Claiming Their Mate (MFMM)

Wolf Packs of Fate 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,833
10 Ratings (4.1)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Cowboy Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Stella Connor’s guilt has driven her away from her job as an EMT. She’s running from a past consumed by her failure to save a child and her sister’s betrayal.
Werewolf brothers Danny, Mike, and Alex Lennox sense the sadness behind Stella’s eyes. To claim Stella as their mate, they’ll do anything to make her happy. Yet doing so is easier said than done when Stella won’t tell them what’s wrong. More than one demon is eating at her, but they don’t know how to help her put her past behind her and welcome the future they could share.
Heartache, pain, and guilt erupt as tragedy strikes. If she can survive, if she can break through the guilt holding her down, will she be able to forgive her sister, too? If she can, can they turn her free to go back to the life she left behind?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jane Jamison is a Siren-exclusive author.
Claiming Their Mate (MFMM)
10 Ratings (4.1)

Claiming Their Mate (MFMM)

Wolf Packs of Fate 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,833
10 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
An awesome author who writes great stories. I love visiting her worlds!




It hadn’t taken Shawna much to convince Stella to go with the men. Stella had protested a little, but it was obvious from the older woman’s smug smirk that she’d known Stella wanted to go.

Stella shifted back and forth, biting her lower lip. Nervous wasn’t the right word for what she was feeling. Or maybe it was because she felt more than simply nervous. She was excited and apprehensive, all rolled up with an overwhelming urge to be with the men again.

“Here they are, sweetie.”

If only Shawna wasn’t peeping out the front window, maybe Stella wouldn’t be so antsy. “Thanks. I see them.”

No doubt Shawna would’ve liked to greet them at the door, like a mom greeting her daughter’s three dates to the prom, but Stella wasn’t about to let her do it. Instead, she called out a quick good-bye and was down the steps before Shawna could protest. It wasn’t until she was halfway to their pickup that it occurred to her how it might look to the men.

As though she couldn’t wait to see them.

As though her heart was pounding in her chest, ready to burst free.

As though she hadn’t been wondering all night what it would be like to kiss them.

She stopped dead in her tracks and drew in a steadying breath.

“Hey, darlin’, you’re looking good.” Mike slid out of the passenger side of the truck and held out his hand. “You can take your pick. Sit in the rear with Alex, or ride up here between Danny and me. Trust me, though, it’s a lot smoother ride up front.”

“But you’ll be squashed between those two lugs,” called Alex from the back.

Sitting between Danny and Mike sounded wonderful. Their broad shoulders would rub against her. She’d get a good whiff of them, too, and glance at them every so often. Yet she had to play it cool, especially after her romp out the door. “I’ll sit in the back with Alex.”

Mike’s grin fell, then brightened. “Oh, sure. I get it. Toss the poor guy a bone.”

She took his hand and let him help her onto the seat. That simple touch was enough to remind her of how much she yearned for them. They’d dominated her dreams the night before. At one point, she’d awakened, covered in perspiration, with her hand between her legs.

“Hey, honey.” Alex scooted closer to her. “Mike’s right for once. You look amazing.”

Danny twisted around. “Good enough to eat.”

Oh, if only they would.

She lowered her gaze, sure they could see her thoughts in her eyes. She wanted them, all right. More than any men she’d ever known. Even more than Bruce. Lifting her gaze to Alex’s, she knew the truth as sure as she knew her own name.

I want them.

But could she give in? It had been so long since she’d been interested in any man, much less three. Yet she could feel the difference. Wanting them sexually was one thing, but the need she felt for them was more than that. It was all encompassing. She didn’t know them well, but she could sense in some strange, instinctual way that she belonged with them and that they were perfect for her. Her attention lowered to Alex’s crotch, then shot back up.

Take it nice and easy.

Yet taking them was all that mattered. Screw the nice and easy part.

“Are you ready to do some dancing?” asked Danny, his gaze meeting hers through the rearview mirror.

“Dancing? At your ranch?” She hadn’t asked what they’d had planned. She had, in fact, assumed they’d show her around their ranch and maybe go riding.

“Nope. We’re taking you to a wedding,” answered Alex.

Her heart jumped to her throat. The last place she wanted to be was at a wedding. In the time since she’d dumped her fiancé on the day of her nuptials, she hadn’t gone to a single wedding, not even when a good friend of hers had asked her to be in the bridal party. She wasn’t sure she could face another wedding ever again. The pain was still too fresh, too strong.


“Nah, honey, don’t say no.” Alex squeezed her hand. “We’ll have fun. I promise.”

His dark gaze met hers, taking away all her objections. How could she turn him down? Some way, somehow, she’d get through it.

“But I’m not dressed for a wedding.” Her new jeans were nice and the silk blouse matched her eyes, but it wasn’t the attire she’d ever wear to a wedding.

“Sure you are. Folks in Fate tend to keep everything casual.” Mike studied her. “You’re okay with this, aren’t you?”

There was her chance. Yet she didn’t take it. Maybe they were all she needed to get through a wedding now. “Yes. I’m okay.”

“Great.” Mike slapped Danny on the shoulder. “Let’s get moving, bro.”

Stella turned to stare out the window. I’ll get through this. I have to.




“Just give it to me.”

He did, leaning forward and holding himself up with one hand to the ground. She pulled him inside, loving getting more of his delicious flavor. Around and around she went with her tongue, over the tip, then hollowed her cheeks to suck more of the taste in. Alex’s eyes closed as he moaned with an incredible look of satisfaction.

Danny’s tongue was more talented than hers. His plunged into her then circled her aching clit before brushing over it. Her body tensed as her climax grew toward the first orgasm. She spread her legs wider and soon found them wrapped over his shoulders.

Mike, still holding her head as she kept Alex’s cock in her mouth, played with her tits. He twisted her nipples, adding a little pain to the pleasure.

She erupted with the orgasm before she could fight to hold it back. Her cry flowed over Alex’s cock. Whether it was her cry or the last suck she’d done, he opened his eyes, surprise in them, and then fell away, groaning his release.

“Time for me, darlin’.” Mike wrapped his arms around her then rolled sideways, taking her with him. With Danny’s complaint in her ears, she landed on top of Mike, his cock pressing against her pussy.

“We’ll give you more time to say it, but you already know you’re our mate.” Taking hold of the back of her neck, he met his gaze to hers and plunged his cock inside her pussy.

Her next cry wasn’t muffled at all. For a split second, she wondered if any of the other guests might have heard her, then realized in the next moment that she didn’t care.

Mike rammed into her again and again, his body working like a flesh-covered machine. She felt his intensity in the hard-packed muscles of his abdomen against her fingertips and saw it in his expression. He plunged into her, her pussy walls straining at the intrusion. A wonderful burn worked its way outward from her pussy, driving the whirl of sensations inside her to a head.

A hand pressed against her spine, bending her forward. Danny eased against her and spoke against her ear, the warmth strangely chilling her. “I want your ass, sugar. Don’t worry, though. I’ll get you ready first.”

Juices already ran between her legs, but when Danny’s hand slipped to her weeping pussy, a fresh burst of need washed out of her. Taking his pussy-creamed hand and putting it to her butthole, he worked the tight-ringed muscles, making her body give way to his demand.

She tried to think, tried to do more than feel, but it was a losing battle. A battle she didn’t care to win. Her mind gave in to them with her body following soon enough.

Danny eased her butt cheeks apart, then pressed his cock against her dark hole. “Don’t forget to breathe.”

And then he was inside her. His cock pushed into her, driving deep inside her as though trying to find Mike’s cock. She moaned, unable to muster the strength to cry out again.

Together they men moved, one thrusting while the other pulled out. Harder and harder they pounded into her. Perspiration that had nothing to do with the sun dotted her brow and trickled between her breasts for Mike to lick away.

Alex stood, his cock pointed straight at her like a matador waving a red flag. She gladly took his cock inside again, swirling her tongue around and around until he was moaning loudly for all the world to hear.

The power inside her, driven by their cocks, surged upward. She was sure it would never end, taking every ounce of her, and then demanding more. Caught between three massive weapons of sexual need, she had no way or desire to stop the impending explosion.

Screaming her pleasure, she turned her orgasm free, and let go of Alex’s cock just as his orgasm erupted. Her body bucked as the two men rammed into her again then stilled with their cocks still inside her.

Exhausted, she fell against Mike as he took her by the hair and groaned out his climax. Danny muttered a low curse then moved away, his cock in his hand as he shot his seed.

Mike’s heart beat fast as she laid her head against his chest. Her shudders ran into his, yet neither one of them moved of their own volition. Vaguely, she was aware of Danny and Alex a moment before their hands caressed her body.

“I hate like hell to say this, but we need to get back. Or leave.”

She glanced up at Alex, who was looking back toward the barn. Alarm seized her. “Did they hear us?” Danny and Alex exchanged a telling glance, but her answer was already in Danny’s quirky smile. She scrambled for her clothes.

“Take it easy, darlin’. It’s not like most of them haven’t done the same thing.”

Embarrassment flooded her as she tugged on her clothes. “Please take me home.”

The men dressed quickly, taking the hint from her.

“No problem, honey. Just relax. We can take a round-about way back to the pickup.”

She pulled on her second shoe. “Good. Then let’s get moving.”

Yet she’d gotten only a few feet before Mike took her arm and held her back. “Remember what I said. You might not be ready to say it, but you know you’re our mate.”

She opened her mouth then closed it, realizing she had no idea what to say. Was he right? If so, when would she admit it?

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