The Passion Peak, Colorado Collection, Volume 2 (MFM)

Passion Peak, Colorado 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 167,897
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Box Set #10: The Passion Peak, Colorado Collection, Volume 2 (All 3 books for $2.99)

In Chasing Felicity, Felicity Featherstone falls hard for Dom Maverick Orantes, but he’s reluctant to give his heart away again. Paranormal investigator Kane Easton arrives in town in search of fake ghost hunter Trace Coleman, and he can’t resist Felicity either. Will Felicity’s love be enough to bring them all together?

In Persuading Eve, Eve Rydell seems to have the perfect life with Dom and fiancé Phil Parkwood. Then Phil suggests a threesome with his cousin, Knox Parkwood, which intrigues Eve. Knox falls for her, but while his relationship with Eve blossoms, she is targeted by a dangerous stranger.

In Convincing Rowena, while Van and Rowena Sommers Whitney seek to add BDSM play to their marriage, new treasure hunters descend on Passion Peak. Rowena battles her trust issues from a past relationship as Van tries to keep her safe when their home becomes a target for the secrets supposedly buried inside it.

When trouble comes to Passion Peak, its citizens stand up to protect it, and each other, though they fight jealousy, dark secrets, and danger at every turn.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Tara Rose is a Siren-exclusive author.

Chasing Felicity (MFM) Persuading Eve (MFM) Convincing Rowena (MFM)

The Passion Peak, Colorado Collection, Volume 2 (MFM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Passion Peak, Colorado Collection, Volume 2 (MFM)

Passion Peak, Colorado 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 167,897
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing





Felicity stood in her kitchen a long time after he left, wondering how the hell she’d landed in this mess, and what she was going to do about it. One quick glance at the clock told her that she’d better hurry up or she’d be late for work. She put the dishes in the dishwasher and ran upstairs to take a shower and get dressed.

Afterwards, as she was putting everything into her bag she looked around for her phone, but couldn’t find it. It should have been on her nightstand, where she placed it every night. Hadn’t she brought it upstairs last night? As her mind raced back to the thunderstorm last night, during which she and Maverick had fucked like rabbits on the sofa before coming upstairs, she finally remembered that she’d never brought the phone with her. Maverick might have called or texted after all, and the reason she’d never heard the phone was because it was still in her living room.

She went downstairs and retrieved her phone. Her heart sank as she realized she’d missed one call and several text messages from Maverick. “I have so fucked this up,” she whispered, scrolling through the texts. A knock on her front door sent her scurrying to it, and when she opened it, assuming it would be Kane, both he and Maverick stood on her front porch

“Looks like we both had the same idea,” said Kane, but his face didn’t mirror the carefree way he’d spoken.

Maverick glanced at the phone in her hand. “I’m assuming you didn’t check it last night.” It wasn’t a question. Somehow, he knew she was checking her messages for the first time since last night.

She stepped aside and opened the door. “Why don’t you both come inside? My neighbors will eat this up if we talk on the porch.”

She thought at first neither man was going to come in, but finally they did, and she closed the door behind them. “Maverick, I’m sorry, I forgot to bring my phone upstairs last night, and I just realized that now.” There was no point in pretending for him that Kane hadn’t spent the night, or that she’d been too distracted to think about her phone.

“You don’t have to apologize. I shouldn’t have assumed I was taking you to work today.”

“I don’t know what to say right now. I’m very confused. I don’t want you guys upset with me, and I don’t want you upset with each other.”

“You’re asking a lot,” said Maverick, quietly.

If his words had been anything less than gentle, Felicity would have burst into tears. She was barely holding them back right now as it was. “I know. But I don’t know what else to say right now.”

Kane glanced sideways at Maverick. “Sounds like maybe we all need to sit down and talk this out.”

Maverick turned to face him, and Felicity swallowed hard at the look of controlled anger on his face. “She has to go to work. Some of us do that every day.”

“You don’t know anything about what I do all day.”

“I know you don’t work.”

“Maverick, I know you’re upset right now, but trust me when I say that you really don’t know shit about my life.”

“I know you just swooped into town less than two weeks ago, and that you supposedly came here to out Trace Coleman, but it looks like you’ve changed your plans.” Maverick’s voice was full of bitterness, and when he cut his gaze to Felicity, she wanted to bolt. She couldn’t do this. What part of her brain had even dared to believe this could work?

“I didn’t hand Felicity any bullshit or feed her a line. Ask her yourself.” Kane’s hands curled into fists, and his eyes were as dark as sapphires right now. If they got into a physical fight, she’d lose it. She couldn’t let that happen.

Felicity stepped between them, unable to hold back the tears now. “Stop it. Just stop this, both of you.”

Maverick glanced at her almost as if he’d forgotten she was there. “He needs to hear this, Felicity.”

“Then tell me what you need to say, Maverick. I’m right here.”

“You two are not going to do this.” She swiped at the tears running down her cheek, which neither of them seemed to have noticed.

“All we’re going to do is talk.” Kane’s voice was dark and dangerous.

“Then do it. Lock the door when you’re done, and try not to break anything. I’ll drive myself to work.” If she tried to get there on time by foot now, she’d be late.

She brushed past them, and both men tried to stop her, but she shook off their grasps and sprinted down her front steps. She heard them both behind her, but she was faster. She was in her car and backing out of her driveway before they could do anything about it. As she glanced in her rearview mirror, she saw them both standing on her front lawn, watching her drive away.

Every frustration she felt at caring for both men came spilling out as she made the short drive toward Sandcherry Road. What the hell had she been thinking last night? It didn’t matter that Maverick had told her it was her decision whether or not she had sex with Kane. Clearly, he hadn’t wanted her to actually do it. And, no matter what each man had hinted at when the subject of having sex with both of them at the same time had come up, she knew they’d kill each other before either of them would agree to it.

Kane would be gone one day. Maybe sooner now, after this morning. And then did she expect Maverick to just brush all this off and act like it hadn’t happened? She’d lost both of them, all because she’d given in to her raging hormones in a moment of weakness. She’d let a stranger charm his way into her pants, and in the process had driven away Maverick. 




“What’s down there?”

“Picnic tables,” said Maverick. “But no one is out tonight. Why?”

She gave him a sly smile, and then she shrugged off their arms and stood up, facing them. “Because I wanted to be sure no one but you two could see me do this.” Felicity took off her sweater, and then she unhooked her bra and took that off, too. She had no idea if the soft light spilling out from Maverick’s bedroom illuminated her body for them, but judging by the way they’d both gone slightly slack-jawed and stared at her boobs, she thought it must shed enough light for them to tell what she’d just done.

“Don’t stop there, sweetheart.” Maverick’s voice held that same note of command she’d heard the first time he’d spanked her, and it sent a shiver up and down her spine. “Keep going.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Oh, I like that,” said Kane. “Can she call me by a title as well?”

“Sure. What would you like her to call you?”

“I don’t know.”

“Felicity, just call us both ‘Sir,’” said Maverick. “That will keep things simple until we each have blood in our brains again and can come up with a better solution.”

She bit back a giggle at his words. “Yes, Sir.”

Maverick addressed Kane. “Do you know what safewords are?”

He nodded. “I think so. They’re words a sub can call to stop the scene, right?”

“To stop it, or if she needs something adjusted. We used three last time. Red to stop the scene, no questions asked, yellow if she needs to pee, needs water, or needs something adjusted, and green if she likes what I’m doing and wants me to keep going, or up the intensity.”

“Easy enough to remember.” He glanced at her. “Didn’t he tell you to keep going, baby girl?”

She sighed as she unbuttoned her jeans. “Yes, Sir.” Tonight, she could pretend she had two Doms, just like Carma, Angela and Summer did. Tonight, she would be a real sub, and she would willingly submit to these two sexy, incredible men who sent her heart racing and her mind to dark, erotic places. She slid the jeans down her thighs, and then removed her boots and took off the jeans completely.

“Nice,” said Maverick. “Very pretty, Felicity. I almost hate to tell you to take those off.”

“But do it anyway,” said Kane, grinning.

“Yes, Sir.” She took off the panties and tossed them on top of the rest of her clothes.

“You know what I’d like her to do right now?” asked Kane, glancing at Maverick.

“What’s that?”

“Give us each a blow job.”

Maverick grinned and tossed a cushion on the floor, and she knelt in front of them and waited.

“Good girl, Felicity. Very good. Kane gets to go first because it was his idea. Take out his cock. And sweetheart, just so you know, I want to watch you swallow his cum.”

“Oh…yes, Sir.” Felicity’s pussy was soaked at Maverick’s words. This was already so fucking sexy, and she hadn’t done anything yet except get naked. She scooted closer to Kane and took his dick out of his jeans with trembling fingers. He slid them down further so that she could reach his balls, too. She licked up and down his shaft, loving the salty, musky taste, and the way he moaned softly and grabbed her hair.

Maverick rubbed the front of his jeans as he watched, almost lazily, but the effect was to make Felicity so damn hot that she was ready to burst. She licked Kane’s balls, and he groaned loudly now. She alternated tasting his balls and his cock for a few moments, until he pushed her head closer.

“For God’s sake, Felicity. Suck my fucking cock before I fucking die here.”

She bit back another giggle and took him into her mouth, relaxing her throat muscles to get as much of him inside as possible. He held her head with both hands and she had to fight not to gag, but after a few seconds she grew used to it and wrapped her lips tightly around his shaft as he fucked her mouth, rough and deep. She loved it.

Her pussy was gushing now, and her clit throbbed. The harder he fucked her mouth, the closer her orgasm inched. When he exploded inside it, he cried out loudly, and she struggled to swallow every delicious drop of his hot cum. He’d barely finished when Maverick was sliding her over in front of him.

“Sweetheart…that was so fucking hot. I want the same thing.”

“Yes, Sir.” She didn’t even have to take his dick out of his jeans. He had them down and was holding it with one hand before she could position herself in front of him. He was so ready to let go. She took his cock into her mouth, and like Kane had done, Maverick held her head with both hands and thrust it in deeply. Felicity’s mouth hurt, but she didn’t care. She wrapped her lips around his dick and let him fuck her mouth fast and furious, until he cried out loudly and filled it with hot, salty cum. This time, she swallowed all of it, and when he withdrew, he pulled her onto his lap and cradled her in his arms.

“Jesus Christ,” whispered Kane. “I’ve never watched that in real life. It’s such a fucking turn-on. Felicity…I’m hard all over again. I want to fuck you, baby girl. I want to watch Maverick fuck you.”

“I want to fuck you in the ass while Kane fucks you in your pussy,” said Maverick, “And then we’ll switch.” He glanced down into her face, his eyes blazing with emotion. “We’ll use condoms for the anal. Will you let us do that, sweetheart?”

“Oh, yes…Yes, Sir.” She’d never done that, but then, neither had they.

“But first,” said Kane, “I believe we still owe her a punishment, don’t we?”

Maverick grinned. “I almost forgot.” He placed Felicity on her feet. “Pick up your clothes and come with us, sweetheart. It’s playtime.”





Phil pushed away from his keyboard away and took a deep breath. The hair on the back of his neck prickled. “Stolen?”

“Yeah, as in it doesn’t belong to Clay Martin. A medium blue Grand Am that belonged to a woman who was found dead last night in her apartment is missing.”

“Dead how?”

“Raped and strangled.”

Phil stared at Tommy, wishing like hell the fucking room would stop spinning.

“Her car keys were missing from the apartment, along with about thirty bucks in cash. We know they were her car keys because her roommate said she always hangs them on the homemade key rack her son made her when he was in first grade. He died last year, and she kept the key rack as a memento of him.”

Phil swallowed hard and struggled to regain his composure as Eve’s face floated through his mind. If anything like that ever happened to her, he’d die. “And the roommate?”

“Was visiting her mother in Utah for a few weeks. Came home last night and found this woman dead. Only things missing were the cash they had hidden in a coffee can on the kitchen counter, the car keys, and the car. Credit cards weren’t even taken from the woman’s purse.”

Phil nodded. “And now we have the license plate for the car.”

“Unless he’s removed it by now.”

But how do they know Martin killed her and stole her car?”

Tommy snapped the notebook shut. “They don’t, yet. But the Rawlins cops lifted a few good prints in the apartment that don’t belong to this woman or her roommate, so they will once they run them.”

“This happened in Rawlins.”

“That’s what I said. About two miles from the prison, in fact.”

“Do they think he knew her?”

Tommy rose and stretched. “Nope. At least, not as far as they can tell. Random act, probably. Her name was Lannie Henderson and she worked at the local Dollar General. Coworkers told the local cops some guy matching Martin’s description came in earlier in the day and bought candy bars and junk food. She was one of the cashiers on duty. They said he was hitting on her and she was creeped out by it.”


“Yep. So everyone here knows now. We’ll keep an eye out for him and the car. I’ve notified the staties, and Wyoming has done the same. I talked to a buddy of mine in Rawlins and we think letting Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona state police know as well is a good idea. Maybe even the FBI so it goes national.”

“I agree.” Phil wanted to believe that Clay had just been passing through and was on his way to fucking Mexico by now. He really did. “What about the Shady Pines Motel and Belle Meade? No place else to hole up around here unless he’s camping in the woods or sleeping in that car.”

Tommy nodded. “Already done. Chief agrees with me that posting pics isn’t a great idea yet. No point in upsetting everyone in town unless we spot him again.”

Phil wasn’t sure he agreed with Ken Scranton, their chief, but he wasn’t about to say so. He’d only be shot down, regardless. “So I guess it’s safe to say that Clay Martin violated parole.”

Tommy chuckled. “Yeah. Definitely.”

“Thanks, Tommy.”

“Sure thing. And, keep your head down, Phil.”

Right. If only it were that easy. So much for thinking this would turn out to be nothing. Score another point for Knox and his amazing intuition. The only question now was whether to tell only Knox or Eve as well. He’d have to make a decision before he went home. There was no way he could sit through dinner with both and hide this. Knox would see it, and Eve would at least suspect something was very, very wrong.

Phil called Knox an hour later, after getting nothing done in the interim, and told him everything Tommy had said. They both agreed it was best not to say anything to Eve. She still had nightmares about some of the things Darrin had put her through, and unless someone spotted Martin in town again, the chances were high he was long gone by now. No use upsetting her or giving her yet more emotional triggers to deal with.

“Want me to bring anything over tonight?”

Phil twirled a pencil between his fingers. “No. I have it covered. But thanks for asking.”

“I ran into a friend of Eve’s Saturday at Doli’s Diner.”

“Yeah? Who?”

“Felicity Featherstone. She was with Maverick and some guy named Kane Easton. I had no idea someone had come here looking for Trace Coleman.”

“Yeah. I guess Kane is a legitimate paranormal investigator, so he wanted to expose Trace as a fraud and try to recover what was stolen from his grandmother. He did this town a huge favor. Trace is the FBI’s problem now, not ours.”

“Maverick said he and Kane are both Felicity’s Doms.”

Phil nodded. “That’s what Dalton told me.”

“Everyone in this town is having sex but me.” Knox laughed, but Phil detected an undercurrent in his voice that tugged at his insides. His cousin was one of those guys that girls had ignored in school, not because he wasn’t good-looking or smelled funny, or any discernible reason like that. Knox had simply been there every day in class, in a nondescript way that had drawn absolutely no attention to himself. He’d always been a really nice guy, just invisible. Maybe Phil could change that for him, at least for a few hours?

Should he ask him tonight, at dinner? Phil glanced around the squad room. He certainly couldn’t do it now. But would what Eve say if he brought up the subject in front of her? Phil wondered if he should sneak off shift a few hours early so he’d have time to discuss it first with Eve. He’d teased her about Knox joining them in a scene or two but wasn’t entirely sure she knew he was dead serious about giving her that exact fantasy.




He draped her over what she recognized as his spanking bench, and Eve began to tremble again in anticipation. She loved this thing because it was so versatile. Phil adjusted the pads underneath her head and forearms. He didn’t have to ask anymore if she was comfortable. He knew her needs so well, and Eve marveled at how far they’d come in their relationship. Having Knox here made her recognize these small things in a way she’d come to take for granted. Once again, the love and care that Phil showed her every single day bubbled up and spilled over. She’d die for this man.

She heard him speaking softly to Knox, but she couldn’t make out all the words. Was he giving him instructions? She held her breath as something rustled, and then the next sensation she felt was the sting of a flogger across her ass. It wasn’t Mr. Pain or Mr. Pain’s twin. This one was sharp and biting, and she guessed it was one of his that had thin leather tails.

Whoever was throwing it knew what he was doing, and she assumed that it was Phil. Either that, or Knox was a fast learner. Her ass cheeks burned now like fire ants were biting them, and sweat collected along her hairline. She moaned and whimpered, but was determined to hold still and take this from him. When he stopped, hands caressed the puffy wounds that the flogger had made, and Eve sensed two distinct touches, meaning both men were massaging her ass cheeks.

“She’s pretty red.” That was Knox’s voice, full of concern, and again Eve wanted to kiss him for it. “That’s why I stopped.” That had been Knox flogging her? He was a fast learner. She was impressed.

“She can take a bit more. What color are you, babe?”

“Green, Sarge.”

“Good girl.” That voice washed over her, making her feel special and cherished, as it always did when he praised her during a scene. “What do you think of Knox’s technique? Did he do well?”

“Very well, Sarge.”

“Are you sure I didn’t hurt you, Eve?”

“I loved it, Sir. You did great. Thank you.”

“Good girl.” Oh God….To hear Knox say that nearly brought on another orgasm. A thudding sensation landed on both ass cheeks, and since the throw was different, she assumed it was Phil this time. She tried to guess which flogger he was using, but the sensations were too much. She slipped into that delicious place where pain was pleasure and pleasure was pain, no longer giving a shit who was using which flogger. She only hoped they didn’t stop.

Sweat dripped under her blindfold and down her face. Her clit contracted in tiny spasms and her pussy was so wet she was certain her juices were dripping down her thighs by now. Another climax inched closer with each burning swat. As they’d done before, every few strikes one or both of them would caress her sore ass cheeks, wet pussy, swollen clit and tender nipples, enhancing her arousal each time.

Eve was putty in their hands, melting into their combined and individual touches, until she could do nothing but whimper and moan. Her orgasm was so close now that she could taste it, but neither man let it crest completely. She was out of her mind with the need to come again. She needed to be fucked, hard, rough, and deeply. “Please…”

“Please what, Eve?” Phil’s voice was full of concern. He took off her blindfold. “Was that a safeword?”

“No, Sarge. I need to be fucked. Please.”

Phil chuckled and Knox groaned. Warm breath tickled her right cheek, and Phil’s voice was soft and sexy in her ear. “You want us to take turns fucking you, Eve? Is that what you would like?”

“Oh God…yes, Sarge. Yes, I want that.”

“Can you picture it, Eve? One dick in your mouth and one dick in your ass?”

She moaned loudly now. “Yes. Yes I can. Please…”

Phil tugged at her nipples, sending shock waves of desire straight to her throbbing clit. “How about one cock in your pussy and one in your ass? Would you like that, Eve?”

“Sarge, please…” She couldn’t take any more. She was going to pass out if they didn’t fuck her.

Eve cried out in pleasure as Knox’s fingers teased her clit while Phil continued to play with her nipples. “How badly do you want to be fucked, babe?”

“Badly, Sarge. Please…please fuck me. Both you and Sir. Fuck me at the same time. Please.”

“What will you give us if we do?”

“Anything.” Behind her Knox moaned loudly and swore under his breath.

“Anything?” Phil grasped both breasts and kneaded them in his strong hands. “Are you sure, Eve? Don’t you want to know what we want you to give us before you agree to it?”

“Yes, Sarge. Tell me.”

Her entire body was on fire for them. Now that her need for them had reached this fevered pitch, there was no turning back. All she could think about was having their cocks inside her, all night, and all of tomorrow if that’s what they wanted. They could tie her to the bed and fuck her six ways to Sunday, and it still wouldn’t be enough.

“We’re going to fuck your delicious pussy, taking turns. Then we’re each going to fuck your ass. But the fun won’t stop there, Eve.” Phil pulled her hair. Not hard enough to actually hurt, but it sent shivers down her spine, making her pussy contract again. She knew one more gesture like that would start her climax. There was no way to hold it off.

“Knox and I are going to fuck you. We’re going to fuck you hard, rough, and deep, the way you like it. And when we’re done fucking you, we’re going to flog you some more. Only maybe this time we’ll flog your tits and your pussy, instead.





Rowena Whitney smiled as her husband, Van, pressed his body into hers from behind and covered her eyes with his hands. He whispered in her right ear, “I have two more presents for you, but they’re upstairs.”

“Oh? Two more, eh? Did you grow a second cock overnight?”

Van nuzzled her neck and chuckled softly, sending shivers up and down Rowena’s spine. “That would be some Christmas miracle, wouldn’t it?” He uncovered her eyes and took her hand. “Come on, gorgeous. One was a spur-of-the-moment decision. The other one you asked for.”

She followed him up the stairs. “I did?”

“Yes. Two months ago.”

Rowena frowned as they rounded the corner at the top of the stairs and made their way into the bedroom. Two months ago had been late October. She didn’t remember asking for anything specific. There were two wrapped presents on the bed. One was the size of a shoe box, and the other was the size of a toaster, or perhaps a coffeemaker.

Van scooped the larger box off the bed and handed it to her with a big grin on his face. “Merry Christmas, sweetheart.”

Rowena placed it on the bed to open. “Is this the one I asked for or the spur-of-the-moment-decision?”

“It’s the one you asked for.” He looked like a kid trying hard not to spill a huge secret. Rowena tore off the wrapping paper and squealed when she saw the distinctive gold and navy blue box from Sassy Brassy, the fetish shop downtown on Juniper Street. She hoped it was the shoes she wanted. She still didn’t remember telling Van about them, but maybe Brassy had said something to him? Instead of shoes, she pulled out a sparkly-handled flogger with thick, maroon falls. Rowena stared at it, uncertain what to say.

“She had to special order it.”

She turned around and gazed into her husband’s face. He was actually beaming. “Special order it?”

“Yes, Rowena, that’s what I just said. I asked her what kinds of things you usually look at when you’re in there, and she said you seem to prefer maroon and sparkly stuff. So I found one in a catalog she had, and she ordered it for me.”

Rowena tossed it on the bed. “You’re not coming near my ass with that thing.”

Van opened his mouth but nothing came out. The disappointment in his eyes nearly broke her heart. Rowena couldn’t bring herself to tell her husband of two and a half years that she was secretly dying to know what it felt like to be flogged, but her fears outweighed her desires right now. She’d always been this way. Afraid to tell anyone the truest desires of her heart. When you grew up with an older sister and four brothers and you were in the middle, your dreams and aspirations got pushed aside for important chores like emptying the dishwasher and scrubbing the toilets.

“You knew I was going to buy one. You said you wanted me to.”

“I know I did.” She remembered now. What he’d just said was true. She had said she wanted him to buy one. But Van should be used to her changing her mind by now. They’d known each other for twenty-nine years, after all.

She held up her hands. “I remember what I said on Halloween, but now that I see it in person, it looks too…too harsh. Too scary.”

Two months prior on Halloween, they’d attended Nash Stonecraft’s annual party for the first time, even though he held them every year. Van had made a joke about buying her a flogger for Christmas, and she’d told him to go for it. But now she’d changed her mind. It was that simple. Or at least, it should be. Nash, who was the sole heir to the Stonecraft fortune, owned the family mansion on Cheyenne Boulevard and operated Indulgence, the only BDSM club in Passion Peak, Colorado from its basement. Van and Rowena had been there for collaring ceremonies, but only because most of their friends were in the lifestyle.

Van advanced toward her, grinning, and as always when he resorted to that level of deviousness, her pussy grew wet. His blond, blue-eyed, all-American looks had never dimmed, despite him now being closer to forty than thirty. At times she still saw him as the same adorable second-grader that she, at the tender age of five, had fallen head-over-heels in love with on her first day of kindergarten. “You’re not playing fair.”

“What are you talking about? All I’m doing is walking toward you.” Van had been her big brother Jake’s best friend all through school, and she’d worshipped him along with every other girl in the Passion Peak school system each time he caught the football in a gravity-defying leap to win game after game for the Passion Peak Cougars.

“Right. Just walking. But with that damn grin on your face.”




Rowena yelped when the leather roses and their stems landed across both ass cheeks. Van waited a second or two, and then he threw it again. Alexa had been right. The sensation was a thudding one at first, but then the bite of the roses kicked in. It was easy to imagined that if a Dom timed the throws just right, neither sensation would have the chance to abate, so the pain would be continuous.

Van threw it five times then stopped. “What color are you?”

“Green, Sir.”

“All right.” He resumed, and Rowena closed her eyes and mentally let go. She slipped into a state where the pain became pleasure and the pleasure became pain. It was as if she were floating overhead, looking down on the scene. Every nerve ending was on fire. Each time the falls and roses at the ends struck her, she moaned or cried out, but her voice sounded dim as if she were in a wind tunnel.

Her pussy contracted in tiny spasms, and she brushed her nipples against the pillows under her chest because she ached to have them touched. She tried to push her clit against the back of the sofa but the angle was wrong. If Van touched it right now, she knew she’d come.

The pain was just beginning to break through the fog when he stopped. Her cuffs were off, and she was standing. Van held her, whispering how proud he was of her, and how fucking beautiful she was.

“I’m all right.”

He cupped her face. “I know. I know. You took a lot. But I stopped because your ass is really red right now.”

She giggled, and then couldn’t seem to stop. Every happy thought she’d ever had came bubbling up inside, and she wanted to scream, cry, run, and jump, all at the same time. Van pulled her close again and stroked her hair and back. When he brushed his fingers over her ass, she winced. “How many times did you flog me with that thing?”

“You don’t want to know.”

“Yes, I do.”

He looked into her eyes again. “Thirty.”

“Wow. I’m a pro now.”

Van began to laugh, and then Rowena did again as well. He picked her up and carried her to the bed, moving her close to the headboard. “Don’t move.” She watched him retrieve the wrist cuffs, and she put her arms overhead without him telling her to. He fastened the cuffs to the headboard, and then he retrieved the pillows from the sofa and placed then under her hips. She thought he was going to fuck her, but he lay between her legs and licked her pussy and asshole, teasing her clit with his tongue on each pass.

Rowena cried out and screamed as the craziest orgasm she’d ever had rocked her body with endless contractions. Even when it stopped, Van didn’t. He just kept sucking her and licking her until another began to build. Her mouth was dry, sweat pooled at her hairline and under her breasts, and her clit was sore, but she didn’t want it to end.

When he finally stopped, he moved to her breasts and teased her nipples with his teeth and tongue until she thought she’d go out of her mind with need. “Fuck me. Please.”

“No. You didn’t call me ‘Sir.’”

Rowena cried out in frustration. “Fuck me, Sir. Please, Sir. Fuck me now. Fuck me hard.”

Van glanced up at her, grinning. “That’s better.” He unfastened her wrist cuffs and turned her onto her stomach, keeping her hips draped over the pillows so that her ass was in the air, and then he secured the cuffs behind her back and clipped them together. She felt him move off the bed, but couldn’t turn her head around to see what he was doing. When he sat on it again, she heard a liquid sound.

“I thought we’d try some of that lube you bought. You did say it would make things tighter.”

“Oh God…”

“Was that a safeword?”

“No, Sir.”

A warm, wet finger slid slowly into her asshole, and Rowena moaned at the sensation of fullness. He moved it in and out for a few minutes, and then withdrew it and slipped in two fingers. With his other hand he cupped her pussy, and soon she was writhing against the pillows, craving release once again.

She felt his weight shift, and then he slid his dick into her pussy. He fucked her slowly at first, keeping one hand underneath and two fingers from his other hand inside her asshole, fucking that as well. She screamed and begged him to go faster, but he didn’t right away. When she didn’t think she could take anymore, he finally increased the speed.

“I’m going to fuck you all day.”

Rowena couldn’t even answer him. All she could do was give in and enjoy it. This was the most exquisite fucking they’d ever done. The lube was tingly inside her ass, but not unpleasant at all. Van’s cock felt huge, and each pass sent contractions to her clit and nipples. She couldn’t move anything except her head, but there was no fear this time. There was only extreme pleasure like she’d never felt, and an overwhelming desire to give over to it and let him take her, again and again.

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