Zombie Seduction (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,261
5 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Romance, sex toys, HEA]

Tristan Davis is shocked to discover that his life has become a true nightmare. Waking up in a morgue alongside the dead was enough to set his head on a tailspin. Forced to find out what happened to him, he goes in search of Lydia, his childhood best friend, and the woman he’s always loved.

Lydia Lockhart is elated to learn that Tristan is still a walking, talking member of society, but quickly realizes that there’s something different about him. A searing passion from his mysterious resurrection engulfs her, and she makes it her mission to find the cure for what is slowly killing him.

Neither Tristan nor Lydia ever imagined that they’d have the chance to fall in love. With time ticking against them, will they find love before it's too late?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Zombie Seduction (MF)
5 Ratings (4.4)

Zombie Seduction (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,261
5 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Do not let the title of the book mislead you. Sexiest Zombie ever!!! The story was not only extremely erotic, it was action packed from beginning to end. I loved this book and could not put it down. I can't wait to see more sexy action packed books from Morgan Fox!!!
Texas Girl
Loved the book. Zombie Seduction is about a couple that have been in love for as long as they can remember but they never told each other until something happens to him and he goes to her for help. They finally tell each other the truth and the SEX is great and the mystery is great too. This is a book that you must buy.
Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "Recommended by a friend, and given to me to read as an ARC by the author. I'm all for zombies, especially the gorgeous, sculpted, sexy non-decomposing type! Tristan is definitely one of those and head over heels in love with Lydia. Lydia is so likable with many lovable and enviable qualities. She's sweet, considerate, innocent (but not too innocent) and feisty when it counts! It took me a few chapters to get drawn in, but once I got there I had to keep reading because I loved the story line. Zombies and virgins and witches! Oh my! It was fast paced, intriguing, exciting, funny and scorching HOT! I'd really have liked to read this as a full length novel because the story itself had so much potential for more details and backstory of the witches! But it was written great as a novella too. My introduction to Morgan Fox has left me looking forward to reading more of her work!" -- Aussie Girl Book Lover

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The small fortune-teller storefront was not what he had expected at all. Well maybe it was, but it was not what he had hoped for. The glow of neon lights flickered in the back drop of the window. The word Psychic shined brightly in blue while the crest of a moon hung behind it in purple. The eerie sight of dead trees loomed in the shadows of the lights, creating an almost cemetery ambiance. A large black handprint hung on a sign to the right indicating that they also read palms and tarot cards.

Great. If they can’t help me figure out what’s going on, maybe they can predict my future.

The scent of burning incense accosted them as they stepped further into the store. He swallowed the rising bile in his throat. Staring at everything around him, he still had no memory of coming to a place like this.

He leaned against Lydia and whispered in her ear, “Why would I have come here?”

Lydia pressed against his side, and he thought he felt her shiver. As she turned to look at him, her eyes were wide with apprehension. “I don’t know, but I really don’t like this place. It gives me the creeps.” She swallowed. “I feel like I’m going to be sick. I don’t feel right.”

Tristan took hold of Lydia’s hand and weaved his fingers around hers. “We’ll be out of here soon,” he told her, and he hoped they were. He also hoped they’d know more about his condition and what they could do about it.

A short, plump woman appeared at the black front counter. Her eyes were eagle-like as she studied them. He forced himself not to laugh at the manner of her dress. She resembled a gypsy from a carnival circuit, draped in loose flowing rags in every color of the rainbow.

“May I help you,” she barked at Lydia, but then her gaze snapped in Tristan’s direction. Her eyes burned a trail over his face and body like she was trying to peel the flesh from his bones with the power of her eyes. He suddenly wished he wore more than a pair of Lydia’s father’s khaki slacks and blue collared dress shirt. It was the only outfit in her father’s closet that didn’t make him look like he was fifty.

“My name’s Tristan Davis. I think I came in here a few nights ago,” he started. “I believe I met someone with cobalt-blue eyes.” He narrowed his brow, waiting for some kind of reaction from the woman. She didn’t give any. “Do you have someone who works here with eyes that color?”

For a long moment the woman stared at him. Her eyes widened and then narrowed. Her nostrils flared out with each breath she took.

“I don’t remember you,” she finally said, her voice scraping against her throat from the excessive amount of smoking she most likely did.

“But does someone with eyes like he described work here?” Lydia calmly interjected.

Turning toward Lydia, the old woman softened her expression. “You’ve got a powerful aura around you, little lady. Has anyone ever told you that?”

Lydia straightened her spine and gave Tristan a quick glance and then returned to look at the old woman. “No,” she admitted.

The woman moved around the counter to take hold of Lydia’s free hand. A jolt of something warm shot into his hand, the one that was still clasped to Lydia’s. He felt her body quiver, but not from the chill in the room. It was something else.

Lydia gasped. “What was that?”

“I was about to ask you the same thing,” Tristan added, locking eyes with the old woman, who was now smirking like she knew a secret.

Yellowish teeth gleamed at them as she told them, “That was power.”

Power? What the hell was she talking about?

Tristan’s gut twisted with unease. “Look, ma’am—”

“Call me Talia,” she told him and without permission, flipped over Lydia’s hand and ran her fingertip over the lines and creases in her palm. “What’s your name?”

Lydia cleared her throat. “I’m sorry, but I’m not here to discuss me.” She pulled her hand from Talia’s grasp. “I’m here for my friend. Do you know the person we’re inquiring about?”

Talia grinned crookedly. “Are you really not interested in learning all the fun facts I’ve discovered about you?”




Lydia walked to the window and watched as her parents backed out of the driveway and headed in opposite directions to work. She turned toward the bed and gently nudged Tristan until he woke.

“My parents just left. Would you like to take a shower and get dressed?” He grinned at her. The warm glow of his alluring blue-gray eyes chased a shiver up her spine. He reached for her, pulling her to him, forcing her to move closer. She smiled crookedly. “Tristan, as much as I’d like to make love again, we really need to figure out what’s happening to you.”

He dropped his head onto the pillow, facedown. “I don’t want to.” His whiny voice was muffled. “I just want to stay here with you.” He inclined his head so he could see her studying him. The sheet was only covering his ass. His bare back and legs were clearly visible. He tugged the sheet off and rolled onto his back. He stretched, elongating his muscular body, causing her gaze to wander to his erection. She sucked in a breath.

Oh, God! He’s trying to kill me with his cock.

She nibbled on her bottom lip. “You really need to stop doing that.”

He ran his hand down his chest, over his firm abs, and teasingly began stroking his shaft with his hand. “What are you talking about?” He winked at her. “I’m not doing anything.”

Her entire body pulsed with heightened sensations. He was driving her over the edge. Again. “Tristan,” she whimpered, shrugging out of her bathrobe. Damn, she couldn’t get enough of him. Moving to the bed, she straddled him and impaled herself onto his thick cock. “Is this what you want?” She rocked her hips up and down, riding him, searching for the spot inside her that would have her clawing at his chest. “Oh, Tristan.” She found it, and this time when he tried to muffle her cries, she took his hand and kissed it. She was prepared to let everything she was feeling out. “My parents are gone. It’s just us.” She reached up to cup her breasts.

He clasped her hips, arching a brow. “Seriously?” he asked, as if she hadn’t already explained this to him when she tried to wake him up.

She nodded.

“Good,” he muttered, flipping her over. “Get on your knees. I want to take you from behind.”

Oh, hell fire.

Her body exploded and warmed to a point she thought she might have an orgasm on the spot. She’d dreamed of him taking her this way, nibbling along her neck as he shoved his cock deep inside her. Her nipples hardened, and her body quivered. She was on her knees and pushing back against him like a woman starved for a man’s touch.

I can’t believe this is happening.

He guided his cock up and down the crease of her ass, spreading the moisture he collected from her body. “Damn, baby. You are so wet. I knew you’d be like this for me.”

He dipped his finger inside her pussy, pumping a few times, and then slid the finger up to circle around the button of her anus. “I want to have you here. I want so much to feel how tight you are as I fuck you. I’ve never done it before, but I want to do it with you.”

She whimpered, and if she hadn’t already been on her knees, they surely would’ve buckled out from under her. “Tristan, stop teasing me and do something, please.”

She couldn’t believe the sound of her voice, the primal need racing through her veins. She never imagined the fire that burned between them would be so hot. Her wildest dreams seemed tame now as she felt him behind her.

He positioned the head of his shaft at the entrance, and she held her breath, waiting for him to shove inside her welcoming heat. Then he sank deep, and she gasped, feeling him as he stroked against her inner walls. His cock was perfect for her body, filling her completely.

Her head kicked back as he reached forward to caress her breasts. His hips bucked forward, driving his cock in and out of her. She shivered as his lips touched the flesh of her back, leaving a trail of tender kisses along the curve of her spine. Her pussy clenched.

A wild groan escaped him as he fucked her harder and faster, the ravenous need inside her seeping into him. She pushed back, forcing his shaft to plunge deeper.

He gritted his teeth, growling. “You do that again and I’m not gonna last,” he warned her.

She grinned, licking her lips, ignoring his words. She shoved back and cried out as his cock rubbed over the spot that had light exploding from behind her eyes. She cried out, her body erupting into a million jolts of electricity.

Tristan thrust a dozen more times. His pace was quick and fierce. He growled, clasping her hips as he sank inside her one last time, his seed spurting into her womb.

He collapsed on top of her, shifting his weight to the side so he wouldn’t crush her. She grinned as his bright gaze met hers. “Do you think we can get cleaned up now, or would you like to do that again?” Now it was her turn to wink.

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