A Prince for Sophie (MF)

Magic and Love 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 49,300
32 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Fantasy Romance, Contemporary]

Sophie de la Croix knows she resembles her late mother. Queen Liana was beautiful but cold and unloving toward her children. Determined never do to a child what had been done to her, Sophie has dedicated her life to the children others have left behind.

Crown Prince Stephan of Montgermane isn't looking for romance. But something about Princess Sophie raises his sap and stirs his blood. Stephan expected the Ice Princess. One close look shows him there's a warm and caring woman under all that frost. It just remains for him to find a way to heat her up and melt her heart.

On the eve of their wedding, Alex and Hannah acknowledge that their happiness would be complete, if only Sophie could find true love. Together, and with the unknown help of those Fairy Godmothers, they play matchmaker to find a prince for Sophie.

"Every little girl dreams of finding her Prince Charming. Then she grows up and realizes that princes are few and far between, and fairy godmothers occupied elsewhere. The Magic and Love Series captures that long-ago whimsy and delivers it in a satisfyingly adult way. Magic and love—must-have ingredients for happy-ever-after." ~ Love, Morgan ~

A Siren Erotic Romance

A Prince for Sophie (MF)
32 Ratings (4.3)

A Prince for Sophie (MF)

Magic and Love 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 49,300
32 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
I think the last one in the serie is the best, not just because the story of Sophie and Stephan is awesome, but because Alex and Hannah have finally their own HEA! I loved all the characters in the books, but those four are my favorites! I loved the idea of the dark knight, puts a nice touch to the story!
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5 ENCHANTMENTS: "This is a fairy tale romance of storybook proportions, complete with a happy ever after. I thought this story was wonderful, and just the `pick-me-up' I needed today. I thought Ms. Ashbury wove reality and fairytale together beautifully, and created a beautiful story. I loved the way Stephan broke through Sophie's walls to find her tender side, and I completely enjoyed Sophie's softening. Great job Ms. Ashbury, thank you!!" -- Desiree de Cleves, Enchanting Reviews

5 KISSES: "I absolutely adored Ms. Ashbury's conclusion to the Magic and Love series! A Prince for Sophie gives us the story of the eldest Boisdemer girl, Princess Sophie...I cheered on this couple as they faced their pasts together, forging a bright future. A Prince for Sophie wouldn't be part of the Magic and Love series without the appearance of the two fairy godmothers, Eugenia and Gwendolyn...These two well-meaning meddlers added angst to the story and kept me in stitches! For those of you that have been closely following the trials and tribulations of King Alex and Hannah, rest assured that these two resolve their differences in a heartwarming way. I had to stop the story several times, because Ms. Ashbury wrote some wonderful scenes as these two joined as one. Thank you so much, Ms. Ashbury, for a wonderful, wonderful series I wished wouldn't end. All three books in the Magic and Love series are on my keeper shelf. I loved the way you wove magic, love, and monarchy into a modern-day fairy tale series." -- Victoria, Two Lips Reviews

4.5 FLAGS: "Third in her Magic and Love series, Morgan has a little something for all. And hubba hubba, I'd wanna play with all that armor. I truly enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone that believes in the magic that comes with love." -- Melisa, Euro-Reviews

4 STARS: "A Prince for Sophie is a cute book. Sophie is a fun and interesting character to read. She is strong and holds her own against the men in her life. As the story progresses she also comes to accept her sexuality, which is a huge plus in any book. Stephen is a very strong alpha male and he won't let Sophie hide from him sexually. He makes her face what she wants head on and the communication between them is incredibly fun and entertaining. The bonds they form grow slowly and it is very believable. Overall, this book is a great read, if you want something cute and fun with a dash of spice." -- Heather, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4 STARS: "A warm sense of family pervades these deliciously sexy fairy tales. It takes two fairy godmothers to produce enough magic for everyone to find their happily ever after. You'll want to read this enchanting collection in one sitting." -- Donna M. Brown, Romantic Times Reviews

"A Prince for Sophie is the perfect end to the fairy godmother trilogy. It is a heart-warming romance coupled with a look into just what a parent can impose on a person's psyche, with a lot of strict specific ideas and influences, and how love can conquer even that. That being said, this is a light-hearted, thoughtful story and one trilogy that I am sorry to see ended. I love the fairy godmothers and how they are woven into this modern day fairy tale. If you like stories about princes and princesses with a modern flare, you need to run out and get this story. Do not hesitate. A Prince for Sophie made me laugh out loud and get teary-eyed, which for me is a good sign of a story that I am drawn into. I look forward to reading more by Ms. Ashbury." -- Tanya, Joyfully Reviewed

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“Music and laughter make such a lovely symphony, don’t they, Eugenia?”

Eugenia smiled over at her sister, whose comment echoed exactly her own thoughts. They were floating, unseen, in the corner of the music room. The family had gathered for an impromptu celebration in honor of the just announced engagement of Princess Rachel of Boisdemer to Peter Jones. Michael, Rachel’s oldest brother, had chosen a selection of light rock music to play on the sound system while Alex had ordered champagne.

“Indeed they do. I must say, I’m feeling better than I have in a long, long time.”

“It’s because that nice young Peter Jones said he believed in us, and we didn’t even have to suggest it to him.”

Eugenia narrowed her eyes as she observed Alex and Hannah, who both pretended not to be ignoring each other.

“Well, Gwendolyn, two down and two to go, though I must say if our plan doesn’t work with those older ones I don’t know what we’ll do! Perhaps this is why we usually provide our services only for the young.”

“Oh, piffle.”

Gwendolyn’s uncharacteristic response startled her sister.

“Piffle?” Eugenia asked, sounding out the word carefully.

“Yes, piffle. These two are more deserving of our help than most of those coquettes and do-nothings we aided in the past.” Then she sighed. “Although they are proving to be quite a challenge.”

“They are indeed.” Eugenia then focused her attention on the king’s eldest daughter, Sophie. Her bearing was regal, her long black hair fashioned in an elegant chignon. Even as a child, Eugenia remembered fondly, Princess Sophie had been dainty and lady-like, always the proper princess. And those traits had only grown over the years. Her Highness never left her suite without being perfectly turned out. She was the epitome of a well-bred gentlewoman. Before her elder brother had married, she’d proven herself a talented chatelaine in managing the royal household, too.

“She deserves to be a Queen,” Eugenia said aloud.


“Well yes, of course Hannah. But I was thinking of Sophie. It’s just too bad that there are no Crown Princes available.”

“But Eugenia, you know that’s not so! As a matter of fact, one is arriving in a few days. He’s one of Philip’s groomsmen.”

“Him? Oh, no, he’ll never do for our Sophie. No, never.”

“But Eugenia,” Gwendolyn opened her hands and a book appeared. “Look, see? It’s even written down, right here in the Book!”

Eugenia scowled as she gave the Book only a passing glance. “To use your word, Gwendolyn, piffle. That one certainly doesn’t deserve to even be in the same room as our Sophie. Why, the very idea!”

“I rather like him, myself. He’s a good boy.”

“A good boy? That one is a rake-hell and a wastrel, if ever I saw one.”

Eugenia turned her attention back to the party. Seeing the two betrothed couples so obviously in love lifted her spirits. Sparing another glance at the older couple, she returned to contemplating Sophie.  She folded her arms, her resolve strong. Her Sophie would be a Queen. It would just take a little creativity. Everything would turn out to be a happily-ever-after for everyone, if it took every ounce of magic she possessed.

// // // // // // // // // // // // // // //

“I don’t remember Queen Liana that well, little one, but I do remember thinking that she seemed...untouchable.”

Sophie understood that Stephan was again trying to take their relationship to a more personal level. She couldn’t give him the kind of commitment a normal woman might, but in conversation, at least, she could give him intimacy.

“She was. She never hugged me. She never saw the need, and although I never tried, I always sensed that if I had ever thrown my arms around her, she would have recoiled.”

“Some people show their love in different ways, Sophie. It doesn’t mean they don’t feel the emotion.”

“That’s what Hannah said.” Thinking about her new stepmother lifted her spirits, and she turned to Stephan. “Now there’s a lady who invites hugs.”

“So do you.”

Before she could disabuse him of that notion, his arms were around her, pulling her flush against him. It was easy to slide her hands up his chest to slink around his neck.

“It’s not me, it’s you.” When Stephan held her, she felt safe, cherished and connected. He stirred her senses and heated her blood until she felt like she was melting inside. Until him, these were feelings she’d never experienced, so she knew the source of them had to be him.

There was no reason to resist the temptation that washed through her, so she didn’t. Rising up on her toes, she kissed him.

The firestorm ignited again, and Sophie let it take her. With tongue and lips and teeth she set out to consume him completely. His groans, and the clutching and caressing of his hands fuelled her need. Leaving his lips, she sampled the flavor of his neck and chest. Pleased, she noticed that his nipples peaked just like hers did when suckled. The reaction spurred her on. Nuzzling his chest, the light dusting of hair there caressed like the finest velvet. His taste was different here than in his kiss. Salty and rich, she discovered a flavor she’d been missing all her life. She wanted more. She wanted every scrap of him she could have.

Easing to her knees, she fumbled at the opening of his pants, unbuttoning and then unzipping them with trembling fingers. And when his penis sprang free, she captured it in her hand. Instinct guided her as she used her tongue in a long, questing lick. Then she opened her mouth and took him in.

His cock was hard, yet the skin was soft and smooth and tasted good. And hot, it was so hot. As she moved her mouth on him, sliding him in and out, she played her tongue along his length, sucking lightly.

“My God!”

His epithet told her he liked her mouth on him. Nothing was more important in that moment but that she please him. He’d given her so much more than she’d ever thought to know. When she was with him like this, when she was kissing him, touching him, when he had his hands flexing in her hair or reaching down her back to pull the shirt she wore off her, she felt free. Free and alive and powerful in a way she would have sworn was beyond her reach.


Oh, his hands were strong as he whipped his shirt off her. She felt his trembling as he urged her onto her back on the floor, followed her down and loomed over her.

“No one has ever made me lose control as you have done. You drive me out of my mind with pleasure. Now, it is my turn.”

When he slipped down her body, she had no idea what he was about to do. Then he hooked his hands under her knees, lifted and spread her legs, and settled between them with his head nearly even with her mons.

The first touch of his tongue on her soft folds was electrifying. A cry escaped her lips, her hips jerked toward him.

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