The Fortuitous Pen (MF)

Going the Distance 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 57,779
2 Ratings (5.0)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, spanking, ice play, sex toys, HEA]
After making an immediate connection in Going the Distance, Austin Campbell and Brett Tanner continue their lives together as they adjust to life as a sexy New York couple.
Having fallen madly in love with Brett, Austin balances her time between her writing, and the delicious romps with her fiercely loyal and equally adventurous lover. Determined to focus on her writing, Austin experiences an accidental encounter that sets the two off on a journey of pain and healing. Can their everyday life of sexy trysts and loving adventures be enough to overcome mistakes of the past?
A Siren Erotic Romance
The Fortuitous Pen (MF)
2 Ratings (5.0)

The Fortuitous Pen (MF)

Going the Distance 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 57,779
2 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I love this book couldn't put it down.Austin and Brett are a great couple which makes you keep reading .This is a keeper




The room at the Upper East Side bookstore was packed with shoppers and fans who were there to hear Austin read from her latest novel. She sat on a stool at the front of the room with a small wireless microphone pinned to the lapel of her Gucci riding jacket. It was a warm October afternoon. Austin had hired a car service to transport her through the city so that she didn’t have to take the subway.

She readied herself by taking a sip of water and then a few deep breaths. As the crowd grew silent she began to read. It was an excerpt she’d read aloud many times. It was one of her favorites and a passage that had easily flowed as she typed it months earlier. As she neared the end of each sentence, she looked up and scanned the room, able to finish most sentences from memory. She intentionally made eye contact with members of the audience as she read. As she reached a pivotal point in the excerpt, she glanced to the back of the room. As she scanned the back row, she felt the wind get sucked out of her lungs as she saw a familiar face. Her mind raced. Why would Brett’s father be here? Her mouth was suddenly very dry. Smiling weakly at the crowd, she paused to take a long drink of water. Is it really him? She wondered if she had hallucinated the sighting. She was too nervous to take a second glance. She continued to read, pushing the thought of such an unwelcome guest from her mind. She pressed forward, drawing the crowd back into the scene. As she finished the passage the crowd erupted in applause. As she smiled widely, she looked around the room to acknowledge her fans. There was no hallucinating as she once again spotted the familiar face. She felt as if she’d been kicked in the stomach.

As usual, her publicist quickly whisked her to the book-signing table so as not get be waylaid by fans that wanted to speak with her one on one. The crowds formed a line, many eager to have their newest A.C. Madison novel signed by the author herself. Austin had recognized a number of familiar faces in the crowd. Some of her avid fans came to numerous readings and much to Austin’s delight, they brought new friends and fans along with them on each visit. Austin took time to chat briefly with each fan as she asked their name and scrawled a personalize message inside the cover of their book. It was time-consuming and exhausting, but from a sales perspective, Austin found it to be an important part of her marketing strategy for the book sales of future novels.

Eventually, the crowds began to thin and she started to relax. She was signing one of the final books when suddenly Mr. Tanner reappeared. Her stomach flip-flopped. Her publicist was across the room talking with the store manager as they went about tidying the room. She was completely on her own. With a deep breath she braced herself.

“You are a very talented writer,” Mr. Tanner said quietly.

She was taken aback, not expecting the compliment. “Why are you here, Mr. Tanner?” she asked impatiently.

“I’d like to make things right with Brett.”

“Then why are you here speaking with me? It sounds like it’s Brett you should be talking to.”

“He’s far too angry and full of hatred to even take my call,” he explained.

“Yes he is,” she acknowledged, “but I’m not sure why this matters so much. His feelings didn’t seem to matter to you months ago when you were fucking his girlfriend.” She noticed his lip start to quiver.

“This is tearing Trish apart. She’s a mess. I…I just thought that if I could make things right with Brett, I’d get my wife back.”

Austin was stunned and disgusted at the selfishness of his statement. She realized that this wasn’t about helping Brett deal with his anger and making amends, but it was entirely self-serving for Mr. Tanner. “I’m not sure if you even heard your own words, Joe,” she said with the taste of bile in her mouth and disgust in her voice, “but it’s obvious to me that this has nothing to do with Brett and everything to do with you.” She paused to place her palms on the table in front of her. “You have no idea how terrified Brett is of turning out to be just like you, but he’s nothing like you. He’s caring, and loving, and he has more integrity in one finger than you will ever have.”

He was taken aback by the frankness of her statement. “You hate me too,” he accused.

“I don’t hate you, I hate what you did to your son and to your first wife. I understand that Trish is suffering from depression. No one deserves that, but the two of you brought this misery upon yourselves.”

The pleading look from his eyes was gone. It was if he had aged in front of her. He turned and began walking from the store, his shoulders slumped forward and his gaze cast toward the floor. She took a deep breath and calmed herself as he walked out of sight.




When Brett was finished the call he tossed the phone down on the bed. He exhaled heavily. “So, kitten,” he said as he reached for more food. “Besides meeting my ass-hat of a father, how was your day?”

Austin smiled lightly, relieved that his intense anger had faded and he was able to make light of the awful encounter. She thought back over her day. “It was really good. I was able to do some editing, and I finished writing another chapter. I’m really pleased with it.”

“After today’s events, you’re not regretting the decision to quit your job in Toronto and move here to New York to live with me and write?” he asked with mild sarcasm in his voice.

“Not in the slightest,” she replied before popping a strawberry into her mouth. His cock began to stir. She quickly swallowed the berry. “That turned you on?” she asked incredulously, with her eyes glued to his ample package. Even soft, his thick cock was more than five inches long. She knew, because she’d begged him to let her measure.

“There are any number of reasons that you can make my dick hard, sweetheart,” he explained as he continued to swell. “You’re beautiful, you’re smart, you’re a talented writer, you’re a sexy thinker, you’re naked on my bed, and yes, you put something in your mouth. It must be horrible to be able to turn me on so easily,” he kidded as he pushed the half-empty tray across the bed and out of the way.

“Well,” she murmured as she slid across the sheets and knelt between his legs. She pushed his knees apart and lifted them off the sheets, giving her complete access to his junk. “Let’s see what happens when I put this in my mouth.” With her ass up on her heels, she lowered her face until her lips touched his balls. She gingerly licked and then sucked one into her mouth as she rolled her tongue across the smooth skin. She loved that he shaved his sack for her. She felt his body tighten and heard a long low moan escape his lips. She licked and sucked one ball and then the other, running her tongue over every surface. His cock was rock hard now.

“Lower,” he instructed.

She pressed his knees up toward his chest. As an erotica romance author, she relished in the idea that their sexual encounters fuelled her writing and in turn, her writing pushed their sexual boundaries. Her tongue ran down the seam of his sack and continued south. His thighs tightened as her tongue pressed against the rim of his ass hole.

“Fuck,” he moaned. “I want more,” he begged.

She licked and pressed her tongue gently at first, then delivered firm pressure against the puckered skin. She glanced up and noticed that he was shiny and wet from pre-cum that dripped from the head of his swollen cock. She wrapped her fingers around his shaft and gently stroked his cock. She watched him bite his lip as a stream of pre-cum trickled down his long shaft. She was back to kissing his balls as she rubbed her thumb over the hot slippery surface at the tip of his throbbing cock. “Damn,” she whispered as she took in the sight.

As he pet her hair, his fingers became more and more entangled in her curls. He gently gripped a handful of the golden locks and guided her up his glistening shaft. “In your mouth, please kitten,” he begged.

Her eyes were locked on his as she slipped her lips over the head of his cock. She sucked gently, drawing hot pre-cum into her mouth. Her eyelids fluttered as the sweet tangy fluid hit her tongue. She felt her pussy dampen in response to the delicious taste she loved so much.

Between the sight of her ass in the air, her long naked body crouched between his legs, and the incredible sensations she caused as she licked and kissed and sucked, Brett wasn’t sure how much more he could take. “Kitten,” he purred as she took his cock deep into her mouth. “I think I need to fuck you now.”

She watched his face as she bobbed her head for another minute, tasting and sucking before finally giving in to his request. As she straddled his hips, Brett reached down and pressed two fingers into her pussy. She smiled mischievously at the squishy wet sound his fingers made as he explored. “Fuck me,” she demanded as she leaned forward to kiss his lips.

With his hands on her hips, he guided her down onto his waiting cock. “I think you’re going to be fucking me,” he groaned as his cock pressed into her hot, wet pussy. He pressed her hips down and she sank easily. He watched her body and face as she sat up and gripped his shoulders.

He felt her back arch and she let out a loud rumbling moan as he filled her pussy. He moaned and grunted as she rhythmically rode him, gradually grinding faster and faster against his cock.

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