Minding Mistress (MFM)

Club Esoteria 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,436
65 Ratings (4.2)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, Consensual BDSM, sex toys]

Jenna Carter opened Club Esoteria, never dreaming it would become the hottest sex club in the state. When her slave/mate Antony receives orders for an extended overseas tour of duty with the Coast Guard, he decides to bring a new member into their little family. Gentry Michaels had never had good luck with women because he wanted the same thing they did: a stronger, more dominant partner to tell him what to do. When Antony invites him to test drive life as a submissive, Gentry finds he can’t say no. During an intense weekend of BDSM fun and games, Gentry and Jenna decide that Antony had the right idea in bringing the three of them together. But when the weekend is over and real life intrudes, will Gentry be able to give up his vanilla life for one of Minding Mistress?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Minding Mistress (MFM)
65 Ratings (4.2)

Minding Mistress (MFM)

Club Esoteria 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,436
65 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Mistress Jenna's slave Anthony is serving in the U. S. Coast Guard and stationed nearby to Club Esoterica so is able to go home every night to be with his beloved. Now he has received orders to be a way for six months in the Middle East and he is seeking a "third" to fill out their "family" not only while he is gone but when he returns as well. There is only one man he trusts with his beloved Mistress and that is his best friend Gentry. This novella focuses on that first weekend when Gentry is introduced to the Mistress and given an intensive introduction to what their life together would be like. Gentry has long desired a strong woman who will take the lead in a relationship but so far has failed to do so. His very first day with Mistress and Anthony as "Babe" is an eye-opener and one where Gentry begins to feel
at home for the first time in his life. It is a delightful love story yet it also points up that even those in a dominant role in a relationship need others to love, to keep them strong, to protect their fragile heart--hearts that are just as subject to hurt as anyone else. This is another delightful McKenzie piece of romance writing that all her readers are sure to enjoy.
Dr. J
I really liked this book.
Professional Reviews

BRRRavenRecommendedRead.jpg5 RAVENS, RECOMMENDED READ: "Minding Mistress, book 3 in the club Esotera series by Cooper McKenzie, was just Phenomenal! Usually at book three my interest fizzles, but I am happy to say that’s not the case here. This addition was just as Juicy as the first two books. Thank you Cooper McKenzie for giving us Jenna and Anthony’s story. How they came to be was just awesome. It finishes off the series well, although I wouldn’t mind revisiting Club Esotera again in the future. Brava! Mistress Jenna’s character was truly brilliant. Her strength and heart is what drew me to her in the first place. I am sure other readers will feel the same. I will say I was shocked to see that very little punishing went on between the trio. Anthony is such a tender soul that I will admit I was shocked at his background. He’s a military man, need I say more… truly wow. To have him look out for his mistress’ pleasures when he gets shipped out...sigh. Gentry, is a brave soul, to let himself go and discover his true self and I must admit that the scene in which he embraces his inner self was breathtaking. His inner battle within, the moment when he breaks, and the moment Mistress Jenna takes him in her arms to calm him is truly heartwarming. In regards to the plot, the story focuses on Jenna, Anthony and Gentry, along with their love for each other and it is truly amazing. It also encompasses the mystery behind Jenna and Anthony’s commitment to each other. If you enjoy a tempting BDSM story/series then you need to get your hands on the Club Esotera Series by Cooper McKenzie. It’s not all about sex, but instead, about the heart and love even in punishments these characters share." -- Lace, Blackraven's Reviews

5 STARS: "Cooper McKenzie’s books always go to the top of my review stack. She has proven herself time and time again to be a top-notch erotica author. Minding Mistress is another hit! Antony has received his military orders. He will be away from his mistress for months. What is a guy to do? He decides he must find another sub for his mistress. Gentry is just the guy for the job. Antony and the mistress spend the weekend training Gentry. There is m/f/m and m/f. The plot, heat, and characters are scorching hot! Don’t pass this up!" -- Stephanie Rollins, BookreviewsRus.com

5 DELIGHTFUL DIVAS: "Minding Mistress is book three in Cooper McKenzie's Club Esoteria series. If you've read my reviews of books one and two, then you know I've fallen in love with this series. I have to admit I was a bit concerned about book 3. There are a few that I have liked, but on the whole I don’t tend to enjoy female dominant stories. But I had to know Jenna's story after meeting her in books one and two. I'm so glad I read this story. It's amazing. Beautifully written, outstanding plot line that was both dramatic and believable and an ending that left me wanting more while being satisfied with the result all the same. We had two very strong men offering their submission and hearts. I think that's what makes the difference for me. Both Antony and Gentry were strong alpha males in their own right. They didn't cow tow to Jenna, they offered her their willing submission. I highly recommend Cooper McKenzie's Club Esoteria series. You will really need to read them in order to get the full effect. It just wouldn't be the same otherwise. I'm definitely hoping that Cooper McKenzie has plans to revisit this Club that she's created here. I, for one, can't wait to see what she has in store for us next." -- Jae, Dark Diva Reviews

5 CUPS: "Antony is being deployed, but he worries about his mistress. Determined to make sure she is not alone while he is away, he invites his best friend to join them. Gentry has never had much luck with the ladies, he wants them to tell him what to do rather than being the strong male most women are looking for. When Antony asks if he is willing to submit to Mistress, he finds himself more excited than he has ever been. Jenna is Mistress to the most thoughtful slave. When she arrives home from her BDSM club one evening to find not only Antony naked and waiting for her, but Gentry as well, she takes the opportunity to extend their small family. Jenna knows submission is a choice, and Gentry’s submission is his gift to her. Working with Antony, Gentry works hard to learn how to be a good slave and receive the coveted locked collar. Jenna is a strong and experienced Mistress; she loves her slaves and shows them daily. Antony is devoted to Mistress and is distressed when he thinks she is going to be left alone. By bringing Gentry into their lives, he can guarantee both his friend and his Mistress are happy while he is away. Ms McKenzie has given us a wonderfully romantic story that sits firmly in the BDSM lifestyle. I look forward to more from this entertaining author and her Club Esotera series." -- Hollie, Coffee Time Romance & More

4.5 TEA CUPS: “Minding Mistress” was not what I was expecting. Instead of a novella that was focused mainly on BDSM and sex, I found a story that was rich with emotion and characterization. The characters were amazingly crafted by Ms. McKenzie. They are realistic and flawed, trying to fill the holes in their lives. The relationship between Anthony, Gentry, and Jenna flows like magic, engaging the reader and pulling us along until the happily ever after. Though I was impressed with the characters, the author’s knowledge of the BDSM scene and use of it as the background to the story was what caught my attention. We learn right along with Gentry about the expectations and responsibilities of the sub in the loving environment created by Ms. McKenzie. I learned quite a bit and it made the sex scenes even hotter. Overall, I was very pleased with “Minding Mistress” and hope to read more work from this author in the future." -- Angelique, Happily Ever After Reviews

4.5 CHERRIES: "This quick read is full of depth and emotion. When Antony invites his best friend home and into his and Jenna’s little family the sparks fly. Seeing the submissive side in Gentry assures Antony that he is the one that he is looking for, the one to help Jenna while he is serving his tour of duty overseas. Jenna is a strong and fair Domme and the love of her life, Antony, may be her submissive but he can stand on his own two feet as well. Gentry is a loving but confused man. He loves to make women happy and to serve them but all his life he has been told to be the strong one, the one in control. As Jenna and Antony share not only their love, but also their understanding with Gentry, he begins to finally feel acceptance and belonging. The three fall into an easy routine the weekend that Gentry comes to stay - but can he find the love that he longs for with Jenna and Antony, or will he run away scared? Once again Cooper McKenzie gives the reader a wonderful story. I have read, and enjoyed, all of the stories in this series. As hot as this story is, the love that these three share shines right off of the pages. It was also a nice touch seeing glimpses of the other characters from the series. Well written and full of depth, this is a book that should not be missed. Although this is part of a series you can read it alone - but beware: reading this book will send you in search of the others in the series. I know this reader is eagerly awaiting the next installment in this series." -- Mistletoe, Whipped Cream Reviews

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Antony settled in next to them so he could see her face as well. “We don’t have to do this, Mistress. You can just ride Gentry, if that’s what you would prefer. This is, after all, his reward.”

Jenna smiled down at both men. They were so dear, so caring. All at once she realized she needed this. She needed to put this fear behind her.

“No, sweet pet. This is a good thing. We’re always talking about expanding boundaries. I think it’s time I pushed my own limits a little.”

“Are you sure, Mistress?” Gentry asked before lifting his head and brushing his lips along her jaw line.

 Jenna’s breath caught as his warm touch shot through her. Her entire body clenched in response. “Yes, babe, I’m sure. Just take it…”

“Slow and easy,” the two men finished.

“Stretch me, Antony. Take your time,” Jenna said as she pulled her legs up so her knees were close to Gentry’s armpits. This opened her fully to what was about to come.

“Yes, Mistress,” Antony said. He sat up and moved behind her.

A moment later a cold, lube-slicked finger pressed for entrance against her puckered rose. She tightened for a moment. Though she’d taken Antony in her ass before, this was different.

Her mind wandered from what Antony was doing when Gentry ran both hands down her spine before wrapping them around her hips. He slowly rocked beneath her, sliding his cock in and out of her cunt just enough so that Antony could press his finger deep. Lifting his head, Gentry latched on to a nipple and kept her in the here and now instead of allowing memories of that other threesome to overwhelm her.

To her amazement, her body responded to the loving care the two submissives showered over her. By the time Antony had her sufficiently prepared, her fear had disappeared and urgent hunger filled her.

“Now, pet. Need you in now,” she panted as she arched her back to meet each slow, easy thrust of his fingers.

She didn’t fight when Gentry pulled her down to lay against his broad, muscular chest. Instead, she met his lips in a kiss so hot she thought her hair would catch fire. She felt Antony’s fingers leave her, then felt the blunt head of his cock press for entrance.

Lifting from Gentry’s kiss, she sucked in a breath and tried to relax everything south of her chin. Another breath and Antony eased forward, fast yet gentle as he breached her.

Three groans cut through the otherwise silent room as Antony pressed deep. When she relaxed around him, he pulled out until only the head remained inside her. Pushing forward again, he slid in until his cock was fully seated and his pelvis brushed against her ass cheeks.

She tightened both cunt and ass and grinned at the deep groans she elicited from her men.

Antony kissed the back of one shoulder and then the other. “You okay, Mistress?”

Jenna panted to hold back the orgasm that threatened to avalanche over her without permission. “I’m fine, but you won’t be if somebody doesn’t start moving.”

“As you wish, Mistress,” the men answered as one.

Antony began a slow in-and-out rhythm. Gentry’s fingers on her hips tightened just enough to help move her back and forth between them. Their motion remained slow and easy until Jenna reached back and popped Antony’s hip with the flat of her hand.

“Faster. Harder. Need to come.” She growled. The steel in her voice was strong and hard. Though she was the middle of this sexwich, she was still very much in charge.

“Yes, Mistress.”

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