Tyler’s exercise routine has become a substitute for sex, always ending in a swim and relaxing by the side of the pool after work. In the midst of a crumbling relationship at home, Tyler pays little attention to the man who conveniently comes for a swim at exactly the same time as he, and who cannot take his eyes off of Tyler. Hoping that Tyler will take the hint and join him for a rendezvous in the pool, this mysterious man realizes that making the first move is up to him.

Only the Beginning
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Tyler began to notice that this guy at work named Joe frequently came to the pool at about the same time that Tyler was getting out and stretching and relaxing by the side of the pool, his skimpy swim trunks tight against the erection the water always gave him. Once in the water, Joe only had to glance at Tyler slightly to get a full view of his now well toned body, thanks to all the exercise, and Joe would stand by the side of the pool for a long time just watching Tyler as he enjoyed the warming rays of the sun. Through the mask of his shades, Tyler thought he had seen Joe looking at his cock and balls which were well outlined by the wetness of his suit a couple of times, but just thought he had imagined it due to his lack of sex and hunger for it. Maybe Joe was just curious to know how endowed he was compared to another guy. Tyler just brushed it off as a guy's normal curiosity and paid no attention to it.

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