Just One Kiss: A Holiday Story (MFMMM)

The Town of Pearl 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 65,547
39 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M, spanking, HEA]
Lucia Monte is on the run from an old-fashioned arranged marriage and a sexual assault. She winds up in a town called Pearl, where compassion and honesty are a way of life, and protecting all women and children are priority. It’s the holiday season, and she’s never experienced anything so magical. 
Gabrielle, Lucifer, Salvatore, and Maxwell are brothers living in their parent’s old house they renovated. They’re just trying to survive when they each meet a new, young woman in town. With the help of Mary Higgins, their mom’s best friend, they learn quickly that Lucia has the power to touch their hearts and make them heal from their pasts. But she’s not exactly willing to submit to the rules of Pearl, and it takes an entire town, the magic of the holiday season, and the danger from her past, to finally make her realize that just one kiss can prove the power of love and that happiness awaits her in Pearl.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.
Just One Kiss: A Holiday Story (MFMMM)
39 Ratings (4.6)

Just One Kiss: A Holiday Story (MFMMM)

The Town of Pearl 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 65,547
39 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
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It was a good read that I couldn't put down until the end. The main female Lucia is sweet and easy to relate to. The brothers were a delight. Typical Town of Pearl storyline and I loved it.

The only thing that was missing was the description of the lead males. Only one brothers appearance was given so trying to picture what the other brothers looked like was a little distracting.
Another great book




Gabrielle Walters stood by his brother’s bed and watched over him so he could get some sleep. He was having a rough night despite Brutus’s presence. The rescue dog had come as a great resource in helping Salvatore deal with his PTSS. But here and there, on nights like tonight when the wind was howling and the thunder and lightning so loud and violent, it brought back flashbacks to Salvatore. His brother was a Marine, as tough as they came. Just like him, Gabrielle, Lucifer and their other brother Maxwell, also were in the service. But Salvatore was in a special unit and had experienced things that truly changed his personality.

He looked around the bedroom, and at one of the older, original parts of their parents’ home. Gabrielle and his brothers expanded it a few years back, wanting to update the old farmhouse and also make their place, with enough room to accommodate all four of them and then some. The project helped them ease back into living in Pearl again after so many years. They had bounced around a bit, and Maxwell got a job as a detective covering areas like Turbank, Keanter and even Pearl. Remaining in their parents’ home and expanding was an attempt to give them all peace but especially Salvatore. They nearly lost him, and it was unbearable to think about just how many times they could have.

Gabrielle took a deep breath and inhaled then leaned forward to caress the Rottweiler’s head. The dog, Brutas was a lifesaver. He understood that Salvatore needed his guidance, his help in calming him whenever Salvatore became distressed. He wished there were more dogs available to give to every needy soldier out there, who risked their lives and their futures to protect everyone else. Maybe the number of suicides, or self-inflicted wounds could give those soldiers a second chance at life, and feeling somewhat normal in society again.

Gabrielle saw the change in Salvatore in between his last two tours. He looked angry, was combative and very somber and quiet. The day Salvatore left for what would be his last tour, Gabrielle wondered if his brother would return. He also wondered when his brother did finally retire from the service like the rest of them had, would he be okay, or would he be a stranger.

They all went through the process of readapting into civilian life. Salvatore wasn’t the same soft-spoken, ready to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. Instead he was distrusting, snappy, suspicious and argumentative.

He was fighting the disorder, and trying to keep it a secret, and Gabrielle, Maxwell and Lucifer were guilty of allowing that. Perhaps because they were raised to be strong, capable men, and this disease, this psychological, physical and emotional disorder was something no man, no soldier wanted to admit to succumbing to.

Salvatore nearly killed himself, never mind poor Lindsey Tompkins that night two years ago. Gabrielle exhaled. But when he saw the lost, far off look in his brother Salvatore’s eyes, and the fact that he held the gun in his hand prepared to take his life so he could end the nightmares, the outbreaks of anger, he knew they couldn’t ignore it any longer. Then, there was the incident with Lindsey Tomkins. That had been the push they all needed to get Salvatore the help he required and deserved.

Salvatore hadn’t been with another woman since, and the rest of them went out of town to fill their needs. They didn’t want Salvatore to get angry or feel left out. They would all do anything to help him feel alive, and loved again. But Salvatore just wasn’t budging. He could have killed Lindsey. Thank God they were all home, in their rooms and heard her screams. Salvatore was stuck in a nightmare, having a flashback in his dreams. He thought Lindsey was the enemy as he held her by the throat, straddling her.

Gabrielle, Lucifer and Maxwell had to calm Salvatore down and help him out of the flashback and back to reality. Lindsey got the heck out of there and never spoke to Salvatore again. Lucifer even tried to talk with Lindsey and help her to understand that Salvatore was going through a tough time and that his therapist was working with him to gain control of the nightmares. But she didn’t want to hear it. Instead she said nasty things about him.

Gabrielle remembered it all like it was yesterday. He remembered the anger, the heartache and the feeling out of control. His poor brother needed a miracle, some sort of help in dealing with his anger, his flashbacks and his anxiety. Brutas was that miracle. A new beginning, and things were getting better and better.

They all still had trust issues, just like Salvatore. They had experiences in war they didn’t ever want to revisit. They kept to themselves, and did the jobs they each had in the community. The town of Pearl was their home.

A bolt of lightning struck and illuminated the bedroom for a moment. Gabrielle looked at Salvatore who just stirred a little as Brutas placed his face on the bed next to Salvatore.

Gabrielle had a flashback. Ten troops went in and only four came out. Survivor’s guilt was another emotion to deal with after retiring from the service.

Yeah, they were all pretty fucked up, but they were together. The bond between brothers could never be broken. At least not the one between the four of them.




Lucia felt her heart racing, but the feel of her breasts tingling and her pussy throbbing were stronger.

Salvatore un-did the buttons to her jeans as Lucifer kissed her on the lips and Maxwell kissed her on the shoulder. As they pulled her pants off of her she rolled to her side and hugged Lucifer.

“Easy baby. You’re beautiful, and so very sexy.” Maxwell told her then kissed along her spine.

Every touch, every sensation seemed to be tattooed into her flesh. The feel of manly lips, strong, hard fingers gently moving along her skin. She felt the clip come undone on her bra and her panties pushed down her thighs.

Lucifer pulled her on top of him and she straddled his waist, her bare, wet pussy made contact with his jeans.

She lifted up and Maxwell removed her bra while he cupped a bare breast on one side. Salvatore cupped her breast on the other side.

“You’re a goddess Lucia.” Gabrielle said and she looked toward him standing by the side of the bed naked and aroused. Her belly quivered and her chest tightened.

“Focus on al of us and how much we care about you.” Lucifer encouraged her.

He slowly rolled her to her back and she cringe.

“Are you okay like this?” he asked and she nodded as he smiled then slid down over her. His tongue licked her nipple and she gripped his head. Lucifer used his hands to spread her thighs open and then she felt his tongue against her clit.

“Oh God Lucifer.”

“Let me have a taste baby. Don’t hold back. Don’t be scared. Give me all of you as I’m giving you all of me.”

He used his thumbs to press her pussy lips wider before he moved a digit to the hole.

She anticipated pain, as her mind tried to rule over her body.

“Look at me baby.” Gabrielle said, stroking his cock in his hand.

“It’s us not him. We care for you. You want us like we want you. It’s your decision. Move on and continue this, making us all one, or stop it. If you’re not ready.”

She shook her head.

“I want you. All of you. Please Gabrielle.”

Just then Lucifer pressed a digit up into her pussy and she moaned aloud. Gabrielle knelt on the bed, leaned down and kissed her as Lucifer aroused her cunt and got her wet and ready for his cock.

Lucia never felt so many deep, wonderful sensations before. Thank God she had sex a couple of times before Derek, or she might really be having difficulty right now. Gabrielle was right. She needed to focus on them not Derek. These men wanted her, staked a claim to her as her protectors. This was right.

She felt her body tighten and then she gasped as Gabrielle pulled her nipple between his teeth them suckled her breast. Her pussy wept and Lucifer suckled and slurped at her cream.

“Fucking delicious.” He said then lifted up. He moved to the side and Gabrielle took his place.

“You ready for me baby?” Gabrielle asked as Lucifer undressed.

“Yes Gabrielle. I want you.” She said. It was a wild, intense moment. She truly thought her life was over and that she would never be able to let another man touch her. But these four men were amazing. They made her feel so beautiful and loved, she never wanted to leave them or leave here. They made her believe that was more than possible. It would come true.

Gabrielle aligned his cock with her pussy and slowly began to push into her. They locked their fingers together above her head and Lucia held his gaze, his big blue eyes bore into her soul and she smiled.

“I want you. Take me Gabrielle. Make me yours forever.”

“With pleasure baby.” He sunk deeper, her tight, wet pussy muscles gave way to his girth and soon he was fully seated in her. He slowly pulled back then thrust back into her.

“Oh God you’re so big. It feels so good.” She said and even she recognized the surprise in her voice.

Lucifer touched her cheek and looked at her in confidence as he stroked his cock with his other hand. “Just waist Lucia. It’s going to get even better.” He said and she felt her cheeks warm.

Gabrielle leaned down and kissed her deeply as he matched the thrusts of his tongue with the strokes of his cock into her. She felt like crying for joy, as she realized al her fears for a happy future were being eliminated with every thrust and endearment from Gabrielle and his brothers.

She explored Gabrielle’s body too. Squeezing his large muscles, caressing his waist and then reaching back as he thrust deeper and raised her hips higher, while she squeezed his ass.

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