A Touch of Sin (MFMM)

Sin Hospital 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,524
16 Ratings (4.8)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, HEA]
ICU nurse Savannah Patterson has no problem dating three men at the same time. She begins a whirlwind romance with her high school boyfriend Jimmie James, the preacher’s son, as well as respiratory therapist Noah Kirkland. When Dr. Ethan Drake comes into the mix, he brings the added excitement of BDSM play to their dynamic.
Noah and Jimmie both have had a thing for Savannah since grade school, but Savannah never dated anyone for more than a few weeks. Once Ethan comes into the picture, they have no problems sharing her with him. Ethan is only too happy to share her, as he’s had secret fantasies of doing just that for years.
Jimmie’s relationship with his father has never been a solid one. When Jimmie has a breakthrough and remembers the details surrounding his mother’s death seventeen years ago, he realizes his own father was involved. The four are now in more danger than they bargained for.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Tara Rose is a Siren-exclusive author.
A Touch of Sin (MFMM)
16 Ratings (4.8)

A Touch of Sin (MFMM)

Sin Hospital 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,524
16 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
5 Stars!!! I love this series. Tara keeps writing such good books. I love how they all had to learn to work together for their woman!
Loving this new series, and the characters and town of Sin! Can't wait to see what happens next!
Professional Reviews

5 STARS: "Savannah Patterson works as an ICU nurse in her hometown. She begins dating three men, starting with rekindling a romance with her high school boyfriend Jimmie James, who also happens to be the preacher's son. Noah Kirkland, a respiratory therapist at the hospital, has had a thing for Savannah since grade school. When Noah and Jimmie share Savannah, things certainly begin to heat up. Savannah seems to be very popular these days. Dr. Ethan Drake has had secret fantasies about dominating Savannah and showing her how giving him her submission will be exciting for both of them. He has no problem sharing her with Noah and Jimmie; just check that off as another one of his fantasies. As this unusual group of people embark on a thrill ride of sex and submission they soon find themselves in danger they never could have anticipated. This is book two in the Sin Hospital Series by Tara Rose. Savannah is a likeable character; she works at a hospital and has quite the exciting love life these days. Not one, but three hunky guys in her life want to date her and not just date her but also share her. Savannah is game if they are. They start as a wild and crazy fantasy, but before they all realize it their wild time turns into a sweet and loving relationship. I like how the men formed a bond with each other as they came up with creative ways to keep Savannah interested. The people of their hometown look down their noses at their lifestyle, which makes it difficult for them to decide if they want to continue the family they seem to have created or if they want go their separate ways and look for a "normal" relationship. The sex scenes were well written and really steamy. When the sex is written well, I always enjoy a good ménage story and this book certainly fits the bill. There are some twist, turns, and surprises for these characters, which can either make their relationship stronger or leave them devastated. This was my first read from this author and I won't be my last. Nice job, Tara Rose." -- Jennifer Smaldone Bosco, The Romance Reviews

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Savannah sat cross-legged on the bed with a pillow in her lap, eating her sandwich. “This is good. Thank you for making them.”

Ethan grinned. “You’re welcome, although they’re a far cry from the food at Stock Yard.”

“Well, we can’t have that every day. I like this. All of us together like this, I mean.”

“So do I.”

She remembered what he’d said at dinner Friday, and realized it hadn’t been a joke. He really hadn’t minded watching Noah and Jimmie spank her or make love to her. In fact, it had turned him on. But what did Jimmie and Noah think of this?

“So, what do you all want to do the rest of the day?” she asked. “Or, are you kicking me out of here?”

“Are you out of your mind?” asked Noah. “We’re not done with you. Not even close.”

Ethan grinned in Noah’s direction like he was proud of him, but poor Jimmie looked conflicted. Savannah put down her sandwich. “Are you okay? What can we do?”

“Change my birth parents?”

“Oh Jimmie…” She didn’t know what to say.

“They’re not here right now,” said Ethan, quietly.

“I know that. And just so you know, my mother is dead. She passed when I was fifteen.”

Ethan looked like someone had punched him in the gut. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t know.”

“You couldn’t have.” He cut his gaze toward Savannah for a second. “I’m sure it didn’t come up in conversation yet.”

“It didn’t,” she said. Jimmie was descending into the black hole again, and she was desperate to pull him away from it. “What’s going on with your father? Did something else happen?”

He held up his cell phone then handed it to her. “I found this when you went to use the bathroom after Noah and Ethan woke us up.”

She stared at the text message from Pastor Bobby James to his son, complete with a picture that lord-know-who had snapped. They had caught her, Jimmie, Noah, and Ethan coming out of the theater in Murfreesboro. Jimmie had his arm over her shoulder, she was holding Noah’s hand on the other side, and Ethan had leaned over to whisper something in her ear. She was smiling, and it sure as shit looked like she’d just been fucking all three men, or at least was thinking about doing it.

“Who took this?”

Noah and Ethan crowded close to look at the text and accompanying picture.

“I don’t know. He doesn’t say. Read the text.” Jimmie sounded utterly defeated, and she hated that for him.

She read the text, even though she already knew it wouldn’t be pretty or kind.

I know who this Jezebel is. You’re turning toward sin again, Jimmie. I thought it would help when you came back home but I can see you haven’t changed. I’m so disappointed.

Savannah took a deep breath so she wouldn’t cry in front of them. Her parents had once told her that Bobby James was the most un-Christian-like pastor they’d ever known. They both had actually started attending the Lost Bridge Road Church of Christ when she was in grade school, even though they’d been raised as die-hard Baptists, because they couldn’t stand Jimmie’s father.

But this…this was completely uncalled for. It was one thing to scare the hell out of your congregation twice a week. It was quite another to attack your own son and the woman he was going out with for no reason other than you happened not to believe in sex outside of marriage.

She handed Jimmie back his phone and slid off the bed, wiping her eyes as she went. That text had just ruined the best day of her life. And it had pretty much guaranteed Jimmie would not be repeating this, with or without Noah and Ethan around.

She used the same guest bathroom upstairs she had earlier, rather than Ethan’s master bath. She needed to be alone for a spell and get this out of her system before facing them again. She wasn’t a Jezebel. She wasn’t. Wanting to have sex didn’t make her a horrible person. Enjoying a fun romp in bed on a Tuesday afternoon with three men she happened to like a lot—love even, at least in Jimmie’s case—didn’t make her a slut.

She liked to have fun. That wasn’t wrong. And what had happened this afternoon with Ethan, Noah, and Jimmie wasn’t wrong, either. No one could convince her that it was. Never. She’d take that conviction to her grave.

Savannah heard their voices in the hallway, and then a soft knock on the door. “Are you okay?” asked Ethan.

“Yes. I’ll be out in a minute, okay?”

“Okay, sweetheart.”

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Sweetheart. She didn’t deserve that title. Not from any of them. She couldn’t even commit to one man. She’d never been able to. But that wasn’t because she’d played them or wanted to hurt them. Commitment was a scary thing. It was permanent. Forever. Until you died. And that freaked her out.

Not because her parents had a terrible marriage, like Noah’s. Or because one of them had died when she was a teen from a questionable home accident, like Jimmie had endured and was still dealing with. It freaked her out because nothing lasted forever. Her nursing career had taught her that.

One minute you were fine, and the next a car came out of nowhere, t-boned you, and you were a vegetable, clinging to life from a series of tubes and machines. She’d taken care of so many people who died without rhyme or reason that she had decided a long time ago to live her life to the fullest, each and every day. Because every one of those days was a precious gift, and she wanted to cram as much as she could into each one. It could end in a snap. And she wanted no regrets, even if she lived to be ninety.

Her Aunt Ruthie had beaten cancer three times, and she never worried what others thought of her. She lived her life and was happy. She didn’t hurt anyone, and she always had smile for everyone. That’s who Savannah looked up to. She always had. And if that made her a Jezebel, then she simply didn’t know what the hell she was on this planet for.




She straddled him and then lowered her pussy over his cock, moaning the entire time. He grasped her hips and ground her against him, pushing up into her completely. It felt so fucking good she could barely stand it. Each thrust massaged her clit, and she knew she was going to come again. When the noise of an approaching car reached her ears, she didn’t give a shit. Let them look.

Jimmie only stopped moving when headlight beams swept over them. Savannah glanced toward the driveway and watched Noah’s SUV pull in. She caught sight of two people in the front seat.

Noah and Ethan were home.


* * * *


“Should we stop?” asked Jimmie.

Savannah grinned, and then she kissed him, shoving her tongue into his mouth. He groaned and resumed fucking her, more urgently now. She heard the men walk out onto the porch, and she caught the sound of at least one of them moaning before strong hands pulled her hair, forcing her head back.

Ethan gazed down at her with fire in his eyes. “You should have waited for us. Now you’re stuck out here, and all three of us are going to fuck you silly at the same time. And I don’t care who sees it happen.”

She shivered as he unzipped his jeans and took out his dick. With Jimmie still fucking her, Ethan grasped her head and told her to suck him dry. She took his cock into her mouth, and made satisfied noises in the back of her throat as both men fucked her mercilessly. He tasted salty and musky, and she loved the combination of velvety softness plus his thick veins grazing the inside of her mouth.

She relaxed her throat muscles because he pushed it in far tonight, and that was fine with her. He was in control, and he was taking what he wanted from her. Shivers ran up and down her spine. She’d never down anything this raw, and certainly not in public. Another climax overtook her before she could even process the sensations.

Ethan pulled out, and then Noah took his place, fucking her mouth roughly. She was used to Noah now. He was always more urgent and rougher than either Jimmie or Ethan, but she loved that about him. The way he was already ready for her and wanted her so badly made her feel alive and sexy.

She was dimly aware that Ethan had gone into the house when Jimmie asked if they could switch places. She climbed off him and then Noah stood her up. He lay down on the sofa and she straddled him, sheathing his dick with her swollen pussy. Jimmie pulled the chair over and took a seat, and then he pushed his dick into her mouth.

She heard Ethan come outside again. “Perfect,” he said. “Just perfect. Stay that way.”

“She is perfect,” said Noah. “Fucking beautiful and fucking perfect. Oh, God you feel so damn good, baby.” He brushed his hands up and down her back, sending shivers down her spine once again.

Behind her, she heard Ethan put on a condom, and then a warm, wet finger slid into her ass. Her moans grew louder when she realized what he intended to do. She was so excited now she couldn’t stand it. Noah stopped thrusting until Ethan slid his dick inside her ass, and Jimmie withdrew for a moment to ask her she was okay.

“Yes. Perfection. Don’t stop. Please. I want this.”

Jimmie put his dick back into her mouth, and then Ethan and Noah each started thrusting. There was a considerable amount of awkwardness until they got the rhythm down, but once they timed it right, Savannah could only whimper as wave after delicious wave coursed through her. She’d never felt anything so quintessentially pure.

This was where she was meant to be. Right here, right now, with these three men.

“God this is incredible,” said Noah.

“Yes, it is,” said Ethan.

Jimmie pulled out of her mouth. “That is so fucking hot to watch.”

They all laughed because Jimmie rarely swore.

“Can we each take a turn? I mean, you know. In each place?”

“Of course,” said Ethan. He withdrew and took off his condom, and then tossed an unopened one at Jimmie. “Use more lube first, too. We don’t want to hurt her.”

Savannah blinked back tears at his words. That was another thing she loved about all three men. As rough as they sometimes were in their need for her, they were also careful to make sure she wasn’t hurt, and that she was having a good time.

Jimmie stood and moved behind her, and Ethan took his place on the chair. He grasped her head in both hands and kissed her, hard and rough. Noah moaned and then began to thrust again while Jimmie filled her asshole with more lube, put on a condom, and slid his cock into her ass.

Jimmie groaned loudly and then let out a shout she was sure they’d hear downtown. The three thrust in and out of her slowly, and then quickly, and then slowing down again. She simply tried to keep breathing and not pass out from the desire racing through her.

Ethan and Jimmie both withdrew, helped her stand, and then Noah kissed her deeply. “My turn to fuck your ass, beautiful.”

Ethan lay down on the sofa and Savannah climbed on, sheathing his dick. Her pussy was sore, but she didn’t care. She wanted this and wasn’t even close to being ready to stop. He kissed her, and when he released the kiss she licked his neck and his chest, circling her tongue around his nipples which forced loud moans from him.

Jimmie grasped her head, turned it toward him, and shoved his cock into her mouth. Behind her, Noah filled her asshole with more lube, put on a condom, and then plunged his dick into her ass.

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