Isaac and Noel (MM)

Isaac’s Pride 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,066
6 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Alternative, Paranormal, Shape-shifter, Vampires/Werewolves, MM, HEA]

Omega werewolf Noel is on his way home after his night shift only to run into a violent gang of hyena shifters. Noel thinks it's the end for him, but a lion shifter Alpha intervenes and rescues him. There’s magnetic attraction between them. Noel can’t resist Isaac and he’s willing to lay his heart on the line for his lion, even if that means risking his life and the lives of those he cares about.

Isaac moved his pride to the city to avenge his brother, but he ended up with a mate to call his own. Violence is in his blood. Isaac’s always intended to start a war with the hyenas, but the stakes are getting higher. Meeting Noel complicates matters, but Isaac wants his mate and his revenge. Can Isaac have both in the end, or does he need to let one go?

Isaac and Noel (MM)
6 Ratings (4.7)

Isaac and Noel (MM)

Isaac’s Pride 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,066
6 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


Noel reached a dead end. He checked his phone again, but no signal here. The hairs on his arms rose. Alarm bells rang in his head. He looked up, only to see three men walking up to him. Recognition hit him. The first guy, the one with the Bloody Claws tattoo he spotted earlier, waved mockingly at him.

“Look what we have here, fellas. An Omega. Ain’t that a rare sight?” the one with the tattooed cheek asked his two friends.

“I’ve heard you talk about Omegas, Lars, but never seen one before,” said another.

“Yeah, they’re incredibly rare,” Lars said. Lars seemed to be the leader of the group. “Packs usually fight over them, give them to other Alphas as gifts.”

“Why is that?”

“Are you an idiot, Tommy? Omegas can be bred, even male ones, and their offspring are stronger than us Turned shifters,” Lars said.

Noel took a step back, only to hit the dirty wall.

“I don’t want any trouble,” he said quickly. “Take whatever you want. Here.”

Noel offered his wallet, only to have the three hyena shifters laugh at him. One snatched his wallet, pawed through the contents, and scoffed.

“Twenty dollar bill and let’s see here.” Noel felt like the world’s biggest fool as the shifter pulled out his driver’s license and read his name. “Noel Carpenter.”

How could he get out of this situation? If he screamed, would anyone even come to his aid in this kind of neighborhood? Even if a cop car happened to be cruising by, what could human police do? Had he stumbled upon Bloody Claws territory by accident?

“We don’t want your cash. You look like you have nothing worth stealing,” sneered Lars.

His heart nearly stopped at those words. Lars and his pals eyed him up and down, and he swallowed. Noel had endured repulsive stares like that his entire life, but somehow, he’d managed to avoid trouble. Stay under the radar. When it came to the relationship department, Noel learned quickly that the shifters he dated only wanted him because of his Omega genes. They never really cared about the person underneath.

“We can make him our bitch. See if the rumors about Omegas being self-lubricating are true,” Tommy said, already beginning to unzip his jeans, but Lars slammed an elbow to his gut. Tommy howled.

“Why’d you do that?” Tommy demanded.

“The boss will want the first fuck. Russ has been wanting to sink his dick into an Omega for a long time,” Lars said. “Besides, after Russ is done with him, he’ll give us the Omega to share.”

Dread filled Noel’s insides. Horrifying images of what they’d do to him sprang up in his head. Noel couldn’t think of a good ending for him. God. What would happen to Teddy if he were gone? No, he raised Teddy to be a fighter, a survivor. His little brother would continue living without him.

Noel, however, would  never be able to act upon his secret desires, to find his mate and live his own life after Teddy went off to college. Surely there had to be one man for him out there, one man who would be his missing half. He saw himself waking up to the same face each day. Building a home together. Carrying that man, his mate’s children.

Wishful thinking. Naive fantasies. Noel needed to focus on the present. He controlled his breathing, tried to think of a solution out of this. These assholes blocked the only exit. Any passerby who happen to see them would turn their eyes away and continue walking. No one wanted to get on the wrong side of the Bloody Claws gang. What now?

Was he going to go out like this? Noel had to fight. At least put up a struggle. His dad had been a fighter. Look where that landed him, an ugly voice inside him said. Dead in the ground. His dad picked a fight he couldn’t win. Noel was about to do the same, but to go out fighting sure sounded a lot better than being some asshole hyena Alpha’s bitch.

He shook his head. Noel might just be an Omega wolf, but Lars and his pals shouldn’t underestimate him.

“Are you going to fight us, Omega?” Lars asked, as Noel quickly raised his fists.

Tommy raised his hands. “You think you can take us, Omega? Because you’re shaking so badly I doubt you’ll be able to pull a punch.”

“I bet you’ve never fought anyone in your entire life,” the third hyena shifter taunted.

“This is going to be good. I’m already getting hard. Maybe Russ can wait. I’ll want a taste of you first, feisty Omega,” Lars said, taking a threatening step towards him.

“I’ve taken self-defense lessons,” he blurted, finally able to work his tongue. Noel could only hope they were still new at being shifters, because otherwise he didn’t stand a chance.

His three attackers laughed at him. “Yeah, go ahead. Try your best,” Tommy said.

He took a deep breath, and lunged at them.


“Tell me, Omega. How many men have you fucked?”

Jesus. It shouldn’t surprise Noel that Isaac was this blunt. Then again, Noel would take an honest man over a liar any other day.

“None,” he said, heart beating hard as Isaac slid his fingers into his hair and tugged him close, until his mouth touched the tip of Isaac’s dick.

“What did you say?”

“I dated,” he said in self-defense. “But I didn’t trust the guys I went out with to go that far. I wanted my first time to matter.”

“Then I’ll make sure to give you an experience you’ll never forget.”

He kissed the crown of Isaac’s dick, stuck out his tongue, and licked the pre-cum there. Hearing the Alpha lion shifter let out rumble of what sounded like appreciation spurred him on. He licked, sucked, and explored the length of the Alpha’s cock, before opening his mouth and taking Isaac’s prick between his lips.

Noel hollowed out his cheeks, gagged on the first try, but managed to succeed the second time, taking every inch down his throat. He bobbed his head up and down, relished every groan of pleasure that Isaac emitted. He wanted to hear his lion king purr for him.

At the tug of his hair, he paused.

“Hold still,” Isaac ordered.

A thrill crept down his spine. Noel never envisioned liking anyone giving him orders, but it felt right, following Isaac’s commands. Isaac’s dominant lion called to the submissive Omega wolf inside of him. Isaac thrust his prick in and out of his mouth. His own dick by then curved upwards against his belly. With a last push, Isaac unloaded his jazz inside his mouth. Noel sucked down all of it, careful to not spill a drop.

He settled on his knees, watched the Alpha lion shifter’s expression, that of satisfaction.

“On fours, Omega.” As soon as Isaac gave that order, the Alpha lion shifter flipped him on his hands and knees. He didn’t resist one bit, didn’t want to. Noel couldn’t wait to feel Isaac’s massive shaft inside him, filling his ass completely.

Noel faced the glass, the city. God. What a view. He felt Isaac position himself behind him. The Alpha didn’t prep him yet, merely reached between his legs, fondled his tormented cock.

“Isaac,” he murmured, couldn’t speak as the Alpha began playing with his dick. Isaac squeezed and tugged. One pinch of his tip and Noel climaxed. His mind clouded over, and he spilled his load into Isaac’s waiting hand.

* * * *

Hearing Noel come only woke up Isaac’s dick. Good thing they were both shifters and recovered fast, because Isaac could go on rutting his Omega all night.

“That feels good,” Noel murmured.

“Hearing you come undone is just the first step. I intend to make you fly, Omega.” Isaac pushed one digit inside Noel’s hole, surprised to find Noel already slick and ready for it. Omega lion shifters were self-lubricating, but he didn’t know that applied to Omega werewolves as well. “So convenient.”


“I’m talking about your perfect genes. You being always ready for me without the need for a lube creates plenty of possibilities.”


It seemed Isaac had reduced his Omega to one-word answers. Good. Isaac liked the fact he had that effect on Noel, because he had every intention of keeping Noel all to himself. He added a second, then a third finger. Isaac must have brushed against Noel’s prostate, because the Omega arched his back. Whimpered. Such a sweet sound. When Noel came earlier, he’d let out soft moans. Not a loud wolf in bed then.

Isaac pushed against that special place again, dick hardening at every sound of pleasure that Noel emitted. “So responsive.”

“Take me already, Alpha. Please.”

Noel was his fated his mate, born to be his. Isaac knew that now, knew it from the moment he wandered into the slums and heard Noel scream. It didn’t matter that killing those two hyena shifters bastards would ignite a war that might tear an entire city apart. His lions were hungry for blood anyway, were always ready to brawl. Isaac would also be able to avenge his brother. In a way, this was a very sweet deal for him.

“Tell me how much you want me,” he reminded Noel.

“I want you.”

That answer pleased Isaac immensely. He began stroking his prick, which was already at half-mast. Thinking of taking Noel for the first time made him hard in seconds. He couldn’t wait to plow his Omega, claim every inch of Noel. Once he conquered Noel’s body, he wouldn’t be satisfied.

Isaac also wanted Noel’s heart and soul. His everything. In return, Isaac would do the same. He’d stay faithful to his one true mate until his demise. His pride might be confused at first, angry even that their Alpha didn’t take a lion shifter for a mate, but they’d soon see the bigger picture. That Noel was created to complete him. His pride.

“First and only,” Isaac said in a firm voice. “I don’t share. I’ll rip out the throat of any asshole who so much as looks at you wrong. I’m possessive by nature, but that also means I’ll protect you from any harm. You’re untouchable, Noel.

“Only you can touch me,” Noel whispered. “I like the sound of that.”

“Very good, Omega. That’s exactly right.”

Isaac pulled out his digits, replaced them with his cock. He positioned his prick into Noel’s puckered hole, so ripe for the taking. He gripped Noel’s hips, pushed in a few inches, heard Noel cry out.

“Take it, baby. I promise you it will only hurt for a little while, but I’ll make you feel better.”

“I trust you.”

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