[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, shape-shifters, werewolves, M/M, HEA]
Kimball is smitten with Grayson, but he keeps the man at arm’s length—after all, every time Kimball falls in love, he gets duped. Grayson sends the nurse at the medical center flowers, trying to show his mate that he can be romantic, until he discovers that Kimball is highly allergic to lilies.
Kimball is sent home after a bad reaction, and the invasion of Kimball’s apartment brings out Grayson’s protectiveness. When Kimball discovers his apartment ransacked, it’s Grayson who is at his side. Someone has unlocked the portal between the human realm and Hell, and it’s Kimball who pays the price.
But it’s too late. Creatures from Hell have already emerged, and Dr. Adam Fox is in the thick of it, determined to get his hands on one of the escapees for his experiments.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.
Havoc Unleashed (MM)
45 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Emma Nicole
I dunno...I think it would of been more interesting if Kimball is a cat shifter or something. But for a human to survived that many bad luck/injuries is highly doubtful. Maybe because i work in the medical field that I'm jaded but I found this one truly annoying than anything else. Yep, it would of been more believable if Kimball was a cat shifter...nine lives and all.
Love the wit and humor in this book!!
kealohi heart




After what had happened with Hilton, nonhumans began to worry about becoming ill themselves. “Nah, I’m good. Just stopped by to see if I can take this sexy nurse to lunch.”

Kimball’s eyes widened slightly as he looked from the doctor to Grayson. He handed the files over to Dr. McNeal, but spoke to Grayson. “Never said I would go out with you.”

“But you’re gonna,” Grayson said with confidence. “There’s no use resisting the Force.”

Dr. McNeal chuckled as a slight pink dusting covered Kimball’s cheeks. “I’ll leave you to your quest, Luke Skywalker,” Dr. McNeal said as he sauntered off.

“I have too much work to get done,” Kimball said, dismissing Grayson. “Go play Jedi somewhere else.”

Grayson wasn’t going to be so easily dismissed. Kimball wanted him. He just didn’t know it yet. Grayson would wear down his resistance and have Kimball out of those scrubs in no time.

He leaned even closer, careful that the people in the waiting room couldn’t hear him. “Then who am I going to use my lightsaber on?”

“I—you can—” Kimball glanced around, the pink dusting turning into a scarlet red. “Go away so I can work,” he squeaked.

“You know you want me.” Grayson bounced his eyebrows. “And sooner or later, you’ll give in. We Jedi have our ways.”

“Go. Away,” Kimball snapped. He grabbed a chart and called someone’s name, the dark blush still on his cheeks. A man and his son got up and headed Kimball’s way.

Grayson watched his mate head toward the back of the clinic. He wasn’t so sure anymore that the Kimball was playing hard to get. Was he really not interested? Didn’t Kimball feel the connection between mates? There was no way he didn’t feel the pull. He had to be fighting it.

With Kimball busy, Grayson headed outside. On one of the benches in front of the clinic sat Noah. His arms were stretched over the back of the bench, a smile on his face. “I was told you found your mate. Kinda disappointed you weren’t the one to tell me. I thought we were homies.”

Grayson knocked Noah’s arm away before dropping down beside his friend. “Do I have good game?”

Noah stared bug-eyed at him. “How the hell should I know?”

“You’ve seen me pick up guys. Do I shoot good game at them?”

Noah patted Grayson’s thigh. “You crashed and burned, didn’t you? I wouldn’t worry too much about it. From what I’ve seen and heard about the others who are mated, things don’t always go smoothly in the beginning.”

Kimball was human and probably had no clue about the preternatural world. “I need to send him some flowers.”

“How come you never sent me flowers?” Noah teased.

“I’ll send them to your gravesite if you don’t stop fucking with me.” As Grayson walked away, he heard Noah’s laughter floating behind him. He crossed Main Street to the newly opened floral shop Green Thumb.

As soon as Grayson stepped inside, he inhaled a deep breath. He loved the sweet fragrances. It didn’t hurt that he owned the place. Sebastian had encouraged his pack members to do something constructive with their time, and Grayson had decided a floral shop would be a perfect fit for Desire.

“Can I help you?” Nigel glanced up, then smiled. “Hey, boss.”

Even before the shop had been completed, Sheriff Avery had come to Grayson about hiring Nigel. Grayson was still learning the business, and it was nice to have someone who knew about everything green.

“I need some flowers sent to the clinic.”

A frown puckered between Nigel’s hazel eyes. “Someone you know sick?”

Grayson grinned. “They’re for a hot guy.”

“Friendzies with beenies or your mate?”

“Not friends with benefits,” Grayson said. “He’s my mate. Send him…” Grayson glanced around. He needed the perfect bouquet for Kimball. What would a sexy, stubborn human want? Grayson walked down the row of coolers, staring into each one. He didn’t want to send roses. Everyone did roses. Grayson wanted something different.

He grabbed a glass vase, filled it about a quarter full of water, then went to the cooler. The stargazer lilies were pretty and smelled great.

“Whoa!” Nigel came around the counter. “Tell me you’re not about to shove those into the vase.”

“Why not?”

“I have to trim the stems.” Nigel took the bouquet from Grayson. “Now I see why you hired me.”

Grayson waited as Nigel put some kind of powder in the water, then trimmed the stems at an angle. He set them into the vase. “Needs more.”

“Hook ‘em up,” Grayson said. “I want to wow Kimball.”

“The nurse?” Nigel grinned. “He’s hot.”

Grayson growled. “And taken.”

Nigel rolled his eyes. “He’s still hot.”

“Don’t make me call Nash,” Grayson warned.

Nigel tucked some frilly-looking white flowers throughout the arrangement. “Now they’re ready.”

Grayson had to admit, they were nice. He scribbled on a card and tucked the card in the bouquet. “Now take them to the clinic.”

Standing by the shop window, Grayson watched Nigel take the flowers down the street. He lost sight of his employee when Nigel headed up the sidewalk leading to the clinic door. Not five minutes later Nigel rushed out, looking panicked.

Grayson frowned the entire time until Nigel came back inside the shop. “Well? Did he like them?”

“Um… I think…” Nigel rubbed the back of his neck, his eyes wide. “I think your mate’s allergic to lilies! He started turning red as his eyes grew bigger. He sneezed like a hundred-trillion times as his eyes watered like crazy. The doctor had to rush Kimball to the back!”

Holy crap. Grayson had just tried to kill the little nurse. “Did he look pissed?”

“He looked like he couldn’t breathe.” Nigel waved his arms around. “I’m pretty sure being mad at you will come later. Right now he’s more worried about surviving his allergy attack.”

Hopefully Kimball wouldn’t try to surgically remove Grayson’s balls. “I’m heading over there.”

“Good luck with that mess,” Nigel called out as the door closed behind Grayson. 




Then Grayson rocked his world. With a quick dip of his head, Grayson had taken Kimball’s cock down his throat. He stood there keening as his hips jetted forward, his breath coming out shaky. Kimball curled his toes and held on for the ride.

I think he just sucked my brain out. Grayson had to have because Kimball couldn’t string two thoughts together. He gritted his teeth as the buildup came quick, shooting up his spine, the electrifying sensations coursing through his veins. His balls tightened against his thighs seconds before Kimball cried out Grayson’s name.

His lover drank every last drop of seed, licking his lips as he smiled up at Kimball. “I do love a good appetizer.”

Kimball’s spent cock twitched. He wasn’t sure if he would survive Grayson. He started to lower himself, but Grayson shook his head. “Gonna come deep in your ass, sweetheart.”

Oh. Lord. Kimball had no reply as Grayson swung him toward the bed, pressing his chest into Kimball’s back. “Get comfortable. This is gonna be a fast ride.”

“Lube!” Kimball moved from the bed and scrounged through his duffel. He grabbed the tube and curled his fingers around it. He simply stared at Grayson’s cock, jutting beautifully between his legs. The head was shiny with pre-cum, the hardness slightly throbbing.

Kimball glanced up at Grayson, and for a brief second, the span of time it took to blink, there had been a small reveal of loneliness in his green eyes. He stepped slowly, the tube gripped in his hand. Kimball used his free hand to pull Grayson down by the nape of his neck.

The kiss was slow, passion-filled, an emotion he tried to convey that he knew exactly how Grayson felt. Kimball had no family, one friend, and he hardly talked to Caspian. It was just him and his job, and while most days that was enough, times like this reminded Kimball just how closed-off he was from the world. That was ironic considering he worked with patients every day. But a person could be lonely even in a crowded room.

“I’m ready for that ride,” Kimball whispered against Grayson’s lips. His voice had gone a little throaty, filled up with need.

Grayson moved Kimball to the bed and placed him on his hands and knees. The anticipation of feeling Grayson inside of him, filling him up, stretching him wide had Kimball panting as he waited for his lover’s fingers to slip inside his ass.

And Kimball wasn’t disappointed. The burn alone nearly sent him over the edge. Grayson’s fingers were beefy. Just two did the job. Within seconds Kimball was begging Grayson to get on with it, to fuck him to the point he’d walk funny for week.

Grayson thought that was humorous. Kimball didn’t have enough brainpower to smile. All the blood had pooled to the lower half of his body and he was revved up and ready for that promised ride.

He bit his lower lip when Grayson pulled his fingers away. The anticipation had his heart beating wildly. A tiny, pathetic whimper escaped when Kimball felt Grayson’s cockhead press against his lubed hole. His fingers bunched the bedspread and his toes curled.

Then he gasped. For a second Kimball panicked, afraid he couldn’t take the girth. Then Grayson’s hand slid up his back, his fingers cupping Kimball’s nape. Grayson held him in place, slowly entering him inch by inch.

Kimball bit his lower lip, the pain, the pleasure, the burn. He wiggled his ass, silently begging Grayson to move faster. Grayson’s hand glided down Kimball’s back, then gripped his hip, his lover’s free hand grasping the other side. Grayson’s fingers flexed, pressing into Kimball’s skin before he moved his hips faster, harder.

Kimball’s mind was becoming unglued as he scratched at the bedding, his heart hammering, his body on fire from so much pleasure. He bucked, cried out, and tried to crawl away.

Grayson gave a low, deep chuckle. “Where you running off to?”

Kimball opened his mouth, but all that escaped were noises. He raised his ass higher, pressing his forehead into the mattress. He was close, so damn close. His hard cock bobbed freely with every slam of Grayson’s hips.

Then Grayson pulled Kimball into a kneeling position, sweaty chest lined up with a sweaty back. “Do you accept me as your mate?”

“Yes!” The word came out more like a frustrated whimper than a coherent answer.

Sharp pain radiated at Kimball’s shoulder seconds before his orgasm tore him apart. He wasn’t sure what was happening, either. It felt as if Grayson was deep inside of him, and Kimball wasn’t talking about the man’s dick. He felt closer to Grayson than he’d felt toward anyone in his life, as if he’d known Grayson for just that long. But that was not only impossible, but ridiculous.

Grayson licked at his shoulder, then dropped Kimball back to his hands and knees, pistoning into his ass with feral need.

When Grayson fell toward the bed, Kimball feared his lover would crush him. But Grayson turned them both at the last second, spooning around Kimball as he let out a content sigh. “Mine.” He practically purred that single word as he skimmed his hand down Kimball’s side.

As soon as Kimball was able to talk, able to string two thoughts together, he asked, “What the hell did you bite me for?”

Grayson’s hold tightened as he said, “Let me tell you a little story about mates.”

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