A Foolish Plan (MM)

What A Mess! 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,071
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Alternative, Contemporary, MM, HEA]

Jared Masters and Stephen Howard have been best friends for more than thirty years. When Stephen discovers his feelings toward Jared has turned into something more, he agrees to his other best friend, Dexter's plan to see if Jared feels the same way he does by going out on dates with other people.

When Jared knows about Stephen's dates, he assumes his fury stems from the possibility of him losing his best friend. Stephen is a great guy. Jared believes Stephen deserves someone just as amazing, so he embarks on a half-baked plan to act as Stephen's matchmaker. He will get Stephen someone wonderful even if the thought of it is pissing him off, but he first needs to know what Stephen looks for in a potential life partner. To do that, he brings Stephen out on dates. Stephen misunderstands Jared's intention, assuming they're dating for real.

Will Jared and Stephen eventually work things out and get their happily ever after?

A Foolish Plan (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

A Foolish Plan (MM)

What A Mess! 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,071
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


In the past, he had never considered settling down with just one person for the rest of his life. There were too many people to have sex with. Why should he get himself one tree when he could have the entire forest? Besides, most people were more trouble than they were worth. He should just enjoy the physical aspects without worrying about the other things that came along with having extended relationships with them.

Now, he changed his mind. He yearned for the same kind of relationship that he witnessed between Dexter and Isaac, but he wanted to have something like that with Jared. Unfortunately, Jared obviously wasn’t interested in him. He had been shocked when he finally realized what his feelings toward Jared were after pondering over them around two weeks ago. A one-sided love was painful, though, and he didn’t know what he was supposed to do with it. He sighed in exasperation when Dexter started breathing loudly while pressing his face against Isaac’s neck.

“The two of you together will make me puke all my lunch out within the next few seconds. Can you tone it down a little?”

Dexter shot a smug expression in Stephen’s direction. “No, and you can suck it up.”

Stephen raised his middle fingers at Dexter. “Fuck you.”

“Thanks, but not interested.”

Stephen didn’t bother to restrain himself from rolling his eyes at Dexter. Then he hurriedly switched the subject back toward his current predicament.

“Any suggestions for me?”

“About you and Jared?” Dexter countered while still nuzzling his face against the back of Isaac’s head.

“About me and the ass of the donkey,” Stephen retorted, feeling helpless and frustrated now. He couldn’t be bothered to put on his usual mask of utter boredom. “Focus, man. Yes! About Jared and me. What should I do?”

Isaac opened his mouth, but Dexter beat him to it. Judging by the expression on Dexter’s face, Stephen knew he was about to receive a nonsensical response from his best friend.

“Make him jealous.”

Stephen stared at Dexter in disbelief. “What?”

“No,” Isaac interjected almost immediately. “Not a good idea. Remember when the three of you came up with that stupid bet not so long ago?”

Dexter’s cheeks reddened, and Stephen was certain he was as embarrassed as Dexter by that reminder. He, Jared, and Dexter had been restless a while back. They needed something exciting and exhilarating to perk their moods up. As a result, Jared had challenged Dexter that he wouldn’t be able to get Isaac to fall in love with him in ten dates or less. The winning prize was set at ten million dollars. Stephen might not have participated in it, but he was equally guilty for encouraging and goading his friends into it. Dexter scoffed a little at Isaac.

“Babe, everything will be fine this time around. Steve just has to go out on dates with some really hot, sexy, and gorgeous people. Then Jared will discover his feelings for Steve. After that, the two of them will live together happily ever after. It’s a foolproof plan.”

Isaac shook his head. “It’s a foolish plan, and I’m strongly against it. Something will go wrong, and—”

“Babe, come on!” Dexter exclaimed before kissing the back of Isaac’s neck a couple of times. “Everything will turn out all right.”

“I don’t think—”

“It will be fine,” Dexter insisted, and Isaac heaved out a huge sigh.

“I’ve warned you.”

“I know, babe,” Dexter said flippantly in Isaac’s direction. “I’m sure it will be okay.”

Stephen bit his lower lip for a short moment before making up his mind. “There’s no harm in trying. Right?”

Isaac looked unconvinced, and Dexter appeared smug and elated before speaking up. “Of course. You just have to date a few people. Enough for Jared to notice your constant absence. Jared is mischievous, but he’s actually even more possessive than me.”

Isaac snorted. “That’s debatable.”

In the next instant, Isaac and Dexter got into one of their silly and lovely little arguments. Isaac claimed Dexter was overly dominant and also a control freak. Dexter vehemently denied it all. Stephen ignored them both. He was busy coming up with a plan inside his head. Dexter could be right. Stephen simply had to show Jared what he was missing out on. Then they would have their fairy tale ending. Naturally. All he had to do was make a list of potential dates for the foreseeable future. Jared would be so jealous. After that, Stephen could reassure Jared that he was only attempting to get him all worked up. The two of them would settle the issue between themselves, and they could be boyfriends just like Dexter and Isaac. Nothing would go wrong. He just had to make sure that his plan was perfect. Easy enough.


Jared couldn’t be certain how he ended up naked in Stephen’s living room. His hazy memory provided him with blurry images of Stephen and him watching something on the television for like a minute or two. After that, he couldn’t remember much. All he recalled was that they had suddenly pounced on each other. Their shirts had quickly been torn to shreds, and the buttons had flown everywhere. Then Stephen had manhandled Jared and pushed him to lie flat on the large couch before removing his pants and trunks. Seconds later, Jared had groaned loudly and blissfully as Stephen began to suck on his dick, licking everywhere and deepthroating it as if it was the last available meal on earth.

“Fuck, baby,” Jared mumbled almost incoherently while gripping tightly onto Stephen’s hair and bucking his hips upward.

Stephen choked a little in surprise, but he continued to slobber all over Jared’s cock like a wanton, desperate slut in heat. That only turned Jared on even more. He had always known Stephen had almost no gag reflex, so he pumped his cock in and out of his boyfriend’s mouth and throat rather forcefully. He gasped and moaned much louder than before when he felt the wet warmth of Stephen’s mouth and throat all around the entire length of his cock. He also enjoyed the sight of Stephen sucking on his cock. There was something filthy and obscene about fucking another man’s mouth. It felt as if he had beaten another man into submission. His pleasure intensified because the man who was sucking his cock was Stephen, his lovely, gorgeous boyfriend. That only served to heighten his lust and love for Stephen. He whined in surprise when Stephen abruptly released his cock.

“Fuck my mouth harder. Don’t take it easy on me. I want it rougher than that. I need to be reminded that I’m getting throat-fucked by a real man, not a fucking wimp.”

Jared knew Stephen was goading him. He was fully aware of it. However, Stephen’s challenging tone angered him, and he grew really pissed off at his boyfriend. If Stephen wanted to play it that way, Jared would be more than willing to give his boyfriend exactly what the man was asking for. He grabbed onto Stephen’s hair, dragged his boyfriend’s head hard against his crotch, and rubbed the man’s face all over it. After that, he shoved his cock brutally back into the tight, wet warmth of Stephen’s mouth and throat in one smooth stroke. His cock wasn’t the longest in the world. It barely reached eight inches in length, but it more than made up for it in terms of girth. Jared sneered at Stephen when he noticed his boyfriend’s eyes tearing up.

“Is that what you want, bitch? You must be really hungry for my cock. Come on, pussy boy. Suck it good. Show me how much you really love my cock,” Jared said while hammering his cock mercilessly in and out from Stephen’s mouth and all the way deep down inside his boyfriend’s constricting throat. “Do you like the taste of my fucking cock? What does it smell like? Good? Yeah. That’s it. Suck it harder, bitch.”

Jared thrust into Stephen’s mouth over and over again. He was in control. Or so he thought. Hence, he was taken aback when he felt one of Stephen’s finger being pushed into his dry ass. His eyes widened further when he felt Stephen’s finger jabbing against that magical spot inside his ass. He huffed and puffed as he attempted to get away from Stephen, but he couldn’t. Stephen clamped down harder on his cock, refusing to let it go. The suctioning around his cock was too much and too incredible, and there was the additional, amazing feeling from inside his ass. He grunted and thrashed helplessly. He was going to come whether he wanted to or not. He was far too close now. He tried to scream, but the sound died in his throat. He was now mere seconds away from being pushed over the edge. He had forgotten how skillful Stephen was sexually. He promised he would never underestimate Stephen ever again. Then he was surprised when Stephen abruptly released his cock. However, Stephen’s finger remained inside his ass. Stephen was fucking him with that one finger, rubbing against that pleasurable spot repeatedly.

“Who’s the fucking pussy boy now?” Stephen taunted.

Jared glared in Stephen’s direction, but the fierce look on his face wasn’t as effective as it usually was. He was gaping and gasping at Stephen, and seconds later, he felt something bursting deep inside him, and he watched in amazement as his cum spewed out from the slit of his dick. It was like a fountain of cum. There was too much of it, and it sprayed everywhere onto him and Stephen’s face, chest, shoulders, and arms. Some of his cum even landed on the couch.

“You…you son of a bitch,” Jared shouted weakly at Stephen, who only smirked at him in return, while he was still dribbling cum all over his firm, muscular stomach.

“I think you’re my bitch,” Stephen retorted.

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