[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, HEA]
When Zeke's brother dares him to go into the Manacle to see if vampires really exist, Zeke has no idea the world he's stepping into. He catches the interest of one man who seems determined to make Zeke his. There's only one problem. Zeke doesn’t date men.
After spending hundreds of years without a mate, Christo is mesmerized by the human the moment he lays eyes on Ezekiel. He is determined to win Zeke over, even if the man claims he isn't gay.
But more is going on in Zeke's life and it's up to Christo to help his mate out of a sticky situation. As intrigue and desire blossom between the two men, there is one who is determined to stand in their way. He's a cop. He's a Hunter. And he's also Zeke's father.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.
A Vampire's Touch (MM)
84 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Emma Nicole
On a dare from his older brother Chase, Zeke enter Manacle. He see that it just a club, with alot of men with men. This is when he meets Christo, Zeke has always been with women and never had any feeling for a male before now. Christo is more then ready to wait for his mate to get use to him. He still lives ay home with his dad and step mom. He stay to protect his younger brother Aidan. one night his dad Ted who is a cop and hunter arrives at Manacle looking for him. Unknown to Zeke the hunters have threaten full out war with the coven with out the return of the boys. Zeke leaves the club when he learns that Aidan has been put into the hospital. This is where he learns that Ted is really his and Chase uncle and the supernatural do exist. They take Aidan from the hospital to get well. Christo stay by his mate and Zeke finally gives in to his feeling for Christo.

OVERALL IMPRESSION OF THE BOOK: A must read series, the books just keep getting better. A MUST READ

MY RATING: 5 Hearts *****
virginia lee
Simply an amazing book. The characters are well developed and the relationships between them, as well as the scenarios. I recommend this book to anyone who likes a good, exciting story. And even though I only started from the tenth book of the series, it's an amazing stand-alone and I will continued to read from Lynn Hagen. Awesome story!
Amy E. Lambo




“If you chicken out, you owe me forty bucks,” Chase reminded him as he shoved at Zeke's shoulder. “And I get to bang your ex-girlfriend without you trying to tear me from limb to limb.”

Zeke really didn’t care about Chase having sex with Penny. It was the guy code thing that kept Chase at bay. “If she agrees, you can have her,” he said as he checked out the bouncer. Damn the guy was big. If vampires were in the place, would they be swarthy and eloquent or muscular and able to snap necks?

Couldn’t they snap necks anyway? Didn’t vampires have superhuman strength? The more Zeke thought about it, the less inclined he was to step foot in there. It had started out as a stupid dare, but if vampires were real—and that was a big if—what kind of danger would he be in?

His life was not worth forty bucks. Maybe sixty.

“Here.” Chase pulled out his worn leather wallet and dug inside, pulling out two crisp twenty's. “I'll pay you the forty I owe you so you can use it for drinks.”

Chase was already paying up and Zeke hadn't even decided yet. The man was filled with too much confidence, or full of shit. Zeke wasn't sure which one yet. Taking a deep breath and knowing he wasn't going to back down, Zeke snatched the money from Chase's hand and opened the car door.

I can't believe I'm really doing this.

He had to be the world's biggest idget. But there was more than forty bucks as stake here. If he went inside, Chase would shut his fat mouth and Zeke wouldn’t have to hear his brother tease him for the rest of his life about how Zeke didn’t have any balls.

He slid his hands down the front of his pants and nodded to himself. I can do this. It was just a club with weirdoes partying inside the place. He'd slam a few drinks back and then get out there, proving to his brother that vampires didn't exist and that he had the biggest balls between the two of them.

And I'll have bragging rights for a very long time. Chase won't be able to top this.

Stepping across the paved lot, Zeke slid into the back of the line and leaned against the brick wall of the building. This was going to take a while to get inside. The line seemed to be moving slower than a snail. Already he could feel the thumping bass work its way up the sole of his tennis shoes and vibrate up his bones to his skull. If the beat could be felt out here, it had to be bone-shattering inside the place. He glanced down the line and pressed his lips together. There were like a zillion people in front of him.

If I can't get inside, do I still get to keep the forty? He'd find out. How long would he have to wait out here? Would Chase make him wait all night just to win the bet?

The guy standing in front of him turned and measured Zeke from head to toe. The goth stranger wore eyeliner and dark eye shadow and the right brow was pierced, twice. His hair was slicked back, almost greasy like, and his clothes looked like his dryer had attacked. There were holes everywhere. And he was looking at Zeke like Zeke was the misfit in the bunch?

In this environment, I am.

Zeke shook his head as he looked away and wished he could get this over with already. Clubs were not his thing. As a matter of fact, he hated crowds and Chase knew this. The prick was going to give him that extra twenty just for dealing with the packed club.

His gaze slid sideways when he noticed a man walking down the line of people waiting to get inside. The stranger's dark hair was lifted by the slight breeze and tossed about as he eyed a few people in line. Zeke silently noticed how tall and broad-shouldered the guy was. The stranger wore boots, jeans, and a T-shirt that seemed one size to small. Zeke didn’t feel so out of place now in his faded jeans, sneakers, and Grateful Dead T-shirt. The only thing that set Zeke apart was the light jacket he had on.

As the stranger drew closer Zeke noticed something different about this guy, something…powerful? Was that the right word? Zeke thought so. It seemed others did as well. Some people in line straightened and stared at the stranger like he was some kind of rock star. Zeke saw the guy point at a few people and nod. Those people got out of line and headed for the door.

This rock star was handing out free get-in-front-of-the-line cards. Zeke wanted one of those, especially if it stopped him from standing out here half the night. It wasn't quiet summer yet and the night air still held a bit of a chill. Zeke shoved his hands into his front pockets and hunched his shoulders as he shot a look to his brother's car. Chase was half watching him while checking his phone.

He's probably already calling Penny. What a douchebag. The guy could at least make sure I made it into the club first.

The rock star appeared bored, like he would rather be doing something else than walking the line. That was, until he stopped in front of Zeke. The stranger's dark brows rose slightly before he masked his expression. He had to be a good six inches taller and a hell of a lot wider than Zeke.

“You don't seem to belong here.” The stranger's voice was cool and clear, like a stream over smooth stones.




“I can't wrap my head around eternity. It seems like too long a time,” Zeke confessed when he removed his hand from his mouth.

Christo brushed his knuckles over Zeke's flushed cheeks. “Then don't. Concentrate on the present and everything else will fall into place.” Christo's smile was an erotic invitation. “Now finish undressing.”

“What about you?” Zeke asked.

Christo tore his shirt over his head, bent and undid his shoes, tossing them aside, and then relieved himself of his jeans. He stood there like a sex god who had come to earth to play with Zeke.

And Zeke wanted to play.

A sizzling, predatory glimmer sparked in Christo's eyes as Zeke finished undressing. As soon as he divested his last piece of clothing, Christo was on him. The man picked Zeke up and he had no choice but to wrap his legs around Christo's lean waist. The desire in Christo's eyes was beautiful and mysterious, and Zeke wanted him so badly it was physically painful.

Zeke's life was changing and fast. But the one thing he was certain of was Christo. He knew they would be together for a very long time and he was looking forward to that. The prospect was exciting and scary and he wasn't sure what to do. But one thing was for sure…he was getting another piece of Christo, his walking wet dream.

Zeke ran his hand over Christo's upper back and shivered uncontrollably when Christo responded with gentle touches and soft caresses over his hips. He moved until he had Zeke's back against the wall, his lips feathering over Zeke's naked shoulder.

Zeke's head hit the wall, not hard, as he moaned and let his head tilt to the side to give Christo more room to play. The man's cock was wedged between his cheeks, hot and throbbing as his fingers gripped Zeke's waist.

“I want to be inside you so badly.” Christo almost growled the words against Zeke's shoulder. The man reached over the bookshelf they were situated next to and grabbed a small jar from the shelf. As wound up as he was, Zeke was still curious and turned his head to look.

It was lube.

“When did you put that there?”

Christo shrugged but didn't answer.

His mate set the jar back on the shelf and the next thing Zeke knew, slick fingers were probing at his hole.

His desires renewed as his fingers gripped Christo's shoulder's, his body gyrating as Christo slipped a long, thick finger inside of him before he recaptured Zeke's lips.

“Perfect.” There was a dangerous purr to the vampire's voice that sent a shiver through Zeke. He could feel the stretched muscles and Christo's hard body. The man smelled richly masculine, wild, and delicious. Zeke was falling under the man's spell, deeper with every kiss, every thrust of the man's finger, and the intoxicating aroma that was filling the room.

Zeke melted into his strong chest, his body going lax as Christo pulled him impossibly closer and traced Zeke's vein in his neck with his tongue. It was throbbing wildly at what Christo was doing to him.

Christo caught Zeke's earlobe between his teeth as he inserted a third finger, making Zeke groan louder, filling the room with the sounds of his needs. Christo's chest rumbled deeply as he pulled his hand free and then adjusted Zeke a little higher before Zeke was lowered onto Christo's thick cock.

The breath rushed from his lungs as his hands tightened around Christo's neck, his head lolling to the side as they both groaned in pleasure. Christo sealed his lips over Zeke's, giving him a lush, wet kiss as his hips began to move, to thrust upward, driving his cock deeper and making Zeke lose his goddamn mind. He gave Zeke's lips a slow, savoring lick as Zeke ran his hand through Christo's silky-black hair.

“So perfect,” he murmured. His hands cupped Zeke's ass, squeezing his cheeks as his cock pulled back and then slid forward. The slow fucking was driving Zeke mad.

He arched his body into Christo's, amazed at how skilled and sensual the man was when it came to sex. The vampire was so intense most of the time—though he was learning to loosen up—yet his lovemaking skills were the extreme opposite. Well, the man was still intense, but there was nothing brutally savage about the way he was moving inside Zeke, kissing him, or touching him.

 “You don't know how long I've waited for you.” Christo kissed his way around Zeke's neck until his lips were brushing gently back and forth. “Though I never fully glimpsed your face, only fragments, I saw you. For centuries in my dreams. Your voice called to me. I heard your laughter. I knew your courage. I felt your hand take mine. I knew you would exist. It was just a matter of time,” Christo said. His thumb caressed the edge of Zeke's jaw.

Zeke was stunned at Christo's confession. Christo's cock continued to deliciously stretch Zeke as he held on, trying his best not to fall over the edge so soon. He didn't want his time with Christo to end so quickly, to be over…ever.

Christo mouthed Zeke's Adam's apple, his lips working wonderful magic on his skin. Zeke swallowed hard, rocking in time to Christo's rhythm as he murmured, “As strange as it sounds, I feel like I've known you forever.”

One hard thrust sent Zeke closer to the edge as Christo's fingers gripped him tighter, pulling him closer. “You are such a treasure.”

Throwing his head back and letting out a long, salacious moan, Zeke found it hard to speak. His emotions were all over the place, creating havoc inside of him. Christo bit down gently on his chin.

“If you say so,” Zeke said.

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