Welcome to a MENAGErie of sex in this steamy offering from the authors at eXcessica! The characters in these stories have all learned their kindergarten lessons—they share very well with others! From two men sharing her, to two women sharing him, and even all three men sharing each other, there’s a plethora of sex in this hot anthology with a dozen stories to make your flesh-sandwich dreams come true! Stories included by: Elliott Mabeuse, Emma Hillman, Giselle Renarde, Jack Osprey, Saskia Walker, Bekki Lynn, Selena Kitt, Darcy Sweet, Will Belegon, Dakota Trace, J.M. Snyder and Willson Rowe.

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Cover Art by Selena Kitt
Professional Reviews

Desmond, HEA Reviews, 4/5 CUPS

“It’s easy to like this anthology, as each story is well written and delivers its denouement competently. This is a perfect book to pick up when you have a short time to read, but want to feast on a complete tale. The characters are well realized, the story telling admirable and Ms. Kitt’s stewardship in bringing Triad to life, as skillful as always.”

Jean Roberta, Erotica Revealed, TWO THUMBS UP

"Threesomes are the theme of this anthology, edited by Selena Kitt and published by her company, eXcessica. However, there is nothing self-indulgent about these stories. All of them pay equal attention to each major character, and all the stories work on some level. Some have the complexity of real life, and some are classic sex fantasies."

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From Jackie's Boys by Dakota Trace:

Starting down the basement steps, Jackie wondered at the silence. She continued on down. The men stood leaning against the pool table, their backs to her. “All right you two. What are you up to?”

Both heads turned giving her devilish but sexy smiles. “Nothing,” they said in unison.

She groaned. A living nightmare enveloped her. “Come on up, dinner’s ready.” She didn’t wait for them but she heard them.

“Hey, me first.”

“I was here first.”

Rolled her eyes, hoping this childish behavior didn’t go on for long. After washing up, they walked around the table twice, switching directions a couple of times before they sat down. She ignored them. Every time Randy came home for a visit, the same silliness went on. It was cute the first couple of times, but now, she knew they did it to get a rise out of her. Not this time. If he was going to be a permanent fixture, she had to set the tone, be the adult.

Fixed their plates, ate in silence, until Lenny spoke up. “Randy, the shark-head, won all four games. Lenny has to pay up.”

Arched a brow, picking up on the name use. They were in game mode. What would it be this time? Live in the woods without provisions for a week? Maybe have to walk the ten miles into town every day for a month, because he lost the keys to the truck? It was always something dumb. “All right, what was the bet this time?”

Randy grinned at her as he removed her silverware from her reach before he told her. “If Randy won, we’d play a game.” He gave her body a slow perusal then winked at Lenny.

“I’m not playing strip poker with you guys. You cheat.”

“Different game,” Lenny told her.

“Today’s Wednesday—you have until Friday night to figure out which one of is the man you’re married to.”

In disbelief, Jackie looked from one to the other. “You’re joking?”

“No,” they said at the same time.

All of sudden it clicked. They were dressed identically. They both held up their left hands—no rings or markings on either of their ring fingers. Not really surprising—Lenny didn’t wear his doing yard work and such for fear of getting it caught, so it tanned like the rest of him. Oh, god, she assumed the man on her left was her husband. Lenny always sat there while they ate. Jackie stared at them, trying to think fast. She could ignore them. Or she could make them pay for involving her in one of their games. Yeah, she could do the latter.

“May I have my silverware, please? My food is getting cold.”

With caution, the twin who’d taken it handed the utensils back, but she was thinking about how she could turn this to her favor. Did she dare attempt the fantasy she’d always had? Well, not always, but since she first met Lenny.

Her stomach quivered at the memory. She and Randy were going at it in the basement, having sex on the pool table when Lenny came down looking for Randy. She saw the hunger on his face as he gawked at her breasts. He’d said something, then left. She had liked the idea of him liking what he saw so she’d suggested they invite him to join them sometime. The idea excited him, causing him to lose his load all too soon.

The threesome never happened, but it didn’t stop the fantasies, even after she hooked up with Lenny. Randy was the wild side to Lenny’s soft, loving side. It’d be yummy to have her cake and eat it, too. However, she wasn’t comfortable approaching Lenny about the idea for fear of him thinking he didn’t satisfy her like his brother did. The truth was, he more than took care of her. But now, well…now they had opened the door. Why not try to take them through it? Or at least foil their plan in the attempt…

She finished eating, set her plate in the sink, then told them, “When you’re finished cleaning up the kitchen, come find me.” She left them with their mouths hanging open. Guess they expected her to argue, maybe try to talk them out of it. Not this time. They wanted her to play? Then she was going to enjoy herself.

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