Bloodfire Awakening (MM)

Kensington Falls 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 38,952
2 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Alternative Fantasy Paranormal Romance, MM, HEA]

On Kiz Emeral’s home planet homosexuality is a crime punishable by death. Knowing from a young age he preferred men, he and his family escaped to Earth. Alone and untouched, he knows he’ll never find love, let alone his mate.

Raphael was an archangel who never thought he’d fall from grace. But after crossing a line he shouldn’t have, he ended up like most of his siblings—face down in the hell realm.

Now tricked into becoming a protector of a rouge sanctuary, Raphael rescues Kiz, shocked at the magnetism he feels toward the large man. That is till Kiz claims they are soulmates, something Raphael doesn’t believe in.

But when Kiz enters mating heat, his blood pumping through his veins like fire, Raphael learns he’s the only one that can end it. But he fears that once he gets a taste of Kiz, he’ll do anything for another bite.

Bloodfire Awakening (MM)
2 Ratings (5.0)

Bloodfire Awakening (MM)

Kensington Falls 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 38,952
2 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing



Kiz gulped as he enunciated each word. “You-are-my-mate. You feel, too, yes?”

Raphael was quiet for a moment. Enough time passed for Kiz to know Raphael was trying to come up with the words to reject him. He hoped Raphael’s refusal would at least be civil.

“How do you know?” the fallen angel asked, surprising him.

Kiz swallowed the lump in his throat and replied, “Scent.”

“That’s it?”

Kiz recoiled at the nasty tone Raphael used. “Is not that all I need?”

Raphael rubbed his hand over his head, uncaringly messing up his hair. “Dammit,” he whispered. “I didn’t mean it like that.”

“How you mean it?” Kiz asked so quietly he hardly heard himself.

“Look, I don’t believe in fated matings. I can’t smell what you smell, and at the moment I can’t see the future or get a reading off you whatsoever. So how am I supposed to know you are telling the truth?”

Raphael was talking too fast, but Kiz got the gist, and he was horrified. “Why lie?” he said, somehow managing to hold back his tears. “Why anyone lie ’bout ’sting serious?”

“It’s not you, Kiz. I just don’t believe that out of everyone in the whole universe, you and I were singled out to complement each other in almost every way imaginable.”

Raphael’s words were so crisp and—strangely—hypnotic, he feared he missed something. Once everything clicked, he wanted to pull out his hair. “But we are!” Kiz shouted, not caring that he was being disrespectful. His mate was an a-s-s, and Kiz didn’t care if Raphael knew he thought so.

Kiz marveled at the strong emotions coursing through his body. In his gut he felt not only anger, but terror. He could already feel his insides turn to putty at his proximity to Raphael.

After a long pause, Raphael asked, “How does the mating process work for your species?”

To simplify things, he said curtly, “Like life-binding ceremonies on here planet.”

Those who chose to mate each other bound their life forces together with a request. To become properly bonded the request had to be fulfilled. The only drawback was if the askee refused to bond, then they would never again be able to bond with another. Kiz’s species worked similarly. There was only one difference—

He cut the thought off when Raphael asked, “What’ll happen to you if I choose not to bond with you?”

Kiz gulped as he crossed his fingers behind his back. “Nothing?”

Raphael’s body tensed, his shoulders becoming squarer. “Are you asking me or telling me?”

Kiz chanced a look up and admitted openly, “Now we meet, I go into, uh, heat-heat…” He trailed off as he closed his eyes, trying to find the words. “Mating heat!”

Raphael was silent for a few minutes. It was enough time for Kiz to rethink his whole life.

Then the fallen angel said softly, “Will it hurt you?”

“Uh?” The words confused Kiz. “I don’t kn-ow,” Kiz croaked. “All I know is it make me not like me.”

“What do you mean?”

“I…do anything to lay on bed with you…”

When silence dragged out between them, Kiz pushed off the wall and slipped past Raphael.

He was almost to the mouth of the alley when Raphael asked, “Where are you going, Kiz? We’re not done talking.”

“I’ll am!” he said louder than he meant.

When he unexpectedly felt a hand on his shoulder, he let out a gurgled grumble that sounded foreign to his ears.

Mating lust.

Embarrassed, he jerked from Raphael’s grasp and ran back toward the bar.

Once inside, his father stood waiting, looking nervous. When he spotted Kiz, he closed his eyes and appeared to take a deep breath before focusing back on Kiz. In Tibutani he greeted, “Good evening, son.”

Kiz ran straight into his father’s arms, doing his best to not cry.

“Kizia?” his father questioned. “What is wrong?”

Not wanting to worry his dad, he said in English to hopefully improve both of their accuracies, “I fine. I have been granted am-nes-ty.”

“That what?” he asked in broken English worse than Kiz’s.

“It mean I go outside and no get in trouble.”

It took a moment for the words to process in his father’s head. But when they did, he donned a radiant smile. “I happy you!”

Hugging his father again, Kiz excused himself and headed toward his room.

His body felt like it was on fire. He swore he could feel his blood pumping through his veins roaring south. His head felt like an inflated balloon as his cock grew hard.

He wanted desperately to track down Raphael and coerce the fallen angel to bond with him…

Once inside his private room, he finally let his tears come. The shame that followed only made it worse.




Having his breath knocked out of him, Raph looked up and found Kiz’s eyes were dilated. They rolled slightly back in his head as he smashed Raph into the wall with his body.

Not liking that Kiz looked down at him, Raph wrapped one of his arms around Kiz’s neck, yanking his head down. Angling the bigger man’s head, he leaned in, about to take a bite—

Realizing his plan a second before he acted, he managed to stop himself. Snapping his teeth in Kiz’s face instead, he unhinged his jaw unintentionally as he felt his incisors elongate for the first time in his life.

What the—

Kiz’s groan snapped him from his shock. Watching Kiz open his mouth in the same way Raph’s had, his eyes locked onto a tiny set of fangs Kiz sported, too. Raph couldn’t hold back his smile. “So sexy,” he breathed.

“Nngh!” Kiz cried in reply, placing his hands on Raph’s thighs. Feeling nails dig into his skin, Raph was unsuccessful at holding back his snarl of excitement. He pushed into the stinging sensation as he skated his free hand tortuously slow up Kiz’s expansive back.

When Kiz began to fight him for control, Raph slid to the ground, dragging Kiz with him. Elbows and knees thudding on wood, Raph had to use his strength to pin Kiz’s flailing hands by the wrists flat against the floor, positioning himself so he straddled Kiz’s slim chest.

Letting go of one of Kiz’s arms, he reached down to grab his shaft and began tapping the head against Kiz’s cheek. Raph’s insides clenched with anticipation when Kiz turned his head, trying to take Raph into his mouth. After several agonizing seconds, Kiz barked, “I wanna suck cock!”

Raph smirked. “Whose cock?”

He had to bite back his grin of pleasure when Kiz cried out, “Yous cock!”

Raph slowly began to paint Kiz’s willing lips with his precum. Seeming hesitant, Kiz’s tongue flicked out to lick the underside of Raph’s prick. Groaning at the slick heat, Raph said, “Don’t move your arms.”

Kiz nodded in understanding, but his eyes held an air of defiance. The gleam made Raph hesitate as he watched Kiz turn his head sideways, placing an openmouthed kiss to Raph’s testicles.

Letting go of Kiz’s wrists, Raph leaned forward, placing his palms beside Kiz’s head while the other reached down to grip his shaft. He gently swiped the tip against Kiz’s lips.

He watched the beautiful male open his mouth, mesmerized as Kiz’s tongue darted out to lap at the crown of Raph’s masculine length. Kiz gently suckled Raph in his mouth. Letting Kiz command the show for a time, he snarled as his control slowly began to waver. He wanted to dominate Kiz. To bring him to the height of carnal desire and pure ecstasy Raph was feeling at his lover’s ministrations.

He thrust his hips madly, feeling his incisors bite into his lip at hearing Kiz choke slightly. Pumping quicker, he let his head roll back, sure to let his fang slice into his lip to keep from doing something he might regret.

Tasting his own blood, he growled, wanting to shout because he knew it wasn’t the blood he wanted to sample. Gums itching, he plunged his manhood further into Kiz’s inviting mouth. He groaned in approval when Kiz hummed and applied more suction, trying to suck Raph down past his gag reflex.

Hand going to the top of Kiz’s head, Raph grabbed Kiz’s raven-black hair and pulled on it like the reins to a horse, angling for a better angle.

Driving his hard-as-steel cock harsher, he viewed Kiz who moaned unabashedly with his eyes closed. He looked thrilled at what Raph was doing.

Fucking Kiz’s face as far as his dick could go without hurting his partner, he felt himself begin to expand, signaling his approaching orgasm.

“Damn, Kiz,” he moaned, snapping his hips harder. “You’re gonna make me come.”

At that moment, Kiz opened his eyes and let his orange gaze wander up and lock with Raph’s. Seeing the unbridled expression, Raph knew Kiz was ready.

Manifesting a bottle of lube into his hand, Kiz stared back at him, looking so ravenous Raph felt like howling.

Slinking down to kneel between Kiz’s open thighs, he seized one of Kiz’s mile-long legs at the back of the knee and pushed it to Kiz’s chest. Getting a good view of Kiz’s hot, round ass, he fought the urge to smack it.

Licking his lips, he popped the lid of the lube before drizzling the cold goop down Kiz’s crease. The other-worlder moaned as they locked eyes, silently begging Raph for more.

“It’s coming, viscer,” he promised.

My viscer, he thought to himself.

His heart. His soul. His reason for living. Raphael chose Kiz. He wanted Kiz. And I want him now.

Kiz groaned long and loud as Raph worked his fingers up and down, sure to coat the entire outer surface.

Then with more excitement than he had ever felt, he stuck his middle finger into Kiz just up to the first knuckle.

When Kiz gasped in shock, Raph looked back up to the Kiz’s face. Raph’s body jerked when he found Kiz, whose hair had matched Raph’s ebony just a moment ago, was now a platinum blond.


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