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Need You Both

Cobblestone Press LLC

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 10,000
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An attack leaves Claire Huntington Worth bruised and scared, but her sexy cowboys race to the rescue. Claire realizes that her life is complete with Max and Sam, and she is in love with them both. They show her that they would never let anything bad happen to her, and not even an Internet scandal could make them love her less.

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he sun was starting to set at the M-&-S Ranch, filling the sky with an array of pinks and purples. Watching from the kitchen window, Claire saw the workers leave the field and walk to the bunkhouse. She knew that Max and Sam were still in the barn. Smiling, she decided that she would walk down and visit them. As she stepped out the back door, hot and steamy air surrounded her. By the time she had walked across the yard, over the gravel drive, and down the small hill to the barn, sweat beaded her forehead.

Slipping inside as quietly as possible, she paused to let her eyes adjust to the darker interior of the barn. The temperature was cooler than the outside air by at least ten degrees. The smell of fresh hay, dirt, and horses assaulted her as she strolled down the main aisle toward the office. She knew Max and Sam would be in there. As she drew near, she could hear their voices, and she stopped in the doorway to take in the sight before her.

Both of her cowboys were dressed in faded jeans and worn boots. Both had removed their shirts and hats, revealing bare chests and muscled arms covered with a sheen of sweat from hard work. She took her time admiring them without letting them know she was there. They were so gorgeous that they made her want them to take her right there in the barn.

In fact, that had been her plan when she changed her clothes that afternoon. Now, wearing no bra and no panties, she was ready for some hot and sweaty sex. Dressed only in a sleeveless, button-up shirt that she had tied under her breasts, a pair of denim shorts, and brown cowboy boots, she couldn’t wait to get started.

The last six months had been the happiest of her life. She had heard about Max and Sam’s new lifestyle of sharing women, and she had dared to ask them about it. She moved in with them a few months later, and they developed a relationship that most people didn’t understand.

Claire loved them both and thought of them as her best friends, her lovers, and the men with whom she wanted to spend the rest of her life. Now, as she stood in the doorway listening to the handsome cowboys, her breath caught in her chest. Just thinking of what her guys would do to her made her wet.

Her thoughts were on that when Max looked up. “Hey, babe.”

Giving him her biggest smile, she leaned her body against the door frame, crossing the arms under her breasts. “Hey. Are you two done for the night?” She was pleased with the hungry look that the men were giving her.

Max tossed the papers that he had been studying onto the desk. Without a word, he strolled toward her.

Her gazed moved down his muscled bare chest to his jeans, which were resting below his waist. She saw that he was already hard and ready.

Sam put the folder he had been studying next to Max’s papers on the desk and moved toward them. She knew from experience that Sam, too, would be hard and ready.

“We’re finished for the night. What do you have in mind?” Max asked her, putting his hands on her hips.

She felt Sam’s hard body come up behind her, pressing the front of his body into the back of hers. Leaning back, she closed her eyes and let the two men explore her body with their hands. She loved the feel of them caressing her. Within seconds, her shirt was unbuttoned, and she could feel the warm evening air on her breasts. A set of hands unsnapped her shorts and pulled the zipper down. Soon she was naked, wearing only her boots. All the while, she remained sandwiched between the two sexy, bare-chested cowboys. Life couldn’t get much better.

“I think that you two are overdressed,” she told them with a coy tone. She reached for Max’s zipper while still leaning against Sam. Slowly, she opened Max’s pants and slid them down his muscular legs.

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