Love Under Two Loners (MFM)

The Lusty, Texas Collection 30

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 63,925
25 Ratings (4.7)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, bondage, paddling, spanking, HEA]
Iris Gibbs comes to Lusty to visit her best friend and discovers why she’s never felt at home in her own skin. Then Tamara thrusts her toward two Kendalls who are Doms.
Rich and Donny know Iris is the perfect, little subbie for them. It’s just a matter of getting her to say, “Yes Sir!”
Iris thinks some of the things she’s read about are definitely not for her—and then she goes with Rich and Donny to the Lyon’s Den, a private club where practically anything goes. Instead of being repulsed by what she sees, she’s intrigued. The men know Iris has a few issues to work through before she’s ready to trust them completely. They take small steps to that end, encouraged when Iris not only begins to share her inner-most insecurities, but her trust.
And then Rich stumbles onto a sex-slave ring, and time for their happy ending might just be running out.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Cara Covington is a Siren-exclusive author.
Love Under Two Loners (MFM)
25 Ratings (4.7)

Love Under Two Loners (MFM)

The Lusty, Texas Collection 30

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 63,925
25 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I absolutely love this series and am always waiting for the next book.
Loved this book!! Morgan wrote another wonderful story. Love this series.
JK Maxwell

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The restaurant was crowded, but people weren’t just sitting at the tables. They were mingling, talking, and laughing. Music played, and above a large buffet service, a sign read “Welcome home, Rich and Donny!”

“Come on. Since you haven’t met them yet, I’ll introduce you.”

Iris didn’t get a chance to demur. Tam just grabbed her hand and plunged them both into the crowd. Iris followed in her wake, not the least bit surprised that the throng parted for her diminutive friend. Then the dynamo came to a sudden stop, and Iris nearly plowed into her from behind. The next thing she knew, Tam spun them around so that Iris was in front, with Tam’s very strong hands on her shoulders.

“I’ve got just the woman for you! Rich, Donny, this is my best friend, Iris Gibbs. Iris, meet two Doctors Kendall. Rich has a Ph.D. in literature, and he’s a teacher.” Tamara pointed to a man with reddish-blond hair and blue eyes. The slight beard made him look scholarly. Then she pointed to the other man who didn’t look much like his brother at all. He had dark hair that maybe could have used a trim and eyes a slightly lighter shade of blue than Rich’s were. Iris blinked, wondering what the odds were that they all three of them should have blue eyes. Then Tam’s words pulled her back to the moment. “Donny’s degree is in veterinary medicine. He’s opening a clinic right here in Lusty and needs a certified veterinary assistant. Donny, Iris worked for nearly ten years for Doc Murdock over San Marcos way before he retired. That was a couple of months ago, and Iris has been looking for a new job ever since.”

Iris just managed to snap her mouth closed so she didn’t look like a fish sucking in plankton. Tamara had spoken each word as if there’d been a timer on her and she needed to get it all said fast. That part wasn’t unusual, as Iris had heard her friend do that before.

What had her gaping wasn’t even the fact that here before her stood a veterinarian in need of an assistant. No, what had her in shock was the fact that the two men standing before her looked like Greek gods. Tall, handsome, virile Adonises who should have a goddess each on their arms. Or, since this was Lusty, at least one beautiful, buxom goddess between them.

I really wish Tamara had let me know I was going to be facing a possible employer. True, Iris didn’t do fancy dress or tons of makeup, and beautifully buxom would never be a phrase used to describe her. But still.

Tamara drew in a deep breath. “If you ask me, this is a match made in heaven!”

“Or at least one made in Lusty.”

Iris had no idea who said that sotto voce, and she couldn’t ask because all the spit had dried up in her mouth. Then things just got more bizarre when one of the Adonises took her hand in his.

“So, you’re a certified veterinary assistant? This must be my lucky day. Come with me. We’ll talk.”

“Oh…but…um, I don’t have any of my paperwork with me and...” Iris wondered if there was an old-fashioned looking glass she’d somehow stepped through. Between the ways one Kendall had her hand and the other was looking at her as if she was a tasty morsel presented for his consumption, she didn’t know what would happen next.

“Sure you do.” Tamara held out a large envelope. Before Iris could blink, Donny Kendall grinned and took the paper from her friend.

“Perfect,” he said. “Thank you, cousin.”

“There’s a table in back,” Richard Kendall said, “where we should have a bit of privacy for at least a few minutes. Follow me.”




“I know the whole reason I came with you tonight was for all of us to see if this sort of relationship appealed to me. It’s one thing for me to understand, intellectually, that I’m submissive. I figured that much out about myself reading the book Jillian loaned me. But it’s a completely different proposition to know whether or not I’d thrive by giving you complete control of me.” She looked down at her hands for just a moment, gathering her strength. Then she raised her head and looked at Donny and then Rich. “I want to try. There are things I need that I can’t even tell you I need. But tonight, what I finally understood was that there was something missing inside me…or maybe not missing, but…more like a need waiting to be met. And I have the feeling you know what that is, or, at the very least, you can figure it all out.”

Rich gently stroked her cheek with the back of his hand. Feeling the wetness there, it was the first clue she had that a tear had tracked down her face. This night is just full of surprises. Iris couldn’t remember the last time she’d cried. Then she met Rich’s gaze, and every thought evaporated. The tenderness in his eyes caused a tightness in her throat.

“Yes, sweetheart, we’ll figure it out—the three of us, together. We’ll figure it all out in due course. For now, it’s late, and you’re tired.” He used his fingers to gently turn her face to him so that bare inches separated their lips. His thumb brushed the corner of her mouth, and Iris parted her lips. She wanted him to kiss her. She wanted them both to kiss her.

Be honest with yourself, Iris. You want more than just kisses.

The arousal that had come to life earlier as she’d put on the outfit these men had chosen for her, arousal that had steadily built as she’d watched and learned with them surrounding her at the club, that arousal had been banked, still burning within her. It wasn’t edgy, but it was insistent. She needed these two men with a kind of need she’d never known she could feel.

She would beg if she had to. And then the light of passion replaced tenderness in Rich’s eyes, and she knew she wouldn’t need to beg, at least not tonight.

The fingers that still held her chin shifted until her face was cupped in his hand. He brought her forward, and she closed her eyes and sighed when his mouth settled on hers.

Warm and wet and infinitely gentle, his kiss wooed her, seduced her, and softly stoked her arousal with sweet encouragement. Iris loved the way Rich’s mouth covered hers and the way his tongue commanded hers. It was like being lowered into a warm and placid pool. Her cares disappeared, and her tension eased. All that had come before no longer mattered. It was as if every burden she’d ever carried had been barred from joining her in this special place.

Rich ended his kiss and gave her the most heart-melting smile. “You need some of what you saw tonight, baby. Donny and I both know that. But first—and most, I think—you need tenderness. You need to know how focused we are on pleasing you.”

Words were more than she could manage. So she answered the question in his eyes with a nod. Donny stood and helped her to her feet.

He eased her close to him, and then he, too, kissed her. These two men possessed different styles and different flavors, but they imparted the same sweet emotion, and their kisses both fed her inner fires. Donny raised his head, and Rich took her right hand in his, kissed it, and led her to the bed.

With gentle touches, sweet kisses, and soft murmurs, they focused all of their attention on her. Donny lifted her t-shirt over her head, and then Rich eased her pants to the floor, helping her step free. Then Donny unfastened her bra, and Rich coaxed her sheer panties down her legs.

Iris trembled, the image of him squatting in front of her, his face so very close to her pussy, excited her and, yes, unnerved her. No lover had ever placed his mouth there.

Rich waited until her gaze was his, until she could see his hunger, and then he turned his attention to her pussy.

“I can smell your arousal and see it glistening. Now I have to taste it. I have to taste you.” He looked up at her once more. “Tell us this is what you want, sweetheart.”

Iris used her fingers to comb his hair. “Yes, I want this. I want you.” She looked up at Donny. “I want both of you and everything you want to give me.”

“Spread your legs, shoulder width apart.”

Her body responded before her mind even processed the order. Rich wasn’t the least bit coy. He didn’t tease her. He simply placed his mouth on her pussy. It was the same kiss, wetter, hotter, and far more devastating than the one he’d placed on her mouth. When his tongue lapped from the bottom of her slit to her clit and then slid inside her, Iris cried out as her climax erupted out of her.

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