Carnival Week is looked forward to by every young male eager to experience his first “thrill” rides. Lou is of legal age this year, and this is the very first year that he is allowed to attend the first night of the carnival. The first night of Carnival Week is always reserved for young men who, like Lou, have never been before. Lou’s friend, Victor, has offered to take him to this much anticipated first night of the carnival, though Lou has no idea why. Lou is hoping to meet someone special tonight, as many men do, and is not eager to hang out all night with Victor, who is just a friend. Lou knows that every ride is different on the first night of Carnival Week, and he cannot wait to see which masked man will claim him for each new erotic ride.

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It was Carnival Week, and there was one part of the carnival that had been off limits to Lou until this year. Lou was eighteen now, and tonight Victor was taking him to opening night at the carnival. Victor was twenty-one, and had been waiting all year to take Lou to the carnival. He had seen Lou looking at his crotch, and Victor was dying to show Lou a good time at the Carnival. Victor had wanted Lou for awhile now, biding his time until tonight. “Ready to go?” he asked, as he put on his carnival mask. “You bet,” Lou answered eagerly. “Check me out.” Lou put his mask on, which was quite eerie. “That’s a good choice for your first time,” Victor said, and he meant it. Lou didn’t look like a first timer in a mask that was half Freddie Kruger and half Michael Myers. “Come on. This is the best night of the entire carnival. You definitely don’t want to miss opening night the first year you are old enough to go to…well, you know.” Victor winked at Lou through the eye holes in his mask, and Lou giggled. “I can’t believe you just giggled. How juvenile.” “Shut up,” Lou said.


Victor drove to the far end of the carnival grounds. He and Lou recognized no one as they walked into the brightly lit house that Lou had never seen before tonight. Victor gave the secret sign that let the man at the door know that he was bringing a newbie. “Come in, come in,” the man said eagerly. “We are happy to have you.”

Victor left Lou alone just long enough to retreat into the side room and come back dressed like the other non-newbies. He wore the same mask, but wore a black robe instead of the jeans and shirt he had come in. Lou looked around. At least there were others like him, in jeans. “Nice robe, sexy,” Lou said. “You want what’s underneath, don’t you?” Victor teased back. “You know it.” Lou did want Victor. He would have loved to strip that robe off of him right then and there.


The music stopped suddenly. Lou stood completely still, not making a sound. The lights continued to dance, but otherwise the room was black. Lou shifted his weight from one leg to the other, until he felt someone’s arms on his hips and nice lips on his lips, forcibly opening his mouth. “Mm,” the man said. Lou liked being kissed by this man, and he opened his mouth even more. “Mm,” the man said again, and then withdrew his lips from Lou’s. The man shoved his hand between Lou’s legs and then slowly brought his hand forward over Lou’s balls and upward along Lou’s newly formed erection.

A moment later the music began again and as Lou’s eyes adjusted to the light, he looked around trying to find the man whose lips had felt so good on his own. The man was gone though, and soon his friend Victor was by his side once again. “Brought you some more punch. How was your first ride?” “Isn’t it obvious?” Lou looked down at his erection that had made a prominent outline in his jeans. Victor looked too, but just for a second. They had their masks back on, so the full effect of their eye expressions could not be seen.


The ride began, and Lou and the secretive man began ascending toward the sky. The man turned toward Lou, put his arms around him, and kissed him. These were different lips than the ones that had met Lou’s lips on his first ride, Lou was quite certain of that. The man stopped kissing Lou, but continued to hold him while he unzipped Lou’s jeans. Now we’re having a carnival, thought Lou. The man’s hand was firmly around Lou’s cock. “Oh, yeah,” Lou moaned. He heard a few other moans from fellow newbies who were also enjoying their second ride. The man was good with his hands. That was for sure.

The man opened Lou’s jeans and then he leaned down. He took the big spongy head of Lou’s cock and held it between his lips. “Mm,” he moaned as he licked the top, and then he slowly made his way downward until Lou’s hard cock was deep inside his throat. “Oh, man. That feels so good.” Lou had never had this good of a blowjob in his life. Lou had never had a blowjob at all really, at least not to the point of a full explosive orgasm. This man was a pro. All that Lou could hear around him were the moans as they became louder and louder. Lou could hear the slurping noises the man made as he expertly sucked Lou’s cock. “Damn, you are good,” Lou said to the man, over and over. He was very good. It seemed to Lou that the man was enjoying it too much, but he wasn’t complaining. He was just trying not to blow his load too soon.

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