Jeremy’s new job is going to be a breeze. He is meeting a new customer today who is paying him five hundred dollars a week to maintain his massive lawn and his beautiful pool. Jeremy has no idea that this is the man who frequented the candy store where he had worked last summer. The man does not look like that guy. It does not take Jeremy long to become swept up in this man’s world and by this man’s charm.

Erotic Caress
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Jeremy was right on time this morning to mow the luscious green lawn of Mr. Yardlow. Mr. Yardlow was a new customer to Jeremy, and Jeremy had never been to one of the houses on the hill, but if the front of Mr. Yardlow’s house was any indication of what the other houses on the hill were like, Jeremy would move in immediately if given half a chance.

“Come in, Jeremy. It’s good to see an enterprising young man such as yourself these days.” Jeremy shook Mr. Yardlow’s hand, and followed him into his house. “As you can see, I don’t have much of a front lawn. The most impressive part of the property is in the back.” Mr. Yardlow led Jeremy to the back of the house. From the family room, Jeremy could see the entire back yard. “It’s very impressive, sir.” “Thank you, Jeremy. A man works hard to get where I am. The yard is tough to mow, though, because of its sharp incline. Hope you don’t mind.” No, Jeremy didn’t mind. The man was paying him five hundred dollars a week to take care of his lawn and his pool. Jeremy had assumed that there was something wrong with Mr. Yardlow because he had offered to pay such an obscene amount of money, but the man seemed normal enough to Jeremy. The guy probably just makes so much money that he is out of touch with the regular people, Jeremy decided. “I’ll be working upstairs, Jeremy. Feel free to come and go as you please. Help yourself to whatever you like in the frig.” Jeremy thanked Mr. Yardlow, and watched as the man left the room. Mr. Yardlow wasn’t bad looking for an older man, and he had a nice body, too, for a man whose maturity was much greater than that of Jeremy.


Jeremy’s eyes were at the level of Harley’s nipples, and he lifted his head to look at his attractive suitor. Harley held Jeremy’s head in one hand, tilted it back slightly, and leaned down and gently kissed Jeremy’s lips. Then he pulled back and looked at Jeremy’s face. His young lover was waiting for more. Jeremy’s eyes were closed, his young lips parted from the kiss, and the swim trunks now stretched to their limit spoke for themselves. Harley lowered the hand on Jeremy’s back to hold the cute young butt, and leaned down to kiss his young lips again. Jeremy’s arms went around his unexpected lover, and he felt an ache in his groin. “Jeremy, have you ever made love, really made love? It is much different than just having sex.” Jeremy didn’t think that he had. Harley looked at Jeremy’s face. Jeremy began to open his eyes. “I..I..I don’t know,” he said. “Do you want me to make love to you, Jeremy?” Jeremy’s head went up and down, his lips sliding against Harley’s.

Harley pulled Jeremy’s body to him, leaving Jeremy panting. Harley placed both hands on Jeremy’s butt, and spoke sultrily beside Jeremy’s ear. “Your orgasm will be full, complete, and explosive, if you allow me to take you that far.” Jeremy heard himself moan. The ache inside his swim trunks began to throb. Harley’s hands were inside Jeremy’s swim trunks now, slowly and seductively caressing his young butt. “Would you like me to make love to you out here underneath the sunshine in the water?” Jeremy nodded, even though his head was resting on Harley’s shoulder. Harley could feel the nod even though he couldn’t see it.

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