Alex's Sacrifice (MM)

The Wilton Park Grand Hotel 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 32,276
14 Ratings (4.1)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Consensual BDSM Romance, M/M, cross dressing, public exhibition, spanking, sex toys, HEA]
Alex Richmond had been in love with his rough, tough, impatient boss, Jarred Ransom since he went to work at Ransom Construction six months ago. He had no idea that Jarred was bisexual, but on a business trip to Fort Lauderdale, he discovers that Jarred wants to introduce him to BDSM. 
While they are dining at The Black Dahlia Hotel, Alex overhears one side of a phone conversation that throws him for a loop. A past sub of Jarred’s reveals that she has a son that looks like Jarred. Alex has no choice but to tell Jarred that he may have a child that he was unaware of.  When little Benji is in danger, the parental instincts of both men surface, and Alex is prepared to sacrifice his love for Jarred for Benji’s happiness. Can they save Benji and can Jarred convince Alex they can have it all? 
A Siren Erotic Romance
Skye Michaels is a Siren-exclusive author.
Alex's Sacrifice (MM)
14 Ratings (4.1)

Alex's Sacrifice (MM)

The Wilton Park Grand Hotel 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 32,276
14 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
He’s here at last. I’m happy to announce the release of ALEX’S SACRIFICE, Book 1 of The Wilton Park Grand Hotel Series. Here’s what one reader had to say on my FB fan page, SKYE MICHAELS BOOKS: “Finished this book today, it’s also my first Skye Michaels book but I can honestly say not my last. I LOVED this story. I laughed, I cried and I loved, loved smartass Alex. Looking forward to more in the series…“
This new hot new BDSM series in the ManLove category is a new endeavor for me, and I hope you enjoy it. The series is set against the background of a luxurious boutique hotel catering to a gay clientele located in Wilton Park, Florida, a Fort Lauderdale suburb with a substantial gay population. In fact, there is such a town and it is actually called Wilton Manors. It’s a neat little town and the description in the book is accurate. This new series will introduce new and exciting M/M couples in each book with the occasional visits from old and new friends from other series. Hope you all enjoy it. The books are all “stand alone”, but it’s fun to know the stories of past friends.
Ricky’s Dilemma, Book 2, will be released on December 26th and is presently available for presale. Of course, my M/f series, Golden Dolphin and Black Dahlia will continue in the Everlasting Classic M/f category.
Skye Michaels




“Richmond, get your skinny butt in here. Where the fuck have you been? I’ve been calling you for an hour.”

“Coming, sir. It’s called a ‘lunch hour,’ sir.” Alex Richmond had not yet even set his butt in the chair behind his desk. He shook his internal head. He wouldn’t dare to shake his actual head. He was sure Jarred Ransom could see through walls. Don’t get your military camo panties in a wad, Commander.

“Don’t mouth off, Richmond.” Could Jarred hear thoughts inside his head as well? That was a very scary thought. Jarred Ransom, the CEO of Ransom Construction, one of the country’s premier builders of high-rise construction projects all over the world, was forty with military short, dark hair and an imposing body. Alex had seen him shirtless in the company gym on the top floor right after he had started at Ransom Construction. He hadn’t been able to forget that broad chest covered with a light coating of dark hair, washboard abs, powerful shoulders and long, muscular legs. The ex-SEAL Commander and structural engineer was an extremely demanding boss. Alex didn’t know which was more annoying—his boss’s military bearing or his anal engineer qualities.

Alex just knew he’d fallen gob-smacked in love with the S.O.B. the first day he’d started working at Ransom Construction as the assistant to the CEO. Apparently Ransom had had a string of unfortunate female assistants who insisted on falling in love with him, and he’d decided to solve that problem by getting a male assistant. And hadn’t that worked out well?

Alex straightened his yellow silk tie and tucked in his mint green shirt with yellow stripes before he rushed into his boss’s office to find him standing behind his enormous but scrupulously organized desk with his icy blue eyes sparking with impatience. “Well you could have at least gotten a haircut while you were lunching.”

“Sir, I am not in the military and don’t intend to be.”

“That’s for damn sure,” Jarred muttered.

“My hair barely touches my collar and is perfectly appropriate. What can I do for you, sir?”

“Make sure the Gulfstream is ready for a flight to Fort Lauderdale Wednesday morning. I want to look at that high-rise project on Federal Highway myself before we bid on it at the foreclosure auction next Monday. It may be in worse condition than the pictures and structural report let on. You’re going too. Oh, and make reservations for a suite at the Wilton Park Grand Hotel in Wilton Park. It’s owned by some friends of mine.”

Alex was accustomed to traveling with his boss, but it was always an ordeal. Few people could keep up with his demanding personality on a twenty-four-seven basis not to mention the killing schedule he kept. The fact that Alex found himself with a hard-on for days on end and couldn’t keep his eyes off the play of Jarred’s muscles was physically and emotionally exhausting as well. Jarred’s six-foot-three-inch frame was powerful and ripped with muscles that were apparent even under his beautifully tailored suits. At five foot ten inches and a hundred and forty-five pounds, Alex felt puny in comparison to Jarred.

“Yes, sir. Wednesday. Fort Lauderdale. Departing Teterboro at nine a.m.”

“Fine. Be sure to bring all the plans and specs for the building. Actually, bring them in here now. I want to go over them again and discuss the structural problems with Engineering. That’s all for now, Richmond.”

Thank God for small favors. He was glad to get out of there. Since taking this job six months ago, he had found it hard to be in close proximity to Jarred without wanting him. Jarred Ransom was delicious, not that he would dream of calling him Jarred to his face. The man made him want to salute. The only experience he had had that even approached being in close quarters with Jarred Ransom was in college. He’d had a short-lived Dominant/submissive relationship with an in-the-closet half-back on the football team. It had been exciting at the time, but he hadn’t experimented further after it was over. As Alex turned to leave, Jarred had one last instruction.

“Oh, and get me Nichols at the bank. I want to be sure our letters of credit are in order should we be the successful bidder.”


* * * *


Jarred Ransom smiled as Alex left the room. He was twenty-eight and really quite beautiful. He was on the short side and slender. He had big green eyes fringed with thick gold tipped eyelashes. His habits of wearing his wavy blond hair brushing his collar and his brightly colored ties and shirts were annoying. Jarred was always telling him he needed a haircut, to which he would reply, “Put that recommendation in my performance review, sir.”

Alex had a smart mouth—that was for sure. Jarred would like to have that smart mouth wrapped around his cock as Alex knelt between his knees. Maybe on this trip. He’d have to see how it rolled. And he liked the sound of “Sir” coming from that smart mouth.

Jarred had long ago come to terms with his multi-dimensional sexual preferences. He was bisexual and didn’t particularly care who knew it now that he was retired from the Navy. Don’t ask, don’t tell had worked just fine for him. He always had a string of women who were willing to be his subs or submissives at Le Club Eastside-Manhattan, the BDSM club he belonged to in lower Manhattan. But Jarred had to admit that his slight, but sleekly muscled and surprisingly strong, blond personal assistant rang his chimes. He had since the day he’d started at the company. The female assistants had been tiresome. They unfailingly tried to rope him into a relationship—more for the promise of an easy, wealthy lifestyle than any particular love of him. Jarred had been reluctant to mix business with pleasure, but he found Alex was worming his way into his thoughts more and more.

Yeah, little Alex might be in for a surprise on this trip.




Jarred smiled down at the top of Alex’s blond head leaning against the dark hair of his chest. He loved that contrast. After they had rested for about a half hour he said, “Time for round two, sub.”

Jarred got up from the chair, kicked off his shoes and socks, dropped his pants and shirt on the floor, and shut off the bank of lights blazing down from the ceiling. The lighting was now subdued and more romantic. He threw a towel down over the back of the chaise. “Sub, I want you to bend over the back of this chair with your butt up.” He knew he had a smile on his face, and Alex was probably apprehensive, but he did as ordered.

“As you wish, Sir.”

Jarred went to the armoire near the door where a supply of toys and other necessary items were stored. He took out a strip of condoms, a tube of cherry lube, and a small box and put them on the credenza. He knew Alex could see what he was doing.

Alex looked over his shoulder a little nervously. “Sir?”

“Relax, sub. I’ve been waiting to fuck that cute ass of yours for six damn months. He moved up behind him and began to massage the long muscles of his back. He ran his hands down over his sleekly muscled butt and palmed the still red globes. He gave them several more light slaps to relax Alex’s butt muscles, and then he firmly parted his cheeks. He ran his fingers over his puckered anus and slowly inserted his little finger. His entrance was tight, and Jarred could feel his slight resistance. “Do you need a butt plug, sub? I think I’m going to have you wear one tomorrow when we go out to the job site. It will keep your mind on me.”

“I don’t think I’ll have any trouble keeping my mind on you, Sir. It’s usually on you any way.”

“Answer the question, sub. Do you need a few minutes with a butt plug, or will manual manipulation be sufficient. I don’t want to tear you.” He slapped his butt again and then started to massage his back entrance and circle his fingers around the rim.

“Uh. You’re pretty big, Sir. Maybe we should use the plug this first time until we know for sure.”

Jarred squirted a dollop of the cherry lube on his star opening. It was cold, and Alex jolted. “Relax and push back when I insert the plug,” he said as he lubed the medium-sized clear plastic butt plug and centered it against his opening. Jarred could feel the nervous tightening of his muscles. “Relax, baby. You’re going to love this.” Alex looked over his shoulder at him again, and now Jarred could see the lust in his eyes as he firmly popped the plug into his ass, stimulating the little bundle of nerves hidden inside. After it was seated behind the rim of muscle at his opening, Jarred began to rub his ass again. God, he has a beautiful ass. Alex shifted his butt muscles, and Jarred could imagine the full feeling inside him as the intruder pressed firmly against his interior nerves.

Jarred began to knead Alex’s tight back muscles and butt while he waited for the butt plug to stretch his anal muscles. He could feel Alex slowly relax as he continued the massage and his tight muscles began to stretch. Jarred moved the plug back and forth, working the rim muscle. Alex sighed and wiggled his butt. Jarred imagined that his anal nerves were beginning to scream.


* * * *


Alex tried to relax. He had certainly done this before but not with Jarred Ransom. That thought was daunting. The man was huge, rough, and tough. Jarred’s strong hands continued to rub his back and butt. He ran his fingers up into his hair and back down over his neck and shoulders. Alex sighed in contentment. If nothing else, he was getting a hell of a massage. Jarred was certainly being more considerate than he had expected.

When Alex was almost out of his mind with lust, Jarred stopped. He removed the butt plug and inserted first one then two fingers into his ass and began a scissor motion. Alex felt his muscles stretching and relaxing and the cold drip of more lube on his opening. Then Alex felt Jarred shift, and he knew he must be donning a condom and applying lube to his shaft.Here goes nothing. I hope he doesn’t rip me to pieces.

“Alex? Okay?”

“Yes, green. Go ahead, Sir. We’ll try it.” If he didn’t have that big cock in his ass any minute now he was going to start screaming. His hard-on cushioned against the back of the chaise was ready to burst.

Before his opening could close on its own, Alex felt the broad tip of Jarred’s cock nudging his entrance. He was tight, and it burned, but it wasn’t as painful as he had feared. Jarred continued to push into him in smooth and steady increments, not rushing. “Are you okay, baby?”

“I’m okay, so far, Sir.” He was more than okay as Jarred began to move in his ass. When Jarred had nudged his cock into Alex’s ass up to the hilt, he stilled and let Alex’s body accustom itself to his girth. Jared continued to rub his back and ass in comforting circles. When Alex had relaxed again, Jarred began short but powerful strokes, never coming close to disengaging. Alex hoped he wouldn’t pop out. It has been difficult enough getting it in there. He didn’t want to have to start all over again.

As Jarred began to increase the depth and pace of his thrusts, Alex felt his nerves catch fire. He lifted his ass to meet Jarred’s cock as it rammed into him. Jarred reached around him and grabbed his shaft. He started to stroke it from base to tip in rhythm with his cock in Alex’s ass. Alex groaned with the burgeoning pleasure.

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