The Wolf's Christmas (MM)

Milson Valley 18

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 32,982
8 Ratings (4.8)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Alternative, Paranormal, Shape-shifter, Vampires/werewolves, MM, HEA]

Grey Starters moved to Milson Valley due to problems in Iceland. His uncle, Urian Starters, is the Alpha of the Milson Valley pack. He quickly becomes more to Grey than a guardian, he becomes the father Grey’s never bothered to be.

At first, he gains a reputation for partying and studying. As Grey begins to find himself and decides what he wants, he meets Perry Sullivan, a unique human. From the moment Grey scents Perry in the crowded, noisy house, he knows Perry is the one, his soul mate.

Meeting Grey at a house party completely changes Perry’s life in one night. He doesn’t remember everything about that night, but he has vivid memories of what Grey feels like and what they shared.

The next morning Grey is abducted. Perry and his friends race to his rescue. They end up in the way, moving houses and becoming part of a wolf shifter pack. It’s an adjustment for all of them.

The Wolf's Christmas (MM)
8 Ratings (4.8)

The Wolf's Christmas (MM)

Milson Valley 18

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 32,982
8 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing

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Perry tried to see around everyone to the van and tried to hear some of what the soldiers were saying, but he couldn’t pick up on much unfortunately. He heard the Avenger arrived just as the van crashed and stopped it from being completely smashed, though didn’t hear much else.

It was strange, but he just had to know if Grey was okay and he was worried. It was a long wait.

“Right, who are these pups and why are they here?” the Alpha demanded. “You know my rule. Untrained young’uns are to be removed immediately from danger.”

Alpha Urian Starters was a big wolf shifter who ran a large pack. Perry had read about the creature a few years ago and was quite stunned that he had the idea of forming an alliance between different paranormal groups and worked to turn the idea to reality. The Alliance was established to keep rules and order, and to bring some type of unity and loyalty. It had worked well. Over the years the Alliance had become a policing force and an enforcer of rules and justice. From what Perry read, and the little he actually recalled—Perry had never been a good student—Alpha Urian was fair and allowed other creatures into his pack. Apparently, the pack had a lot of bear shifters, a llama, a squirrel, and others.

“These four were there when Grey was abducted,” Second Kelly answered.

“Is that right. Who did Grey turn up with at the party last night?” Alpha Starters asked in a very authoritative tone.

They all froze. Aden even whimpered a little. The Alpha sighed and attempted a smile, but it just looked like he was baring his teeth at them, so it was more alarming than reassuring. Kyle flinched back. Perry may have stopped breathing.

“I told you to remain at the bakery.” The Avenger glided over. “There will be consequences. You were allowed to remain in a share house and not be placed with one of the paranormal groups, Mikayla, if you abided the rules. And considering the parties and that security were lax, I do not see it as safe you all remain there any longer.”

“But we don’t want to be separated.” Kyle gulped, reached out, and squeezed Perry’s arm and, on the other side, Miki’s hand.

“It will be discussed. Uri, the human there has a mark on his neck and a particular scent.”

Perry blinked as the Avenger pointed to him, but before he had time to understand what the creature meant, the Alpha wolf stepped closer and took a deep sniff of him.

“What’s going on?” Aden whispered to Mikayla.

“Bring Grey over here,” the Alpha ordered, watching Perry closely.

And Perry didn’t care. He just wanted to see Grey and make sure the other man was fine. Later he would take apart why this was, dissect every single emotion and thought, and wonder what the hell was going on, but right now after the trauma of being held at gun point and Grey being kidnapped, he was going to think later and go with what he was feeling now.

Grey came towards them dressed in sweatpants and a white T-shirt. Two creatures walked on either side of him, but they all faded away the moment Perry’s and Grey’s eyes met.

As soon as Grey reached him, his lips covered Perry’s, devouring, needing, so passionate, and to Perry, there was only Grey.

“Dude, wait till you get home,” Kyle whispered loudly.

They broke apart, eyes still locked on each other. Grey smiled. He had a bruised cheek and a cut on his chin, but aside from looking tired, he seemed fine.

“Want to come home with me?” Grey asked.

“Umm, no.”

Smiling, Grey leant down and pressed a kiss to Perry’s mouth. “Okay. Why don’t I come home with you and we can hang out?”

“Erm…okay, if you want.”

“That is not going to work, Pup.” Alpha Urian growled. “The four of you will move to the pack. Kelly, organise a house for them and figure out a way to monitor the gecko shifter. Maybe we can make a teeny tiny tracker chip. Speak to Trekk.”

Kyle gulped. Miki yipped and shook her head, but the Alpha issued his order and took hold of Grey, drawing him away. As Grey didn’t let Perry go, he went too.


One more stroke of Perry’s hand and this would be over too soon. He wanted to see, to feel, to taste his mate’s passion. Taking Perry’s lips and thrusting his tongue deep to tangle with his mate’s, he guided Perry backward until he was lying flat on the desk.

Once when Grey was setting up his uncle’s wi-fi after Drax accidently disconnected it, Grey had found a dozen single-use lube packages in a drawer. Now he grabbed a few and tore the first package open and smothered his hands in the liquid. He squeezed out the little that was left to drizzle over Perry’s balls and crack.

“Grey, I’m so close.”

“I won’t leave you hangin’, babe.” He would have loved to play more, but they were both wound tight.

He moved between Perry’s legs, making him spread them wider to accommodate. He had to admit he loved seeing his mate like this, flat on his back, his dick hard, red, and leaking for Grey, and his ass waiting to be taken.

Maybe it was the alpha in him, or the hot desire for his mate. Maybe it was both. Grey didn’t know and wasn’t going to waste time right now working it out. Pressing close, he leant down and licked Perry’s cock from base to spongy, leaking tip.

An explosion of flavor hit his tongue, driving Grey to dip his tongue into the little slit as his hands urged Perry’s knees up and wide apart.

He played, just a little, dipping his tongue in and out, gliding it over the spongy head and jerking Perry off so slowly his mate groaned, body arching up from the table. With one hand he toyed with Perry’s balls, spreading the lube, rubbing with his thumb over, and squeezing just a little.

Opening wide, he took more of Perry’s dick, slowly sucking up and down, never enough to cause his mate to come, but enough to make Perry groan and grip the table, his body taut and ready, wanting. Releasing Perry’s balls, Grey moved between his mate’s ass cheeks and rubbed the little star. His fingers were covered in slick, helping to loosen the tight opening. Hollowing his cheeks, he sucked hard as he slipped one finger deep inside his mate’s tight ass and wiggled it. Perry gasped a groan, balls jerking up tight, pre-come landing on the back of Grey’s tongue.

Moving off Perry’s dick, Grey rubbed inside his mate’s channel and found the little bundle of nerves. He played, lightly grazing the little knot, and slipped another finger inside, brushing against them and wiggling his fingers to loosen the muscles. As he pressed his tongue against the underside of the head of Perry’s dick, adding just a little more pressure and stretching at the same time, Perry bucked and came with a cry.

Grey slipped another finger inside as he continued to suck and swallow, wanting more of his mate. He stretched quickly, Perry’s body remaining taut, his cock never softening.

With Perry assuring he was ready, Grey removed his fingers and, taking Perry’s hips, pulled his mate to the edge of the desk. As Perry dropped his feet to the ground, Grey swiftly kissed his mate, their bodies pressed tight together, cocks brushing.

“Turn around, elskan.

Perry turned. Grey took Perry’s hands and placed them on either side of the desk. This had Perry leaning over a little and his ass poking out. Grey glided his hands down either side of his mate’s firm, sweet-smelling body, until he reached Perry’s hips. Here he gripped one and took his dick in hand and guided to Perry’s well-stretched and lubed hole.

The first thrust had both of them groaning. Tightness and heat surrounded Grey. He wanted to thrust, get inside fast, and move, but he waited, just a moment, just enough to let Perry adjust to the feel, for his body to accommodate, then Grey held his mate’s hips and thrust hard and deep, not stopping.

It felt so good. He was so hot and needing, his body and their mate connection demanding they get closer, bond deeper. Perry leant over further, Grey going deeper, hitting bottom, and withdrawing till he was nearly out, then thrusting in again, long and slow as they moved together, their breathing growing harsher, louder.

He heard Perry’s ‘yes’ and ‘Grey’ and thrust faster, his mouth fastening onto his mate’s shoulder, holding him in place.

Tight, Perry was so fucking tight. Grey felt squeezed just right, the warmth heating up his entire body. He moved faster, hitting bottom with each thrust, gripping Perry’s hips with both hands, and leaving a mark on his shoulder from his lips and tongue. As his balls pulled up tight against his body and he fought the urge to come, he let go of Perry’s right hip and cupped his mate’s balls, rolling them, squeezing, then moved up to his dick. He wanted to feel Perry come again, hold his mate in his hand, and have him come over him.

Removing his mouth, he let his fangs slide out.


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