Running from Angel (MFM)

Sunset Cowboys 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,007
11 Ratings (4.0)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, public exhibition, light consensual BDSM]

Angel’s spent a year rebuilding her life with one goal in mind—to experience the dark pleasures she saw in her rescuer’s eyes. Fate puts Jacob in her grasp, but he won't touch her alone. Armed with a newfound stubbornness and strength, she squares off with Mitch and Jacob, determined to prove she’s the woman for them. Convinced Angel is too innocent and damaged to be the submissive lover they crave, Jacob and Mitch made a vow to stay away. Now she's come looking for them. One touch and Jacob knows he can't walk away again, but Mitch's hard head isn't going to make having her easy.

Mitch kept his distance from Angel, believing his dominant needs would shatter her. But the woman she’s become is nothing like he remembers. Sassy and strong, her challenges push him past his breaking point, feeding his need for ownership and control.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Running from Angel (MFM)
11 Ratings (4.0)

Running from Angel (MFM)

Sunset Cowboys 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,007
11 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
This was a really good book.
wonderful book. Couldnt put it down.
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2011 Nominee for Best Ménage Book
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Story Excerpt


A smarter man would hit the ground running. He should head back to his truck and drive away without a second thought. He knew too much about her past, about himself, and about Mitch. Safety for each of them lay in the miles they had put between themselves and this woman. He should be leaving dust tracks in his efforts to put that distance back again. The town limits of Sunset were less than ten miles up the road. One phone call and he could have a tow truck out here with an able-bodied mechanic in twenty minutes flat to help Angel get on her way. Instead, he asked the question that would surely lead to disaster.

“Why?” His voice sounded gruff, animalistic even to his own ears. He pulled back to meet her gaze and found her staring at him through desire-filled dark eyes.

Her pretty pink tongue peeked between her lips, leaving a moist trail that glistened in the last dregs of sunlight, and his cock throbbed in raging demand. “Why what?”

When did the bashful, innocent Angel he remembered from those fateful moments turn into a siren seductress?

“Don’t toy with me, Angel.” He meant it to be a warning, but damned if he didn’t detect a certain amount of pleading in his tone. He needed backup. He needed Mitch. His buddy tended to be the harder one. He went for the women they shared with a no-holds-barred, no-room-for-argument attitude. He could manipulate a woman to the precise point they wanted her, uncover longings and needs she didn’t know she possessed, and move in to deliver the pleasure. No doubt about it, if Mitch was in Jacob’s boots right now, he would have Angel bent over the hood of her car with her sexy ass bare and ready for a good spanking after this little show of challenge.

Except after all she had endured, all she had escaped, they could never take her that way. They could never expose her to the thin rope they walked between sheer ecstasy and naughty pain.

“Why did I come looking for you?” She repeated his question with a flippancy that set off every alarm bell in his being. “Why are you asking something you already know?”

She relaxed in the cage he had created around her with his arms on either side of her hips. Before he could think to react, before he recognized the disaster about to unfold, he felt the last tenuous bit of space between them dissipate.

Angel’s body molded to his. Her soft curves settled against his harder planes. Her nipples beaded to sharp arrows that pressed at his chest and sent shards of unadulterated lust raining to his cock. In that moment, destiny took his balls in a tight fist with the surefire threat that it wasn’t the only part of him it intended to hold. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, he didn’t stand a prayer in heaven of not touching her now. He pushed a knee between her slightly parted legs and rocked his hips forward, bringing his tormented cock flush with her flattened belly. Surprise flashed in her eyes, followed by a bolt of triumph that snapped the last thread of his control.

“I’m not coming to your rescue this time, sweetheart.” It damned near killed him before. Not just learning about the life she was struggling to escape, but being one of two men who had inadvertently put her on the right path to freedom then turned and walked away. The gratitude that had masked the pain in her eyes had been tough enough to take. The promise of repayment that bordered on a convoluted sense of hero worship had been impossible to claim.

“Funny, it seems you already did.” Temper simmered in her tone, but the sultry seductress that possessed this new Angel in his arms didn’t surrender the fight. “Unless you’re thinking you’re going to leave me stranded here now.”

If Jacob didn’t know better he might have thought she staged the whole thing. True coincidences didn’t happen often to his way of thinking, and this afternoon had been chock-full of them. Restless for reasons he couldn’t pin down, he had driven into town for supplies needed at the ranch rather than sending one of the hands or requesting delivery the way such business was usually handled. He had completed the errand sooner than he liked and stopped off at the Double Horn Saloon for a beer before heading back to the ranch. Timing put him traveling this lonely country road at a time when Angel needed him, same as it did fifteen months ago when he ended up at the Applebranch Mall for much of the same reasons, staring into the eyes of the woman who stole his heart and every bit of his sanity.

“What I’m thinking…” he drawled and lifted his thigh to her pussy. He swallowed a tormented groan when her hips started to move, grinding against the pressure. Hell, he couldn’t remember what he had been thinking! He started again, rephrasing the statement. “I’m betting you aren’t ready for the can of worms you’re opening, sweetheart.”

Challenge, unadulterated and fierce, turned her expression to one that would tease and torture him in his dreams for many nights to come. “Try me.”

Fuck. The crude word settled in his mind with every possible definition lighting it like a neon sign.

“Right here, Jake. Right now. Try me.”

Jacob stilled her gyrating hips with a firm grip of his hands and stared down at her. Few things surprised him these days, but Angel Dalton was shocking him clean to his booted toes. She dared him to take what he wanted right here and now and damn the consequences. He almost did it. Only one thing kept his control in check.

“Not here.” He dipped his head a fraction and let his lips hover above hers. “Not now. Not alone.”


Adult Excerpt


Angel looked up, seeing the intense concentration on his face first, then the mirrors above him. She saw herself reflected back, face flush and eyes heavy-lidded, and the back of his head as he stared down at her. The muscles in his shoulders flexed as he held her ass off the bed, pulling his cock back until only the head remained inside her cunt before pistoning inside her sopping channel once more.

“Watch yourself, darlin’.” Mitch’s voice came out of nowhere. Her gaze slid right, finding him in the mirror as he crawled onto the bed beside her and Jacob. His attention fixated on her in the mirror. “See how he’s fucking you.”

Jacob pushed his upper body up, the move driving his cock deeper inside her, exposing more of their bodies to the reflection.

“See how his cock slides in and out of that sweet pussy. Your juices are covering his cock. Did you come for him already?”

Angel shook her head, unsure if she could speak with the riot of sensations racing through her.

“That’s a good girl. I don’t want you coming until I’m inside you, too.”

Her heart skipped a beat in apprehension. She couldn’t look away from Mitch, couldn’t watch Jacob fuck her when Mitch talked about something she burned to feel yet dreaded at the same time.

Jacob leaned down again, brushing his lips to hers and capturing her attention despite herself. “You’ll be okay. A little pain and a lot of pleasure.” As he spoke, he rolled, taking her with him until she was on top, straddling his hips, his cock still buried deep in her cunt. His arms formed a tight vise around her waist, holding her lower body flush against his. She rested the weight of her upper body on her forearms on either side of his head.

“God, you have an amazing ass.” Mitch growled as the bed shifted, and she felt him moving in behind her. His hands splayed on her ass cheeks, squeezing and caressing, teasing and ratcheting her uneasiness to a wickedly exciting level. Then he slipped a finger between her cheeks, the callused pad pressing against the tight ring of her anus.

Angel froze, every muscle in her body seizing in anticipation of his next move.

“Right here, darlin’.” His finger pressed a little harder, circling the rim of her back entrance. “This is where I’m going to put my cock.”

The finger retreated, and she felt something cool and liquid in its place. She moaned, her head bowing until her forehead rested on Jacob’s as the finger returned to spread the gel Mitch obviously squirted to lube her ass.

“This is where I’m going to fuck you,” he told her as his finger returned, this time pressing more insistently until it breached the outer rim of her anus.

The combination of cool and slick slammed into a wall of sharp pain that wondrously morphed to a devilish pleasure. A strangled scream tore from her throat even as her hips rocked back on the intrusion of their own volition.

“That’s it, Angel. Fuck my finger with your ass. I knew you would like it.” Approval and satisfaction laced his heated words as he pushed deeper, twisted and wiggled his finger in her anus, pulled back, and added a second. “Two fingers, sweetheart. Your body is opening for me so nicely. I’ve got two fingers in your ass now.”

“How does it feel?” Jacob asked, his voice raking over her like satiny asphalt, soft and yet abrasive with his own obvious struggles to hold himself in check.

“Oh, God. Oh, God. Please.” She felt out of her mind, her hips moving into Mitch’s probing fingers, retreating only to drive down on Jacob’s cock still lodged in her pussy. She fought to control the sensations, to suspend the release building in her channel. She couldn’t come, wouldn’t until Mitch replaced his fingers with his cock, until both men fucked her as they promised they would.

“Damn, that’s sexy as hell,” Mitch murmured, wiggling his fingers, pushing the lubrication deeper in her ass. “I can’t wait a second longer to see my cock inside you.”

Angel screamed in protest when Mitch pulled his fingers free without warning. She gyrated her hips, grinding her pussy on Jacob’s cock as she desperately searched for that pleasurable pain Mitch delivered to her anus. The smack that landed on her butt cheek, sending a fiery dance of exquisite pain through her ass, made her freeze again. Fingers delved into the back of her hair, fisted, and yanked her head to one side.

She gasped, her eyes widening as they locked with Mitch’s.

“I won’t tolerate the way you pushed me today, again.” His flattened hand landed on her rear, this smack harder than the first. Angel moaned as the pleasure danced with the sting. “I won’t tolerate the sharp tongue you’ve been using since you showed up, either.” Another smack, another moan, and she teetered closer and closer to the orgasmic edge. “Do I make myself clear?”

Angel tried to nod, but he held her head too firmly for movement. “Yes.”

“Good.” He dipped his head, grazing his lips over her shoulder. The bite of pain as his teeth sank into her flesh collided with the sting as his hand smacked her ass so many times in succession she lost count. Her butt cheek flamed from the spanking, her shoulder throbbing from the bite, and her pussy pulsed, the orgasm so close now she knew she wouldn’t be able to control it much longer.

“My mark on your pretty flesh,” he said as he pulled back, releasing his grip on her hair. “Just as this will be my mark inside this sexy body.”

Angel stilled herself, knowing, as she felt the bulbous head of his cock rest against the heated entrance of her ass, what he intended next.

“Breathe, baby,” Jacob coached softly and used his hold on her waist to draw her body down, lifting his hips to impale her as deep as he could go as Mitch began to sheath his cock in her ass.

“Relax, darlin’,” Mitch instructed through gritted teeth. “Let your body take my cock.” He entered her slowly but insistently, breaching the tight ring of muscles and burying his cock in her ass to the hilt.

Angel’s vision swam. Pain, bliss, wonder fogged her mind, and for a moment she thought she might pass out. She closed her eyes and allowed every spark, every bolt, and every sensation of ecstasy to consume her as completely as her men claimed her.

Mitch and Jacob moved in unison, one pulling back as the other thrust inside her, and she surrendered, mind, body, and soul. They fucked her with a ruthlessness that drove her past the brink of spectacular pleasure and to the edge of paradise.

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