The Lady Wants It All (MFM)

The Lady Dares 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 32,209
3 Ratings (4.7)

[Ménage and More: Erotic Historical Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, with F/F, with M/M and M/M/F elements not involving the main characters, bondage, paddling, sex toys, HEA]

Spoiled, sheltered Lady Sabrina refuses to wed Viscount Brisbane, betrothed to her by her parents. She has never met Brisbane and will not give up her knight, Sir Roderick, her father’s factotum. They have secretly been in love for years. He is not of her class, however, and it can never be.

She runs away to widowed cousin Lady Caldwell’s country home, where Sabrina meets Brisbane and likes, maybe loves, him too. Lady Caldwell has a guest, a lecherous duke, who lusts after the fair Sabrina and vows to force her to wed him.

Her cousin sweeps Sabrina out of the reach of the three men and into the whirl of a London season. The duke follows. Brisbane and Sir Roderick follow. Will her knight and her betrothed be able to win the battle against an influential duke and convince Sabrina she can have it all?

A Siren Erotic Romance

The Lady Wants It All (MFM)
3 Ratings (4.7)

The Lady Wants It All (MFM)

The Lady Dares 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 32,209
3 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Great follow up story.
Great series. Love these books!



He conquered his nerves and stepped out of the shadows and into the moonlight. Sabrina did not seem to notice him. She continued her frantic steps in a trancelike state, a naked nymph waiting for her lover to arrive, yet not knowing he was present and watched with a lustful eye. She dipped, letting lush breasts fall and rise with her movement. She arched her back, giving clear views of her womanly triangle and the rosy tips of her nipples. She twirled, giving the silken material she wore cause to cling to her saucy, bouncing ass.

Roderick could take no more. His hands itched to touch her. He dropped his cloak, shucked off his boots, and plunged into the waterfall with her. She gasped, at first not seeming to know him.

“My darling Sabrina, have you so soon forgotten me?”

“Roderick, ’tis really you?” She pressed her body to his.

Soft breasts and hard nipples made him wild with desire. He could not allow her to realize what was happening to his aching body. If she didn’t stop kissing his eyes and cheeks and lips which he pressed tightly closed for his sanity’s sake, he would lose all the control he held onto with such desperation. He pulled out of her arms, but the sight of her near nakedness so close to his hands made him burn despite the constant onslaught of cool water. He carried her out of the pool, set her on the lawn, and draped his cloak around her. It didn’t soothe his aching groin. He knew what lay beneath that cloak—everything he desired.

“I have come to plead your father’s case.”

“Plead for my father? Have you gone ’round the bend? You would set me aside and see me sold to the highest bidder? You would betray our love?”

Roderick feared he had not made his point clear. Crazed with wanting to ravish her body, he was incapable of rational thought. Although it was a dangerous move in his aroused state, he sat and pulled her down onto his lap. “Your father is a good man, but he is also a practical man. If you and I were to wed without his consent, he might disown you. I would certainly no longer be allowed to be in charge of his business affairs. I would lose his income and without his reference would have difficulty finding another position.”

“I don’t care if we are poor and need starve. I will not give you up. I will do laundry, become a maid, anything to be with you.”

Roderick could not disguise his grin. “Have you ever done laundry or e’en watched it being done? Have you ever scrubbed a floor or done any sort of maid’s work? Come, sweeting, look at your hands.” He kissed each fingertip one at a time. “Soft as eiderdown, and what is more, I would never let you do those things.”

“Yet you would let me marry some old squirrel like Brisbane?”

“I, an old squirrel? I have been called many things but never an old squirrel.” Bartholomew Sergeant, Viscount Brisbane, jumped from his perch on the wall and landed near the couple.

Sabrina pulled the cloak tighter around her. “How dare you sneak into Lady Margot’s garden to spy on me? Who are you, and why are you here?”

“I am Bartholomew Sergeant, and according to your father, your betrothed.”

“You are no such thing. This is the man I will marry.” She wrapped her arms around Roderick’s neck.

“Now look, lass, I am in sore need of an heir and have chosen you to get one on. You are not too young nor too old. Though the image the earl showed to me did you little justice, I found it pleasing, and he and I have come to an agreement.”

“He cannot betroth me to you without my consent. I did not agree. We did not exchange rings. You must be crazed to believe we are betrothed without me being aware of it.”

“Your father’s lawyers were in attendance, and your mother answered for you. Your parents assured everyone you obeyed their every wish. All in attendance confirmed that to be true.”

“Normally, I do, but this is different than purchasing a new bonnet. I can introduce you to a brace of women comelier than I, women who would welcome your attention as I most certainly do not.”

“Has not Sir Roderick spoken to you, then? I was made to understand he would garner your consent for me.”

The shocked expression she shot Roderick stabbed him through the heart. “Milord, I was about to broach the subject of our arrangement when you pounced upon us. Now we shall do it together.” He ran a finger down Sabrina’s cheek. “Sweeting, you must accept we can never be man and wife—”

“No, no, I will not.” She jerked out of his grasp. “You no longer love me, or you would not say so. You would fight all the forces of good and evil if you truly loved me.”

Her eyes threatened tears, and Roderick felt ill for upsetting her. He had bungled this whole thing. “Please hear me out.” He wiped her tears away with his thumb. “I want your happiness more than anything in this world. You must accept you can never have my child—” Her attempt to protest was quieted by his brief kiss. “You must marry within your station and you must bear an heir for the sake of the royal line. These are the conditions all of us live under. Do not fight the customs of our day. Work within them, and we shall all be made happy.”

“Happy? How shall I be made happy wed to a man I do not know and have no wish to know.”

Brisbane knelt beside them. “I shall not rush you into this. I shall woo you properly, give you time to consider. In fact, if not for Roderick here and his most ingenious solution, I should already be searching for another bride.”

“Solution? You men think you can solve everything. It took a woman on the throne of England to bring peace to our land for more than thirty years.” She stood and stomped her foot and lost her footing. The cloak fell away, and Brisbane sucked in an audible breath.

“You did not lie, Roderick, my man. She is a morsel to fight for.”




Bart took Sabrina’s hand and led her deep into the rose garden. “The cap you wear, though as sweetly heart-shaped as your face, is scant protection from the high sun. We must find a patch of shade.” What he actually wanted was to feel her supple body against his, out of sight of the town house. Those globes of shimmering flesh above her tightly-laced bodice beckoned his gluttonous fingers to seek the pink buds below the surface. He discovered a bench beneath an ornamental pear tree and there they sat.

“You do still believe in our arrangement with Roderick, do you not?”

“Oh, yes. I do not seek Crichton’s attentions and would like to be rid of them.”

“And me? Do you tolerate me for Roderick’s sake only?” When she studied her velvet slippers and blushed prettily, he was sure of her answer. “Do you fully understand what is expected of you?”

Sabrina kept her eyes downcast, but nodded. “I am already fond of you and look forward to our agreement.”

“You know you shall be required to take two men into your body in different ways, in different parts of your body?”

“I am receiving lessons from my lady’s maid and will be able to take both of you at once.”

“At once? You mean to take us both at one time?”

“’Tis exactly what I mean.”

“You need not do anything you are uncomfortable doing. We are both gentlemen and can wait our turns.”

“’Tis the way I wish it to be. Daisy is preparing me, and I am certain I will relish having you both inside me at once. We shall be a threesome in every way we can.”

By this time in the discussion, Bart, imagining the scene hinted at, was so hot he could not contain his urges. He circled her tiny waist with his hands and pulled her to him. “Do my kisses please you?” He gave her no chance to answer. As her lips parted to speak, he claimed them with his own, sucking on the bottom lip as if it were the sweetest wine. She gasped when he inserted his tongue, but allowed the assault. Emboldened, he let his hands roam up her sides to tug on one side of her bodice. A lovely full teat popped into his palm. He pinched the nipple, to her delightful giggles.

“Does this please you?”

“I believe so, though it makes me a bit uneasy. My body seems to be searching for something more, and a certain discontent overtakes me.”

“Perhaps you wish for something to happen here?” Through her garments, he palmed her mons with his other hand.

“Oh, yes. There is where something is wanting, there in my pussy.”


“Of course, you don’t understand. Daisy’s lover calls it her kitten, therefore I call it my pussy.”

“A very apt name.” He foraged under her skirts until he reached his goal. “It feels quite like the down of a soft pussy willow.” He stroked the outside for a bit, then inserted two fingers and searched until he found the nub he sought. “Do you like this?”

“Oh, I cannot think, it feels so good.” She closed her eyes and he kneaded her breast as he played with her pussy, finally pressing hard enough to help her to climax. She bucked when it began and leaned on him for support as it overtook her.

“Oh, oh, oh. Bart, I do enjoy this.”

“Let it happen, sweeting, let it happen. Come for me, my darling girl.”

And she did. His hand was quite wet with her juices, and he pressed his fingers hard against her trembling nether lips until they quieted. Sabrina leaned her head on his shoulder and seemed incapable of speech or movement. He righted her clothes and stroked her back until she uttered one long sigh with an accompanying shudder and raised her head to look into his eyes.

“That was quite marvelous, my lord. Shall we do it again sometime?”

“We shall do it many times, in many ways, once we are wed. At this moment, however, I believe Cousin Margot will send a search party if we do not return to the house.”

“Wait, I know how to rid you of this mighty bulge.” She undid the buttons to his breeches and took his throbbing cock in her hand. “This is the way I learned to milk a cow.”

He held his kerchief at the ready as she indeed milked him.


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