To Be by Your Side (MF)

Mayhews 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 44,662
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[Siren Allure: Erotic Historical Romance, M/F, HEA]
Lady Evelyn Mayhew is the younger, spinster sister of the Earl of Dalton. Perhaps her greatest disadvantage in Society is her failing eyesight. However, at the age of twenty-six, Evelyn has well and truly ruined herself when she thought she had fallen in love with her brother’s friend. Over a year later she returns to Society and Evelyn finds opportunity of love with the man who has become the object of gossip.
The Duke of Windermere, Lord George Marsden, finds himself the talk of London after his wife left him for another man. Now scandalously divorced and on the edge of Society, he meets Lady Evelyn. He recognises a woman that has been hurt and George decides to become her knight in shining armour, albeit quite tarnished. The question being, once George finds out Evelyn’s secret, will he accept her or reject her?
A Siren Erotic Romance
To Be by Your Side (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

To Be by Your Side (MF)

Mayhews 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 44,662
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




George inhaled. “the air smells fantastic, so much better than London.”

“Yes, it smells like life out here.”

“That is an excellent and somewhat philosophical way to put it,” George replied gently, “but I think you are correct.” Then he said, “I’ve not visited the medieval ruins, I have to admit, so this will be interesting for me. Do you know how dilapidated they are?”

Evelyn thought on this for a moment. “It is mostly stone walls, some of the robbed out. But you get a general feel for the building. And the tower still stands, we can go up inside.”

“Is it safe?”

She chuckled at this, a very carefree sound. “As long as we take the step slow, some stones are loose but nothing terribly bad. All we have to do is follow the path we are on. The ruins are just on a rise to the left. You can see the ruins on the right and there is another path that leads right up to them. In fact, the tower should be visible soon. As I said before, it does not take long to get there.”

‘Do you know much about the keep?’

Evelyn shook her head. “No, James and Rushmore told me some things as a child. But I’ve read and been read to about general medieval history. I am afraid the blue stocking in me is about to come out.”

“I will be delighted to meet the bluestocking in you, Evelyn,” he replied warmly. Having Evelyn on his arm was a heady delight and had his mind wandering to other pleasurable possibilities.

She sighed happily and held on to his just a little tighter.

They strolled quietly before George saw the crumbling stone ruins. Actually, it was the tower that he saw first before anything else.

“We’re here,” he announced. “I cannot believe that we are so close and yet the ruins are so unassuming.”

Evelyn nodded. “I am not sure exactly how the story goes. As usual it is to do with the inheritance of lands and addition of lands onto the estate through the generations. We would have to ask Rushmore or someone else about it.” She didn’t bother mentioning it, but due to the size of the ruins she could see the general shape, just not the details and specific outline.

“So,” George said, “are you going to show me the ruins?”

“Yes,” nodded Evelyn. “And if we go through to that section of wood, we might be able to find some older artefacts and whatnot. I have been told that the continually growing roots forces up ancient pottery. It goes further back than the Romans.”

“I have never been one for antiquity, but it does sound rather like an adventure.” George smiled. Evelyn was so animated about the prospect of the ruins and its history, he could not help but be dragged in as well.

“I enjoy the atmosphere of this place.” She smiled. “It is as though you can feel the history.” Frowning, deep in concentration, she added, “It has a certain ambience, I think, that is almost other worldly.”

George didn’t truly understand what she meant, so he just grunted, “indeed.”

He decided that perhaps Evelyn felt this connection because she was seeing the ruins with more than her eyes, because that was how she needed to perceive the world. She also enjoyed history and so he concluded that this too impacted on her perception of the site.

George guided Evelyn up the path, warning her of the presence of any rocks that crossed their way.

Eventually he had to admit, he did feel the almost eerie ambience as Evelyn regaled him with tales of knights and lords and ladies.

“Here we are at the tower,” George announced.

“Let us go up to the top,” Evelyn told him. “From what I remember the view is magnificent. You will just have to help me with the stairs. They are my one real downfall when it comes to only seeing vague shapes.”

“Of course, my lady,” he drawled.

“Thank you, my lord.” She laughed, hearing the amusement in his voice.




Excitement thrummed through his body, looking around. “Here of all places there are plenty of places for us to go. We will need to move somewhere further away, people can see us here.” He could tell that she was both aroused and embarrassed.

“Lead the way, George,” Evelyn smiled at him.

In their endeavour to find a secluded alcove or corner in the garden, they encountered a number of people. Despite the masks of the masquerade, most people knew who each other were. It was easy enough to get away. George found them a place in the garden, it had been surprisingly easier than he had expected.

“Here we are, Evie,” he whispered.

He slowly kissed her, touching her freely before cupping one of her breasts. He squeezed it gently and she moaned. George was pleased that his scandalous lady still chose to dress in layers that were easiest for her to handle on her own.

“Mmm,” she sighed. “Oh George,” Evelyn whispered, “I love you. It has been too long.”

“I know, honey,” he replied. “Here, there’s a bench here. I will sit and you can straddle me.”

“Perfect,” she replied.

“Help me get my trousers down.” He groaned, “I want to feel your hand on my shaft.” George continued kissing her. He then said, “I think of you touching me every night. I need you, Evie. I need to be inside you.”

“Please, George.” She whimpered.

“’Tis a pity I cannot undress you to touch you properly,” he said hoarsely. “Hold you properly.”

“This will just as good.” Evelyn gasped as she finally managed to undo his trousers. His thick, hard cock was hot against her hand and quivered at her touch. George moaned softly, thrusting his hips into her hand.

“I cannot wait, Evie,” he told her, guiding her to sit with him on the bench. He grunted. “Your damn underthings…” His hand had disappeared underneath the folds of her dress.

“Here.” Evelyn folded her layers of dress material and petticoat so that it was bunched behind her. She then pushed aside the material from her undergarments.

“Here,” he now said, guiding that she was on his lap, face to face. “Fuck.” George gritted his teeth when his naked cock slid inside her welcoming heat. “Fuck, honey,” he cursed again. “I am afraid I will not last, Evie.” He buried his face into her chest.

“George,” gasped Evelyn, moving down the length of his cock. “you feel so wonderful.”

She slowly moved up and then back down. George was muffling his cries of pleasure by keeping his face between her breasts. The heat of his breath on her and the vibration against her skin made her nipples tingle. The throbbing between her legs increased, too, as she moved. George placed his hands on her hips, picking up the speed and friction between them.

“Yes,” she whimpered, raking her fingers through his hair.

“Fuck me hard, honey,” he told her in a hoarse whisper.

Evelyn barely responded to that as she concentrated on moving.

George kissed her on the lips as they moved in an effort to keep them both quiet. His Evie may be shy and prefer not to be around to many people, but she was all explosive passion and not afraid to make it known. He loved it when he got her crying out his name. He moved one hand so he could stroke her to completion. It was rather embarrassing when he knew immediately that he would not be able to hold on to his seed long enough.

“George,” she moaned against his lips. “That feels so…”

“That’s it, love.”

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