Anya: The Beginning (MMF)

Kismet 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,800
5 Ratings (4.6)
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Historical Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, bondage, spanking, sex toys, HEA]
Anya Harlan. A virgin at the tender age of twenty who wasn’t spoken for. It didn’t stop her from desiring the men who caused her heart to quiver and her breath to become shallow. She knew exactly who they were. He was the Vizier Salim Cali along, with his dark as well as dangerous-looking Nubian Janissary, Drake. She knew she didn’t have a chance to attract their attention.
Salim and Drake became lovers despite their situation. They had to keep their love secret for fear of mortal consequence to their lives. They have spent two years searching for the right woman to complete their family. Both believed luscious Anya was the one and now had a chance to pursue her.
But happiness had to be earned and a crisis in the mansion threatened their love. The three lovers had to navigate through lust, love, and secrets or risk being torn apart forever.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Anya: The Beginning (MMF)
5 Ratings (4.6)

Anya: The Beginning (MMF)

Kismet 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,800
5 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Another great book from Mya I didn't realize this was the follow-up on Lara’s last chance book in the series one more time when I bought it. Can’t fault her for this, It’s the publisher fault. Mya did a good job in researching the period and laws of the Ottoman Empire.
This is a must-read for any fan of the historical; I literally couldn't put it down. Looking forward to read more books from MYa who genuinely knows how to write a beautiful story.
Would not hesitate to recommend this book to others
Really loved this book, Great to get a cross over of characters, both the story and characters were awesome and this was a brilliant start to a new series by this fabulous author, I can't wait to see what is next in this series!!!!!!!




His past as a slave was like that—a past. Drake wanted to efface from his mind his dreadful memories, from the time where he had been torn from his beloved mother to the years spent serving a cruel, rich merchandiser.

He slightly shook himself and looked back at the stunning young woman in front of them. He gave her an overall inspection. He reckoned she was in her early twenties. She had the most beautiful hair that he ever saw. The colour reminded him of the late wheat crop baked under the sun, a dark blonde on the borderline of soft brown that flowed freely over her slender shoulder and covered her plump young breasts.

What took his breath away was the extraordinary colour of her eyes! They were purple like a beautiful Iris, which grew along the side of the Nile River. She looked like a prized Caucasian woman who was found in the palace of Pasha Suleyman’s father, Sultan Hassan I.

“Well! What do we have here?” Salim said gently.

The young woman stepped forward and raised her chin. Her husky voice didn’t help the matter of his arousal.

“My name is Anya Harlan, servant of Kadin Lara, and this poor woman trembling beside me is my dear mother, Sonya Harlan.”

Drake saw Salim leaning forward with a frown. "I know exactly, who you are, little Anya. But I never met your mother. I always take great care to know everybody who works within the domain. How come I didn’t see you at the mansion before?"

Drake thought it was very interesting. So, Salim noticed this little beauty enough for him to remember her name. He wondered why Salim never mentioned her before. The woman called Anya lifted a perfect arched eyebrow and shrugged her shoulder. This little lady had enough spunk to face Salim. It was such a freshness to meet a person who didn’t bow in front of his imposing lover.

"I reassure you, she’s my mother. Although, she doesn’t work at the mansion," she replied defiantly.

“That explains a lot.”

Yes! She was perfect for them. Drake closed his eyes for a second as he inhaled and exhaled discreetly. His heart beat so fast in his chest, he thought it tried to come out from his ribcage.

With a chuckle, Salim said, “Well, then! I am delighted to meet you, Mrs. and Miss Harlan. Please allow me to introduce ourselves to you. My name is Salim Cali. I’m Pasha Suleyman’s Vizier, and my companion is my Janissary and servant, Drake,” Salim said to the older woman.

Salim’s horse agitated slightly until he had it under control, which made the women stepped back slightly, before he turned his dark-blue eyes on Drake. Drake kept quiet all along the conversation as a Janissary would do. Salim’s beautiful sapphire eyes burned with desire and hope. He was right. Salim wanted the young woman. The feeling was likewise. Deep down, he itched to jump from his horse and bowed in front of her to beg her for some affection.

“Drake! I would like you to meet Mrs. Harlan with her delightful daughter, Anya.”

He bowed his head in front of the women. “It’s an honour to have met you ladies,” he said, and he meant every word. In his eyes, women were ladies, to be loved and cherished.

The mother’s next move completely surprised him. Sonya’s petite figure stepped forth and stooped her head not to Salim, but HIM. He quickly cast a baffled glance to Salim, who in return shrugged his shoulder with a smile.

“Pardon my impertinence, Janissary. Are you from the lands of Nubia?” She asked softly.

He gulped before he replied, “Yes, I am.”

Sonya sighed with relief, “It’s a great pleasure to be in your presence. My late husband, God bless his soul, was also from Nubia,” Sonya murmured softly.

He was humbled by the woman’s kind words. For the first time in his existence apart from Salim, a person showed him respect and not contempt. Without hesitation, he descended from his horse and rapidly closed the distance between the women and himself. He could hear Anya gasp in surprise.

With the tips of his fingers, he raised the old woman’s head. “Please, Mrs. Harlan. Don’t bow to me! You must be a special lady to have tamed the heart of a Nubian man.”

He looked to Anya. She didn’t blink, nor stare away from him when he met her eyes. She actually devoured him with her heated gaze.

“I know who you two are! I have seen you several times around the domain on your horses.”

“Anya!” exclaimed her mother.

With a contrite expression on her beautiful face, she turned to her mother. “It’s true, Mother. I see them whenever I’m at the mansion. That’s also the reason I always walk around the domainm to take a glimpse of the Vizier and…Drake,” He saw her gulp and her face flushed.

From behind him, he could hear Salim’s groans. He faced his lover as Salim descended from his horse to join them. The bulge on his trouser was visible for all to see. His Salim was never a patient man, when it came to take what he wanted. Beautiful Anya affected him as much.

“Why don’t we carry this interesting conversation at the mansion?” Salim said.




Deep down, she wanted the punishment. Her nipples tightened painfully and her pussy pulsed like mad. Her inside coiled as she watched Drake fist his large cock, pointed toward his stomach, in his hand and begin to pull on it. His eyes never wavered from hers.

“That is for us to decide,” Drake grunted as he stroked himself roughly. It looked so dark and angry. A drop of his semen appeared at the tip. She felt her mouth water. She was so hypnotised by Drake that she jerked when Salim ripped her drawers from her. She shook with lust, and anticipation of what was about to come gripped her body.

She looked down at the head between her legs. She saw Salim taking a deep breath and closing his eyes with a groan.

“Ambrosia.” He hummed, then snapped open his eyes to look at her. “Drake is thinking about leaving us to save your honor, my love,” Salim grunted between her legs.

Anya forgot about her needs when she heard Salim. She felt her heart contracting. It was almost painful. No!

She brusquely pushed his head back and almost knocked Salim on his ass. “What? How could you even think about leaving us? Do you think it’s some kind of a game, where you can come and leave?” She stood up and faced Drake with her fists on her hips.

“Sweet Anya! I will never walk away from both of you intentionally. I would rather cut my right arm off than hurt you. I love you!”

She snorted. “You better remember it! Don’t worry about my honor, either. It’s intact and will stay that way until my last breath.”

Suddenly, she felt cold air on her back. She squeaked as Salim wrenched the dress of her so fast that she didn’t have time to protest. She swirled around to face a smirking Salim dangling his dagger. The silly man had cut the back of her dress.

“What the—”

“Be quiet, Anya! Drake! Can you get me the shackles and clamps, please?” He growled deep in his throat.

Salim swiftly rose to his feet and marched toward the fireplace before he faced them. “Don’t worry about Drake leaving, for I won’t allow it. Enough of sassing! You owe us a punishment. Are you ready for us, my beautiful pervert?”

The feral look in his eyes sent delicious shivers down her spine. Salim had plans, and he looked for it. Drake’s drooling voice had her pussy clenching.

“Salim.” He looked over his shoulder. “Why don’t you grab the sweet almond oil?”

She gasped as her inside quivered. They planned to fuck her together. Drake moved around her naked body and pushed her gently back on the sofa, before he settled between her spread legs. He trailed a finger into her wet pussy, then he slowly pushed it inside. She moaned loudly and closed her eyes.

“Drake is going to eat your pussy while I’m going to fuck him. Do you remember our conversation in the meadow?”

Her eyes snapped open when she heard Salim’s dark voice. Oh, God! Anticipation and curiosity made her tremble. She was literally panting. Her deepest dark desire was about to come true. She was going to watch her men fuck each other.

“You have such a pretty pussy, my love,” Drake whispered against her slit.

She arched her hips and opened her legs wider to entice him into action. Salim loomed over her and sat beside her with the shackles in his hands.

He smirked.“Sit up and put your hands behind your back, Anya. That is where your punishment is going to start. You are not allowed to touch Drake, and also, you’re not allowed to come without our permission,” Salim stated darkly as he wrapped her wrists.

His command and Drake’s tongue had her crying out, her hips arching. She knew she had to remain quiet, for they would torture her all day long, if it was necessary. The thought of not touching either of her men drove her wild with need.

She slowly breathed in and out to control herself and lay on the divan with her head against a beautiful, small, satin pillow and her hands bounded behind her back. She watched her men under her lashes and licked at her lips in anticipation. Her actions seemed to inflame Salim, for his pupils dilated and he clenched his jaws. She grinned wickedly.

Her cockiness short-lived when she felt Drake’s tongue swirl around her throbbing clitoris, making her thrust her hips forward to entice him to suck it. Ignoring her silent plea, he suckled on her inner lips while he rimmed the ring of her pussy. She was so turned-on that she felt her cream run from her pussy and between the crack of her ass.

She thrashed her hips wildly. She wanted him to finger-fuck her, to tongue-fuck her...Alas, he had other ideas as Salim settled behind him. She felt Drake’s hot breath on her wet pussy.

“We’re in for a treat, love.” He hummed against her lips before he plunged his tongue deep inside her. She felt him dig deeper as the tip of his nose ground against her sensitive clit.

“Oh damn, that is so fucking beautiful!” she heard Salim’s husky voice say.

Through her lashes, Anya watched Salim applied plenty of sweet almond oil on his beautiful cock as well as on Drake’s ass. She could see Salim slowly press the tip into Drake’s crack, teasingly rubbing the smooth head of his cock against Drake’s oiled ass. The thought that one was about to enter the other drove her insane with lustful anticipation.

“Do you want me to fuck his sweet ass, my beautiful Anya?” Salim groaned.

She slowly nodded her head and moaned, “Oh yes! I want you to shove every inch of your big cock inside his tight ass.”

“Did you hear that, love? Anya can’t wait for me to fuck you,” he hissed in pleasure. “Tell me how much you want me and my cock, Drake.”

Drake lifted his head and the look on his face was priceless. He looked like he was under the influence of some kind of potion. His eyes were dilated and hooded with lust. His faced was covered with her honey.

“Fuck me!” Drake pleaded. “Bury that big dick up my ass, love!”

“Remember, Anya! You are not allowed to come without our permission, is that understood?”

“I promise! Less lecturing and more fucking, please. I want to see you shove your hard cock up his ass,” she panted.

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