Lovesick (MMM)

Freeway at Night 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,320
2 Ratings (5.0)
[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Garth Payne has been sick all his life and undergoes treatment by Lucas Proctor. They spend time together and develop feelings for each other throughout the exhausting treatment to keep Garth alive. Due to Lucas's conflict with his father, Garth sees himself involved and targeted by the father.
Lucas Proctor, a powerful non-human, begins to fall for Garth while they get the chance to know each other. However, he needs to hurry due to his father's threats, as well as so he will not lose Garth. Before he realizes his feelings for Garth, another man comes into the picture.
Samuel Dremer, a clumsy, rarely known alpha, falls for Garth at first sight. In the beginning, Lucas Proctor is against his advances on Garth, but soon they come together to protect their lover. Their relationship strengthens as they go through dangerous conflicts against their enemies.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lovesick (MMM)
2 Ratings (5.0)

Lovesick (MMM)

Freeway at Night 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,320
2 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“Get the hell out of here,” the woman demanded, holding the door open.

Samuel raised a brow at her. “Why? He started it,” he muttered, pointing over his shoulder with his thumb at a man who was shorter than him. She sent him a glare that made him lean back in surprise. “Fine, I’ll go. Don’t kill me with that stare of yours. Man, women are scary.” He slid his hands into his pockets and walked out of the bar.

“Come back only when you don’t want to cause trouble,” she shouted, and shut the door.

He glanced over his shoulder. “I’m never coming back here. Damned poor costumer service,” he mumbled to himself as he walked up the sidewalk. Well, he’d been the one who started it when that unknown man bumped into him and apologized right after.

Sighing, Samuel walked aimlessly. He’d planned to take his day off of work, on this lovely Saturday, to have a couple of drinks and relax. “I’m so tall. How did that guy not notice me?” As he continued to think about it, he took a pack of cigarettes and a lighter from the pocket of his jacket.

He didn’t have time to light a cigarette. He spotted two men coming out of a house on the other side of a short fence. One held the other up, his arm around his waist. The weaker one looked fragile. However, that weak prey was just his type. Before they could do anything else, Samuel rested his hand on the fence. “Excuse me,” he called out, and both men looked his way.

“Yes?” the man that didn’t matter asked.

Samuel cleared his throat and leaned slightly forward. “Do you have the time?” Even though he asked them that, his attention was on the blond man with alluring green eyes.

The blond tilted his head. “But there’s a watch on your wrist,” he said almost inaudibly, holding on to the shoulder of the man Samuel didn’t care about.

He quickly glanced at his ticking watch. “Ah, it stopped working earlier. I’m in a hurry, so…” Samuel pursed his lips. He was never good at initiating conversations, especially if it was with someone that interested him. He didn’t want to let this opportunity escape from his hands.

“It’s little over 7:30,” the man who Samuel didn’t want to listen to replied.

Samuel glanced at the sky. It would be a couple of hours before it would start to get dark. “Uh…are you all right?” he asked, trying to continue the conversation.

“He’s fine,” the black-haired man answered. If only that gray presence next to the blond man would stop talking, Samuel would be grateful.

Gulping, Samuel looked down, and then back up at them. He wanted more. “I moved close to the area not too long ago. It’s great to meet my neighbors,” he lied, and sent the blond a small smile. His house was a ten-minute walk away from this neighborhood. “I’m Samuel, and you are…?”

The blond waved slightly. “I’m Garth, and this is Lucas. It’s nice to meet you,” he mumbled, but Samuel could still hear him. Suddenly, Garth stared at him, his green eyes widened somewhat. “If I may I ask, are you an alpha?”

Samuel let his jaw fall open. “H–how did you know?” No one besides his family knew that. He’d gotten his animal side from his great-grandfather, and they were the only ones in the family as alphas. It surprised him that someone who looked so sick could take such a precise guess.

“I might be sick, but my other senses are working just fine,” Garth answered. “This is the first time I’ve met someone with a panther as their inner animal. Usually, it’s domestic animals or species of the sort.”

There was his chance. “If you want, we can talk more about it. After all, it’s not every day that you know someone like me, right?” He chuckled briefly. Hopefully, that blob of gray matter wouldn’t get in his way of scoring himself someone he’d taken a liking to at first sight. It would be a waste not to go after his prey.

Garth shrugged. “Sure,” he said. “I only came out for a breath of fresh air, and you said that you were in a hurry, so if you’d like, you can come over for dinner or something. Around eight would be fine. We’d like to welcome you to our little town.”

Samuel lit up, but quickly composed himself. “Of course. I’ll be here.” He waved and walked away when Garth smiled at him. It had all been so quick that his mind had gone numb and he couldn’t think of anything else. As he looked down, he suddenly bumped into a light post. “Damn it,” he muttered, rubbing his forehead. Even if a passerby saw him and stared for a moment, good thing Garth hadn’t seen that.




“That’s enough,” Garth moaned out, panting. He was on his knees, his ass perked up, his chest moving against the mattress, and his hands clenched on the pillow under his head. For five minutes, Lucas had been spreading his entrance with his slick fingers. Meanwhile, Samuel was next to him, sliding his hands along his torso and occasionally kissing him for distraction.

Lucas pulled his fingers out and flipped Garth around by the hips, resting his back on the bed. “You’re ready now,” he said, and spread the other man’s legs to the sides, bending them enough to make him comfortable. “If you lose consciousness in the middle of it, it won’t be my fault…and I’ll keep doing you.”

Garth shivered at Lucas’s bold words, a jolt of bliss running throughout his body. The man knew exactly what to tell him. Lucas had been moving so slow that he hadn’t had the chance to release, but Lucas had increased his lust meter ever since they started, and it would be a matter of time before he would burst. He just hoped that he wouldn’t faint in the middle of it.

He gazed up at Lucas, the man’s arms as if towers next to his shoulders that led to a strong torso above him. Lucas’s yellow eyes were on his hard shaft, and he didn’t move, seemingly trying to decide where to start.

Finally, Lucas held Garth’s hips and pulled him to rest his lower back on his thighs. That way, Garth had his back curved and didn’t have to make much effort to make a connection with him. Lucas then held the base of his cock and pressed the tip to the entrance.


Garth gulped, looking between them, at Lucas pushing the tip of his shaft into him. Since Lucas had prepared him thoroughly, he barely felt any pain. He gripped the sheets as Lucas began to thrust his hips slowly, each time his cock sliding in deeper, until their skin came into contact and Lucas’s hips rested perfectly on his ass.

Lucas leaned down and pressed a kiss to the center of Garth’s chest. His hands roamed along his abdomen, hips, and then Garth’s thighs. He couldn’t believe how patient Lucas could become. But that hadn’t been exactly what he wanted.

“Can you move?” Garth asked quietly. He shivered violently when Lucas pulled his cock halfway out. For a moment there, he was about to come. If this were to continue, he would be done way before Lucas.

Lucas rested his forehead on Garth’s chest and held his hips firmly. He then thrust forward, making Garth let out a moan. “That’s it,” Lucas mumbled, and moved his hips in a rhythmic motion.

Garth swallowed dryly again. He wouldn’t be able to do it. It felt too good. His insides hugged Lucas’s cock and didn’t want to let go. Every time it moved, even though slowly, it was like a shove toward bliss. Without much thought, he reached for his shaft. He needed to touch it.

“No way,” Samuel said from next to them, and held both of his wrists. “You’ll come just from that. You can use mine however you want, though.” He used one of his hands to unzip his fly and managed to pull his cock out.

Just him being unable to move his arms had the opposite effect on him. He was at the mercy of Lucas and whatever the man wanted to do to him. Just the thought was another shove toward his orgasm.

He looked at Samuel’s cock close to him. Even though his mind was foggy in desire, he didn’t want to leave Samuel out. He tilted his head in his lover’s direction and gave a lick to the shaft, making Samuel tense visibly.

Garth took Samuel’s cock into his mouth and felt his big hand sliding through his hair. He was glad that Samuel didn’t mind waiting and was content with what he had to give him. Garth bobbed his head slowly, the large shaft brushing against the sensitive top of his mouth. Samuel moaned with his deep voice, alluring voice.

They continued like that for a few more moments, Samuel on one end and Lucas on the other, which brought him what he’d wanted. He could already feel their bond strengthening.

With the need to breathe, Garth pulled away, panting. Now he wanted Lucas to fuck him to his heart’s content. But if Lucas gave him what he desired, then the man wouldn’t be able to release anytime soon. Instead, Garth tried to change the position. Perhaps that way, he would feel less. He rested his feet on the mattress and slid away from Lucas, but his lover came after him, his cock never ceasing to thrust deep into his entrance.

With a tilt of Lucas’s angle for better access, the head of his cock brushed against Garth’s prostate. Garth let out a groan, his body stiffening and numbing as Lucas continued to thrust into him.

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