb. I was just trying to put names to the faces of Tony’s teammates.” Leo saw the tension immediately flow out of his shoulders as Alex heard his words. He was just going to ask the man if he was free the next day when Alex’s phone rang.

“Yes, boss?” Alex answered after checking the screen.

“Alex, get your gear. We have two missing children that were last seen near a sinkhole that just opened up. The authorities aren’t even sure if both are in the sinkhole. We should probably take Bud just in case. Be here at the house in fifteen.”

Alex ended the call and looked up into Leo’s deep brown eyes. He couldn’t stop himself from admiring that thick wavy black hair with a few gray hairs decorating his temples. Pulling himself away from the growing attraction he was feeling, he said, “It was nice to meet you. Sorry I was rude. The team has been called on a mission and I have to go.”

“When you have finished that mission, I want you to call me and let me know you’re safe,” Leo instructed and held out his hand for Alex’s phone.

Alex watched his hand automatically giving Leo the phone. With a few presses of the buttons, Leo handed the phone back. Then the bigger man stood up and went around the table and waited for Alex to leave his chair. When Alex stood up, their height difference was less than he would have thought. Leo had such a presence about him, Alex had assumed he was as tall as the boss at six five. But the man only stood about three inches taller than his own six feet. Leo laid his hand on Alex’s lower back and, with a slight pressure, had him walking before him to the front doors. As Alex walked out of the hotel with Leo, he decided the man with his huge commanding presence could be five feet tall and would still be able to order everyone around him.




Alex woke up to the most exciting thing that had ever happened to him. There was a large determined finger up his ass. There was also a very delicious, warm, wet mouth sucking and biting the side of his throat, making goose bumps stand up along his arms and legs. A hard, muscled body was pressing against his back, supporting him while he lay on his good hip. The leg with his injured hip had been brought forward and his bent knee was resting on top of a few pillows.

Now Alex felt another finger join the first in his ass. He breathed through the slight twinge until his muscles loosened. Slowly those tantalizing fingers moved easily in and out. Leo pegged his sweet spot, making a small whimper escape. Alex wanted to move but knew if he shifted his hips there would be pain and knowing Leo, everything would stop.

Their loving became the most passionate, erotic torture he had ever experienced in his life, as he held still while Leo opened him further, pushing a third finger into him. Steadily Leo rubbed against his prostate, making shivers run up his spine. As he pulled out Leo widened his fingers, only to push back in, rubbing those nerves again. Alex couldn’t stop his protest when those fingers pulled out, completely leaving him empty. “Please,” he begged.

“Don’t worry, pet. I’ll take care of you. Just remember, if you move, everything stops. Tell me now if you need help. I have some soft rope that I can tie you with to help you to stay still.”

“No rope this time. I’ll stay still. Please I need…” Alex pleaded. His dick was so hard it hurt and pre-cum was dripping steadily down onto the sheet under it.

Leo brought the blunt head of his latex-covered cock to that tiny rosette that would shortly take him to paradise. Pressing in slow but steady, he didn’t stop until it stretched enough to let the head pop through. Alex whimpered but quieted when Leo stopped and let him adjust.

So far his pet hadn’t moved. It had been a risky decision so early in his homecoming. They had just arrived at Jacks yesterday and the poor man had only eaten and slept since then. But Leo needed to take their relationship to the next level. Most importantly he needed to claim Alex’s body, to make him his. It was important that he show Alex that Leo saw and wanted to only be with him. Now that they were home again, Leo knew his past problems would be popping up to challenge them. Leo also knew he had to continue to build a solid foundation in this relationship because he wanted this man to be his forever.

“Please, Sir, I’m ready now. I need you to move.” Alex’s begging raised Leo’s excitement even higher. How he loved it when a pet begged.

Carefully so he wouldn’t jar the injury too much, he pushed into that tight hole a few inches more, splitting it open further. Then he pulled out, only leaving the head of his cock still inside that warm heat. Again he pushed in, going a little further. He repeated these actions until he bottomed out, balls tight against Alex’s ass.

Leo could feel Alex trembling in his arms, but he wasn’t ready to end the exquisite torture just yet. He started a slow steady rhythm of pushing in and pegging that bundle of nerves that had Alex whimpering nonstop. Pulling out, he felt Alex’s hole tightening even more, trying to keep him in. Leo kept this up for quite a while until Alex tried to reach for his own cock to stroke himself off. That wasn’t going to happen. That long slim beauty was Leo’s now.

Leo grabbed Alex’s cock before Alex could touch it and held it firmly in his hand. “This is mine from now on. You may only touch it to pleasure yourself with my permission. That is a firm rule. You will be punished if you disobey.”

“Yes, Sir,” Alex replied, whimpering, on the edge of coming between what Leo was doing to his body and his mind. “Oh shit, I’m gonna come. Please, I’m gonna come.”

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