Their Secret Wishes

Cobblestone Press LLC

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 7,000
0 Ratings (0.0)

Two friends both unhappy with their lives help the other find their secret fantasy. The friends each have a desire to explore a sexual world totally new and unknown to them. After each friend finds out what their friend desires, the best buddies help the other to achieve that desire. Don't we all wish we had friends like this?

Their Secret Wishes
0 Ratings (0.0)

Their Secret Wishes

Cobblestone Press LLC

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 7,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Emma waved at her friend from the booth in the back of the diner. She and Sara had been friends since grade school. They shared their utmost secrets with each other. Now at age twenty-six, they were both still single, neither one in a relationship, both hated their jobs, and they basically hated their lives. Sara slid into the booth across from Emma.

“Hey, girl, how was your week?”

“Sucked,” replied Emma. “How was yours.”

Sara laughed, her straight bright-white teeth showing. “Sucked.” They giggled as they went into details about the rotten things that had happened to them the past week. “I had a parent scream at me for a half an hour because her precious little boy didn’t pass a math test and because of that couldn’t play in the big soccer tournament this weekend. It was my fault that he didn’t turn in any papers and scored only a twenty on the test.”

Emma took a sip of her chocolate shake and nodded. “Great parenting. Listen to this. I had a doctor lay into me during an exam because the patient, who was scheduled to have their blood and urine tested and should have fasted before his appointment this morning, didn’t, and their surgery had to be postponed until next week. Like I fed that asshole coffee and Danish before his eight-thirty appointment.”

They finished their cheeseburgers and fries, continuing to complain about their work and lack of boyfriends. Emma wiped her mouth with a paper napkin. “I had a pharm rep hit on me. He’s really hot, nice, well-dressed. Then I find out he’s married. The rat bastard has a wife and two kids.” She shook her head. “I just wish I could have one wish. Just one exotic one-time wish.” Emma thought of her fantasy coming true and felt a tingle of excitement.

“Me too. My wish is simple,” said Sara. “My wish would be to go a BDSM club. I want a man to take me there as his sub. He would be my Dom and do all sorts of unspeakable things to me in front of the club full of people.”

Emma fanned her face after hearing Sara’s fantasy. Sara’s dream life was hot. Looking around to make sure no one could hear her, Emma told Sara her desire. “I want to have five or six guys gangbang me. Total strangers having sex with me somewhere in public where anyone could walk in and see us. After they fuck me I would walk away and never see them again.”

The two girls spent several minutes in their own worlds of erotic dreams.

* * * * *

Emma’s birthday was coming up, and Sara knew that she would be able to help her friend with her fantasy, so the next weekend Sara called her brother and asked him to meet her for coffee. Sara was sitting at a booth at the local coffee shop on the town’s main street when she smiled as she saw her brother open the door and walk in.

Older than Sara by several years, Ben was rough, a hard-core biker but as gentle as a lamb and would do anything for his baby sister. Most of the people in the coffee shop looked at Ben as though they were scared of him but Sara was excited to see the big brother who, while she was growing up, made sure she was safe and had the little extras in life that her parents couldn’t afford.

Ben kissed Sara on the cheek then sat opposite her at the little round table in the rear of the shop. As they shared a cup of coffee, Sara explained to Ben about her friend Emma and what she would like to do for her birthday. Both siblings had always been able to talk frankly and openly with each other. So when Sara explained her idea to Ben he was ready and willing to help her. Now all they had to do was figure out how they were going to make it work.

* * * * *

Sara called Emma on Monday morning and asked her to meet her for a drink that evening after work. Sara gave Emma the address, they said their goodbyes, and Emma spent the day watching the clock, looking forward to meeting her friend.

The bar was one that Emma had not heard of, so when she put the address in the computer to get directions, she was surprised of the neighborhood her friend had asked her to meet her in. Knowing that Sara would never choose someplace unsafe, Emma followed the directions. She was horny and ready to relax with her friend for a few drinks then go home and soak in a tub of hot water with her waterproof rabbit vibrator. There was no way she would be able to fall asleep as horny as she was. Her vibrator would help her climax several times, and then, maybe, she would be able to fall asleep.

As she drove through the streets of the bad northside neighborhood, she noticed that the streets were deserted. There were no groups of people or gangs hanging around parked cars, no police sirens echoing in the background. Maybe this was going to be okay. Quickly she travelled along the street, getting closer to the address. Looking around the neighborhood, all she saw was building after building with boarded-up windows and doors. Up the street she saw the bar but also saw several large motorcycles parked in front of the ratty, rundown bar. Taking a deep breath, she opened up the driver’s side door and stepped out. Making sure the doors were locked and the alarm set, she walked the half block to what looked like a bikers’ bar.

Emma opened the door just enough to peek inside. There were only eight men plus the bartender inside, all dressed in leather, their faces covered in scraggy beards, their hair long and most pulled back in ponytails. She didn’t see Sara, so she crept inside and headed toward the long bar at the far end of the room. She remained unnoticed until she reached the bar and asked the bartender if a young lady had been in waiting for her friend.

The bartender shook his head no, and just then Emma’s cell phone rang. Stepping to the far end of the bar, Emma answered, and it was Sara saying that she was sorry but she had a parent coming in for a last-minute conference and would have to postpone. Again she told Emma she was sorry for not meeting her and to have a drink for her then hung up. One of the customers, the biggest man Emma had ever seen in her entire life, looked up from the pool table. Pool cue in hand, he smiled and strolled over to stand next to her. Emma had to move her head back to look up at this giant of a man.

His face was wrinkled and leathery, his long gray hair pulled back and tied at the base of his neck with a long leather strip. He wore faded blue jeans covered by leather chaps that highlighted his groin area and the apparent large size of his penis. He wore a Harley Davidson T-shirt that was tight around his biceps and a leather vest over the top. The thing that caught her attention more than anything, however, was his startling baby blue eyes. They were clear and bright and danced with amusement, the skin around them wrinkled with laugh lines.

“What’s the matter, darlin’? You get lost on your way home from the PTA?” The other men laughed at his joke, and for some reason, Emma was no longer scared. She knew that this hulk of a man would not hurt her or let anyone hurt her.

“I was supposed to meet a friend for a drink, but she called and can’t make it.”

The gigantic man put the end of the pool cue on the floor and wrapped both this hands around the other end.

“Well, I know you don’t live around here, princess, so how about I buy you a drink before you hurry off to your own neighborhood?”

Emma swallowed as the rest of the men in the bar had gathered around her. These men were the strongest, toughest men she had ever seen, but for some reason, she didn’t feel afraid. Nodding, she smiled at the big man who offered to buy her a drink. When a car alarm sounded, piercing the quiet of the night, the big man nodded to some of his buddies who ran out the door.

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