[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Cowboy Paranormal Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M/M/M/M, Longhorn shape-shifters, Consensual BDSM]

Longhorn-shifter Byron Lenox sleeps most of his days away in order to work the night shift on the ranch he owns with his six brothers. But when he meets his mate, he’s astonished at how much Scarlett Rose’s presence tests his sexual self-control. However, after a tough couple of weeks, Byron feels unworthy of the young girl.

Scarlett Rose grows more anxious by the day. With all the drama and danger being caused by her evil, bridezilla step-mother, her nerves have been a wreck. Byron has agreed to spend quality time with her, and it’s just the opportunity she’d been waiting for to blow off some steam. He has her heart, but how can she convince him to take her body?


CAUTION! Only six books have been published in the Scarlett Rose and the Seven Longhorns collection. This series has been abandoned by the author. No conclusion is in the works.


Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Byron's Bite (LoveXtreme)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Great plot
Good series. Short reads wish longer but enjoyable. always a cliff hanger.



Devlin was the first to move. She could feel her heart beating faster as his body inched toward her. Once he was several feet away, she could feel the intense body heat radiating from him. His chest was moving up and down in shallow movements, and she knew then that his desire was igniting as much as hers was.

“You look absolutely breathtaking, darlin’,” he said as he wrapped his thick, hard arm around her waist and pulled her toward him. She expected him to immediately engage her in a passionate, raw kiss as he often did, but instead, he lowered his head until he nuzzled her neck. He growled loudly, and she couldn’t help the way her stomach twisted in anxiety-ridden fear at the terrifying sound. This man who held her so close could easily snap her in two in the blink of an eye. The power he radiated made her as limp as a noodle in his strong embrace. The tip of his nose lightly glided along the length of the side of her neck before his cow tongue licked a long trail along the same path.

As her knees grew weaker, she clung to his thick biceps for support, her hands hardly covering much of the surface. His lips grazed her jawline before coming around to touch her own. He smelled so good, like fresh summer air and soap with that hint of Lenox brother essence she’d loved from the moment she met them all. Her mouth watered at his scent, wishing she could bottle it up and carry it with her everywhere when she wasn’t with them. Although, she had little desire to ever spend much time without her mates. Ever. Everything was better when the Lenox brothers were around. Food tasted better, flowers smelled better, and music sounded sweeter. Being in love was indescribable, and fate had gifted her with that times seven.

His tongue pushed against her lips, and she parted them to allow him entrance. The hands holding her hips tightened as his kiss grew hotter. She heard herself moan against his lips as a different pair of rough hands began to glide along her inner leg, starting from her ankles to her inner thighs. One of the other men was sitting at her feet as they all watched her kiss her Master.

She broke the kiss to look down at Sonny making his way up her body until his hand cupped her mound. He added a little pressure, the warmth of his hand causing her to whimper. “Let me in,” he whispered against the flesh of her thighs as he nudged them apart. He pulled the patch of silk aside to swirl his finger around her wet opening.

Devlin caught her just as her knees gave out from pleasure. Holding her with one large arm, he used his other hand to pull down her bra until her breasts both spilled out. His head lowered to show them some much wanted attention. Her body lay limp in his arm as he laved her nipples while Sonny finger-fucked her below.

“Bring her over here,” Leo instructed from the bed.

Devlin swept her body up, and her pussy clenched in disappointment as Sonny’s fingers disappeared. Devlin placed her on the bed, and the men surrounded her from her head to her toes. She decided to suppress the disappointment she felt at Bryon remaining out of reach. Perhaps he needed a few more minutes to gain the courage to now fuck her in front of his brothers as they looked on.

All seven cowboys stripped totally naked, making her cunt clench with need as they gave her a little show. Her eyes drifted closed as they all moved in closer to surround her sated body.

Devlin, her Dom, made no hesitation as he positioned his body on top of hers, his body resting between her softly shaking thighs. Just when she was sure he was going to fuck her, he held her tight and rolled until she straddled him, his hard cock easily sliding into her wet pussy.

“Roll those hips, darlin'. Just like that,” Devlin instructed between his moans of pleasure. “I love when you ride me like this. I can come just looking up at your tits jiggling as you bounce on my cock.”

“My turn,” Byron announced once she and Devlin had come together. She kept her position on all fours as Byron moved behind her. “Look at you, baby.” He rubbed her raised ass before parting her cheeks to enter a finger. “I love how tight this ass is.” His finger retreated, and she heard a lid pop then a moment later felt the cool sensation of lube being spread against her asshole.

He pressed against the tight ring of muscle, and she whimpered at the bite of pain as her ass stretched for his big cock. It quickly faded, and her pussy clenched hard with jealousy. The sound of his balls slapping her cunt sounded through the room, followed by several low growls as his brothers watched.

She smiled to encourage Rhett as she watched him crawl over to kneel in front of her. “I can’t resist touching you in some way, baby,” he said as he grabbed his wide cock to place at her lips. She opened for him, sucking his cock as Byron fucked her ass.

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