Handsome, Hung, and at Your Service (MM)

Handsome Heroes 8

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,685
4 Ratings (4.8)

Slave to the sexy demon...

Prince Ocen of Falla Bray was just looking for some fun. What he got was betrayal. He’s sold at a slave auction to a despicable family that wants him for pleasure.

Hunter is the oldest male offspring in the family and the only one who believes slavery is wrong. In a fit of bravery, or craziness, he helps free their newest blue-skinned slave and they run for it.

Ocen is attracted to the much older Hunter—even though he can send out bolts of electricity through his fingertips, and his penis makes a strange humming sound when they kiss. However, this adventure is about to get even more dangerous as Ocen and Hunter must survive the violent Dark Planets.

Ocen will get his adventure, but at what cost?

Be Warned: m/m sex, public exhibition

Handsome, Hung, and at Your Service (MM)
4 Ratings (4.8)

Handsome, Hung, and at Your Service (MM)

Handsome Heroes 8

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,685
4 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Sour Cherry Designs
Once again James Cox, my King of Outrage, has outdone himself!
I absolutely adored this book!!! From the cinnamon, or excuse me, cinny mon flavored cum to the sparkling willy to sblue skin and sparks from their fingertips
Prince Ocen wanted to find his adventure and was betrayed but it may have been the best thing that ever happened to him even though he ended up on one of the Dark Planets. Hunter wanted a better way of life and knew the way he was living was wrong.
In most circumstances people can't wait to see what happens when the sun goes down, well in true James Cox fashion, he has reversed that and wait til you see what happens when the sun comes up!
My favorite passages:
1) His.Tongue.Touched.Me!I think my heart must have stopped beating for a few seconds.

2)The darkness was everlasting but I had my eternal light beside me---Hunter.

3)Someone shot fire out of their mouth. At least I think it was their mouth. F**k me! Let it be their mouth.

Omg if you haven't experienced the brilliance of James Cox...WTH are you waiting for???
Shirley W.
What can I possibly say about this that I haven't already said about every other book James has written? Nothing. I have enjoyed every single one and see no reason for that to change in any upcoming book. The characters are amazing, the adventure, the danger the..well ok the sex and everything else drags you in and keeps you there until it is all over. You sit back and think "Wow that was one heck of a ride!" There are a few people in this story who I'd like to drop kick into a volcano but hey that is me . Ocen and Hunter are funny, sexy and perfect for each other...humming and all. So if you are here reading this, you have enjoyed James's story telling before. You think you know what to expect, so come on, buy this book and enjoy the ride! I know I did. ;)

Hunter let out a growl. “I can’t control it.” His head fell forward then he jerked his head and looked at me.

My blood ran cold in my body. I felt a numbing sensation start at my feet and work its way up my entire body. Hunter’s eyes had gone from that unique dark gray to pure black. I whispered his name.

“Run, Ocen, run from me!” He practically screamed the words.

“Fuck.” I took off. Not trusting my instincts. Part of me said to haul ass while the other said to stay by Hunter’s side. I ran into the field, catching sight of others falling to the ground. No one seemed to notice me as the sun began to ascend. It breached the planet’s normal darkness and sent light spraying over the world.

I skidded to a stop as one guy stood. He ripped his shirt clean off. Those spikes on his head started to elongate. Then he dug his hands into his pants and tore apart them apart. I stood there, looking horrified with wide eyes and my mouth hanging open. The big man then faced the sun and howled. He fell to the ground withering as the sun warmed his skin. He was smiling as someone else jumped atop him.

I don’t know what I was expecting. Violent fits of rage and murderous fucks abound. What I saw was a lot different. The woman that jumped on him was tearing her clothes off and they started fucking right there. I didn’t dare move. More people were getting naked. All around me were grunts and moans. It was like the sun made them extremely horny. I didn’t know what to do. Should I make a run for it? Should I get my ass out of harm’s way? I was only wearing a shirt. I pulled it down further to cover my cheeks. Last thing I needed was some horny freak to want a piece of me. Some men were just flailing on the ground while others were finding someone to mate with. It was like a giant orgy.

A loud roar rang out.

I spun. My breath froze mid gasp. Hunter was on all fours, his now black eyes searching the field and stopping when they fell on me. The spikes on his head had elongated to miniature blades. Hunter let out another thunderous roar like his dragon ancestors. Then the man that had become my sexy, handsome hero, started a terrifying charge right at me.

“Fuck.” The word was part shout, part frantic mumble. I spun around, pushing off the rocky ground and ran toward the ships. Someone shot fire out of their mouth. At least I think it was their mouth. Fuck me! Let it be their mouth. My lungs burned as I ran through throngs of naked people. Breasts were bouncing, bare asses flashing, and I saw hips thrusting. It was all quick glimpses as I kept running. Hunter would be close. I had no time to stop and watch. I jumped over two naked men who were going at it hard. Something grabbed my leg. I fumbled, flinging my hands out to catch my fall. There was a body. Didn’t know who. Didn’t care who. I pushed off them, rolling and tucking out of the way. Back on my feet, I ran right into a wall. The ship! I made it.

Something fell into my back. My long, blond hair blocked my view.

I gasped. Even without seeing, I knew who it was.

Hunter’s warm body pressed against me, pushing me into the wall. His warm harsh pants brushed over the side of my neck. He sniffed my skin and made a soft groaning sound. “Mine.”

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