Love Beyond the Curve (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 53,331
10 Ratings (4.2)

[BookStrand Rubenesque Romance, HEA]

Charlotte Hamilton has just moved to Memphis to begin a new job at St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. She is attracted to her gorgeous landlord, Reed Jackson, but thinks her plus-size body puts her out of the running as anything more than a friend. Her bubbly personality and fun-loving spirit appeal to Reed, who is used to high-maintenance women. The two quickly become good friends, and Charlotte is happy being "one of the guys."

When Reed is injured on the job, Charlotte stays by his side during the initial days of recovery. As the two spend hours together during his convalescence, a spark ignites an underlying passion they are helpless to ignore. Reed wants to pursue a relationship with the vivacious beauty, but she shies away because of past hurts related to her less-than-perfect figure. Can Reed find a way to convince her that he sees Love Beyond the Curve?

Note: This book contains adult language used as profanity.

A BookStrand Mainstream Romance

Love Beyond the Curve (MF)
10 Ratings (4.2)

Love Beyond the Curve (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 53,331
10 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff
Nice easy reading book. Enjoyed the storyline. Would put it in a 'Sweet Romance' category.
This is a very sweet, down-home kind of romance. Featuring a nice heroine and a sexy leading man, who become friends first, then work their way through to more. Charlotte is a paediatric nurse who has just moved to Memphis for work. She meets her landlord, Reed, later - her acccomodation had been made on her behalf. Charlotte is a full-figured lovely who likes herself but has been hurt by others, including catty women and men who love her personality and looks, but don't want to be seen out with 'the bigger girl.' Reed works in construction and in the beginning has a girlfriend, Candace, who is the stereotypically thin gym-junkie. She doesn't like his down-to-earth manner, ideas and friends. They both come from well-to-do family's, and Candace is a snob. As Reed gets to know Charlotte he falls for her. First as a friend, then as more. And he just loves her curves, finds them soft, enticing....including her full breasts :)
I thought this a very sweet book with two lovely main characters, particularly Reed. I loved the way he set about "courting" Charlotte, to let her know he finds her sexy, and incredible....inside and out. I liked Carlotte as well, she was very likeable as a person but somtimes Charlotte frustrated me - as a woman I understood her fear - I wanted her to let go a little earlier, Reed is adorable. It is a slow burn to their actual loving relationship and full sexual encounter but it is a very sweet, fitting moment.
Love Beyond The Curve is not as steamy as the first two ebooks I have read by Ms Patrick but it is very romantic and there is a message - love who you are, respect yourself, and take a chance when it comes along. I have to admit there was one line in the book that was special to me - "you are all woman." I'll say no more :)
If you like true romance, if you want to root for the fuller-figured woman and the hunky, caring man you definitely should read Love Beyond The Curve.



“I promise to go easy on you, Mr. Jackson. I really am not a scorekeeper anyway. Bring the truck and Range Rover over here and you can help. How about that?” She sauntered on over to him with her hands on her hips. She was breathing deeply from the activity. Her breasts rose with each breath, screaming out to Reed to look at them.

“Okay, I’ll go get the keys.”

Charlotte moved her car back to its parking space and went to mix together some fresh car-wash solution. Reed came back out, and they began to wash the cars together. It didn’t take long to finish washing the work truck, so Charlotte jumped in and moved it back to its place under the carport. She began soaping down the Range Rover as Reed wet it with the hose. They had almost finished the tires when Charlotte stood up and said, “It’s hotter than an oven out here today.”

Suddenly, Reed, who was standing on the other side of the SUV, hit her in the back with a stream of cool water from the hose he was holding in his hand.

“Did that help?” he asked innocently, beginning to try to walk away from her as she rounded the car to his side.

“Give that to me! Payback is hell, Jackson!” She growled at him through clenched teeth. She tried to reach for the hose, but he kept spraying her with it, soaking her more and more in the process.

“Okay, you win this time, but I will get you when you least expect it!” She pointed a finger at him and glared at him through narrowed eyes. She walked away and resumed the work on the tires.

“I’m shaking in my boots, Hamilton,” he said as he walked over and turned off the water at the faucet. When he stood up, Charlotte was running up to him with the bucket of soapy water, about to throw it on him.

“Oh, no you don’t!” he yelled as he ran around the truck, catching up with her and grabbing her around the waist so she couldn’t turn around to throw it on him.

“I am not one of those fussy little women you may be used to, Jackson. I’ve never been afraid to get a little dirty!” she said as she lifted the bucket and dumped the water over both of their heads, soaking them to the skin.

“Shit, girl!” he yelped, wiping his face with his hand, then pulling his drenched shirt over his head and throwing it down as he glared at Charlotte, who was standing there equally drenched, her breasts completely visible through the wet tank top.

Charlotte was momentarily dazed by the view now presented by a shirtless Reed. His shoulders were broad and thickly muscled, with biceps that flexed as he shook the excess water from his arms. Water trickled down the ripped muscles of his torso, over a tight six-pack. His faded jeans hung low at his waist. Dark hair covered his wide chest and made Charlotte want to run her fingers through it, traveling right down the trail that disappeared below the waistband of his jeans. She became distinctly aware of a throbbing sensation between her legs, compliments of her visceral reaction to Reed’s body.

“That’s Miss Shit Girl to you!” She recovered her senses and dropped the bucket to run from him. She headed toward the stairs to her place and had almost reached them when she was grabbed around the waist and swung around by two very strong hands. Reed had her by the back belt loop of her cutoffs and was dragging her backward as he marched determinedly toward the clean car.

“All right, Miss Shit Girl, let’s see how you like the way this feels. After all, what was that you said a few moments ago about payback?” He was practically snarling as he began to turn on the faucet again.

“What are you doing, Reed? At least let me see your method of payback before it hits me.” Charlotte tried to seem nonchalant, trying to make him see how much he didn’t bother her.

“Okay, Sassy, as you wish.” He turned her around and promptly stuffed the hose down the front of her cutoffs, with the water running full force.

She gasped at the shock of the cold water hitting her hot skin without warning. Both of them looked down to watch the front of her shorts darken as the water soaked them and poured down her long, tanned legs.

“Well, now, what do you have to say about that?” Reed stepped back, putting his hands on his hips with a look of triumph on his face.

Not one to be outdone, Charlotte pulled the hose out of her pants and tossed it aside on the ground. She put a sultry smile on her face and walked up to Reed, who was still smirking at her, loving every minute of her discomfort. He was shocked when she placed a single fingertip on his bare chest and slid it down to the waistband of his jeans. She proceeded to slide all four fingers inside the waistband and grasp it, jerking him up against her, saying, “I’d say you have succeeded in making me thoroughly wet, Reed Jackson.”

She let go of his waistband, causing him to have to take a step backward to keep his balance, and walked away to the stairs, looking back over her shoulder at a slack-jawed Reed.


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