When Kurt arrives to spend another night of sensual bliss at the home of his lover, Liam is thrilled to see him. Liam is in love with this perfect specimen of a man. They were each other’s firsts in many ways. Over the years, however, Kurt has become somewhat of a player, and often makes embarrassing remarks at the expense of others. He seems to have become somewhat of a bully in the way that he uses others for his personal gain or to somehow feel superior to them. Liam overlooks Kurt’s offhanded and often hurtful remarks out of the blind love that he has for him, until the day that Kurt’s disparaging comments become a little too personal.

Better than Perfect
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Liam moved toward Kurt, his face at his, stopping just as their lips were about to touch. His eyes searched Kurt’s for approval. Kurt slowly responded. His lips met Liam’s. It was at first a gentle kiss, but quickly became passionate as his tongue slipped into Liam’s hot wetness. Kurt broke the embrace that was so loving, so giving, and whispered to Liam, “Let’s go upstairs. I want to lie with you, and make love to you.” Liam’s heart ached for his friend, as he surrendered his desire to him.

The two lovers walked hand in hand to Liam’s bed. Kurt was shy and wanted the room darkened. They undressed and slipped underneath the covers. Liam knew that Kurt was scared, and so he made the first move. He moved to where he lay and held him, kissing him passionately, continuing what had begun only moments earlier. He kissed his way down Kurt’s body until his lips rested on the top of Kurt’s erection. He licked across the top of his dick and looked up at him. “Do you want to be inside me, Kurt?” He only nodded. Liam lay on his back and motioned for Kurt to face him. “No shame tonight. I want to see your beautiful face.” Liam knew that this was Kurt’s first time inside a man and his own cock was hard as it lay on his stomach.

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