[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Menage a Trois Paranormal Romance, M/F/M, shape-shifter, werewolves, HEA]
Millionaire undercover agents Jeff Yates and Ry Garret are shape-shifters who work for a secret organization pledged to protect those who need help. Their new assignment in Texas is to find a mineral in the red rock hills near Wolf's Crossing that could be valuable to outer space exploration. But their job turns dangerous after they come to the aid of Keri Barton, a newcomer to Heat Springs.
Keri has run away from a modeling job after being expected to entertain male friends of the modeling agency. Although Keri is hesitant to become deeply involved with Jeff and Ry, they convince her it's safe to go out with them. She's determined to keep their relationship on a friendly basis.
But when Jeff and Ry are threatened by physical harm, she looks after them, losing her heart to Jeff and Ry, who promise her a forever kind of love.
Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Alpha Defenders: Mate (MFM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Keri looked over the crowd at the bar as she loaded a couple of bottles of beer and a glass on her tray. She couldn’t help but notice the two handsome guys who had just taken seats toward the center of the bar. They seemed to be friends. Both of them were taking in the other folks there. The dark-haired guy leaned toward his friend and pointed to something on the menu. His friend pushed up the brim of his western style hat, revealing his sandy colored hair that was trimmed neatly. As she walked by them toward the table where the burly man sat waiting for his beer, the two handsome guys looked her way and smiled at her in a friendly way. She smiled back.

She noticed that Austin Blue, the owner of the Bar and Dancehall, headed in the same direction she was walking. He carried a tray with a plate full of hot nachos. He placed the plate in front of the burly, dark-haired man at the table.

“Enjoy,” Austin said and smiled at the customer before turning and heading back to the bar area.

Keri put the two bottles of beer the man had ordered on the table by his plate and added the glass. “Can I get you anything else,” she asked politely.

The man reached out and grabbed her butt cheek nearest to him. Shocked and surprised, she pulled away instantly, staring at him and conscious of the noise of bar stools sliding across the wood floor right before the two guys she’d just noticed at the bar reached her side. She’d never seen anyone move as fast before. They each curved warm gentle hands on her arms and moved her back as they stepped between her and the burly guy.

“Keep your hands off her,” the dark-haired one growled, his voice low and threatening.

The guy with the sandy-colored hair gripped the big man’s shoulder. “Don’t come near her ever again, or you’ll answer to us.”

“Didn’t mean anything,” the burly man said in an angry tone.

Keri turned away and headed back to the bar, walking behind it to continue her job serving the customers. She didn’t want to lose her job and hoped she could avoid any trouble.

Austin came over to her as she noticed that the two guys who came to her rescue resumed their seats at the bar.

“Are you all right?” Austin asked her.

“Yes, I’m fine,” she said, and smiled at him. “Thanks for asking.”

“Anytime you feel uncomfortable serving a customer, just let me know and Rex and I will take care of it. I know you didn’t have any warning before that guy grabbed you. Ignore him from here on. I’ll serve him until he leaves.”

“Thanks,” she said, softly. She’d had to deal with men like that rude customer too often in her previous work as a model. She never planned to ever again.

“You might want to ask those two men who rushed to protect you if they want anything to eat,” Austin said, and grinned at her.

She had learned that Austin and Rex were great guys, who sincerely helped the people who worked for them in this small town. She was lucky to find a job like this one to support herself. She smiled at Austin. “I will, right now.”

She walked across to the two gentlemen. “Is there something you’d like to order?” She gave them a warm smile, hoping they’d recognize her thanks for their protection.

They both sat up. “We’d like a couple plates of your great nachos, for starters,” the dark-haired one said. He had hazel-colored eyes and an easy smile.

“And a couple bottles of your best beer,” the sandy-haired one said.

She couldn’t help noticing he had blue eyes. “Coming right up,” she said and grinned at them. They seemed like genuinely nice guys.

After she took their order to them she waited on other customers, doing the job she was hired to do. She couldn’t help looking their way every so often. She noticed a couple of other men about their age take seats at the bar next to them. Both of them were good-looking and had dark hair. The four of them introduced themselves and began talking. She couldn’t hear what they were saying with all the noise in the place, and soon the two guys who had joined her rescuers shook hands with them and went back to their table.

Keri continued to serve customers and check on the handsome guys every so often to see what else they would like to eat and drink. They stayed so long that they were the only ones left at the bar, and the crowd for dinner had mostly left, with just a few folks finishing their meals.

She walked over to them. “Is there anything else you’d like to order tonight?”

“Thanks, we’re good, but we were wondering if you’re free sometime,” the dark-haired one said, “and if you’d like to go out with us?”

She didn’t have to think about that for long. “Yes, I’d like to go out with you.”

“How about tonight after you’re finished here, or tomorrow?” the sandy-haired one asked. “Whenever you have time is fine with us. We’re good with just about any time.”

“I’ll be finished here in a little while, if you’d like to wait, or we could make it some other time,” she said.

“We can wait.” The dark-haired one said. “I’m Jeff Yates.” He held out his hand and she shook hands with him.

“I’m Ry Garret,” the sandy-haired one said, and held out his hand to shake hands with her.

“I’m Keri Barton. I’m happy to meet you.” She grinned at them. She liked them.

“We’re new in this area and we don’t know much about places to take dates,” Jeff said.

“I understand that there’s an ice cream store toward the middle of town,” she said. “They sell ice cream cones and shakes, and have tables to sit down, if you like that.” She watched their faces for their reactions.

“That sounds perfect,” Ry said, smiling. “I could go for ice cream.”

“Me, too,” Jeff said.

“All right,” she agreed. “I’ll join you right here as soon as I’m off.”




“I’ve finished mine,” Ry said, as he placed his plate on the bedside table beside him.

“Already?” Keri asked, sounding surprised. “Here have some of mine.” She scooped up some of the sweet concoction from her plate and held the spoon out toward Ry. He watched her, a glint in his eye, knowing she was up to something. She lost her balance suddenly and caught herself with her arm across his chest and her spoonful of pie landing on the left side of his chest near his nipple. “Oops, I’m sorry.”

“I’m not,” Ry said, smiling at her.

“Here, let me clean that up,” she said. Putting her spoon carefully down on her plate beside her, she leaned across Ry’s torso and braced herself with a hand near his side on the bed. She lowered her face closer and closer to his chest, looked up and met his gaze and lapped up the pie on his chest, touching his nipple with the tip of her tongue.

Ry growled deep in his throat, grabbing the bedding with his hands at his sides. Jeff knew exactly how he felt.

“Is that better?” she asked Ry.

“God, babe,” Ry growled, his voice rasping. “Do you have any idea how good that feels?”

“I’m not sure that I do.” She looked from Ry to Jeff. “Would you guys like to show me?”

“We’d love to show you,” Jeff said. He took her dish of pie and picked up a bit of the pie and whipped cream on his index finger. He spread the pie gently on her breast near her nipple.

Ry reached over and dipped his finger into the pie and spread it on her other breast around the nipple.

“That tickles,” she said, chuckling.

“Tell us what this feels like,” Jeff said as he lowered his head near her breast and licked the pie from her breast and nipple.

Ry bent close to her other breast and licked the pie off with several slow swipes of his tongue.

She writhed beneath their caresses. “Jeff, Ry, that feels so good.”

“Would you like us to give you more?” Jeff asked her.

“Yes, that would be nice,” she said, sounding a bit breathless.

Jeff smoothed one hand over her midriff and down over her trim belly. He gently pressed down on her lower belly and rubbed her in a circular motion. He heard her moan of pleasure and knew she liked that. He took her nipple between his lips and licked the turgid peak.

Ry lowered his head to her other nipple and pleasured that rosy tit. He smoothed his hand down her side and across her long, trim thigh, cupping her thigh in his big hand, and moving upward to her pussy. He gently brushed her folds through her clothing. She moaned and undulated beneath their hands. “Do you like that, babe?”

“Yes,” she said, her voice a low hiss.

Obviously she liked it very much. She raised her hands to their torsos and caressed them.

Jeff’s cock was hard as a rock, but he had a feeling he’d best not rush things with her.

“Do you want more, hon?” Jeff asked her.

“Yes, I’d love it,” she said.

“Let’s slip your slacks off, babe,” Ry suggested.

“Okay,” she said, sounding aroused.

Ry unfastened her jeans and eased them down her hips and legs. He draped her jeans over the foot of the bed as Jeff eased her panties down and put them aside on the bed. Ry moved back to caress her thigh. He pressed his lips to her folds over her clit with a gentle kiss.

She bucked at Ry’s touches. Jeff knew then she would be so responsive to their lovemaking. He rubbed her belly gently, took her nipple with his mouth and drew strongly on her nipple. She moaned again and tilted her hips upward. Jeff released her nipple and saw that it was puckered and turgid, wet with his kisses. Ry moved his hand between her thighs and Jeff watched him smooth his fingers down, over her mound, and stroke her smooth, bare skin. As Jeff continued to watch, Ry slipped one long thick finger between her folds and along her crack, further down, and stopped.

“Are you okay with this?” Ry asked her.

“Yes, please, more,” she said, her voice sounding needy.

Jeff caressed her breasts and watched Ry slide his fingers up and down her crack before Ry slid a finger slowly inside the opening of her channel. She arched her back and spread her legs wider, obviously wanting more. Ry moved his finger in and out, and lowered his head, licking between her folds and tantalizing her clit.

She gave a little whimper and then cried out, her hips bucking upwards against Ry’s mouth as her orgasm took her. She moaned as her contractions obviously continued with Ry pleasuring her, devouring her folds and clit with his lips and tongue.

Jeff feared he’d explode as he watched them, his cock eager to join in.

“Kiss me, Jeff,” she said, sounding breathless.

Eager to taste her sweet lips and mouth, he licked her lips and then covered them with his own and delved inside her sweet, wet mouth, tangling his tongue with hers as she moaned. She pulled him down closer as she slipped one hand around his side to his back.

Slowly, her body eased. Ry lifted away from her clit and slipped his finger from her channel.

Jeff broke the kiss and searched her face for her feelings.

“You’re amazing, babe,” Ry told her, smiling at her as she looked down and met his gaze.

“You guys are pretty amazing, as well,” she said, looking up at Jeff and smiling at him.

“How about the three of us wash off in the shower?” Jeff asked her, hoping she wouldn’t say no.

“That sounds like a great idea,” she said.

Jeff let out the breath he’d been holding. “Good. Let’s head into my bathroom. We can all three shower together at the same time.”

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