[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Cowboy Romance, M/M, light consensual BDSM, spanking, sounding, sex toys, HEA]
Ryan Timmons has lost every job and relationship because of his klutziness. He reached a new low when his father had to call in a favor for him to work at the Crazy Angle Ranch.
Callum Leeman refuses to be topped from the bottom and breaks up with his boyfriend. Within five minutes of meeting Ryan, the man manages to trash two rooms, yet Callum is intrigued.
A dying horse is dumped on Crazy Angle land and veterinarian Callum is shocked by what its injuries imply. When Callum’s fears are confirmed, it is Ryan’s ingenuity that saves the day and many horses.
This story includes saving a man’s life, the conclusion of a woman we all love to hate, and Callum’s ex-boyfriend, whose words of acid have a devastated Ryan walking away from love. Never fear, fathers are here to save the day.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Bellann Summer is a Siren-exclusive author.
Callum's Love (MM)
49 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Just like people, once in a while, horses have disagreements among themselves. This is especially true when one of the horses goes into heat. Bloodshed is rare, but when the said horse weighs two thousand pounds, sometimes things happen.

Currently, Callum was stitching up a mare’s leg that had come out on the wrong end of a pair of sharp teeth. During breakfast, Callum had received a call from one of the part-time hands about the small ruckus, a breakfast that had already been an adventure thanks to his cutie having a bad day in the accident department.

Callum put the last stitch in the wound and applied some antibacterial medication to it. Callum had the mare tied up to a ring in one of the empty stalls near the back of the barn. It was quiet and offered quite a bit of privacy. Unless you were looking for him, the chances of seeing him back there weren’t very good. This privacy fit his plans perfectly.

A noise from the front of the barn had Callum glancing up. Graham was making his way down the wide barn aisle, stopping to check on different horses that hadn’t been let out of their stalls yet.

By the time Callum had everything cleaned up, Graham was entering the stall Callum was working in. Graham and Tyler hadn’t been at breakfast table this morning. When Callum had asked where they were, Elliot had explained that they had gone to pick up Tyler’s father at the airport. Graham still wore a pair of pressed jeans and a fancy blue-and-white checked shirt. He also had on his dress cowboy hat and boots.

“That doesn’t look too bad,” Graham commented, his gaze on the horse’s newly stitched skin.

“No, just a little tiff between the girls. Patsy will be her easygoing self in a few weeks,” he replied. Callum saw surprise cover his boss’s face, and then the man covered his laughter with a snort and a cough. Callum kept his face neutral.

Graham started petting Patsy and slipped her a bit of carrot from his pocket.

“Callum?” Graham looked over at him.


“Do you mind telling me why my office assistant is tied up in the corner of the stall wearing a ball gag?”

“Have you been in the house yet?” Callum asked.

“No, I thought I’d let Tyler have some alone time with his dad. The guy looks a little off. Tyler’s convinced he was doing more than vacationing in Florida. Why, what happened in the house?” Graham asked.

“One tipped over a glass of orange juice that landed in Trace’s lap. One glass of water soaked Steve’s shirt. Oh, by the way, Steve is back, and Stan is letting everyone within hearing know how much he hates it that Steve’s working at the Crazy Angle,” Callum warned, and then continued. “Elliot’s tray full of pancakes ended up in pieces all over the kitchen floor. The pancakes weren’t salvageable, and Stan is threatening to file a complaint officially with you against me.”

“Okay.” Graham drew that one word out to three syllables. “What did you do to Stan?”

“Stan is wearing a neon green feather boa today. We both know how over the top he gets when Steve is around. You’d think being brothers they would get along,” Callum observed. “Anyway, he was walking around the kitchen and it was dragging on the floor. Ryan accidently stepped on the end, and it pulled tight, choking Stan. Elliot was carrying the tray of pancakes and tripped over the tight boa.”

“Is Elliot okay?” Graham asked. Callum could see he was trying hard not to laugh.

“Sure, although he told Stan what he thought about the boa. But Stan was too busy trying to get his breath back from being choked by that damn boa and accusing Ryan of trying to kill him,” Callum continued to explain. This time Graham definitely snorted. But Callum wasn’t finished telling the story. “When everyone calmed down enough to sit at the table and eat what remained of breakfast, Stan kept sputtering about Steve and Ryan and his ripped-up damn boa. Ryan got so nervous, within a few minutes the floor around his chair was littered with silverware and napkins. He then moved on to wiping out the glasses of water and juice.”

“I can feel the finale coming. What happened?” Graham asked. His shoulders were definitely shaking.

“Stan started sniping at Ryan. So I calmly, with my hand around his throat and his pink cowboy-booted feet dangling in the air, told him to shut up.” Callum shrugged his shoulders. “When Adam finally convinced me to let Stan breathe again, I decided to bring Ryan out here to find his center while I stitch up the horse.”

Patsy breathing hard through her nose as she nibbled on some hay was the only sound that could be heard as Graham and Callum looked at each other. In unison, they both broke out laughing.

Callum had to wipe tears from his eyes by the time he finished laughing. He saw that Graham was doing the same. A low growl from the corner caught his attention.

“I’d keep quiet over there, cutie. I can turn you over and redden your ass again if you think you need it,” he offered. He was generous that way.

“I’m going to take Patsy out to the side corral,” Graham said while untying the horse. “I’ll leave you two alone.”




A sapphire blue gaze locked on to Ryan. “Yes?”

“Can we do it again?” he asked. A growl sounded, and Ryan looked down at his stomach in surprise.

Callum laughed and said, “Let’s get cleaned up first. Then we can see if Elliot left us anything in the refrigerator. Otherwise, we’ll have to go up to the big house and find something. I’m starving, and it sounds like you are, too.”

Ryan couldn’t help pouting a little. He didn’t want Callum’s cock to leave his body. He thought about squeezing his ass muscles to see if he could get a reaction out of his lover, but remembered Callum’s remark about topping from the bottom.

“Good boy, if you had tried it, you’d be across my lap right now receiving your first spanking from me,” Callum said.

Frowning, Ryan asked, “How did you know what I was thinking?”

“Cutie, you have one of the most expressive faces I’ve ever seen,” Callum said, and pulled his cock from Ryan’s body.

Ryan didn’t like the empty feeling. Fingers lifted his chin until he was looking at Callum.

“It’s too soon in our relationship, but when the time is right I’ll fill you with a plug to keep you full. If we ever get to the point of not using condoms, maybe I’ll keep you full of my cum by making you wear a plug all day. That is after I’ve made you cry out my name more than once in the morning.”

Ryan’s dick filled, and he reached down. Before he could touch himself, Callum grabbed his hand and pulled him off the bed. Not given any other choice, Ryan followed Callum to the adjacent bathroom.

Years ago, an old boyfriend had taken Ryan to a real estate open house. The mansion they had toured was listed at well over a million dollars. The bathroom that Callum just pulled him into was equivalent in luxury as any bathroom Ryan had seen in that mansion.

Looking at the floor of the bathroom and walls of the walk-in shower, in his mind Ryan could hear the realtor describing them as honed travertine tile. It looked like the same stuff to Ryan. Just before Callum opened the frameless shower door and pulled him into the large cubicle, he caught a glimpse of a fireplace set into a stone wall above a huge garden bathtub.

Everything was in shades of tans, browns, and grays. For Ryan, it was warm and had a homey feel. If Callum would let him, some evening he would love to try out that tub by filling it with bubbles and having only the fire’s glow lighting the room.

“Callum this room is incredible,” he exclaimed, wonder evident in his voice.

“Thank you,” Callum answered. “Graham lets his full-time employees fix up our rooms any way we want. I chose to center my attention to the bathroom. Some days the thought of relaxing in here is the only thing that gets me through them.”

“It’s your oasis,” Ryan concluded. He smiled up at the handsome man who worked so hard.

“Exactly.” Callum smiled back and dropped a kiss on Ryan’s lips.

Callum touched an electronic panel on the wall, and water came out of small holes in the ceiling. There was a hand-held showerhead on one wall and fixed heads spraying water at them from the other walls.

Another touch and a small door slid up, revealing soap. Callum proceeded to soap Ryan’s body from his head to his toes. He was fast and efficient, no doubt thinking about getting something to eat. But Ryan had other ideas, all in the name of cleaning his man, of course. Ryan took the soap from Callum’s big hand and thoroughly enjoyed running his palms over Callum’s muscles. Of course, he zeroed in on one of his most favorite places on Callum’s body.

The soap made Ryan’s fingers slip easily up and down Callum’s cock. The hard appendage was long and wide. Unable to resist Ryan leaned down and took the thick, spongy head into his mouth, ignoring the slightly soapy taste.

“Keep doing that, cutie, and I’ll nail you against the wall,” Callum threatened.

Ryan redoubled his efforts to take Callum’s entire cock into his mouth. It had always frustrated him that he wasn’t skilled enough to swallow his lovers down into his throat.

Fingers tangled in his hair and tightened around the strands. Ryan opened his mouth as wide as he could and let Callum fuck his mouth. His dick hardened and need rose from being controlled by this big man.

Callum’s cock grew, stretching the corners of Ryan’s mouth. Salty, bitter semen coated Ryan’s tongue, and he swallowed relishing his prize.

“Take it all,” Callum ordered, and another spurt jetted into his mouth.

Slowly Callum pulled out. A string of cum and saliva stretched from the tip of Callum’s cock to Ryan’s bottom lip, getting longer the further Callum pulled away.

“Turn around and put your hands on the wall,” Callum ordered.

The hard tile was warm under Ryan’s palms. The water rained down on him, and a condom wrapper fluttered to the shower floor next to his foot. Ryan spread his legs wide and tipped his hips up.

Fingers touched the rim of his hole before sliding in. “You’re still nice and loose. Are you waiting for me, cutie?”

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