A Promised Land (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,158
5 Ratings (4.8)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA]
Aaron is stuck in a country with civil war raging all around. A bombing raid hits the city in an attempt to cull the insurgents and local rebels. Desperate to escape, he tries to leave Syria, heading for Jordan, and runs into Kadil, a local who offers to help. 
In a place where being gay is the ultimate sin, Aaron knows he is living on borrowed time, and finds himself fleeing for his life with two orphaned children as two evil fanatics wanting eternal glory close in. Rescued by Kadil, he embarks on a daring escape, trying to return home. A growing attraction brings more danger—will Kadil betray them or will love conquer all?  
Kadil has to decide if his burgeoning feelings for this British man with the heart of a lion are enough to make him forget his plans. He wants to leave Syria, at any cost—is the price too much to pay?
A Siren Erotic Romance
A Promised Land (MM)
5 Ratings (4.8)

A Promised Land (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,158
5 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Aaron glanced across the street, two miles from where he had begun his trek. The blazing sun of midday was frying his brain and he looked to see if there was anywhere to shelter from the brutal heat. Two backpacks slung across his shoulders front and back carried everything he owned, the weight of supplies fairly small but stifling against his thin shirt.

A reflection in a shop window revealed that two men who had followed him from the hotel were still there. They looked like the kind of thugs who used to bully him before he left school at eighteen. They all had the same kind of demeanor in Aaron’s opinion. A sort of menacing, angry air about them as though they hated everyone for no other reason than it pleased them to be angry and hateful. The kind of men who rarely got laid unless they were forcing themselves on someone.

Aaron had an idea these goons were biding their time, thinking the stupid tourist with the two children was easy pickings. Aaron had other ideas. A lifetime of being bullied for one reason or another had made him an expert in escape and evade. He just needed a distraction of some kind, and he’d be gone.

Zada tugged on his hand, looking up at him.

“Those men are bad. They get information on people in our town, then those people disappear.” She whispered the words, her accent heavy but musical at the same time. Aaron glanced again at the reflection of their stalkers. It was time to move a little more quickly.

“We need to get to the coast. Toward Tartus. Then on to Turkey. If we can find some kind of transportation, we should be okay.” Aaron whispered back, though loudly, trying to throw his stalkers off the scent. He fully intended to head south, to Jordan, since he had just come from there a few days before. It was far closer than trekking north from Damascus along the Lebanese border. He frowned, having no clue how to go about either task.

“I need to pee.” Akeem spoke for the first time, his voice trembling a little, his words spoken in perfect English with just a hint of an accent.

Aaron looked down, startled, then nodded, smiling a little. No matter what the circumstances, small kids still had to pee at the most inconvenient times. Shit. Where the hell were the public toilets?

A small shop was still open a few doors up. A woman was sweeping away debris with a stout brush, looking grim and determined. Aaron sped up, moving to speak to the female.

Zada began to babble in Arabic, speaking quickly to the shopkeeper who smiled at the children warmly, her teeth white in her lined face.

She nodded to the little boy, taking him by the hand and gesturing for Aaron and Zada to follow her inside the cool interior of the shop. The smell of spices hit Aaron’s nostrils, and he inhaled with a slight smile.

The woman smiled at his reaction before escorting Akeem into the back behind a curtain. Soon the sound of fluids urgently released into a bowl sounded and Aaron realized he needed to go too. He joined Akeem, spurting out the contents of his bladder, sighing silently in relief, then turned as a noise reached his ears. Stepping further behind the curtain, his peripheral vision made out the two thugs fast approaching and he grabbed Zada’s hand, pulling her behind him.

“Does she speak English?” he asked the little girl urgently and she shook her head. “Ask her if there is another exit. We need to leave quickly.” Zada spoke to the woman again, who pointed through a second doorway into a small stockroom. Aaron looked at the woman, noting her suspicious gaze on him and the children. He made his decision fast.

“Do you want to stay with me or stay with this lady?” Aaron asked Zada quietly. She looked startled, pausing for a moment.

“I don’t want to stay here. Akeem and I want to go with you. Our father said if anything happened to us we should go to the British Embassy for help. He told us there were people here he who would do harm to me and Akeem if they found out who we are. I told the lady that you were helping us, that you are a friend of our family.” Aaron gave her a startled glance, eyed the shopkeeper again with newly suspicious eyes and then nodded once. He called for Akeem, watching as the woman headed to the front of the shop again. Calling softly to Akeem he smiled at the little boy, grabbing both children again and closing the door to the stockroom as though they had entered. Instead of going inside he moved further into the building, finding a small living area.

“She is telling the bad men you have kidnapped us. She is telling them to kill you.” Aaron blanched, his stomach knotting as Zada relayed the woman’s betrayal to their pursuers. He had done nothing to the woman, merely asked for help, and she sent two men after him to kill him based on her own warped opinion? What kind of place was this?

“She is the mother of a young man who was recently stoned to death for liking men.” Zada whispered. “She led the authorities straight to her son. I did not know this before, but she told these men that. She is evil.” Zada looked scared.

Aaron closed his eyes, feeling like his nightmare was never ending. A mother betrayed her own son for being gay? Knowing her son would be killed? Who did that?




“Take me in, darling,” Aaron whispered in awe, his words muffled around the thick cock in his mouth. “You look so fucking beautiful right now.” A second finger joined the first, the burn increasing as the two digits began to stretch Kadil’s chute, loosening the muscle in preparation for a far thicker invader.

Kadil was lost in passion, writhing as Aaron’s talented mouth sucked on his cock, while those fingers tormented his ass, fucking him now with shallow strokes.

One thrust of Aaron’s fingers hit a place inside Kadil that had him crying out, then jerking as his cock spurted thick cream violently against the back of Aaron’s throat. His hips jerked as he came, eyes closed in bliss, then flying open again as he felt the thick head of Aaron’s cock at his rosebud, punching past the sphincter. He cried out, his abused ass muscles clenching around the intruder, but his attention was split between the searing heat in his butt and the searing heat around his cock.

He felt Aaron move, then Aaron’s lips were on his, sharing his own taste as they moved lazily on his, their tongues gliding together. The kiss deepened as their bodies began to move in sync, Aaron sliding against Kadil until he was filling his lover to the hilt. Kadil moaned as the burn began to ease, gradually replaced by a pleasure so intense he never wanted it to end.

Kadil whimpered, his legs wrapping tightly around Aaron’s waist, clinging on for dear life as his lover’s thrusts increased in tempo. Their kisses grew sloppy, as control vanished. Aaron’s hands gripped Kadil’s ankles and he reared back, his head thrown backward as he began to stroke with strong, firm thrusts in and out of Kadil’s aching ass. He threw Kadil’s legs over his shoulders, kneeling upright as he pounded away inside Kadil’s chute, his eyes glazed with passion.

Kadil arched his back, throwing his hips back at Aaron with each in stroke, trying to shove that fat cock even deeper, desperate for each pounding thrust. His cock had returned to life, bouncing against his abdomen with each slap of Aaron’s groin against him, and with a keening cry he came, the pleasure bursting from him in thick ropes of cream, coating his torso right up to his chin.

Aaron groaned, his hips snapped twice more and then Kadil felt the warmth of Aaron’s release deep inside him as Aaron came, shuddering, his body going rigid with pleasure before collapsing against Kadil in a sweaty heap.

Kadil’s arms stroked tenderly over the taut planes of Aaron’s back, feeling invigorated and exhausted at the same time. The smell of sex was heavy on the air, their bodies fused together by spunk and sweat. Kadil couldn’t think of any place he would rather be than right there surrounded by Aaron.

“Hmm, do we have to go to dinner?” Aaron asked drowsily after long seconds passed, neither wanting to move.

Kadil gave a hoarse chuckle, pressing a kiss to Aaron’s shoulder, then nipping at the smooth flesh playfully.

“If we don’t move I may be forced to cannibalism.” He nipped again, laughing harder at Aaron’s grunt of protest.

Bright green eyes rose to meet his, laughter in the emerald depths heavy lidded with sated bliss.

“I don’t think I’d mind that, so long as you limit yourself to eating my—“his words were cut off by Kadil’s hand across his mouth, as Kadil laughed softly.

“I do owe you a blow job, handsome, but I’m not sure that’s enough to sustain us.” Kadil’s lips replaced his hand, sucking on Aaron’s lower lip sensuously.

“Did I hurt you?” Aaron asked in sudden concern. “I sort of lost control for a while. You felt so good, I couldn’t stop myself.” He sighed, then smiled a little. “You have the sexiest ass, just about perfect in fact.”

Kadil wiggled the ass in question, then winced as inner muscles unused to such violent attentions began to protest. He now knew where the term “fucking the shit out of someone” came from. Aaron had been a beast.

“You didn’t hurt me too much, but I think I’ll be limping for a few days.” He grinned as Aaron gave him a smug smile, looking proud of the fact.

“I like the fact that I fucked your ass into submission.” His lips whispered against Kadil’s, his tongue swiping against the lush mounds that begged for his kisses. “I want to be the only one.” He nipped Kadil’s lower lip as Kadil shuddered at the sexy admission. “Will you be mine?” Aaron asked, sliding his tongue into Kadil’s mouth, tasting every inch of the juicy cavern.

“If you want me, I’m yours.” Kadil sighed eventually, reveling in Aaron’s tender kisses, feeling his lover moving gently inside him.

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