Three Men and a Woman: Indiana (MFMM)

Three Men and a Woman 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 67,437
1 Ratings (4.0)
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, HEA]
Indiana Jones is a writer who lives alone in her mountain cabin near Vail. She can go weeks at a time without running into a handsome man, so it’s an unusual day when it happens twice. Come evening, she’s just a bit regretful that she shot down both J.J. Jackson, who cornered her with humorously hokey pick-up lines in the produce section, and Tyler Lawrence, whom she found stranded in a ditch with his pretty, red pickup.
Then Sigge Ahlstrand shows up on her doorstep with an off-trail ski injury. He’s sweet and just a little too much to resist. But it’s more complicated than she can anticipate when his two buddies come to fetch him. They're none other than J.J. and Tyler. Star NFL players, the three men have been best friends since high school. They know how to get what they want. When they all want her, there’s only one sensible thing to do. They decide to share.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Three Men and a Woman: Indiana (MFMM)
1 Ratings (4.0)

Three Men and a Woman: Indiana (MFMM)

Three Men and a Woman 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 67,437
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“I’m not sure how to say this.”

Indy didn’t know how to help him. If he wasn’t trying to let her down easy, and that was the only possibility she could think of, she didn’t have a clue.

“I guess,” Sigge started. He held her hand in both of his now and was sort of petting her. “I guess I want to begin with making sure you know what my feelings are. I…well, I think I’m falling in love with you.”


He huffed out a breath. “Not what you expected, huh?”

She shook her head. No, not really. In fact, her head wanted to spin.

“I wonder,” he went on, his gaze intent on hers. “I wonder if you can see your way to believing me about that.”

Could she? Almost, except for… She bit her lip, determined to be honest with him. “Not quite.”

His eyes fell as he took a couple breaths, then he looked back up at her. “Not quite, because…?”

“Because at lunch you…”

His lips quirked, almost a grimace. “I…sat there and watched when Ty kissed you?”

Indy nodded slowly. “You didn’t care.”

“I cared,” he said bluntly.

“But you didn’t—”

“Slug him,” he finished for her, more to the point than she would have been.

“You didn’t object, I was going to say.”

He nodded like he understood, but still, he corrected her. “I did object, and, normally, I’d have slugged him.”

“But you didn’t.”

“You’re right. That’s not really like me. Not like me at all, in fact.”

He turned away a bit, though he kept hold of her hand and squeezed it tight. “I want to be with you, Indy. I want you to be with me. I’m serious about that. Like I said, it means something to me. And still, I’m okay with you doing whatever you want with Tyler and J.J.”

For a long minute Indy worked to process the words, like they formed an unsolvable math problem. Imaginary numbers, or something she remembered from high school. Dividing by zero, or…

Then, abruptly, she understood and pushed away from him, standing and having to tug at her hand before he released her. He stood, too, and followed as she backed away, crowding her. He went for her hand again, but she ducked him, clasping her hands tightly to herself.

“You’re saying you want us to be together.”

“Yes.” Emphasis on that.

“But you’re okay if I cheat on you.”

“No!” He said it like she’d expect, like he hadn’t just told her exactly that. “Cheating would be…it would be, like, going back downstairs to the weight room and hooking up with that suit who was eyeing you.”

She almost laughed. That was exactly what she’d expect of him. That he would know, would see like he had radar for it, if a handsome, no doubt wealthy businessman even thought about testing the waters with Sigge Ahlstrand’s woman.

She understood who he was as a man, she was sure she did. And he must have seen it in her eyes. He turned and walked around her, going to the wall for the switch that raised the shades. He stood there, holding it, until they were all the way open, and then he stared out at the mountains. Finally, he turned back to her, his shoulders leaning against the big windows, the view behind him. A fitting background for this mountain of a man.

“I appreciate that you’re still here. I take that to mean you’re willing to hear me out.”

Indy nodded slowly. She’d considered running, knowing he’d deliberately given her the chance when he had his back turned. She’d thought about it for a long moment. But, well, she liked him. A lot.

“You have to understand what they mean to me. Tyler and J.J. have been my family. I’ve spent more years with them than the family I was born into. Okay?”


“They like you, too. They both do, a lot. Just like I do.”

“And so, you’d what? Be willing to share?” Her voice got a little squeaky at the end of that.

He looked at her and shoved his hands into his front pockets. “Yeah. Don’t that beat all?”

“Because…” She thought about it for a minute. “Because breaking up with me isn’t the last thing you’d want, it’s the second-to-last thing. The very last thing you’d want would be to break up with them.”

He made a bit of a face. “Well, I wouldn’t phrase it exactly like that—kind of girlie, that way. But, yeah. Except…except, maybe, it’s more of a tie.”

“You don’t want to have to choose.”

He lifted a hand toward her, like he was asking her to listen, really listen. “Of course I don’t. Would you? I mean, if you had someone as close to you as they are to me? I don’t think you do, but if you did? Could you imagine it, Indy? Can you?”

She shook her head. There was no one like that in her life. Except for now, maybe, Sig. What would she do, rather than have to give him up? But— “How do you see that working?”

“I don’t know.” He pushed away from the window and walked close, looking down at her. “We might have to make it up as we go along.” He quirked a little smile. “I admit I’d probably be hoping they’d lose interest and move on. But honestly? I don’t think they will any more than I think I will.”

“Jeez Louise.”

He chuckled ruefully. “Yeah.”

“You’d expect me to…?”

“Have sex?” His eyes flicked over to the bed before they rested back on her. “Oh, yeah.”

“I mean, with all of you? I mean…all…?”

“I know what you mean. And it would be entirely up to you.”

Indy took a deep breath, but it didn’t really help settle her. “The three of you talked about this?’

He nodded. “Yeah.”

“And it doesn’t seem crazy to you?”




“Tell me,” he said. “Tell me to make you come, Indy. Tell me you need it. Beg for it.”


He held his fingers pressing against her clit, hard, but not moving, not like she needed. He pinched even harder at her nipple, a driving, exquisite edge of pain.

And she did need it. She did beg.

“Please! Tyler! Make me come. Please! Fuck me!”

“Hard?” he asked, his teeth scraping at her ear.

“Yes. Yes! Fuck me hard!”

He growled in pleasure at his victory. He pulled at her nipple, jiggling her breast with it. He rubbed wildly at her clit, generating electrical shocks of ecstasy.

And he fucked her ruthlessly. Lifting her up, nearly taking her knees from the bed. Hard, deep strokes that blazed their way into her very core.

“Oh. Oh!” She arched, a hard shiver coursing through her, the edgy pleasure a wicked, overpowering thrill. And then she was coming as his cock slammed into her, as his fingers worked her pitilessly. She bucked, her head crashing back into his shoulder, her pelvis flexing crazily, like his thrusts weren’t enough, like she needed more. More of his cock. More of his fingers. More of him.

She cried out, gulping, starved for air, her body going rigid in uncontrolled spasms. She fell forward, collapsing with her own muscle fatigue or at his direction, she wasn’t sure. Every breath came out in a moan, very slowly easing as he gently soothed his hands along her body. Her back, her sides, her thighs. And then, with gradually more intent, her ass.

He was still hard inside her. Her head was on the mattress, her forearms pressed onto the bed but not really holding her weight. And she was still on her knees, still his in that way he very clearly liked.

“This is good,” he said, his hands moving firmly now, squeezing some, over her ass. “I like this view.”

Securing her, he slid his cock out until it just kept its place at her entrance. “I like watching this.”

He pushed into her, slowly, so she’d know what he meant. He liked watching as his cock fucked her. Enjoying it a lot, apparently, he did it some more.

Indy felt detached initially, her head barely about her, barely recovered from that brutal orgasm. And he seemed to fuck her that way, too, at first. Like it was of interest to him, but not really compelling, not involving.

But that wasn’t him, and she should have known it from the start. Subtly, sneakily, so that she didn’t even notice at first, he fucked her with more intent. His taste for it, his investment in it, rose. And, also as she should have guessed, he brought her with him.

His strokes on her ass became more purposeful, more…inflammatory. One hand slid around, skimming near, but not quite reaching, her clit. Then it brushed up her side, to her shoulder, her neck. He held it there, forming half a collar around her throat, as he shoved hard into her from behind, dominating her.

He kept it up, gripping her, fucking her harder, until her rising excitement slipped from her lips in a little moan.

That pleased him. He squeezed her ass again, roughly, but kept his right hand at her throat. Then his left hand moved.

“I like this, too,” he said. His thumb was at her…anus. He flicked over it, his thumbnail lightly abrading. Playing with her. Toying. “You hear me, Indy? I like this.”

Indy wasn’t so sure. But she couldn’t deny it was a little thrilling. A little…titillating. Wicked. He experimented, testing her like he did, learning her. He pressed a little harder, not just flicking over, but…entering.

She moaned a little anxiously, but he read what he wanted into that.

“You like it, too, don’t you, baby?” He fucked her harder and pushed his thumb a little deeper. Not far, just to the first knuckle, but breaching her.

It was gritty and a little dangerous and…compelling. Her next moan was one of primal excitement.

“That’s right.” He praised her, secure in his victory. “This is virgin ass, isn’t it? The douche never gave you this, did he? I told you he’s a fucking idiot.”

He was thrusting hard into her now, growling out his pleasure, drawing hers, too. She mewed in helpless surrender even as she pushed up on her hands, almost like she was trying to get away.

But that wasn’t what she did. No, she pushed back into him, giving him all—her pussy, her ass, wanting more, begging for it, and taking it.

Tyler howled his triumph. He pushed in his thumb, reaming her, matching it to his fucks into her pussy. His right hand pressed into her shoulder and neck, his fingers just grazing her throat. He held her as he fucked her, as he swived her ass, reveling in his mastery. In her submission.

She was an active participant in her own undoing. She arched her neck, nearly howling like a wolf, letting him have what access he wanted. She rocked her pelvis, alternately accepting his cock and then his thumb. His breath was bellowing over her, his athletic body shoving her up.

They collapsed before it was over, his weight taking her down or him following—it could have been either. But he was laid out on top of her, his cock still filling her, his thumb shoved deeply into her ass, nudged farther with every fuck. His hand left her throat and shoved beneath her, his fingers just reaching her clit.

With every thrust, she felt him there, too. Fucking her pussy and, with his thumb, her ass. And pushing her into his fingers, stimulating her clit mercilessly. She worked her thighs wider open so he could go deeper everywhere.

And when he went over, with feral roars and wracking convulsions, she went with him.

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