A Cajun's Christmas (MM)

Rock Bottom Boys 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 23,996
31 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Consensual BDSM Romance, M/M, werewolves, public exhibition, sex toys, HEA]

The Cajun’s first Christmas with his mate is filled with the promise of many things. Chief among them is a key for Evan St. Germaine’s house and a collar for Gideon Green. Their relationship has progressed far enough that they both feel like the most important people in their lives should come together at a special party for both the French Quarter Brats and Evan’s wolf pack. It is promised to be a very eventful party, and Gideon and Evan are hopeful for a wonderful time.

However, tensions arise as the party begins and outside influences cause the partygoers to fall under a spell designed to make them behave cruelly toward one another. Hateful words are exchanged, and Gideon leaves the house to escape the conversation. Little does he know that old friends are waiting for him and an unexpected Christmas intervention will make the celebration a bit more exciting than the couple originally planned.

NOTE! This is a holiday book featuring the characters from Pet du Cajun and is not stand-alone.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Jana Downs is a Siren-exclusive author.

A Cajun's Christmas (MM)
31 Ratings (4.5)

A Cajun's Christmas (MM)

Rock Bottom Boys 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 23,996
31 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Sloan Winters
Jana Downs was the first author I read in this genre. I loved her books and will read anything she writes.
Professional Reviews

"In a cute and unexpectedly dramatic continuation of Gideon and Evan's story, I didn’t just get to see the newly mated couple again, I also got a wonderful insight into their relationship now that they've been going for a while, their friends, and some pack problems that both Evan and Gideon are going to have to deal with. The story starts a little idyllic (and a lot hot) with Gideon and Evan getting ready for Christmas, but quickly changes into dramatic chaos, posing and posturing from a multitude of paranormals, and a delightful explanation for everything that happened. Gideon , former homeless rent boy, may have mated Evan, become a werewolf when he was bitten, and be practically living at the Cajun King's big mansion, but his insecurities have only retreated about skin deep. There are a few things he really wants, but hasn’t received, and while he looks forward to having a big party with both his friends and Evan's pack members, he is also scared of embarrassing himself and not being accepted. The surprises in store for him not just from the two groups of friends but also from some unexpected outsiders were very entertaining. Evan was the big surprise for me. I didn’t get to see his point of view in 'Pet du Cajun', so I loved peeking inside his head in this second story. He is as insecure about some things as Gideon, and the interplay with his pack was fun as well as enlightening. With his thoughts now out in the open I have to say, I like him a lot more. He handles himself pretty well, for a big, bad Dominant, and his love for Gideon is as deep as I'd hoped. His unwilling promotion was hilarious, and the way he handles the interlopers (and especially the kid) made me smile. If you liked the first book, you will probably love this continuation (but you should read them in order). If you want to find out what Gideon and Evan are up to, if you prefer your Christmas parties to be a little on the chaotic side, and if you're looking for a read that is funny, suspenseful, and very hot, the you will probably like this novella." -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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Gideon was nervous. It was obvious by the set of his shoulders and the way his fists kept clenching every time a car drove down the street. Now that the busy work was done, his pet was feeling the pressure of the evening even though he had nothing to be afraid of. Evan’s friends didn’t bite…hard. He would never let them bite Gideon anyway. Their plane had been delayed, and Triston had called them from the airport to let them know that they would be a little late. So his pet had redone some of the decorations and reshuffled the napkins half a dozen times.

“Pet, what is it going to take for you to relax?” Evan asked evenly from his place on the tan sectional in the living room. He wasn’t sure even he could get Gideon to calm down. As much as he wanted to believe in his powers as a Dom, Gideon’s anxiety was especially high tonight. He’d dropped two plates in the kitchen while he had been setting up the buffet table earlier. His poor pet had nearly cried both times.

“I don’t know, Evan,” Gideon snapped. “I wish we weren’t doing this at all, but I wasn’t given any choice.”

Annoyance flickered through Evan’s mind. Gideon was taking out his frustrations and anxieties on the Cajun. It wasn’t logical, but it was the only outlet Gideon felt safe using. It showed his progress in their relationship that he was all right snapping at Evan at all. However, good pets did not get to snap at their Masters for no reason.

“Get on your knees, Gideon.” The command was velvet over steel. Gideon rounded on him, his brown eyes wide with disbelief, rebellion, and no small amount of desire.


“You aren’t deaf, pet. Get. On. Your. Knees.”

Gideon shook his head then backed up. “No. My clothes will get dirty, and they’re supposed to be here any minute.”

“My friends will let themselves in. Your friends won’t be here for another hour and half. Do as I say.” This was the first real rebellion Gideon had ever given him. It was a little intoxicating. He searched Gideon’s face. What did the boy want? Did he want gentle coaxing or rough force? Evan smirked internally. His Gideon always wanted rough. He may not have been into pain, but he enjoyed when Evan held him down, took control, made him want something that Gideon had never considered or never desired.

Gideon’s lip curled backward. “No.”

“No? You’re being a bad pet, Gideon.” Evan thickened his voice with displeasure. “Bad pets aren’t allowed in the house. Should I send you back outside?”

Gideon’s eyes widened, and his expression transformed from rebellious to fearful. “No. No, Master, please.” The honorific was unexpected, as was the reaction to his words. The younger man all but threw himself to Evan’s feet before pressing himself firmly against Evan’s legs as they rested against the couch.

Evan reached out and stroked back Gideon’s auburn hair. “Gideon, Gideon, come back to me. I won’t send you back out to the streets. I was just going to make you sit in the garden, beautiful boy. Shh, come here.” The Cajun all but hauled Gideon into his arms then scattered kisses along his jaw and neck. “Gideon, you’re my pet. I wouldn’t abandon my pet anywhere.”

Eventually, Gideon seemed to relax, sagging against him as the tension drained. “Evan?” Gideon whispered.

“Yes, pet?”

“I want to have my punishment now. I’m calm.”

Evan couldn’t help but chuckle at that. Those who played deeply in the lifestyle might have considered Gideon ill trained for such a comment. Giving one’s Dom permission to continue the scene was highly unusual unless a safe word was issued. What they wouldn’t see was that Gideon had safe worded and he hadn’t said a thing. Evan had stumbled across a trigger for a bad memory and was dealing with it appropriately.

“Sucking my cock is never a punishment,” Evan teased, rubbing the back of Gideon’s neck before he shimmied off Evan’s lap.

“Sucking your cock as your friends walk in?”

“Not a punishment so much as a display and a way to get you in the correct state of mind. All my friends are men like myself, men who want pets of their own and to have a close-knit pack. What better way to make sure you stay in the mindset of my pet than to show them how you behave for me?” Evan asked. His voice had gotten husky as the words flowed out. Evan wasn’t normally an exhibitionist, but the idea of showing off Gideon’s skills and finally claiming him in front of those he deemed important was doing amazing things for his libido.

Gideon shivered and unbuckled Evan’s belt. “Won’t that make a bad first impression?”

“Hmm, not at all. Does it turn you on?”

“Yes,” Gideon whispered. It was the sexiest admission that Evan could remember hearing.

“Then suck me, Gideon. Concentrate on nothing but my pleasure.”




“Problems, pet?” Evan asked, amusement lacing his voice. The King enjoyed playing Gideon like a harp.

“No, Evan. I’m fine.” He crawled on his lap, his dick rubbing against Evan’s thigh as he got into position.

“Shall I reward your decorating skills?” Evan asked, reaching out and fondling the tight globes of his testicles.

Gideon jerked. “If it pleases you.” His head swam as Evan’s demeanor changed and away went the considerate lover and in slid the sexy Dominant man who thrived on control.

“It does.” The edge of cruelty in his voice just made Gideon hot. Torture me. Torment me. Let me please you. “You may rub against me until you come, but you may not use your hands. If you do as you’re told and come on command, I’ll even let you suck me after.”

Feeling generous, my King? The wry thought was out of place considering what he was asking Gid to do. Gideon blinked, his cheeks heating at the thought. The idea of humping against Evan’s slack-clad leg until he came was embarrassing, but that was part of the charm, wasn’t it? Without saying a word, he began to grind. The steady buzz inside his ass just ratcheted up the intensity, and he was almost instantly smearing pre-cum against the material. He wrapped his arms around his Evan and buried his face in the shelter of his shoulder as the pleasure of doing as he was told took him closer to the edge of orgasm. Would it always be like this, even after Gideon started living here? He wasn’t sure, but he had hope.

“That’s it, pet. Give me everything,” Evan commanded, the low rumble of his voice causing Gideon to move faster. He loved this, loved Evan. He was already close, too close. He wouldn’t last another five minutes.

“Evan,” Gideon whispered, kissing the shoulder he was tucked against. Was it a plea for mercy? He wasn’t quite sure.

“Only when I tell you, Gideon.” The stern tone and Gideon’s given name told the boy that Evan was deadly serious. If he came, he would disappoint the Cajun. Gideon’s heart started to pound at the thought. It was the last thing he wanted. “Be my good pet.” I will. I promise. I’ll be your good pet forever. His sac was so tight that he knew it wasn’t going to be long before it was all over. Panic set in. He needed to be good.

“You’re so beautiful, pet. So very beautiful.” The praise did not help. “You’ve done so well, Gideon. A moment longer for me.”

“Yes, Evan.”

Evan reached down to Gideon’s ass and took hold of the plug. Gideon made a noise of protest. If he moved that at all, it would be all over.

“Problems?” Evan asked, amusement and no small amount of desire saturating his voice.

Gideon whimpered. “Evan, please don’t. I’m gonna come.” Evan, of course, did it anyway, fucking him with the piece of plastic as it played havoc with his nerve endings.

The Cajun kissed Gideon’s temple. “You asked for help, pet. That’s a good boy. You may come.” He sped up the thrusts of the phallus inside him, and Gideon saw bursts of colors behind his eyelids. His cock pulsed against the material of the slacks and the warmth of Evan’s thigh underneath. One particularly deep jab from Evan’s vibrating torture device sent Gideon plummeting, groaning his release as his dick shot its pleasure all over Evan’s thighs and crotch. His head swam as he spiraled downward from his peak, panting heavily as Evan slowed down the vibration before it finally stopped.

“I’m proud of you for asking for help, pet.”

Gideon’s chest tightened at the words. “I love you,” he whispered, licking his suddenly dry lips. Evan still didn’t say it as often as Gideon did, but he felt like the Cajun didn’t give his love or admit it easily. That was okay, though. He’d love him enough for both of them. “May I still suck you?” His speech had gotten more proper as their relationship had progressed. It was almost habit for Gideon to correct himself now since it was one of Evan’s pet peeves.

Evan nodded, that distinctly bemused expression still on his face. “You may. Sit up for a second so I can pull my pants off.” He unbuttoned the top button and let the loose slacks fall to a puddle at his feet. He hadn’t bothered with a shirt while they’d decorated, so he was at last as naked as Gideon was. Gideon slid off the couch as Evan sat back down, kneeling on the cum-stained pants as he came between Evan’s thighs.

Evan brushed the hair out of Gideon’s eyes. He needed a haircut. “You’ll take them to the cleaners tomorrow and tell Mr. Kasey exactly what happened to them.”

Gideon whimpered at the thought. Mr. Kasey may have been one of Evan’s good friends and a man who shared his predilections, but still…It made him hot when Evan dealt out just a little “punishment” in public. Gideon didn’t understand his excitement, but he knew that he got a thrill from Evan’s punishment. No matter that he would be a blushing, stammering mess. Afterward he’d be hard enough to fuck through wood. Just the thought had his already-spent cock stirring in interest.

“Suck, Gideon. Don’t stare at it all day,” Evan rumbled, fisting Gideon’s hair and tugging a little. The words brought Gideon back into focus, and he let out an appreciative sigh at the Cajun’s thick arousal. He opened his lips and sucked the head into his mouth, groaning as the taste of Evan hit his tongue. Evan let him run his tongue around the crown, trace the underside with it, but he knew that Evan wouldn’t allow him his freedom long. Fuck my mouth. The internal begging did nothing to ease the ache of want. Come on, Evan. Please, give me what I need.

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