Nobody's Prey (MFMM)

Liberty Springs, Wyoming 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 74,359
27 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, HEA]

Beau Preston’s secret love for his best friend’s widow has only grown as he’s watched her rebuild her life and the Lazy J ranch.

The twins, his younger brothers Josh and Colt, are so identical most people don’t even bother to tell them apart, but Connie has always seen them as individuals. To Colt, she’s a kindred spirit, another restless soul—to Josh, the answer to every prayer he’s ever whispered.

After a passion-filled night in a snow-locked cabin, Connie must reevaluate her relationship with all three Preston brothers.

Painful memories hold her back from embracing the love and passion the Prestons are offering her, but her son and the Lazy J come first in her life. When both of those are threatened, she must turn to the three men who love her to help her save them, and yet another man must realize that Connie Jamieson is nobody’s prey.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Kaliana Cole is a Siren-exclusive author.

Nobody's Prey (MFMM)
27 Ratings (4.3)

Nobody's Prey (MFMM)

Liberty Springs, Wyoming 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 74,359
27 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
A very good storyline with great characters.
This book was HOT, I loved Josh and Colt especially. The night at the cabin was steamy, but my favorite scene had to be the scene with Colt in the dark outdoors. Sexy. Great book.
Lori King



“How long is she gonna keep running for, Beau?” Josh stayed where he was and watched Connie walk away from him for what had to be the millionth time.

“Until she’s done with it.”

It pissed Josh off to no end that Connie wouldn’t acknowledge her attraction to them. “Well I’m about done with letting her walk away. You know how fuckin’ turned-on she is. If she got back on that horse right now, she’d soak the damn saddle.”

“Connie ain’t a mustang you can throw a loop over, Josh.” Beau sounded as calm and even tempered as he always did.

His older brother’s control of his emotions was superhuman, and that irked Josh, too. He knew Beau had had a soft spot for Connie from the first day Jake had brought her home. He knew a lot more than either of them suspected. He set out to rattle Beau’s calm. “This snow’s likely to put a damper on your full-moon martyrdom.”


So much for rattling him. “So what do you do? Put out a saucer of milk and lure her in like a wild kitten?”

“Nah, she likes scotch, and kitten is the last word I would use to describe CJ.”

Josh looked over toward the milling cattle, spotting Connie smiling at the Oklahoman boy who hadn’t even started filling out his big frame. He’d known she’d taken lovers over the last two years. The first year had been a Kansas lad very much like Hal. Big, mild-mannered, and a genuinely nice kid—cut from exactly the same cloth Jake had been. She’d had red eyes for a week afterward. Last year it had been another Jake lookalike. She hadn’t cried afterward. With the way she was sizing up Hal, Josh knew that kid was going to get an end-of-season bonus he wouldn’t forget in a hurry, unless they did something about it.

“Cougar is more like it.”

Beau actually chuckled. “She had to build her confidence back up from somewhere, and I personally would hate to be labeled a rebound fuck. Connie’s a grown woman, and she needs the itch scratched same as we do. Giving those boys a night to remember don’t mean nothin’.”

It might not mean anything, but Josh still hated to think of any man but him or his brothers with his hands on that woman. “I’m done with waiting, Beau. I know you asked us to back off and give her time, but it’s time to get serious. Jake’s been gone five years. I’m tired of watching her work herself into the ground, and I’m tired of watching kids get a taste of what should be ours—what would be ours if you were man enough to call her bluff instead of just letting her drink your whiskey and watching her sleep each time she rides over in the dead of night.”

Beau kicked his boot into the dirt a few times and then tilted his head. He was a hard man to read with his steady gray eyes that never changed hue, but this time Josh spotted a rippling along his half-brother’s jaw that made him hold his breath. Beau was actually considering it.

“You realize this is a one-shot deal? We fuck this up, we’re never gonna get another chance.”

“I know.”

“You and Colt prepared to play those odds?”

“With or without you. It’s your call.”

A smile spread across Josh’s face as Beau stood and pulled his hat down tight. “You two are gonna get me shot.”

Josh could see the sense of purpose wrapped around his elder brother as he headed for the woman who had plagued their thoughts for years. He was soft-spoken and mild mannered, but they didn’t come more hard-headed than Beau Preston when he set his mind to something. Connie didn’t stand a chance.




Beau stalked closer. Connie clutched the towel in front of her like a shield, but the kiss of cold air as the front door opened and closed let her know one nipple was uncovered. Beau’s eyes remained locked on hers, raw hunger painted in every line of his lean face.

Colt approached in her peripheral vision. “What did I miss?”

“Fucked if I know, but things just got interestin’ round here.” Josh’s chest rumbled between her shoulder blades, the vibrations streaking straight to her clit.

The twins were forgotten as Beau reached her. Gray eyes boring into her, he plucked the towel from her unprotesting fingers. With a tug, the one from her head joined it on the floor. Connie’s chin lifted as he crowded her, her throat stretching in an effort to hold his gaze. While she could keep looking at him, she felt she could claim some semblance of control. Then his body fell against her, one denim-clad thigh riding against her mound, his heated, bare chest inflaming her swollen breasts, and his lips joined with hers in a kiss that ripped all illusions of being in charge from her grasp.

There was nothing gentle about this kiss. Strong and sure, his mouth demanded her compliance. His lips were softer than satin, but he used them ruthlessly, eating at her mouth and inciting a hunger that burned with the white heat of phosphorous. The first lash of his tongue brought a whimper from her throat—a sound that had never before left her lips. Beau groaned deep and low in response and doubled his efforts.

Her leg climbed his hip shamelessly, a hand caressing it that didn’t belong to Beau. Even Josh shifting to the side, allowing Colt’s chest contact with her back, couldn’t break the spell Beau wove with lips and teeth and tongue. Callused hands stroked every inch of her skin, while synchronized lips found each shoulder. Husky whispers were lost to the blood rushing feverishly through her ears.

Pleasure swamped her, coiling the oiled lash of need tighter and tighter in her womb until Connie was sure she would die from arousal. “God! Please, Beau.” She sucked air into her heaving chest and then moaned wantonly when he bit her jawline. “I need you so bad.”

“One minute and you’re ready to cave? I thought you’d put up more of a fight than that.” Lust infused Beau’s features as he nipped her again, bringing color to his cheekbones and a heavy sensuality to his lips and stormy eyes. “I hope you can handle hard and fast, Con, because right now that’s all I’m capable of.”

“Anything, I just need you inside me so bad.”

“I’ll be one moment, baby.” He kissed her hard and then pulled away, striding for the dresser.

Only when he wasn’t touching her did she become acutely aware of the twins’ attentions. Josh’s hand feathered over her ass and then gripped and kneaded the resilient flesh. Colt’s teeth scraped her neck as his hand came up to cup her breast. His hungry growl sent shivers down her spine. “Christ, you’re beautiful. The moment Beau’s finished, we’re going to show you more pleasure than you’ve ever imagined, sweetheart.” He kissed her slow and sweet, in no way trying to compete with Beau’s masterful effort. When he lifted his head he nodded toward his elder brother returning. “He’s been hungry for you for too long, Connie. I hope you can handle him.” His enigmatic smile puzzled her.

Beau had a foil packet between his teeth and his hands reached for his jeans. A quick roll of his wrists had the button undone and his fly peeled open readily. He bent, shoving the denim down his legs and screening her view of what he had uncovered. When he straightened back up, the sight of his erect cock caught her breath in her throat.

Beau’s body was all strong, lean lines. He had an elegance of form to rival any underwear model. But his cock was a rude, thick club, heavily veined and angry red, the disparity with his body shocking and so damn erotic it sent cream trailing down her thigh.

Colt’s cryptic smile made perfect sense now. That thing was wider than her wrist!

“Gonna wimp out on me now, Con?” Beau stroked the thick flesh deliberately as he smoothed the rubber on.

Colt rolled her nipple, but she didn’t need his encouragement. It had been a long time since she’d felt the intoxicating stretch of possession, and her cunt ached just looking at the bounty before her. She’d make it fit.

“Not likely.” She stepped away from the twins and reached out, wrapping her hand around his cock. The rampant flesh leapt at her touch. Her fingers had no hope of meeting around his girth. “Lube might be smart.”

Beau smiled and lifted her thigh back to his hip. His fingers found the syrupy folds of her pussy. “We don’t need any lube, baby. If you were any wetter we’d all drown.”

Two fingers thrust deep, tearing a cry from her lips but doing little to assuage the ache within. Her muscles clamped down desperately.

He sucked in a rough breath. “You’re gonna fit me like a goddamn glove.”

Connie wrapped her arms around Beau’s neck and locked her legs behind his back as he lifted her to him. The thick heat of his cock branded her pussy. He gripped her ass for support, cutting her impatient writhing short with a hard squeeze. “Look at me, baby. I want to watch those cat eyes of yours as you take me.”


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