Pandora's Box (MF)

Golden Dolphin 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 69,374
3 Ratings (4.3)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance,spanking, flogging, wax play, HEA]
After her sister’s death, wildlife photographer Pandora Wescott packed up a box of camera equipment that belonged to her older half sister, the famous fashion photographer, Petra Taylor. Petra had taken her own life in her New York apartment and left a note saying that she was sorry, but she just couldn’t go on without her “Master.”
In looking through the photos stored on one of Petra’s digital cameras, Pandora is shocked to find out that Petra had been involved in an extreme lifestyle. While clearing out her apartment, Pandora learns about the cruise Petra had taken with her Master on the luxury yacht, the Golden Dolphin, which provides a venue for discrete BDSM cruises. Desperate for information about Petra and her Master, Pandora manages to book an Alaskan cruise under the pretense that she wants to take the new sub training class while completing an assignment in Alaska for a wildlife magazine.
Once onboard she meets the handsome and enigmatic neurosurgeon, Dr. John Grayson, who is blown away by the beautiful and mysterious photographer. He is determined to make her his sub and to find out what unhappiness is lurking beneath her surface. Will the secrets they are hiding destroy any chance of a relationship?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Pandora's Box (MF)
3 Ratings (4.3)

Pandora's Box (MF)

Golden Dolphin 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 69,374
3 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I hope you enjoy your cruise to Alaska aboard the Golden Dolphin. It was fun to write this book, and I hope you all feel like "you are there." The story of Pandora and Gray had some interesting psychological underpinnings, and the continuation of Captain Con and Purser Casey's story was also fun. Coming next is Hannalore's Treasure, Book 6, which takes us to Guatemala and through the Panama Canal. I'm having fun, and I hope you all are as well. Enjoy - Skye Michaels
Skye Michaels
The Golden Dolphin Cruise sets sail again, this time up north. As I'm going to Vancouver for the first time in May this really added to my interest- will have to get to Alaska another time! Our heroine in this book is Pandora (love the name of the book and its double entendre...!)and the book opens promisingly (albeit it sadly) on the death of her sister whom she finds has been caught up in the BDSM lifestyle. Pandora wants to find out what happened and how much the lifestyle and the "master" had to do with her death, so wangles her way onto the cruise ship to find out all she can.
I would have liked more plot/tension about the sister and her master but it does get resolved (and I am a romance-suspense author with an emphasis on suspense which this book isn't aiming to be). In the middle is a long interlude where we get to lay back and enjoy the cruise. The author clearly has fun playing with how married couples would enjoy such a cruise (and keeping them essentially faithful) and at times I found it stretched my imagination somewhat, and Pandora as a newbie is a lot more relaxed about public display than most would be, but the romance is strong, Gray the hero hangs in there, and we get action in the mine as well as plenty of action in the dungeons! Have fun!
Simone Sinna




Gray left the group and walked up to the gorgeous young woman who hesitated in the doorway. She was a stunner and just his type—dark-haired, tall, slender with nice but not over-blown curves. He checked out her wrists and noticed that she was not yet wearing a red- or green-colored bracelet. “Will you join me for a drink, Ms. Wescott? I’m John Grayson. My friends call me Gray.”

She looked up at him uncertainly and then smiled. “I’d like that, Gray. Call me Pandora. I’m feeling a little off balance. Since I’m traveling alone, I don’t have a friendly safety net.”

“Allow me to be your safety net.” Gray stopped the steward, Don, again and turned to her. “What would you like to drink?”

“A martini would be wonderful.”

Gray ordered martinis for both of them, turned to Pandora, and took her arm. “Let’s join my friends over there, and then you’ll know at least seven of the passengers.” She laughed delightedly and followed him over to the rail. He introduced the three couples who quickly brought Pandora into the conversation. “Will you join us for dinner? We were just about to get a table.” He certainly found her attractive and would like the chance to get to “know” her. He had to laugh to himself. His hard-on was knocking at the front of his trousers. That response had taken no time at all. He hadn’t had that strong of a reaction to any woman since… Well, anyway, it had been quite a while since a woman rang his chimes to this extent and this quickly. Maybe it was the pheromone-drenched atmosphere aboard the Golden Dolphin. Maybe it was Pandora Wescott.

“That would be great. I was worrying about having to eat alone.”

Conversation was lively during dinner, and Gray was becoming seriously interested in Pandora Wescott. She was beautiful, sexy, outgoing, and interesting. She might be just the one to get him out of his current funk. He knew his interest did not escape the notice of Paula Redding, who had tried to fix him up with friends on a couple of occasions since he had been single again.

“So, Pandora, what brings you aboard the Golden Dolphin?” Paula, the editor of Ocala Country Life magazine, was not known to beat around the bush when she wanted information. In fact she was an inveterate gossip, and Gray knew that fact frequently made Trent see red.

Pandora hesitated a moment before answering. “I’m taking a little vacation and combining it with a photography assignment. I’m a freelance wildlife photographer, and I have an assignment from National Geographic to photograph some locations in Alaska for an upcoming article. I was assured that there would be several opportunities for me to leave the ship to get the pictures I need.” Gray thought he saw a shadow of sadness cross her face as she answered their questions. I wonder what that’s about. It seemed out of context.

Jason said, “That’s correct. Several of us are leaving the ship at Seward and flying up to Fairbanks to check on some business matters and then coming back to rejoin the cruise. The ladies will most likely stay with the ship and check out the Kenai Peninsula or possibly take the scenic railroad trip north to Denali.”

Paula jumped back in. “But why the Golden Dolphin, Pandora? That’s a strange choice. I see you’re not wearing a rubber bracelet.”

If Pandora was offended by the bluntness of the questions, she did not show it. “Not really so strange—two birds and all. I’m also interested in taking the new sub training class that starts tomorrow while I’m aboard. I haven’t decided about bracelets yet. I thought I’d take the training first and then make an informed decision.”

“Well, if you want to ask any of us questions feel free. While none of us are really into the extreme stuff, we were all newbies at one time and know how scary that can be,” Paula said with a smile. “And Gray is teaching the Master Dom class. What a coincidence.”

“Yeah, you can ask my wife about ‘topping from the bottom.’ She’s an expert at that,” Trent groused as Paula jabbed him in the ribs with her elbow.

“I am not. I am a perfectly well-behaved sub at all times.” She had the grace to blush when all of her friends burst out laughing.




She was shocked. She had not thought that degree of intimacy would develop so quickly, but it felt so good that she quickly got into the swing of things. She tried to raise her bottom a little and push it into his face but found that she had very little range of motion. She took a few deep breaths to calm the quick spurt of fear that ran through her when she couldn’t move. He hadn’t hurt her yet, but she was completely at his mercy.

“Uh, Master? Can I ask a question?”

He pulled back from her pussy. “Certainly, sub. What is it?”

“Will you be using a condom?”

He quickly landed a sharp smack on her bottom. He lowered the timbre of his voice. “That was for presuming that we would be making love today. The timing is entirely up to me. I am in control of my body as well as yours. Your pleasure and your pain are mine to give—on my timetable. As to your question, the answer is yes. Of course, I will always use a condom if and when I decide to make love to you. There will be no topping from the bottom. That means that I make the decisions, and you will not attempt to rush me along or direct the proceedings in any way. Topping from the bottom will get you a spanking.”

“Yes, Master. I’m sorry, Master.” Oh, boy. I’ll have to be careful here. Her natural tendency was to give her partners a little direction, tell them what she liked. It was obvious that would not fly with Gray. Although she was beginning to think that the feel of his big, elegant hand on her bottom might not be unwelcome. Just the thought sent a sudden flash of desire shimmering through her lower parts.

“What are you thinking, sub? Share your thoughts with your Master.”

Pandora had to scramble here. “I was just trying to adjust my expectations, Master. That’s all.” She wasn’t one to share her every thought and feeling with a partner. Her fantasies and thoughts were her own.

“Well, I will attempt to meet or exceed all of your expectations, sub. I won’t allow you to be disappointed.” He renewed his efforts between her thighs, and she groaned as he teased his tongue between the folds of her now-swollen pussy lips and plunged it in as deeply as it would go. His tongue laved her moist center, and it made her jolt as the pleasurable sensations rocked through her body. She was so close to coming.

She began to rock her bottom in the limited amount of room that she had as the spikes of her desire increased. “Remember, no coming until I give my permission. Naughty subs who take their pleasure without the Master’s permission get a spanking.”

No… she didn’t think she could hold back. “I can’t help it, Master. Please…”

“Learning to control your body’s reactions is part of the training, sub.”

She gritted her teeth and tried with all her might to control her response as he continued to torture her now-throbbing clit and aching pussy. Maybe she should “think of England” or count sheep. She almost started to giggle then managed to catch the laugh before it passed her lips. The more she tried to control her reactions the less control she had. Finally, it was too much. She cried out as she tipped over into a mind-numbing orgasm that slammed through her system like a freight train careening uncontrollably downhill. The ripples of sensation, piled one on top of the next, pulsed through her body as he relentlessly continued his ministrations, and she had a second, slightly less intense climax. She didn’t think she had ever experienced a stronger orgasm. It had been like lightning flashing through her body.

His hot body collapsed against her as she calmed. When she had her senses back, he said, “You came without permission, sub. That means you have earned your first spanking.”

“I’m sorry, Master. I just couldn’t stop it. I’ll do better next time. I promise.”

“No matter, sub. Are you ready for your spanking?” When she said nothing, he pinched her bottom. “Answer me, sub.”

Her voice trembled a bit as she said, “Yes, Master.”

“You will receive five for failing to control your body. You will count for your Master. If you don’t count, we will start again.”

The first smack came down on her defenseless bottom with stunning force. The loud crack shocked her. When she didn’t immediately count, he prompted her. “You are new at this, so I am cutting you a break, sub. Count.”

“One, Master.” She was pretty sure she didn’t like this part of the procedure and couldn’t imagine that Petra had liked it either, but maybe she was wrong about that.

After a few moments, a second stinging smack landed square on her butt. “Two, Master.” It was apparent that he wasn’t going to rush through the spanking part. He let her feel each sensation fully before he continued.

A third smack landed on her right cheek. It stung like the dickens, but she was beginning to feel a definite tingling between her thighs. Her pussy was pulsing with it as she said, “Three, Master.”

The fourth came down with equal force on her left cheek, and she felt the burn clear to her center. “Four, Master.”

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