[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifter, werewolves, HEA]
Cat shifter Ty is on the run from a vicious and dangerous man. Ty’s travelled far and is living in his car. Worse, he’s pregnant, and his one last hope lies in Riley Winter. One night, no strings attached—that was the deal. But Ty’s desperate and wants the best for his baby. Ty knows he didn’t imagine the undeniable spark between Riley and him, but can he convince Riley they belong together?  
Dominant wolf Riley is the one Winter brother who believes no man can tie him down. Lately, though, he’s been obsessed with one sexy tabby shifter. When he sees Ty back in the Howling Wolf bar, knocked-up and claiming the baby’s his, Riley smells trouble. Riley’s been hurt before and has experienced loss. He’s far from ready to make a commitment again, but his protective instincts are riled when Ty is hurt.  
Now, Riley intends to make Ty his and never let him go.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Riley (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Would Riley Winter even remember him or was Ty merely one of Riley’s many one-night-stands?

Everyone in Green Creek had heard of the Winter brothers, even an out-of-towner like Ty. Four dominant werewolf brothers who swore allegiance to no pack in the region ran the Howling Wolf. Last Ty heard, the brothers had dealt with members of a huge pack and won.

His palms started to sweat, so he rubbed them over his jeans. God. Normally, Ty wasn’t nervous about anything. He said the first thing that came to his mind, which on hindsight often landed him in trouble. 

Ty could still leave Green Creek, forget his ridiculous plan, but wherever he went, Skull would sniff him out and find him. He needed to think. 

Getting out of the Bronco, Ty leaned against it for a couple of seconds. The Bronco had been his temporary home lately, too. Saving up what little cash he had seemed prudent, but he knew he needed to stop somewhere and get a job.

“This is all your fault, Riley,” he whispered. Blaming Riley felt good, except it was neither of their faults really. 

Mustering his courage, he stood up straighter. Empty condom wrappers and cigarette butts littered his path. At least that hadn’t changed. Rock music hit his ears when he walked in. 

Instantly, the cat inside him grew alert. He sensed the presence of other dominant shifters and other supernaturals who only came out at night. 

Killing the urge to run back out, he dragged his feet forward and looked around, desperate. He hoped it was Riley bartending. The place really looked different now. It might still cater to the rougher crowd, but it seemed homey somehow.

Finally, he spotted the bar but it wasn’t Riley there. Another six-footer with tats and dark hair fixed a customer a drink. One of the Winter brothers, but which one? Ty had been drunk as hell and Riley was even worse off.

It took a while for alcohol to hit a shifter’s system, which meant they both had consumed a lot that night. 

“Hey there, handsome, you looking for someone?” A tall pale man blocked his line of sight, accompanied by a red-haired muscle-bound giant.

Ty’s cat nose told him these two were feline shifters, lions probably. 

“Yeah, but he isn’t here. Excuse me.” He began to head for the doors but the redhead was suddenly in his line of sight.

“Aw, don’t go yet, kitty. Red and I can give you a good time,” said the pale man.

With the exit blocked, he turned to the bar. The Winter brothers might have a bad-ass reputation as fighters and lovers, but there weren’t negative rumors about them. 

Even a single night had told Ty that Riley would never take advantage of anyone without their permission. Riley’s brother might help him out. Spinning on his heel, he nearly broke into a sprint.

“Where are you going, kitty-cat?” yelled the redhead.

Ty bumped into a wall, or rather one made of muscle. Without needing to look up, his cat recognized this particular scent. He looked up, hoping he wasn’t delusional. 

Riley looked down at him, dark brows furrowed in concentration. A bolt of desire went right to his dick at the sight of the amazing male specimen in front of him, one hand holding him steady so he wouldn’t trip. 

How often did Ty dream of Riley’s emerald green eyes, raking him from top to bottom with lust, or those hands, exploring each of his body?

Not to mention his favorite part. Riley’s cock was the largest Ty had ever had in him and also responsible for the baby in his belly.

“Ty?” Riley finally asked, holding his shoulders. 

The dominant wolf’s touch was soothing, comforting. Around the two other werewolves, his inner cat had hissed, eager to claw their eyes out, except a domestic cat was no match for two male lion shifters. Why did his animal react this way around Riley? 

Never mind that. It took Ty a second to realize Riley remembered his name. 

Riley broke into a familiar and heart aching grin. “How long are you here for?”

“Riley, that kitty yours?” the same redhead yelled.

Ty felt Riley’s hand on his back, pushing him closer into a warm embrace. Riley circled his corded arms around him, and he breathed a sigh of relief. 

“Fuck off, Red,” Riley said. 

The lions chuckled, but didn’t push it. Finally, there was only the two of them. The rest of the room bled from his line of sight. Riley was usually a joker, amused by everything around him, and yet when Riley defended him against those lions, the dominant wolf changed, turned serious.

That shouldn’t turn him on, but it did. God. He didn’t know why, but after months of running, he finally felt like himself again.

“I missed you,” he blurted out loud. Oh shit. Those weren’t the words he had planned on saying. He had a whole angry speech ready about Riley taking responsibility for their pup or kitten. Shifters seldom cross-bred with other animal groups. Ty didn’t even know what animal his baby would be. 

Riley’s smile widened to an obscene angle. “I missed you, too.”

Ty knew how lethal this man’s smiles, touches, and kisses were, so he placed a hand on Riley’s pectorals and pushed him away. 

Frowning, Riley took a step back. “What’s wrong?” Riley asked.

“I didn’t come here for another hook-up,” he began.




“Keep sweet talking, kitty-cat.”

“You wish.” They finished off dinner, cleaned up and Riley offered to show him inside the log cabin. Riley grasped his hand and led him in. 

Outside, the wood looked worn with time but inside was a different story. It was unexpectedly spacious, lined with modern furniture. He noticed the kitchen was still being remodeled, but there was a sturdy dining table, chairs, and a comfy looking couch in front of a traditional fireplace. 

“The rooms aren’t done yet,” Riley explained. “Are you cold? Let me start a fire.”

There were a couple of logs by the fireplace, Ty wondered if he could help but Riley cut him off. “Let me earn some brownie points. According to dating books, it’s not bad to appear manly.”

Ty giggled at that. Riley had a fire going in a few minutes. Ty stood in front of the flames, raising his palms to it. “Nice work, wolf.”

“Of course.” Riley wiggled his eyebrows suggestively at Ty and Ty knew what was coming. “Ever been fucked in front of a fireplace?”

“Not yet.” Ty wrapped his arms around his mate’s neck. “Give me a kiss.”

Riley complied, slanting his mouth over Ty’s. Electric current zapped down Ty’s mouth and sent blood surging to his dick. Riley hooked his hands into his belt loops. “Are you wearing anything sexy today for me?”

“Should I?” Ty asked, squealing when Riley ran his hands past his jeans. 

Riley snarled under his breath as he reached the curve of his ass. “You went commando, when?” Riley asked, nuzzling his neck.

“I went to the gents in the bar and took off my underwear,” Ty said.

“Fuck.” Riley peeled off Ty’s shirt with haste and worked on his jeans. “Need to taste you now.”

Ty gasped when Riley dragged his jeans down his legs. He stepped out of them, groaning at the incredulous sight of Riley kneeling in front of him and eyeing his cock.

Riley curled one hand over his base and put his mouth to his glistening tip. The dominant wolf stuck his tongue out and licked away the pre-cum on his cock head with relish. Ty wove his fingers through Riley’s hair and shut his eyes, enjoying the sensation of Riley’s mouth on his prick.

“So good,” Ty murmured. He felt Riley’s wet hot mouth taking his dick inch by inch a second later. Opening his eyes, he watched his dick disappear down Riley’s mouth, the sight too amazing for words.

Riley had a twinkle in his eyes. 

“Riley,” he panted out, but his mate started blowing him. 

Ty was at a loss for words as Riley bobbed his head up and down. His dominant mate might be the giving him head, but Ty felt out of his league. It was so erotic, the way Riley held his dick captive, how Riley was capable of drawing moans of pleasure from his mouth.

Ty rolled his hips, groaning when Riley slid his hands up his thighs and cupped his ass. The dominant wolf pried his asscheeks opened and slid a finger into his hole. Ty gasped, nearly coming but he held it back. Shooting without permission got him in trouble before—not that he minded a little light spanking sometimes.

Tonight, though, he craved to have Riley’s fat cock buried in him as soon as possible. 


* * * *


Having Ty on his hands and knees, offering his ass up for him was one sight Riley would never get sick of. He added a second finger inside Ty’s asshole hole, feeling Ty’s inner muscles clenching around them. 

Riley suppressed a groan, already imagine Ty’s ass clamping around his dick instead of his fingers. He curled them, knowing he brushed against Ty’s sweet spot by the way Ty gasped.

Knowing his baby liked that, Riley repeated it again. 

“Riley, please.”

Oh, he liked it when Ty begged. 

“Be patient,” Riley chided. He made a twisting motion with his fingers, reached over to give Ty’s nipples a pinch. Ty buckled against him.

“Too much,” Ty panted out loud. “Keep doing that and I’ll shoot.”

“Are you begging for a spanking, Ty?” Riley gave his mate playful swat. 

Ty jumped but pushed his ass into his hand. Riley gave him several more smacks, liking how Ty’s dick and balls bounced every time his hand made contact with Ty’s smooth globes. Seeing Ty’s asscheeks turn pink made his dick twitch with need. Riley needed to be inside Ty now or he would go crazy.

“You’re ready.”

“Finally,” Ty declared dramatically, making him laugh.

Riley positioned his dick into Ty’s entrance, gripped his waist and started pushing in.

“Burns so good,” Ty murmured.

Riley pushed past Ty’s protesting ring of muscles and bottomed out with a growl. He tightened his grip on his mate. Ty didn’t seem to mind Riley sinking his nails into his skin. Riley liked seeing his marks all over his mate after, because they reminded him Ty was his, body and heart. In turn, Riley didn’t mind Ty’s little souvenirs on his body, too.

He didn’t move instantly, but let Ty feel his dick inside him.

“God, Riley.”

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