Two Fated for One (MFM)

Bewitching Desires 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,694
9 Ratings (4.1)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Fantasy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, witches, light bondage, sex toys]

Widowed witch Rebeka Macska plans to declare herself mateless at the end of her fertility cycle, having lost her true mate to death two years ago. But when a pair of warlocks from the Order of the Elements kidnaps her, desire proves too strong to fight the moon’s power over her and her attraction to Sandor Horvát and Konrad Asztalos. Not willing to surrender her heart ever again, she’s bent on escape from their cursed castle, Vár Atkozott.

With only a week to fulfill their fated prophecy, Sandor and Konrad must secure their bond with Rebeka, ensuring another generation of the Order’s Elemental warlocks and an alliance with the Macska witches against Kazmer, an ancient shifter. If they fail to convince her to love them, their common enemy will be one step closer to destroying the Order. Will Rebeka let love heal her heart or doom them all?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Two Fated for One (MFM)
9 Ratings (4.1)

Two Fated for One (MFM)

Bewitching Desires 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,694
9 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston

Story Excerpt


A car horn honked. Tires squealed. Thunk!

Gathering Natalia against her, Rebeka hid her daughter’s face as someone yelled to call 911. Footsteps sounded on the concrete, running past and behind them. Rebeka closed her eyes and cursed herself for giving in to her six-year-old’s request to come into town to go shoe shopping. Don’t look. It wasn’t her fault. Just because she knew something was going to happen doesn’t mean she caused it.

A siren wailed in the distance, growing louder with each second. Voices shouted and someone sobbed. Chaos filled her ears, but she forced herself to open her eyes and walk away from the scene. Step by step, the noise faded.

Rounding the corner to cut through the alley to the parking lot, she turned Natalia forward to speed their exit. She grasped her daughter’s hand and hurried between the brick buildings, passing delivery entrances and a large metal trash container. Another fifty feet and they’d be at the car. They’d go home to her family’s mansion, never to leave again.

A gust of wind blew down the alley, whipping Rebeka’s scarf loose from her neck. It flew through the air for several feet then landed on the pavement. She shuddered against the November chill.

“I’ll get your scarf, Mommy.” Natalia tugged her hand out of Rebeka’s grip. She ran toward the pile of knitted wool.

“And I’ll get your Mommy.” Strong hands jerked Rebeka back against a solid male body, trapping her with one arm while he held a wad of strange-smelling fabric to her nose.

Another man appeared next to her daughter, a mask hiding all but a pair of intense silver eyes. He shoved a handful of something into Natalia’s face.

No! Rebeka tried not to breathe in any more of the vapors, but her lungs burned and her vision was blurring. She struggled to free herself, wrenching her head back and forth. Have to save Natalia! Her captor tightened his hold. The movement pushed the last of the air from her. She gasped, pulling in the medicinal taste and smell from the cloth.


Clear evil minds of wicked deeds.

Sow and reap forgetful seeds.

With harm to none, so mote it be.

Do what you will and blessed be.


Nothing changed. The arms still trapped her. Why didn’t the spell work? Her mind clouded, unable to make sense of the failure.

The other man lifted her daughter into his arms and began walking toward the end of the alley. Please don’t hurt my precious girl. The world went dark as Rebeka’s legs gave out and she fell into her attacker.


Adult Excerpt


Sliding his sleeves down his arms, Sandor considered his options for props. A belt? Too dominating. The tie from his robe? Soft, but still a little harsh. He wanted something gentle enough not to hurt her and easy to release if she changed her mind. Hmm. Maybe... “I loved watching you ride Konrad last night, Rebeka. Want to do it again while I fuck you from behind?”

“I want you in my ass while I sit on Konrad’s big, hard cock.” The dirty talk coming from her sweet mouth made his dick twitch, even if her mating hormones made her inhibitions disappear. “What are you going to use to tie us up?”

“You’ll see.” Throwing the last of his clothing in a pile on the floor, Sandor joined her and Konrad on the bed. “Sit on him and link hands with him.”

Konrad scooted to the middle, reclining with his head on the pillow. He slipped his fingers through hers as she straddled his hips. “Your gorgeous tits look like they need some attention. Mind if I have a taste?”

Bending forward, she dangled her tight nipples over his face. “Suck me.”

His lips closed around one rosy-brown nub, and she moaned. The sexy sound triggered a tingle in Sandor’s balls. Concentrating on the place where her and Konrad’s hands met, he sent a pulse of energy out to encircle their wrists. The bond was as secure as iron shackles—without causing scrapes or bruises on her delicate skin. It wouldn’t require a key to unlock it, either.

He grasped her waist, guiding her body lower but still out of reach of his friend’s erection. A quick swipe through her folds told him that she was close to ready. He nuzzled her ear. “Would you like me to play with your pussy before it gets filled with cock?”

Arching her pelvis back and forth, she ground herself against his fingers, soaking him with her slick juices. “Find my clit.”

Another pass yielded the swollen bud. He rubbed the pad of his middle finger over it, spreading her cream on the bundle of nerves. “How many times do you want us to make you come, Rebeka?”

She gasped and let out a soft cry. She rocked forward and back twice before her body contracted, her clitoris hardening beneath his touch and her hoarse scream signaling her first orgasm of the morning.

Dipping inside her, he curved his middle finger along the contours of her pulsing tunnel. He wiggled into the recess where he hoped to find her G-spot. With Konrad’s mouth still focusing on her nipples and Sandor’s fingertip stroking her, they had a better chance of giving her another orgasm before the first completely ended—something he’d be hard-pressed to pull off on his own. “Again, Rebeka. Come for us again and we’ll fuck you.”

She moaned. “I want to come with both of you inside me.”

“Soon, I promise.” He caressed the smooth skin between her anus and cunt, easing his thumb back to tease her tight hole. “Is this where you want me?”

“Yes! Oh, yes!” She arched, pushing his thumb against the pink rosette as her vaginal muscles squeezed and shook around his finger. Her juices dribbled down onto his palm.

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