Love Our Own Way (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 24,823
2 Ratings (3.5)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, light consensual BDSM, HEA] 

Campbell hadn’t even taken time to eat lunch, her heels were pinching her feet, and one of her clients was fifteen minutes late. Calling her secretary, she told the efficient woman to set up an appointment with the other attorney in a divorce case so they could work on the details, then picked up the next case file and opened it. Just then, her cell phone binged. The message read:


6:30 pm

The apartment


The attraction that sparks between beautiful attorney Campbell Sutter and Patrick Miller, the well-built businessman with a face that makes women stop and stare, is instant and ongoing.

Two years into their secret relationship, Patrick introduces her to Alex, his rancher friend, and the real fun begins as they embark on a new path and discover the magic, heat, and desire of a threesome relationship.

Things are going great until they begin receiving anonymous threats of blackmail, which could ruin each of their careers. They fight to stay together only to have an unplanned pregnancy throw another wrench into the works.

Will they be able to overcome these challenges and find a way to make their unique relationship work?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Love Our Own Way (MFM)
2 Ratings (3.5)

Love Our Own Way (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 24,823
2 Ratings (3.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“Do you have to go back to your office?” Patrick asked as they walked down the steps and stopped on the sidewalk.

“No. I’m finished for the day,” Campbell said. “I thought I would go to the Y and work out.”

“Now that’s a shame because I thought I could talk you into a drive and dinner. It’s a beautiful afternoon.”

“A drive and dinner. That does sound nice.”

“Well”—he put his hand on her back and guided her to his car parked in the nearby lot—“we could stop at a hotel, and I could give you a cardio workout. You know, to keep you in shape.”

By this time they had reached his car, and he opened the door for her. He was her weakness. She loved being with him. She took off her suit jacket and tossed it in the trunk. Her top was a thin, silk camisole that hugged her breasts and fit loose around her waist. As she settled in the buttery-soft leather of the convertible’s seat, Patrick lowered the top, allowing the warm, summer air and bright sunlight to envelope them.

Driving west, Patrick took them out of the city, then halfway to Lincoln, the second-largest city in the state, but only forty-eight miles from Omaha. He turned onto a lesser-used highway and headed north. With the top down and speeds reaching seventy, it was hard to carry on a conversation, but when they got onto the two-lane highway Patrick looked over at her and asked if she was hungry.

She nodded. He knew Campbell loved being outside. Watching her as she leaned her head back on the headrest and closed her eyes, letting the warm breeze blow in her face, he was again amazed at her beauty. It wasn’t often that she skipped out on work at two-thirty in the afternoon, but he felt she needed it. On her normal day of work, she was in the office until late. It would be good for her to be out when the sun was bright.

Patrick pulled into the parking lot of a little roadhouse, parked, and shut off the powerful engine of the expensive sports car. He looked across the seat at Campbell. She was such a gorgeous woman. Sometimes it was hard to understand how he got so lucky, meeting a woman who looked like her and craved the same things he did. He got out of the car, walked around, opened her door, and held out his hand to help her. Her skirt rode up, showing him her long, shapely legs and the white triangle of a tiny, satin thong she was wearing.

“I’m hungry, baby, but after seeing your legs and that little, white thong you’re wearing, I think I would rather eat you.”

He wrapped his arm around her waist and guided her into the almost-empty bar. It was late in the afternoon, and there was only one other man inside sitting in the dark corner. Patrick chose a table for four along the far wall and, after holding her chair for her, sat across from her. A grizzled man in a greasy apron stepped up to their table and nodded when Patrick ordered a glass of rosé for Campbell and a long neck for himself.

They studied the menu, and when their drinks arrived, he ordered burgers and fries for both of them. When the waiter walked away he took her hands in his.

“Campbell. I love the relationship we have. Are you happy?”

“Yes, of course, Patrick.”

“Good.” He rubbed the back of her hands with his thumbs. “I want to expand our relationship. I want to make it better.”

Confusion crossed her face.

“What are you talking about, Patrick?”

“I want to try more things. Expand our sexual experience.”

A movement behind Campbell’s chair brought his eyes up, and he smiled. Standing, he reached his hand out to the man approaching their table.

“Alex, great to see you.”

He shook the man’s hand and then waved, indicating that the man should sit in the chair next to Campbell. When his longtime friend was seated, he introduced her.

“Alex and I have been friends since high school. We have shared everything,” he explained after Campbell turned in her seat and shook his friend’s hand. “In fact, Campbell, Alex is part of what I was talking about when I said that I want to expand our sexual relationship.”

He waited, watching for her face to reveal what she was thinking. When her facial expression failed to change, he smiled. She was a litigator. It was her job to keep a straight face, but right now he wished he could read what she was thinking.

“Alex and I have shared women in the past. We enjoy pleasuring a woman that is special to us.” He retook her hands. “You are special to me, Campbell. There are so many things that I want to do to and with you. I want Alex to be there with us.”

Campbell turned her gaze from his to his friend’s. Patrick cared about her a lot and was hoping that she didn’t stand, demand that he take her home, and then refuse to see him again.

She loved Patrick’s manners. Without fail, he opened doors and showed the behavior that would make a mother proud. It was obvious his parents had taught him well. Now she heard him ask her to share their secret love affair with another man. She looked at the man Patrick had introduced her to. He was beyond handsome. Like Patrick, he was tall and muscular. Unlike Patrick, who had light, sandy-colored hair and piercing, blue eyes and was always cleanly shaven. Alex had longer, dark hair, almost-black eyes, and a couple days’ growth of beard covered his cheeks, giving him a dangerous look, and both men were beyond gorgeous.

Having sex with one or both would not be a hardship. She knew that Patrick was well endowed, and by looking at the bulge in the Alex’s faded jeans, he, too, was gifted and hung to the left. She had often had thoughts about having two men touch her, caress her, fuck her. Now she was being given the opportunity to be with two very sexy, very handsome men. Yeah, she could definitely do it.

 “I think that it would be wonderful, Patrick.”

Slapping his hands together, he gave her a million-megawatt smile. “Great.”

Alex had said nothing so far, but he squeezed her upper thigh under the table. Turning her head, she looked at the man sitting next to her, the man who would be joining her and Patrick in sex in a couple hours. He had quiet strength, and she was instantly attracted to him.




“You’re late,” Patrick said, taking a drink of his twelve-year-old scotch.

“I’m sorry.” Campbell’s voice was soft and little girl-like.

“You know you’ll have to be punished.”

Dropping her head, she replied that she did know.

He watched her as she stood in the middle of the room looking down at the floor. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was the day he’d met her. He didn’t want to think about how lonely his life had been before her. Sure, he dated a lot of beautiful women, but they were just dates, someone to be seen with at a fund-raiser or a social function. If he told those women his secret desires and needs, they would have run from his house like they were being chased by demons. His big fear had been that some woman would have gone to the press. His business was good, really good, but he didn’t know how long he would stay in business if one of his dates told the media that he had spanked her, then tied her to a fucking bench, and took her in the ass while a vibrator filled her pussy.

He finished his drink and set the empty glass on the end table. He crossed the room, stopped directly in front of her, and lifted her chin with his index finger.

“You are so beautiful,” he told her, looking into her deep, brown eyes.

Leaning forward, he captured her lips with his, drawing her up with his hands on her back. He swept his tongue inside her mouth, which drew a groan from her. He moved his hand down her back to cover her ass, lifted the little skirt, and cupped her firm, smooth cheeks. He knew that a real cheerleader didn’t wear thongs since he fucked his first cheerleader when he was a sixteen-year-old football player. The girl was sixteen-year-old Melissa Young, and both of them had been virgins. Typical for teen romances, theirs didn’t work, out but he had had cheerleader fantasies ever since.

He took her hand and led her through the penthouse to the double doors of the master suite. Inside was their private playroom. Besides the king-sized bed, the room contained all their toys and sex furniture. This was the room where they spent most of their time together.

“Take off your sweater and thong,” he told her as he walked toward his favorite piece of play equipment.

He watched as she stripped off her sweater. Her breasts bobbed as the tight-knit material was pulled over her chest and head. Patiently, he waited as she pulled up the hem of her mini skirt and seductively slipped the thong down her long, slender legs.

“Come here,” he commanded, standing by the padded bench.

When she reached him, he settled her on the table. Her knees were spread wide on the padded arms, and she was stretched facedown, with her arms bound under the bench. Her head was cradled on the headrest, and her breasts hung loose. While she waited, he unbuttoned his dress shirt and tossed it on a nearby chair. He slid the zipper of his jeans down and let the denim fall to the floor. Now he was naked, his erection hard and ready. Positioning himself between her knees, he tossed her skirt onto her back and then squeezed a glop of lube in the palm of his hand.

“I’m going to fuck your pretty little ass, baby,” he told her as he grasped his cock and rubbed the lube up and down the long, thick organ. When he was oiled, he stepped closer and guided his rigid dick at her tight little opening. Pushing steadily, he held onto her hips as the head of his cock popped inside, which caused a squeak from her.

“You love this pain, don’t you, baby?”

He groaned as he spread his feet for better balance and pushed all the way inside her. Anal sex had been part of their lovemaking since they had begun their affair two years ago, so she was stretched, and her muscles opened for him without prepping them.

He loved fucking her ass. She was tight, and when she constricted her muscles, they squeezed his cock so tightly that he couldn’t slide it in and out until she relaxed. Slapping her right butt check, he commanded that she let up.

“Relax, my little cheerleader. You’re so tight I can’t move.”

He was so big and thick that it really didn’t matter how many times he fucked her ass. He still caused a burning sensation until she was stretched. With his big, calloused hands holding her hips, he pushed in and pulled back out. When he slapped her ass, she groaned. Her pussy was wet, and she needed to come but knew that he wouldn’t let that happen until he was ready for her to climax.

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