[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Hamilton Anderson, a butler who loves gardening, is faced with the decision of choosing between two men. He grows to desire Luke Proctor and Darius Payne, who he never thought he could be with. The fights against their enemies make him want to help others and stop his bad ways.
Darius Payne, with the wind element, does what he can to get Hamilton's attention, yet sparks fly when they meet Luke Proctor. Darius is faced with the decision of letting his lover have someone else in their relationship. Along the way, the enemies they face make Darius feel helpless and unable to protect the ones he loves.
Luke Proctor, with the electricity element, is taken by surprise when Hamilton welcomes his love with open arms. However, his brother attacks them and then comes after his lover. Because of his brother's personality, they get into even more trouble than they already had.
A Siren Erotic Romance
The Unexpected Pair (MMM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




His cell phone vibrated in his pocket. “Excuse me,” he said to the unknown man who he’d been speaking with. As he walked toward the balcony, he answered the call. “Yes?”

“Hey, Luke, do you have time? Can you meet with me? I have some great news,” the man said cheerfully from the other end of the line.

Luke grimaced as he looked at the large city that stretched out before him, the bright lights beckoning him to come closer. However, he had to stay until the end of this charity event. Sighing, he answered to his brother, “I’m busy. Can’t you tell me over the phone?” he asked bitterly, and shoved his hand into his pocket.

He’d never gotten along with his brother. The way his brother saw other human beings or non-humans was the complete opposite of him. The more he could take advantage of people, the more fun his brother had. It was disturbing, and Luke had no idea how he had gotten so used to it.

His brother whined. “All right, I’ll tell you,” the other man said. “Do you know about Leonard Kill and William Murder? They’re weaker than we think! Kayla found out where they live and trashed the place. She ended up a bit injured, though.”

“Stop bothering them already,” Luke retorted. “It’s your employees’ fault that those two caught them. You don’t have to attack the authority when they’re just doing their job.” He took a prolonged sigh and glanced at his watch. “I don’t have patience for you right now. I’m busy as it is.” He hung up and put the cell phone in his pocket.

As usual, the charity event to help the non-profit organizations for the homeless was a success. In the following month he would host a small event for the animals. After that, he would have at least two weeks to relax more.


* * * *


The following day, Luke got in his car and made his way to the supermarket. He had nothing to eat back at his apartment.

As he parked the car in front of the large building, he spotted two men stepping out of a black vehicle. What caught his attention was one of them, the shorter one. He had an elegant posture and carried himself confidently in his suit. He wondered who wore their suit while shopping.

The one next to him wore a Gothic style, black clothing with chains and large boots. His blond hair reached his elbows. Luke switched his attention back to the smaller man, who looked over his shoulder, as if he’d sensed Luke’s stare. Luke was able to see how even more adorable the man was.

Should he approach him? Luke left the thought behind, jumped out of the car, and locked it before he went after the other two. If they weren’t partners, Luke could have a chance.

He had no idea why his heart had thumped for the unknown man, but he’d rather follow his instincts than to waste time lost in his thoughts. Luke cleared his throat as he closed the distance between them. He wanted to reach them before they went inside.

The adorable gentleman stopped abruptly and looked over his shoulder. He flinched as soon as he saw Luke pacing toward him. “Y–Yes?” He seemed like a cornered cat. Even more adorable!

The blond next to him got in the way. “Haven’t you caused enough trouble?” he said firmly, and Luke raised his brows to his forehead in surprise. “Don’t pretend, Lucas Proctor. You put one of my sons in the hospital not too long ago.”

“I did what?” Luke asked, but quickly realized what the blond meant. He waved his hands quickly. “No, that wasn’t me. My brother did it.” Luke switched his attention to the adorable man, who hid behind the stud.

“Let’s go, Darius,” he said quietly from behind the blond.

Darius regarded Luke again. “Who are you looking at? If you want to fight, I’m right here. And don’t come with the excuse that you have a brother. We won’t fall for that one.”

Luke clenched his jaw and took a step closer to Darius. “Listen, I’m not my brother Lucas. I’m Luke, his twin brother,” he insisted. “He wants me to join his criminal activity, but I’m not like that. I organize charity events to help others and I try to stay away from him and Aaron Scott.”

The blond narrowed his green eyes. “Prove it.” A few people who entered and walked out of the supermarket would glance their way, but quickly disregarded them.

“Oh, I will,” Luke said confidently. For the adorable man, he would even use a lie detector if he had to. Luke pulled his wallet out from the back pocket of his jeans and showed his ID. “I’m Luke Proctor, twenty-seven years old. My father wanted to take advantage that he had twins and use me to create alibis for my brother, so barely anyone knows about me. I don’t know where they are right now, but they call me from time to time to tell me about how well they’re doing as criminals.”

Darius raised a brow. “That might be a fake ID.”

“I don’t wear glasses like my brother does, I only have the power of the electricity while my brother has many, and I’m a few minutes older than him,” Luke continued. He looked at the adorable man again. “I’m not from the same twisted world as them. I even told my brother to leave Leonard Kill and William Murder alone.”

The blond hummed and folded his arms. “That sounds true.” He looked over at the other man. “Hamilton, what do you think?”

Hamilton? Luke swallowed dryly as his heart pounded in his chest. He widened his eyes slightly when Darius got out of the way.

“Still, he came to us. What does he want?” Hamilton mumbled quietly, and his chocolate-brown eyes turned up to Luke.

Those eyes struck another arrow right into Luke’s chest. “Are you two…dating?” Luke asked faintly, his gaze on Hamilton.

“Don’t tell me—Have you fallen for Hamilton?” Darius asked, frowning.




“You two don’t have to be in a hurry,” Hamilton told them as they unbuttoned his jacket and unfastened his belt. Soon, they were able to touch his skin, making him shiver and shake in desire. While Darius pressed kisses to his chest and slid his hand down his abdomen, then stroking his shaft slowly, Luke invaded Hamilton’s mouth with his hot tongue, peeling his black jeans off in the process.

With their clothes scattered all over the floor of the bedroom, Darius had opened an unused tube of lubricant he’d taken from the bottom drawer of his closet. He returned to the bed and motioned Luke to lean Hamilton on the headboard. Luke followed the instructions, but while he moved Hamilton’s shoulders, Hamilton took the chance to get under the covers.

“If you two are staring, it’s embarrassing,” he mumbled. Darius and Luke got in bed as well.

Hamilton didn’t know what they planned to do to him, but one thing he was sure about, they moved as one. Even if they hadn’t gotten used to each other’s presence, they came together in order to please him.

Hamilton bit his bottom lip as Darius moved his arm down and slid a warm, slick finger into his entrance. As he’d expected, Darius was patient, even though it was clear that he wanted to do more. His cock had been at full attention ever since he’d taken his clothes off.

While Darius and Hamilton were distracted with kissing each other, Luke moved beneath the covers and got a hold of Hamilton’s shaft. His mouth surrounded the tip of the hard cock before engulfing it halfway. Hamilton got even more embarrassed when he noticed Luke’s bobbing head through the bedspread.

Unable to hold it in anymore, Hamilton let out a prolonged moan. Luke’s tongue and lips attacked his shaft with a desire that he hadn’t known the other man had. He then switched his attention to Darius, who had been kissing him lovingly while he spread his entrance with two of his fingers. “This is so embarrassing,” Hamilton mumbled mostly to himself, and wrapped his hand around Darius’s shaft, stroking it with earnest. Just the other day they had been bickering, yet now they were lovers. It had been a strange change, to say the least.

“Hamilton,” Darius moaned out against his lips, his fingers stopping for brief seconds.

Without warning, a large form rose under the covers. “I can’t wait any longer,” Luke said from underneath, and mounted Hamilton, his large hands bending the other man’s legs further to the sides.

For reassurance that there weren’t going to be any hard feelings, Hamilton looked at Darius, who just gave him a small smile and pressed a kiss to his lips. Hamilton felt another kiss to middle of his chest as something hard invaded his entrance. The covers moved closer as Luke thrust his hips forward, and he came into view, the bedspread draping over his shoulders.

Hamilton sucked in a breath when Luke’s hips pressed against his ass, his soft fingers clenching on his thighs. Luke buried his cock as deep as he could with a lust-filled sigh. “Move,” Hamilton told him quietly, earning a stare from both of them. “Hey, don’t look at me like that. I have feelings, too.”

Luke chuckled softly and pecked Hamilton’s lips. “As you command,” he whispered, and moved his shaft halfway out before he thrust back in. The same motion continued on and on, Luke’s hips waving back and forth gradually quicker and producing slapping sounds that embarrassed Hamilton all the more.

He shivered violently every time Luke thrust his hard cock into his entrance. Hamilton tried to not squeeze Darius’s shaft too much in his hand while his other hand gripped Luke’s forearm. The jolts of lust bolted throughout his body like waves of warm water. Pure bliss sent his mind elsewhere, where Darius, Luke, and himself were in a world of their own. Luke’s cock reached all of the right spots, until the man tilted his hips for more leverage, and brushed his cock on his sweet, hidden spot every now and then.

When Hamilton tried to get away, not wanting to release just yet, his body shaking, Luke leaned down and pressed his chest on his own so he wouldn’t escape. “Hamilton,” he called several times under his breath, next to the other man’s neck.

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