A Wolf's Atonement (MM)

Nehalem Pack 20

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 47,740
27 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren LoveEdge ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, sex in partially shifted form, HEA]
Tenny Farrell has made his fair share of mistakes in his young life. Regret has become a good friend of his and now that he’s in Silver Creek, he’s willing to do whatever it takes to make amends for his past sins, but his family isn’t making it easy on him.
The last thing Tenny needs is one more complication to deal with, but that’s exactly what he gets when he meets Jordan Campbell. The man is everything Tenny’s ever wanted, but not knowing how Jordan will react to who he is, Tenny lies. He just needs a little time to figure everything out.
The truth always has a way of coming out and Tenny’s world comes crashing down around him when all the half-truths he’s told are exposed. Nothing is ever as it seems, and Tenny is discovering some things in life are worth fighting for. He just has to pray it’s enough to grant him forgiveness.
A Siren Erotic Romance
AJ Jarrett is a Siren-exclusive author.
A Wolf's Atonement (MM)
27 Ratings (4.6)

A Wolf's Atonement (MM)

Nehalem Pack 20

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 47,740
27 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Many stories have been written about issues families have with one another. Some more traumatic and sad than others. After having read so many, though, I was surprised to find myself tearing up as often as I did when I read Ms. Jarrett's latest installment to the Nehalem Pack series. In this offering, we find Tenny and Jordan. Both of these men had mothers that completely failed them and how each dealt with the pain brought difficulties to their mated relationship. I was beyond pleased with this book and look forward to many more in this series.
Laura A.S.

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“You heard me. You play this game like you don’t care and you’re just floating through life happy as can be, but it’s crap. I heard what you told Knox about not asking him to come find you, but I think that’s what you wanted all along. You wanted him to drag you back home and rescue from this life. You’re just too much of a coward to admit it. I’m guessing you feel foolish for abandoning your brothers, and deep down you were hoping Knox made going back home easy on you.” Colt tilted his head. “Looks like he called your bluff and now it’s up to you to prove to them you’re not the piece of shit you have everyone thinking you are.”

Tenny’s mouth opened and shut like a fish out of water, gulping for air. All of what Colt said, every single word, was true. This man he’d met for all of five minutes cracked open his skull and read all the things Tenny thought he kept hidden.

“Look, man, I’m not here to make you feel bad or drag you back home kicking and screaming. Only you can decide where your place in the world should be.” Colt took a step closer to Tenny.

“What if they don’t want me there? What if I show up and Knox slams the door in my face? Then what?” Tenny couldn’t believe he was even entertaining the idea of going back. The thought of rejection had his stomach turning in knots to the point that bile rose up in the back of his throat, burning his mouth.

“Then you keep trying.” Colt sighed. He crossed his massive arms over his thick chest. “I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, but you owe it to yourself to at least try.”

“I want to, but I need some time.” Tenny swiped a hand under his eyes. “Give Knox some time to cool off.”

“And where will you stay?” Colt’s face scrunched up as he looked around the room.

“Here.” Tenny let out an annoyed chuckle. “If you haven’t figured it out, I don’t have a lot of options.”

“Well you do now.” Colt walked over to Tenny’s dresser and started pulling out clothes. “You can stay with me until you get your shit together.”

“Hey!” Tenny ran over toward Colt and yanked his clothes out of the man’s hands. “Why would you do something like that?”

“Because we’re friends.”

“We’re not friends. We just met.” Tenny narrowed one eye at Colt, letting his gaze roam over the man’s face, trying to see if there was an ulterior motive behind his offer.

“Then we can become friends, man.” Colt shut the dresser drawer and opened the next one. “I know this might be a foreign concept to you, but believe it or not there are decent people in the world who just want to help others. Lucky for you, I’m one of them.” Colt thumped his hand against Tenny’s bare chest.

Tenny stood there, mouth gaping open. In all his life he’d never met someone quite like this before.

“You want to help me and expect nothing in return?” Tenny wasn’t sure he was buying it. Colt didn’t give off that creep vibe, but Tenny couldn’t be too careful.

“Yes.” Colt stopped to turn and face Tenny. He gave him a once-over with his eyes then cracked a smile. “Sorry sweetness, but you’re not my type, so your ass is safe with me.” Tenny’s eyes opened wide. “Now pack your shit before your friend over there wakes up and decides to fuck your ass raw.”

Tenny turned to look at where Christian was sprawled out on the floor. He could see the slight up and down fall of his chest, so he knew the man was still alive.

“We didn’t have that kind of arrangement,” Tenny said, but not sure why. For some reason he wanted Colt to know he didn’t fuck all his clients.

“Huh?” Colt looked from Christian back to him. “You two weren’t…”

“No.” Tenny walked over to his closet and pulled out a suitcase and started packing. “He’s an alpha in waiting and because of the whole waiting thing”—Tenny made air quotes—“he likes to relieve some of that tension.” Christian had been raised and groomed to be the next alpha of his pack, something that Tenny had come to realize wasn’t something Christian really wanted to do. Christian wasn’t a bad guy, just confused. He’d met Christian a year ago, and whenever Tenny would pack up and move, Christian would fly out to wherever he was to see him. They were kind of like friends in a weird way.

“On you? By tying you to the bed and”—Tenny followed Colt’s gaze as he took in the whips, floggers, and even a cane leaning against the wall—“beating you?”

“Well, it’s not like I wasn’t into it.” Tenny felt his cheeks blush at the look of open shock on Colt’s faced.

“Okay.” Colt pulled more clothes from the drawers and sat them on the bed.

Packed, dressed, and ready to go, Tenny stood at the entryway to his bedroom. Working at The Riot Room really had been the nicest place he had worked at in all the years he’d been out on his own. He’d made friends here and really liked the room the owners of the club set him up in. He might have been selling his body but he wasn’t trash. Everyone that worked at The Riot Room treated each other like family. Tenny didn’t miss the irony in that. He left his real family to join this dysfunctional one.

“You ready?” Colt asked.

“As I’ll ever be.” Tenny shut the door. Christian was still passed out on the floor. Tenny knew that once he woke up he’d be pissed, but there was nothing really Tenny could do. It was time he grew up and took responsibility for himself.




The sound of TJ pleading broke something loose inside him and Jordan pulled back enough to yanked TJ’s shirt off his body, dropping it to the floor. Jordan let his eyes take in their fill of the creamy skin, carved in muscle. Jordan ran his hands up and down TJ’s slender chest then leaned forward to suck one hard nipple into his mouth. As TJ’s cries grew louder, Jordan sucked harder. TJ’s hips came up off the table, pumping into Jordan’s. Jordan let up off his sucking, moving his mouth just to the side of the red puffy nipple and bit down hard. TJ’s body jerked and he let out a pained scream that ended in a moan.

“Take this off.” TJ tugged at Jordan’s black T-shirt. “I want to feel your skin on mine.” TJ sat up, looking at Jordan through his thick lashes. “It’s my turn to mark you.”

“Hell yeah.” Jordan couldn’t move fast enough. He flung his shirt to the floor.

Before he could tell his new friend to get to biting, TJ had latched on to his nipple and pressed his sharp little teeth against his flesh, gnawing and sucking. Jordan molded his hands against TJ’s skull, urging him closer. His cock ached and he could feel his pre-cum dampening his boxers and his jeans. Jordan couldn’t believe how hot this guy made him. It reminded Jordan of when he was a teenager, so eager to bury his dick into a tight, hot hole that he came way too early.

Jordan gasped when TJ’s nimble fingers found his zipper and unfastened his pants, pulling his erect cock out to play with. TJ bent all the way down, chest touching his thighs, and licked around the swollen head of Jordan’s cock. Jordan arched his hips upward to give TJ better access.

“Your mouth is so hot,” Jordan groaned as TJ took him deeper down his throat. “I wonder if everything on you is hot,” Jordan asked as he leaned over TJ’s folded-in-half body to let his fingers caress the crease between his two firm ass cheeks.

TJ hollowed out his cheeks and sucked hard then popped off Jordan’s length. Jordan wanted to push TJ’s head back down there until he swallowed a load of cum, but the gleam in TJ’s dark eyes said he had other ideas for where Jordan needed to place his impending cum deposit.

“Why don’t you find out?” TJ shoved Jordan back a step, just enough for him to jump off his barstool. He shimmed out his tight jeans then walked over to the pool tables, bent over. He glanced back at Jordan over his shoulder. “I’m ready when you are.”

Jordan stood there with his hard dick hanging out of his jeans, mesmerized by the pale flesh in front of his eyes. He moved as if in a daze over toward TJ. He reached out and touched the round cheeks of TJ’s ass. His lover pressed back into his touch as he moaned. Jordan bent over TJ’s back and licked a path along every vertebra of his spine until he reached the deep valley that led to TJ’s back entrance. Jordan squatted down and pulled the hard muscled cheeks apart, blowing hot air on the tiny pink opening. TJ whimpered and tried to shove his ass back into Jordan’s face.

“So fucking beautiful.” Jordan moved closer and swiped his tongue over the hairless hole. He could feel TJ’s muscle twitch around his tongue as he speared it into his target. The taste of soap and TJ’s salty musk filled his nose, and Jordan thought he might get drunk on the flavor’s coming from TJ’s body.

“Oh yes, Jordan. Fuck me with your tongue.” TJ begged and Jordan gave him what he wanted. After a few moments, he added a finger to TJ’s wet hole. “Fuck! More.” TJ pleaded. “I like it hard and rough. Make me feel it.”

Jordan pulled his finger from TJ’s hole and sucked three into his mouth, getting them wet. He pulled them out and pressed against the small opening until the muscle gave way and he eased inside.

“You like that?” Jordan asked as he rammed his fingers deep inside TJ. Jordan moved his mouth over to bite down on TJ’s left butt cheek. TJ hissed and thrust his hips back into Jordan’s hand.

“Oh god yes.” TJ’s body trembled and jerked. Jordan curled his fingers downward and pressed hard onto TJ’s prostate. “Fuck me, Jordan. Stick your fat cock in me. Fuck me so hard I can’t sit for a week.” TJ’s breath came out in heavy pants and sweat glistened on his white skin.

“You want my cock?” Jordan slipped in his pinky finger. TJ now had four fingers fucking his hot, silky hole. “Beg for it.” Jordan stood up behind TJ and ground his thick, leaking cock against TJ’s ass.

“Please, fuck me, Jordan. I need it.”

Jordan reached into his back pocket and pulled out the condom he kept in there for emergency like this. He pulled the shiny silver packet free and dropped his wallet on the floor. He kept this fingers embedded in TJ’s ass, still fucking him while he ripped the wrapper open with his teeth. TJ let out a pained whine when Jordan slipped his fingers free of his stretched hole. Jordan rolled the latex down his length then spit into his hand and rubbed the slickness on his pulsing shaft. He then lined up the fat rounded tip and pressed it against TJ’s twitching hole.

“Fuck, Jordan!” TJ shouted. “I won’t fucking break. Now ram your huge cock in me!”

TJ’s bossy tone shocked Jordan. The little guy had a fire about him, and damn if Jordan didn’t find that hot as hell. He loved a man who knew what they wanted, and by god he wanted to give it to TJ.

“You asked for it.” Jordan smiled as he slammed his hips forward, sinking his cock deep into TJ’s ass. He could feel the rhythm of TJ’s heart pulsing against his shaft. “So good.”

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