Two from the Triangle (MFM)

Bewitching Desires 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,488
2 Ratings (3.5)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Fantasy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, time travel, witches, HEA]

With her spell-casting abilities failing her and her fertility cycle beginning, Heléna Macska tries one last time to incant herself to her true mates. The unfortunate use of the word triangle sends her to a plane in the Bermuda Triangle. Or is it unfortunate?

With a controlled crash landing, hunky pilots Heath Ulrich and Owen Vance save their own lives and that of their castaway. Stranded on a tiny deserted island, their chances of survival are slim. Will they spend their final days in sexual heaven when Heléna informs them of her desire for both men?

When a sudden storm threatens their lives on the island, Heléna tries to send Heath and Owen to safety, but her spell propels them all to her own time—eighty-four years into the future. Now she must follow her destiny and save her family and her lovers from an evil shifter.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Two from the Triangle (MFM)
2 Ratings (3.5)

Two from the Triangle (MFM)

Bewitching Desires 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,488
2 Ratings (3.5)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston



The whisper invaded her mind again. “You can choose to deny them.”

Choose? Heléna studied the out-of-focus gathering of her sisters in witchcraft. Only the quartz crystals ringing them showed with clarity. Her insides pitched with the overpowering scent of herbs and spice, sending her toward the hall. “I can’t.”

Rushing back to the foyer, she flung open the front door and ran outside, letting the snow cool her scorched feet. The crisp air dispelled the sickening odors and brought her vision back to normal. She slogged through the deep drifts toward the gate that prevented the outside world from entering the Macska estate without permission. It also barred her escape.

A bitter wind whipped her skirt around her legs, and the burning heat changed to frigid cold, raising goose bumps on every inch of her skin. Her teeth chattered as she tried to slip through the narrow openings between the iron bars of the gate. Even as thin as she was, she didn’t fit. Shivers wracked her body when another gust tried to knock her off-balance. The rush of wind smothered her, and tears trickled down her cheek from her watering eyes.

“You can spell yourself to your triangle.”

Could the whispers be the voice of reason? Did she have the strength to incant herself out of the protection spell that kept her family’s enemy from getting in?


The two I seek will make us three.

The triangle is my destiny.

Take me there without delay,

And with me they will always stay.

Blessed be and harm to none.

Goddess, let thy will be done.


Snow whirled around her, obliterating her view of the road on the other side of the gate. Colored spots flickered on and off in the near blizzard.

“Heléna! Where are you?” The muffled calls had her turning to glance over her shoulder, but the squall blocked out everything more than a few inches in front of her face. “Heléna!”

The flickering grew faster and brighter, and the wind carried away all sound but its own howling and whistling. She closed her eyes against the brightness and repeated the rhyme once. Twice.

The gale faded as a new noise drew her attention. Besides the intermittent rumbling of an engine, a frantic baritone call came from behind her. Vibrations jarred her body as jolt after jolt tossed her sideways against a wall. Winter chill no longer penetrated her clothing. In fact, the heat was stifling.

She opened her eyes, almost afraid to discover where she’d landed.

“Mayday, mayday, mayday! This is the November-Charlie-Seven-Six-Niner-Echo. Our heading is twenty-six degrees, fifty minutes north by seventy-six degrees, eighty minutes west. Altitude is one thousand feet and falling. Visibility is near zero.”

The motor noises stopped, and what reminded Heléna of pouring rain on the metal barn roof echoed in her ears. She seemed to be in a cramped closet, still leaving her uncertain of the spell’s destination in the darkness.

“Engine’s out! We’re going down!” A different voice called out the dire-sounding warning.

Another buffet sent something shifting above her. She raised her arms to protect her head as a heavy but soft bundle landed on her. A squeal escaped.

“What the hell was that?”

“Jesus, this day keeps getting better and better. See if you can hold her steady while I find our stowaway, Owen.”

“With this tailwind, you have about a minute, two tops.”

After several seconds of no conversation, light flooded her tiny prison, and she blinked against the sudden brightness.

A hand reached for her, dragging her to her feet. “Come on, doll. We gotta get buckled in before we hit the water.”

She shoved the bundle away and stumbled along behind her rescuer. He pulled her down onto his lap, jerking straps over her shoulders and across her waist, tugging the seatbelts until every muscle and appendage in his body pressed against her back, bottom, and legs. One arm held her in place, while the other flipped a switch on the console in front of her. Warm breath puffed down her neck.

The man in the seat beside Heléna glanced at her, his hands gripping a U-shaped metal pipe so hard all the blood had drained from his knuckles. “Hold on tight, honey. We’re in for a rough landing.”

Raindrops pelted the windshield, concealing whatever lay beyond the glass. Although she’d never ridden in one, the strange steering control and excessive number of dials suggested they were in an airplane—and about to crash into a lake, or maybe an ocean.

Oh, Goddess, what did I spell myself into?




“Undress me. And undress.”

Owen tossed back the blankets as he sat up. Hooking his fingers in her waistband, he eased it downward as he lifted her hips. Her panties slid with her skirt, and his lips curved into a wicked grin. “I’ve been dying to get my hands on your sweet ass.”

His words set off another contraction. Desire flooded her entire being, burying her insecurities and inhibitions. Hormones swarmed every cell in her body. “I want more than your hands touching my ass.”

One eyebrow rose as he slipped her clothes past her feet. Interest glowed in his intense gaze. “I’m up for more. What do you have in mind?”

Glancing at a now-naked Heath, she saw the same curiosity. “I’m going to ride Heath’s cock while you fuck me from behind.”

Heath frowned. “You want both of us in your pussy at the same time? That would hurt you, and—”

She shook her head. “I want you both inside me, but not that way.”

Owen’s cough and Heath’s wide-eyed stare told her they finally understood her meaning.

Heath swallowed before he spoke. “Are you sure?”

Looping her hand around his neck, she pulled him closer. “Yes.”

A slow caress up her leg drew her attention to Owen. He traced a path along her inner thigh with his fingertips, and she spread her knees to give him full access.

“You’re the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me, Heléna. We’re not just sharing youyou’re sharing yourself with us.” He stripped off his breeches and then settled on his stomach with his face inches from her pussy.

She didn’t have a chance to answer him when Heath covered her mouth with his. His groan vibrated through her jaw, scattering her thoughts. Too impatient to wait for his invasion, she pushed at the seam of his lips, aching for more of a connection. He met her tongue with a forceful glide, and she gave as good as she got. Every stroke drove her deeper into the well of passion she’d been denied last night.

Last night? Their previous encounter seemed days ago. How had she survived so long without physically joining with Heath and Owen?

Fingers spread her pussy lips, and Owen’s warm breath replaced a momentary rush of cool air on her clit. “Mm, you smell delicious. Mind if I take a taste?”

Groaning against Heath’s mouth, she arched to find Owen. She’d die if he didn’t pay attention to her needy cunt soon.

His tongue glided past her opening to the anxious bundle of nerves as Heath shoved her shirt up to bare her breasts. A quick flick of her nipple with Owen’s next pass brought a helpless cry up from her chest. She dragged her mouth from Heath to voice her pleasure. Another lick and a gentle squeeze made her muscles tremble with the building pressure of an imminent orgasm.

Wet heat suddenly closed over her puckered tip as Heath moved to her tits. He sucked and fluttered as Owen did the same between her thighs. She grabbed handfuls of their hair, holding them in place. “Right there. Don’t stop. Yes, so close!”

Her pulse thumped in her ears, and she panted through the growing rush threatening to consume her.

Teeth rasped over her nipple. “Come for us, sweetheart. Let it happen.”

Heath’s words yanked her release free from its bonds, pulling a scream from her throat as pure erotic bliss swept through her veins to swallow her. It ebbed for a second, only to regain momentum and carry her farther.

Experimentation with her box of sexual aides didn’t begin to compare to having two real lovers. Her muscles relaxed as she floated back into her body.

Flopping on his back, Heath smiled and lifted her to straddle his hips. “Damn, I love watching you come. Are you ready for both of us?”

She took his stiff cock in her hand to guide him home, the need for more helping her recover. Unable to form a response, she lowered herself onto him in one swift move. His rough moan blended with hers, and she leaned forward to allow Owen easier entrance to her ass. The coarse smattering of hair on Heath’s chest teased her sensitive breasts.

A palm smoothed down her spine, and Owen kissed her shoulder. “I need something to make us slippery.”

“Aloe. Nightstand drawer.” Anticipation taunted her while she waited for him to retrieve her supply of lube.

Cool gel slicked down her crease, easing some of the tension and creating more. She fought the instinct to grind against him. His touch spread fire over her skin as he fingered her hole, and only the wish to prolong all their pleasure kept her from begging him to take her already.

He nibbled her butt cheek, shooting a shiver up her spine. A moan escaped. “I want you inside me too, Owen. I need you both.” She pressed her lips to Heath’s neck before twisting around toward Owen. “Kiss me.”

His finger sank into her as he rose and leaned in to meet her mouth. His tongue wasted no time sweeping inside, the tangy flavor of her juices lingering in his taste. While Heath had seemed almost hesitant to show his desire, Owen held nothing back. Every aggressive thrust and parry told her exactly how much he wanted her. It still wasn’t enough.

Heath grasped her waist and held her in place. “Shit, woman, if you keep squeezing my dick like that, I’m going to come.”

Dragging her mouth from Owen’s, she met his gaze. “Fuck me now.”

After a quick rough kiss, he withdrew his finger and gave her a gentle nudge on the back. “Yes, ma’am. Slow and easy or fast and hard?”

A look at Heath’s pained expression made up her mind. “Fast and hard. I think we’ve all waited too long for anything else.”


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