After killing his heartmate, Tarkhan is on a quest to destroy the evil that caused all his problems. He isn’t ready for another relationship, but Willem has different ideas. When they band together with two more Wolven to rid their world of the Shades of Martak, they are thrown together whether Tarkhan wants it or not. But it’s not until he almost loses Willem that Tarkhan realises it’s possible to love more than once.

Blue Wolf
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Cover Art by Latrisha Waters

It took the last of his strength to bring down the massive elk. Tarkhan thought himself lucky to have managed to sneak up on the beast quietly. If he’d had to run after it he would simply have given up.

Tarkhan had travelled far over the past week. It was winter and bloody freezing. Even running on his toes, to protect the delicate pads of his Wolven paws, hadn’t saved him from being footsore, and to top it all off he was hungry.

There had been little to eat on the trip. Winter froze the rabbits and other small prey inside their lairs. He’d been lucky with the Elk—it was old and none too bright. Must have been hard of hearing too, not to notice Tarkhan’s heavy breath.

He was bringing some dangerous news to the Armak, and it would be good if he could get some of his stamina and strength back before he barged into their community bearing unwanted gifts. He thought about what he would say, as he ripped open the soft stomach of the elk and sought out the more nutritious parts of the beast.

Once he’d eaten his fill, he tore out the remainder of the offal and decided to use the carcase for warmth and shelter until the morning. Snuggled inside the ribcage he forgot how awful he’d smell, and was just grateful for some basic comfort for a while.

As he slept, he dreamed.

Tarkhan was standing naked by the lake when Arton leaped out of the water, sending a rainbow of droplets cascading around him. He lunged at Tarkhan, grabbed his hands and drew him into the water. It was cold and Tark gasped, feeling his cock and testicles shrink and burrow inside him.

“For God’s sake Art, have a care. My precious bits have disappeared and may never come out to play again.”

Arton had laughed and in response had dived under the water, presumably to check for himself. Tarkhan gasped as felt the warmth of Art’s mouth close around his flaccid cock.

When his partner came up for air Tark snaked out an arm, crushing their bodies chest to chest. He could feel Arton’s heartbeat against his, first as a separate percussion and then with a slight skip, so they were beating in unison. He always loved this sharing of hearts. It showed how close they were. Soulmates, skin mates, lifemates and above all heartmates. Hearts in tune, they paused a moment to gently nuzzle each other’s necks. As if they were one body, they stood in the waist high water, caught in their embrace. Tark felt the water lap gently around them and it was another caress. He ground his penis against Arton’s. Their gentle swaying with the current and the friction between them brought them close to orgasm.

Wanting to take Arton in his mouth, but sure he couldn’t hold his breath long enough to bring him off, Tarkhan loosened his grip and began to drag his partner to the shore by his arm. Art wasn’t having any of it, and broke the moment by diving on Tarkhan, tumbling them both under the water, where they rolled over each other like eels, laughing as they breached the surface, tossing water spray into the air.

“Gods, I love you, Art.”

Tarkhan woke with a hard-on and tears in his eyes.

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