[Ménage and More: Erotic Futuristic Paranormal Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M, werewolves, shape-shifters, bondage, wax play, lactation play, sex toys, HEA for M/F/M]
Nature’s fury has calmed, but Mick has returned to the clan. He is still lusting after Ever, and his place of alpha. He is not, however, welcome. Kris, Chirrot, Liam, and Demetri are melding together perfectly with Ever and the children as their family becomes closer. 
The children are growing in leaps and bounds, and Ever is stunned by how they are maturing. She finds that the one percent of her brain that still thinks as a human is getting her in trouble. This is even more evident when Chirrot’s brother Daniel returns, and her daughter Avia starts asking questions about sex. 
Ever’s use of magic is getting more adventurous and she is becoming stronger. Her natural power is proving to have its good points and also its bad. When the clan is attacked by another from New York, Ever is infuriated and uses her magic to stop it, but this act comes at a cost that she never even imagined. 
Chirrot’s sister is also plotting against them, and her devious acts leave a trail of death in their wake.
A Siren Erotic Romance
One Percent Human (MFMM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Her children were a completely different matter, and how dare Mick say that to her babies? Kris ran up beside her, tentatively taking her arm. “Ever,” he said softly. “Please don’t tear my brother apart. I know you want to. I can feel the heat burning off your skin. He was wrong for what he said. Please back off and let me speak to him about it. If you do it, you are going to kill him.”

She turned to him, taking her eyes off Mick as she flexed her neck and shoulders. Kris smiled and tapped the tip of her nose. “Can you control it, or should I go get a set of chains?”

“They wouldn’t hold me.”

“Probably not.”

“It might be interesting to try anyway. I would like to see you break them. That would be exciting.”

“You’re funny today.” Ever took a deep, cleansing breath. “Did your son mention to you what Mick said to him?”

“No, he ran into the house and said that you were going to kill Uncle Mick. That’s all I needed to hear. What did he say?”

“He told your ten-month-old son that shifters were crafty and evil. Seren saw Chirrot tickling me and was prompted to punch him in the thigh, hard enough to cramp up and bruise the muscle.”

Kris sighed heavily. “Fucking shit. What the hell is his problem? I will go talk to him. Why don’t you leave the children with Liam and Daisy and go have Chirrot find something fun for you to do? See if he can try to teach you to fly again.”

Ever chuckled at the comment. “The first time wasn’t real successful.”

“No, but he said you got caught in a dangerous crosswind, and it wasn’t really your fault.”

“Yeah, standing naked in human form. I almost fell off the mountain.”

“Oh. He left out that part. I guess I was under the impression that you had changed first.”

Drawing her into his arms, he gave her a complete and very sexy kiss. The remaining fury seemed to drain from her body with the simple touch of his lips. Kris’s fingers were like that of a profound artist. His hands stroked the canvas of her skin, as his tongue absorbed her senses with stunning beauty for a brief moment before he pulled back and licked his lips. “Damn you taste good. I’m positive that will set the mood for my upcoming conversation with Mick. I love you. Go play with Chirrot.”

She was better to allow her alpha to handle his brother. For Ever to go head-to-head with Mick in an open forum before the watchful eyes of the other clan members might not be appropriate. She was still kind of sketchy on certain ethical clan rules. “I love you, too. Give him hell.”

“I intend to.” Ever saw a flash of were gold in his beautiful light blue eye.

“I will not have him telling our children shit about their fathers. Now go.”

Ever was suddenly hesitant to leave. Had she infused Kris with her anger? “Don’t get into a physical altercation with him. He is your brother.”

“I know. I just want to talk to him and see what his problem is, as if I didn’t know. We need to get this settled though.”

She nodded, and giving him another quick kiss, she turned and walked away. Seren was in Chirrot’s arms with his face wet with tears. Ever felt horrible for scaring him. She knelt down before them. “Hey, little one.”

“I sorry, Mommy.”

“Don’t be sorry. You did exactly what you needed to do. Daddy Kris knows how to calm Mommy down and that is why Chirrot asked you to get him. Mommy was pretty angry about what Uncle Mick said, but that is not your fault. You didn’t know that Mick lied to you.”

“Why did he do that?”

“Uncle Mick has some problems with things that happened in the past. I’m just sorry that he got you in the middle. Did he tell you anything else, or tell your siblings anything, for that matter?”

He was staring over her shoulder and his eyes suddenly grew wider. “Daddy Kris is turning.”




Ever was a little put out that he didn’t even want to stay and watch. That was completely unlike Demetri. She turned and wiggled her ass toward Kris. “You in or out?”

He shrugged. “I’m in. Clip me, baby.”

“Wait,” interjected Liam. He walked to his clothing box and dug through it again, coming out with another cardboard box. He handed it to Ever. “This will make it even more interesting. One for each man on each nipple.”

“Thanks, Liam,” said Kris in sarcasm. “You really didn’t need to add more playthings to her repertoire.”

“Sorry bro. At least these don’t pinch.”

Ever removed one from the box, examining it. She stuck it on her hand and pushed the end to pump it up. It tugged oddly on her skin, but didn’t exactly hurt. She pushed the tiny button at the bottom and grinned. It had tiny fingers inside that vibrated nicely like little tentacles against her skin. Ever shut it off and released it. She turned back to Chirrot and flexed her eyebrows. He chuckled at her and turned so she could easily reach his breast. She leaned and licked it, sticking the suction cup on and pumping it up. He groaned as his nipple was pulled into the small tube. “Enough please.”

She stopped and hit the button, turning it on. He rolled his eyes back in his head, his mouth opening. “Holy shit. Do Kris. I’m holding back, but it’s becoming more difficult. I know how much you like to watch me change.” He unzipped his jeans and removed them.

She turned and Kris was naked. She coerced his nipple into a hard state. Ever put the sucker on first, pumping it and hitting the switch. He groaned softly and then she clipped the ring to the other nipple. Kris jumped as if she had given him in an electrical shock, but he made no attempt to take it off. She leaned and gave him a sweet kiss and then turned her eyes back to Chirrot. “Wow me, Baby.”

He shivered, closing his eyes as he allowed the sensation to take over his mind. He had been holding it back, but it came easily as he let his arousal flow through his flesh. Ever watched as Kris drew her into his chest, his arms around her. The vibrating sucker on his nipple was buzzing against her skin, but didn’t distract her from the sight before her. Chirrot’s muscular frame widened and morphed, his chest and arms becoming massive as his thighs and calves expanded. His face changed slightly, his jaw broader and more muscled. He smiled at her, his mouth still enticing as hell. For a moment, she compared him to Daniel. The boy really needed to spend more time in the gym if he hoped to compete with Chirrot. Chirrot was faultless everywhere, not a single place on his body that wasn’t perfectly, overly muscled.

“Happy, sweets?” he asked in the dark voice that was Thor. He could turn her on just by talking to her when he was like this. “Where would you like me?”

“On the bed. I want to ride you.”

 Shaking his head, he laid down on the bed. Ever hopped up onto the mattress, folding her body in half to kiss him without actually touching him. His mouth consumed her, spicy and intoxicating as his tongue swirled with hers, their lips crushed together. A hand cracked her ass and she was jarred slightly forward. She wasn’t sure who was doing what, but one man pushed against the back of her knees to force her to bend them and the other grabbed her ass cheeks, guiding her over Chirrot’s rock hard cock. Her inner flesh was still inflamed from earlier activities and Ever gasped, throwing back her head as she inhaled. Chirrot’s dick was so hard and so filling. The initial contact of her extremely wet pussy was overwhelming, her cunt flaming to life as it grasped the now shivering shaft. Chirrot’s muscles began their centipede-like run, rolling and flexing within her in the most exhilarating way.

The feel of cool oil being drizzled down the crack of her ass was a momentary distraction. Kris rubbed his dick into the crack, spreading the oil over his skin before he slowly inserted it into her anus. The combination of the two men in this order was a completely new experience. Kris was known for preferring her pussy, and Chirrot was easygoing on any terms as long as he was involved.

Ever was consumed by the feel of them, Chirrot’s cock moving and flexing as Kris’s dick tightened the inner connection even more.

“Holy shit,” commented Liam, who had taken a spot on the corner of the bed to watch.

“Holy shit, what, Liam?” asked Kris.

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